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posted friday, Feb 1, 2008 2:00 am, pst
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Iran-Egyptian rapprochement?

Iranian rapprochement, al ahram, 1-31-08

iran-egypt to normalize ties, iranmania, 1-30-08


One Million Dead in Iraq

More than one million Iraqis dead since US-led invasion, meo, 1-31-08

And a million more...

troops in iraq forever, mcclatchy, 1-17-08

Iraq partition weakening

Kurds’ Power Wanes as Arab Anger Rises, nyt, 2-1-08


Israeli embassy attacked in africa

Gunmen attack Israeli embassy in Mauritania, meo, 2-1-08



Red Alert!

reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08


News from the last western colony

war crimes, but no trials: cluster bombs in lebanon, lat, 2-1-08

Bolton: US intentionally aided israeli destruction of lebanon, bbc, 3-22-07

no end in sight to gaza's suffering, al ahram, 1-31-08

China storm sparks humanitarian crisis

millions experience social collapse, au.news, 2-1-08

millions experience police state; activist arrested in china, ap, 2-1-08



sf supervisor peskin drunk with power? sf chron, 1-31-08


Indonesia: Free range bird flu

Indonesian Chickens, and People, Hard Hit by Bird Flu, nyt, 2-1-08

posted thursday, Jan 31, 2008 3:00 am, pst


close to a failed state, lat, 1-31-08

risk of state failure,  bbc, 1-31-08

canada to pull out, javno, 1-30-08

Iraq about the same

Iraq Ranks No. 2 of Failed States, reuters, 6-9-07

what the generals, (ret.) have said, committee, links


China storm woes deepen

snow threatens winter crops, food shortages now, bbc, 1-31-08

half-mil troops deployed to rescue snow-bound, bbc, 1-30-08

winter storms in china, bbc, 1-29-08


Freak Snow in Palestine

Snow further complicates relief supplies to Gaza, irni, 1-30-08

our authority is limited to the range of our weapons
posted wednesday, Jan 30, 2008 1:30 am, pst


Torture ruled legal in USA

mukasey rules torture legal, reuters, 1-30-08

washington post, 1-30-08

Mukasey's rulings predictable before confirmation, committee, 8-28-07

torture by the USA: links

FBI investigates sub primes

nyt, 1-30-08

Corporate America ready for Recession

ft, 1-29-08


Unsourced bird flu in indonesia

Indonesian dies of bird flu, source remains unknown, the star, 1-30-08

China storm woes continue

half-mil troops deployed to rescue snow-bound, bbc, 1-30-08

winter storms in china, bbc, 1-29-08


Illegal Spying Law extended

House, Senate pass extension of illegal spying, cnn, 1-30-08

the original repugnant "law," wp, 8-5-07

illegal spying in the USA: links

posted tuesday, Jan 29, 2008 2:45 am, pst

Kenya Freaking out

ethnic clashes intensify, aljazeera, 1-29-08

recent news on kenya


corporate health care bill dies in senate, bee, 1-29-08

the plan that died

Massive Freak Snow storm Slamming china

havoc in china, guardian, 1-29-08

china infrastructure shuts down, marketwatch, 1-29-08

Just for Laughs

big oil links


russia plans for kosovo independence, rv, 1-29-08


hamas assists egyptians to close border, meo, 1-29-08

israel blocks israeli aid convoy, aljazeera, 1-29-08

vote for fatah or we will kill you, committee, 6-2007


posted monday, Jan 28, 2008 2:34 am, pst

Hazard from space

Spy Satellite fails: will plutonium rain down? kuwait times, 1-28-07

Hazard from Earth

Asian, Euro Markets Plunging, Again

stocks fall sharply in asia, europe, iht, 1-28-08

bbc econ report, 1-28-08

Freak Snow shuts china down

china counting high costs of continuing storm, reuters, 1-28-08

50 year storm, china daily, 1-28-08



israel grudges minimum fuel, in a week, bbc, 1-28-08


posted saturday, Jan 26, 2008 4:34 pm, pacific time

New Environment News Page:

environmental news page #6

posted friday, Jan 25, 2008 6:01 pm, pacific time


Mubarak relents, leaves rafa open, red orbit, 1-25-08


posted thursday, Jan 24, 2008 9:22 pm, pacific time

INvestigate Nunez

Group calls for probe of Núñez, bee, 1-23-08


obama donor faces trial, ap, 1-23-08


beating the dead horse: stimulus giveaway deal to congress, ap, 1-24-08

Fed going the wrong way? iht, 1-24-08

"Panic" rate cuts? economist, 1-24-08

Freak Weather

Snow in California? get used to drought and freeze conditions, lat, 1-24-08


Hamas breaks blockade, apa, 1-25-08

Israel abdicates legal responsibilities for gaza, yet another war crime, ap, 1-24-08

Gaza: free for a day, independent, 1-24-08

EPA corrupt

EPA chief grilled for denying ca smog waiver, lat, 1-24-08

EPA chief ruled against science, bloomberg, 1-24-08

posted tuesday, Jan 22, 2008 6:34pm, pacific time
Israeli crimes defended by US at UN, bbc, 1-23-08
posted tuesday, Jan 22, 2008 2:54pm, pacific time
GlobaL Econ Meltdown

11,700 was peak of dot com. bubble, (2001) Now we sit at 11,900

bay area foreclosures up 421%, sf chron, 1-22-08

BofA and Wachovia: 90% profit reduction, ft, 1-22-08

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Other News

Padilla railroaded, nyt, 1-22-08

Iran Rising, committee, oct, 2007

US dictator musharraf begging Euro support, ap, 1-21-08

Musharraf fears his people more than us or taliban, committee, 1-12-08

The high cost of greed and irresponsibility

Latest Essay: Housing-credit crisis exposing the rotten core of American Markets and Economy, Committee, 8-17-07, revised 11-24-07

previous essay in series: The rotten core of the American Economy: Our Corrupted Democracy, committee, 12-15-07

crisis essay; Feds bail out greedy speculators:Markets will not settle until all assets are revalued, and housing reestablishes price and volume, Committee, August 17, 2007

the beginning of the crisis: Markets about to kill economy, Committee, Aug 4, 2007

june, '07: Unregulated Markets Threatens Every American's Security, committee, june 25, 2007

posted monday, Jan 21, 2008 3:53pm, pacific time
GlobaL Econ Meltdown
Dow to 7200 by june, committee, 8-17-07 Why, economist, 1-21-08  
recent indicators of impending meltdown

Trade deficit widens despite weak dollar, nyt, 1-12-08

ECB takes rational econ stand: US shocked, nyt, 1-11-08

Dec retail tanks, nyt, 1-11-08

Merrill takes another huge write down, nyt, 1-11-08

Three recession predictions: Goldman, VOA, and UN, jan 9 and 10, 2008

Countrywide going down, reuters, 1-9-08

posted monday, Jan 21, 2008 3:33am, pacific time
Middle East Boiling

Arabs Freak"n Out

Arab league: Severe Consequences, wafa,1-19-08

Nasrallah threatens israel, middle east online, 1-19-08


Israel: "liquidate" nasraallah, arab news, 1-21-08

Rice backs Israeli naming Gaza “Hostile Entity:”a War Crime, bbc, 9-20-07

Euro markets: Major Plunge on us holiday, 3:31am, pst

Global markets tanked, nyt, 1-21-08

Dow to 7200 by june, committee, 8-17-07

Bond insurance crisis deepens, economist, 1-18-08

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Jan 19-20, 2008

Russia deliveries more nuclear fuel to Iran:

Neocon urges israel to bomb Iran, iranmania, 1-20-07 Danger: john birch society warns of neo-con preparations for iran war

Iran has half nuke fuel from Russia, xinhua, 1-20-08

Iran Receives Nuclear Fuel in Blow to bush, spiegel, 1-18-08

will this provoke a us and/or israel attack on iran?

Russia claims Bush's "right" to launch pre-emptive nuke strikes:

Russia warns off us and israel:

Russia will use pre-emptive nukes says armed forces chief, russia today, 1-19-08

Thanks Bush, Now everyone claims right to first strike nukes...

Is Israel Planning a Nuclear Strike on Iran? der spiegel, 1-8-07

Israel threatens Iran with sneak attack, ap, 9-29-04

North korea threatens US with nukes, guardian, 2-6-03

The US legitimized nuclear sneak attacks

US readies first strike nukes, wp, 5-15-05

US planning for first strike, and tactical use of nukes, global research, 2-22-06

Even the John Birch Society is freaked, jbs news feed, 10-18-07



Is Bush planning to attack Iran?

Pentagon preps for Iran attack, washington post, 4-16-06

Pentagon ready for spring attack on Iran, guardian, 2-10-07

WINDS of WAR Increasing

Iran and Russia cooperating on mutual defense, ap, dec 24, 07

Iran-USN incident a fake, democracy now, 1-11-08

Israel ready to attack Iran, ap, 1-14-08

rogue nuke nation Israel fires ballistic missile, aljazeera, 1-17-08

Iran dismisses israeli threats, meo, 1-18-08

more on Iran, Israel, and Russia
Jan 19, 2008, 2:28am pacific time

old American Dictator nears end

america's genocidal dictator, suharto, almost dead, wbn, 1-14-08

suharto, thief and butcher, times, 1-12-08

indonesia during suharto reign, sejarah indonesia

Central America

leftist Colom begins guatemalan term, prensa, 1-17-08

guatemala-iran expand ties, ettela'at, 1-17-08


Chess News

bobby fischer dead, independent, 1-19-08

The Gravy Train

neo-cons cashing in, ips, 1-18-08

ashcroft paid off, upi, 1-10-08

Domestic Torture

CHP equipped with portable torture devices, bee, 1-18-08

A little less nature

Medicinal plant extinction, bbc, 1-19-08

bush scams last polar bears for big oil, mcclatchy, 1-17-08

Fish almost gone, bbc, 11-2-06

Birds too, lat, 6-14-07

Frogs too, sf chron, 8-7-07

Bees too , wp, 6-1-07


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