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Bush&congress must be Impeached and replaced

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Serious threats to our rights

reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08

Harmon's "Homegrown Terror" resolution is an extreme threat to our rights, 4-19-07


American Political Corruption affects the Whole World

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our corruption has changed how nature appears

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As an individual, an individual human, you are designed to reflect.

The reality you reflect defines the center and extent of your life.

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The topics for each date only cover the lead stories: The effects of corruption on environmental, foreign policy, and domestic policy are continually monitored.


April 9, 2009: More Jewish war crimes/crimes against humanity. E Europe again falling under Russian Shadow. Obamanomics: Crimigrants, Bailouts, and Offshoring. Scumbag Nunez Family: Thieves AND KILLERS. California Corruption.

April 4, 2009: PMA Dem lobbyist/bribery scam. G-20: US begging for loans, bailouts, and cheap money. Euros will not print money. Imperial Obama in Pakistan. New global balance of power emerging.

March 28, 2009: Printing Money to buy debt. US torture exposed. Fire at the Next Revolution/Committeefordemocracy

March 16, 2009: Russia Rises, Pakistan Falls, China

March 10, 2009: Foreign and Domestic Traitors, China

March 9, 2009: Global Meltdown, USA: Torture Inc.

Mar 2-6, '09: Global Econ and Environ Meltdowns continue

Feb 26, 2009: Rapid Economic and Ecological Meltdowns

Feb 20, 2009: Global Markets Crashing. Status of Empire

Feb 15, 2009: Ecological meltdown DEEPENS

Feb 12, 2009: "Stimulus" farce, Enviro Meltdown

Feb 11, 2009: Bigest earmark in history, Zionist, Weather

Feb 10, 2009: Depression, Obama rejects "truth" commission

Feb 6, 2009: Obama Supports Bush and Israel's war crimes

Jan 25, 2009: Status of the Am Empire, Hammas, "Terror"

Jan 21, 2009: last Bush Speech, Finkelstein, Falk

Jan 9, 2009: Global econ tanking, Jewish War Crimes, enviro, Ca $

Dec 23, 2008: The Corruption Crash of 2008 (and '09)

Dec 21, 2008: oct: Global Markets Crash Hard!

September 13, 2008: loss of money or ethics? Afghan Defeat

September 3, 2008: CA Budget rip-off, US attacks Pakistan

August 26, 2008

August 8-12, 2008

August 6-7, 2008

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July 22, 2008

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