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WANTED: 1000 citizens determined to drive bribery out of politics


Posted: Saturday, Feb 7, 2009: 4:44 am, pst, berkeley,

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Bribery determines law and policy in the US.

News you Need to Know

The Sad State of our Corporate Empire

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Friday, February 6, 2009 and back to 2-2-09, below

Jewish War Crimes

Dark Star: News analysis from below the Media's Horizon

Econ Collapsing

gaza is all civilians

Gazans say Israeli troops forced them into battle zones, mcclatchy, 2-6-09

Turkey probes Israel 'war crimes' in Gaza, meo, 2-6-09

Did the Israeli Army Wage Jewish Jihad in Gaza?, meo, 2-6-09

Shoe thrown at Israeli ambassador to Sweden, meo, 2-6-09


Egyptians broker Hammas, Fatah, "Israel," deal
status update

A new beginning? al-ahram, 2-4-09

Egypt blocks money into devastated Gaza, presstv, 2-7-09


recent analysis you should consider

The Care and Feeding of our Corporate Beast: Another Trillion Dollar Bailout to the Top, alex, 1-29-09

Torture, the UK, and Obama: A chance for "Change we can Believe in?" alex wierbinski, 2-4-09

Obama taxes Cigs for Child Health Care, reuters, 2-4-09

Panetta: Obama won't OK 'extraordinary rendition,' ap, 2-5-09

Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08

American Growth equals Death for Nature, alex, july 30, 07




The Greater Depression Deepens

U.S. job losses accelerate, reuters, 2-6-09

Toyota warns of Y450bn deficit, ft, 2-6-09

In the Trenches

Restaurants seek helping hand to avoid bankruptcies, reuters, 2-6-09

BofA Worthless

Bank of America CEO close to the edge, reuters, 2-6-09

inform yourself

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AL's Corner of Instant Clarity

National-Global Markets

US indexes

US market overview

global indexes

dollar value


all futures


Critical Current Econ Analysis

Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08


Thoughts on the latest News, Trends, and Upcoming Events


Cheer up, good stories last forever

Scientists Research the Real Robinson Crusoe, spiegel, 2-6-09



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Thursday, February 5, 2009 and 2-4-09

US Torture Crimes

Obama on Torture



UK Court Witholds US Torture Evidence under US Threat

US threats mean evidence of British resident's Guantánamo torture must stay secret, judges rule, guardian, 2-4-09

Ministers face torture pressure, bbc, 4-4-09


Recent US Torture links


Will Obama Change Course on Torture?

The New AG

Holder’s Hole Card:The AG nominee says he won't go after Bush-era interrogators—maybe, Newsweek, Jan 28, 2009


Torture we can believe in?

Obama, the UK, and "Change we Can believe in?," alex wierbinski, 2-4-09

the Dem's positions revealed

Dems confirm unitary president, torture, and and all of Bush's crimes through Mukasey Confirmation, Washington Post, November 9, 2007

Mukasey: Dems only responding to Bush Crimes when he targeted Dem Politicos, they let Bush off for everything else, alex, 3-1-08


Mukasey links
The Department of Injustice links

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"Torture we can Believe In"

Torture, the UK, and Obama: A chance for "Change we can Believe in?" alex wierbinski, 2-4-09


Obama on Rendition/Torture

"Rendition we can Believe In"

Senate Hearings for Obama's New CIA Director

Panetta: Obama won't OK 'extraordinary rendition,' ap, 2-5-09


related links/background

Dems assist bush crimes

Unlimited President

Dept. of Injustice


Obama on Church and State Relations

no more separation of religious bigots and state, just like Bush

Obama keeps Bush policies on faith-based groups, mcclatchy, 2-5-09


Yesterday's News

Obamarama: Flurry of Exec Orders: A ban on US War Crimes?



DEET Replacement


A Natural, Alternative Insect Repellent to Deet, Isolongifolenone found as effective as DEET against mosquitoes and ticks, ESA, 2-5-09


things you should see

two documentaries

King Corn (home site)

Food, inc (promo)

and the bong god

bong god

“He looked just as natural with a bong in his hands as he does swimming in the pool. He was the gold medal winner of bong hits. Michael ended up getting a little paranoid, though, because before too long he looked like he was nervous and ran out of the place.”

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Obama's Tax the Poor Program

Obama taxes Cigs for Child Health Care, reuters, 2-4-09


Economic Conditions

US Citizen ripped off as bubble went up, and on the way down:

Watchdogs: Government overpaid for Wall Street assets, mcclatchy, 2-5-09


Weakening Economies Worldwide

Comment and analysis from Australia, United Kingdom, Iceland, Japan, France, China, Egypt, and Russia worldpress, February 4, 2009

social consequences: INSTABILITY

"New Europe" is on the Economic Edge, worldpress, 1-30-09


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Critical Current Econ Analysis

Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08


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Tired of Life?

Join the Army

Army reports alarming spike in suicides last month, ap, 2-5-09


Keep Growing, Fools

costal flooding underestimated

news report

More of North America may face flooding from Antarctic ice sheet melt: study, 2-5-09

source abstracts

Geophysicists predict amplification of sea-level rise in North America following collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet, u toronto, 2-5-09

Sea level rise could be worse than anticipated, oregon, 2-5-09

antartic ocean warming

Global warming threatens Antarctic sea life, FIT, 2-4-09

no more fresh water

Majority of world population face water shortages unless action taken, warns Migiro, un, 2-5-09

the bottom line

American Growth equals Death for Nature, alex, july 30, 07

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Environmental Update

California's Water "Crisis"


Recent News

the situation

California's Drought Message

California's Current Reservoir Levels

US National Drought Map


the Corporate Press on Drought

Water watchers cast a wary eye, sac bee, 2-2-09

finally, a bit of truth:

Population: The elephant in the room, bbc, 2-2-09


The Real Deal

Our water, our fish, and our rights are gone: What else will you sacrifice to serve your greed and ego? Alex Wierbinski


California Water Links

All Environment Links


California Budget Debacle

The Corporate Press is beginning to focus in on Crimigrants

Illegal immigrants are a factor in California's budget math, Capitol Journal, February 2, 2009

Wage stagnation is the real problem, marketplace radio, 1-21-08


The Real Deal

we've been robbed, alex wierbinski, 3-16-08

also see

This is a Corruption Crisis, not a Budget Crisis, alex, 8-9-08

We've been ROBBED II, alex, 8-15-08




Income Gap Is Widening, Data Shows:US MAIN PRODUCTS: Luxury based on Poverty, NYT, 3-29-07


Who gains and who pays; Crimigrants bleed poor for elite profits, Heritage Foundation, 6-18-07

ca budget crisis links


all environment Links


All Water Links

CA Water Links

water essays

salmon/fish links

Plastic Oceans links

censoring science Links

ethanol fraud


food/crop crisis


Environmental Destruction

The Trees are Dying

Research ties tree mortality trends to climate warming, nau, 1-22-09

New study links western tree mortality to warming temperatures, water stress, eureka alert, 1-22-09

Tree death rate in Pacific Northwest doubled in 17 years, u wash, 1-22-09

Warmer climate causing huge increase in tree mortality across the West, ore state, 1-22-09

Tree deaths have doubled across the western US, usgs, 1-22-09

also see

Global warming killing sierra trees, usgs, 8/8/2007


Antartic Warming

Satellites confirm half-century of West Antarctic warming, nasa, 1-22-09

also see

Global Warming Greatest In Past Decade: Hottest Temps in 1300 years, terradaily, 9-4-08

Huge Antarctic ice shelf breaks off, cbc, 3-25-08

Wilkins Ice Shelf hanging by its last thread, esa, 7-10-08

Warming risks Antarctic sea life, bbc, 2-16-08

Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean, bbc, 2-28-08

All the ice is melting

Corruption Updates 53, 2nd article on the page, "Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster, a Study Finds:Climate Change has already happened"

Shrinking Arctic Ocean sea ice signals climate change, csm, 9-4-08

Himalayan glaciers in full retreat, THE ASAHI SHIMBUN, 1-10-08

climate set for 'sudden shifts', bbc, 2-4-08

Get ready for constant costal flooding for the next 100 years +, nyt, 3-5-08

Floods to become commonplace by 2080, newcastle University, uk, 1-8-09

Dead Zones Expanding

Dramatic expansion of dead zones in the oceans, eureakanews, 1-25-09


Corruption Updates 93, 3rd article on the page, "Record Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Is Predicted"

Ocean dead zones expanding, ScienceNOW Daily News, 25 January 2008

Sea life counts dive for 2nd year (2006 report)


global warming draining oceans of oxygen, reuters, 5-1-08

Mass Extinctions And 'Rise Of Slime' Predicted For Oceans, science daily, 8-13-08

Ocean map: Oceans trashed

all environment Links

what's really happening

American Growth equals Death for Nature, alex, july 30, 07



International News


Iran puts sat into orbit for 1st time, press tv,2-2-09

Series of US attacks on International Rule of Law: Harbingers of the New World Balance of Power, alex wierbinski, 1-21-07

Dems Still Voting for Iraq War: The True Reasons our Corporate Empire is Waging War in the Middle-East, Alex Wierbinski, August 12, 2007

All Iran Links



International Criminal Court begins ‘preliminary analysis’ of alleged crimes committed by Israelis in Gaza, meo, 2-3-09

"Israel" Thievery of Arab Lands continues from 1948 to Present, alex, 7-20-07

"Israel" links


Obama has Another Massive Wall Street Give Away in Works

Financial regulation shaping up as a political battleground, lat, 2-3-09

The Current "Stimulus"

The Care and Feeding of our Corporate Beast: Another Trillion Dollar Bailout to the Top, alex wierbinski, 1-29-09


China Unstable?

In Shift, Chinese Move More Money Overseas, nyt, 2-2-09


China becomes third largest economy, ft, 1-14-09

China's exports in record decline, bbc, 1-13-09

Fear of backlash on Chinese redundancies, ft, 1-13-09


Stop China Trade

China is not our Friend, alex wierbinski, 5-24-07

US National welfare Secondary to Corporate Profits in China Trade, Alex Wierbinski, December 30, 2007

American Economic Security depends on China, Alex Wierbinski, August 13, 2007

ush, Boeing, and a host of American Corps are Traitors, Alex Wierbinski, December, 2007


china links

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US market overview

global indexes

dollar value


all futures

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The Corruption Crash of 2008

Are you ready for Part II of the Crash? alex, 12-21-08

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