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Today's News from America's Broken Republic

Monday, March 16, 2009

Early Post: 1:33 am, pst, USA



Russia in US Backyard?

Chavez open to Russian strategic bombers using Venezuelan island, ria novosti, 3-14-09


The Russian Situation, Background, and 1st look at the new US diplomatic imperative, alex, 3-7-09


Russia: essays and analysis


Russia: News Links

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The US Lost South America



giving pentagon the authority to rapidly arm american-backed dictators is a bad idea, committee, 4-23-08



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Sunday, March 15, 2009



US "Control" of Pakistan Ending?


US's Dirty History:


US-Zadari Govt Crashing


Paki Police State




the "long march"

Chaos in Pak; Sharif defies arrest, heads for Capital, times of india, 3-16-09

Mission to be accomplished at all costs: Nawaz, the nation, 3-15-09

Protests against Pakistani government turn violent, dawn, 3-15-09

Zardari-Gilani power struggle paralyses govt: Violence mars anti-govt protest as Sharif defies arrest, the new nation, 3-16-09

DAGP, DCO, DIG Operation Lahore resign, dawn, 3-16-09

Aitzaz Ahsan escapes from detention; reaches Lahore High Court, A PAKISTANNEWS


Govt ready to take on long march: Malik, daily times, 3-15-09

Journalists stage walkout from NA to protest media curbs, daily times, 3-15-09


Afghanistan in the Balance

Afghan Nato supply terminal attacked in Pakistan, dawn, 3-16-09

Ambassador assails Western allies as half-hearted, frontier post, 3-15-09


Background: Afghanistan

Background: The Frontier

The Lying Bitch

Hillary Phones Zadari; "US Supports Democracy"

Hillary Clinton discusses Pakistan situation with Zardari, Nawaz F.P. Report, frontier post, 3-15-09


Billery Supports Musharraf Dictatorship, Dawn, 12-31-07


what a fucking joke! The US has no international credibility supporting Democracy anywhere, not even in the US:







clinton history: Servants of Foreign Traitors/American Corporations

Clinton: Pakistani businessman, donor to Dems, returns to U.S. to face charges, lat, May 30, 2007

Hsu fraud supercharged by clinton connection, lat, December 3, 2007

Hillary Clinton

Dem Traitors at it Again: Selling Influence to, and Accepting Bribes From, Foreigners, alex, may 30, 2007

Clinton the Corporate Whore:

At Wal-Mart, Clinton didn't upset any carts, lat, May 19, 2007


The Real Deal:

Democracy threatens US influence in Pakistan, alex, 3-24-08


Zadari vies to be the Next US Dictator of Pakistan


Pakistan Recent News History


The Nature of the Game in Pakistan


Govt to file petition against Sharif disqualification, dawn, 3-16-09




Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to be restored as Chief Justice of Pakistan, the news, March 16, 2009


PM Gilani address nation shortly with good news (3-16-09?) A Pakistan News





what the Paki Press has to say


The Frontier Post

Daily Times

The Nation

The News




Regional Press

The Times of India

Hindustan Times, India

The New Nation, Bangladesh

Press TV, Iran

Afghan Sun




Iran War threats on way back up?

Is Obama looking for his own WWIII to pull us out of our Greater Depression?

Mullen sketches out 'US strike' on Iran, press tv, 3-15-09

Preparing the Battlefield, new yorker, 7-7-08

Background: Will the US Sneak Attack Iran?

Iran: Evolution of a Crisis, Exposing the LIES of American "Diplomacy:" the News Links



Other News

China Flexes

China's Economic Might

Recent Analysis



China's Price to Fund US Corporate Empire:


China deploys vessels to disputed islands, press tv, 3-15-09


recent background

China Attacks US Navy

Bush Bowed Down Before China

China Finds American Allies for Security, NYT, December 28, 2007



China is going to make up pay for Bailing out our Corporate Fascist Government:


US Austerity Program On the Way, alex wierbinski, 3-13-09


China Analysis

Wen puts US honor on the debt line, asia times, 3-14-09

background: US National welfare Secondary to Corporate Profits in China Trade, alex, 12-07


A Great Al Quote

Sept 17, 2008:

"I believe that it is no longer in China's economic or strategic interests to buy American Treasuries at exactly the same time that the government's demand for funds to bailout freddie, Fannie, and the banks is reaching a fever pitch. If the expanding economic meltdown in China's markets continues, they may begin selling US Treasuries."

The Whole Article

Feeding the Pig: Will it help or hurt? AIG/Freddie/Fannie/et el..., Opening the Public Treasury to protect Private Profit



The China Page

US Austerity Program On the Way

The Russian Situation, Background and 1st look at the new US diplomatic imperative

Analysis, 3-6-09: Markets/Economy Plunging through their Natural Bottoms

Markets Crash to 6800 level, As Predicted

Feb 18, '09: Domestic and Global Status of the American Corporate Empire

Truth only comes with Justice, 2-9-09

Al's Corner of Clarity: How to Fix the Economy, 2-7-09

Torture, the UK, and Obama: A chance for "Torture we can Believe in?" 2-4-09

featured analysis: Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08

China Links top of page Russia Links



Friday, March 13, 2009



California is Corrupt..

PMA bribed every one of California's Federal Politicians!

Our situation is far beyond the "normal" $ corruption of a democracy. The Rules of the Game have gone "primitive:" Naked Wealth and Power, not democracy, rules.

Orange County Reps campaign cash tied to embattled lobbyist, oc register, 3-13-09


The Politicians will represent wealth untill we end the Open Political Bribery that runs our government

NYT story puts Maxine Waters in hot water, sac bee, 3-13-09

..and Broke

Big Surprise!

Budget analyst sees new $8 billion deficit, sac bee, 3-13-09


ARNIE pushes Regressive Taxes

to Support irresponsible growth, profits, and the rip-off of California's political and natural infrastructres

Governor lobbies for ballot measures in S.F., sfchron, 3-13-09

all california links

budget crisis links

california schools

arnie links





Domestic Economy


International Finance




Traitors played a crooked Game with our government and money



Stocks Soar, But Dismal Signs Remain, Americans See 18% of Wealth Vanish, wp, 3-13-09


Crash! All Economic Analysis

All Economic News links

We shouldn't have traded our democracy for a Corporate State


China Casts Doubt on US Debt

Wen ‘worried’ about China’s US assets, ft, 3-13-09

US Austerity Program On the Way, alex, 3-13-09

smart fear: crazy US Debt spending is about to spark significant inflation

Domestic and Global Status of the American Corporate Empire, alex, Feb 18, '09




US Austerity Program On the Way, alex, 3-13-09




Austerity of Reality: Kramer Vs. Stewart

It's fake economics vs. fake news: A very sad, but accurate reflection of our drift from ethics and honesty.

Kramer vs. Stewart, comedy central, 3-12-09





Crimigrants, Get OUT!


Go Serve Your Own Rich Traitor Pricks

run for the border, while you still can.
wages will finally rise:

More Mexican immigrants returning home, oc register, 3-6-09

Good Riddance!

run 'em out on a rail!

PS: I want My Money Back: $3,000 a year times 30 years (I'm 50) equals $90,000 dollars: I want my crimigrant refund. You can figure out how to get the medical, educational, and incarceration costs out of the corporations. I just want my fucking money and democracy back.

corporate racism




English Unions reject cheap foreign labor


Cheap labor not Welcome in England

Strike threat over foreign pay, c4, 3-13-09




More US fueled Chaos in Pakistan



US Stooge Zadari pulls a "Musharraf," tries to hold total power without check

Pakistan police beat anti-govt protesters, abc, 3-12-09

Govt on arrest spree to avert LM F.P. Report, frontier post, 3-12-09

Aitzaz Ahsan: “We won’t stop," dawn, 3-12-09

‘More long marches in the offing if this one stopped,’ daily times, 3-13-09

Zadari to Kill Sharif?

Gilani orders foolproof security for Nawaz Sharif, daily times, 3-13-09







bhutto Death: links

paki links: short list


All Afghan Links

Pakistan Border

Trajectory of Failure: US Dictatorships/Corruption


essay: US policy of attacking "terror" with terror and dictators fails, committee, 6-7-07

essay: American foreign policy: The Headless, and Heartless, Horseman, committee, 6-07

essay: Democracy of Fools: The Bush Vision for the Middle-East, committee, 8-7-07

essay: Will US broker a Musharraf-Bhutto alignment between Army and Secular Corruption? Alex, August 25, 2007

essay: Times, and American Corporate MediaSoftens Musharraf's Military Dictatorship, Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August 29, 2007

essay: Democracy threatens US influence in Pakistan, committee, 3-24-08

essay: The middle east yesterday, today, and tomorrow, committee, 4-17-08


Musharraf Fears his own people more than US or Taliban: rise of a New Global Balance of Power

US Supports Tyrants and illegal Nuclear Programs in Pakistan and India, alex, june '07




US indexes (nyt)
US market overview (marketwatch)
global indexes (bloomberg)
dollar value (marketwatch)
Energy (bloomberg)
mutual funds (NYT)
all futures (marketwatch)
VIX (bloomberg. what VIX means)


Open Your Eyes: Your Country has been DESTROYED


US in Crisis!


Kill the Traitors

Foreigners are entering our country, and breaking our laws PROTECTED by TRAITOR politicians. Both enrich their CORPORATE MASTERS, who have smashed our Constitution and OUR DEMOCRACY.


This DIRTY DEAL keeps the Corporate Parties in WEALTH AND POWER

Crimigrants, Corporations, and TRAITOR Politicians have SMASHED our DEMOCRACY

Our Constitution and our Country are GONE!

It's time to shoot the traitors and their foreign invader minions:

Take Direct Action NOW

Pick your own targets: Traitors are Everywhere in our CORPORATE, POLITICAL, and SOCIAL spheres.



Kill the Traitors

Traitor Politicians support their Corporate Bribers by providing them with subsidized Illegal Labor, and Global Empire. Illegals then become fake "CITIZENS" who trade our national soveregnity away for their votes!

All Fight to Continue this CYCLE of TRAITORS that KEEPS THEM IN POWER and WEALTH

They ALL took their 40 Pieces of Silver, and BETRAYED our Democratic Republic

The Wage for Treachery is Death

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Bribery determines law and policy in the US.

The Committee exposes the Political Corruption Americans must End

WANTED: 1000 citizens determined to drive bribery out of politics


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