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The Next Revolution Reports:

friday, July 25, 2008: Intro, and a two-part description of the Breakdown in the Rule of Law in the Dept of Injustice

Our first weekly video report on the status of our democracy


Links to The breakdown in the rule of Law referred to in the first Next Revolution Report

FBI Spying without Oversight

NSA in the USA

Ashcroft: The Hospital Incident article

Ashcroft: The Hospital Incident analysis

Ashcroft: The Hospital Incident. Comey testimony before Congress, (utube video)

Iglesias book: Ashcroft pushed out

Gonzales AG: US Attorney Scandal

Mukasey AG: Who Will Defend the President's Crimes Now?

Mukasey AG: defending dictatorial powers before Senate

Mukasey Affirms He Will Defend and Advance the President's Career as a Criminal

Mukasey coverage in the corporate media

Senate Confirms Mukasey By 53-40

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illegal searches: Overview

Part two: report on department of Injustice

Part three: report on department of Injustice, continued

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Iraq War Fraud by White House and CIA

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008
11:00 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

The Committee Hit the Wall:

The Dell Bought the Farm

Book: White House Ordered CIA to Forge Iraq Intelligence, democracynow, 8-5-08 Obama's a Corporate Tool Computer Crash Knocks Committee on its ass: NINE DAYS w/o update, alex, 8-26
  Obama’s Money: Will his big donors top Bush’s Pioneers and Rangers? harper's, 8-5-08  

Rights group wants US officials probed for ordering torture

Saturday, July 26, 2008
11:00 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

War beyond Borders

Physicians for Human Rights call for prosecuting US officials who committed war crimes, meo, 7-25-08 Are You Ready to Face the Facts?
Pakistan draws a bead on Baitullah, asia times, 7-26-08


Law School Dean Calls Conference to Plan Bush War Crimes Prosecution, ABA Journal, 6-17-08


Corruption Updates 69, 1st article, "Rights Groups Call for End to Secret Detentions"

Corruption Updates 71, 1st article, "CIA rejects secret jails report"

corruption updates 83_1, "Cheney the Torture mastermind"

ABA Clear: Bush Policy allows Torture, AP, 8-10-07

Dems confirm unitary president, torture, and and all of Bush's crimes through Mukasey Confirmation, Washington Post, November 9, 2007

Israel and America, an analysis by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, meo, 7-26-08

recent crimes

rice backs Israeli naming Gaza “Hostile Entity:”a War Crime, bbc, 9-20-07

UN: cutting off gaza is an international crime, haaretz,9-20-07


Mearsheimer and Walt, March 2006, THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY.

Book Review by Kim Petersen: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe.

israel links


New Paki govt partner ANP opens talks with taliban, dawn, 3-30-08

Terms of the Paki taliban: peace with Paki govt, but continued war against Americans Invasion of Afghanistan, mcclatchy, 4-1-08

Baitullah orders militants to stop attacks in Fata, NWFP, Dawn, 4-24-08

The Failing Campaign to Kill Jalaluddin Haqqani, cursor, JANUARY 18, 2002

afghan links

paki links

Iran's Oil Minister Speaks

Iran says oil could reach $500 on dollar, politics, reuters, 7-26-08

iran links

Bank Failures


End The American Sweatshop:

End Illegal Immigration

F.D.I.C. Takes Over 2 Banks, nyt, 7-27-08

things you should know

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:
The End of illusions,
economist, July 17th 2008


MARKET VOLATILITY: The Shark Tank is getting violent. Goldfish should refrain from entering the water.

Economic indicators point to more distress, lat, 7-16-08

Bernanke highlights risks facing US economy, ft, 7-15-08

Status of the Econ Crisis: How we got here, where it is Going, and what you should expect to happen, draft document, 7-13-08


last friday: fear jolts markets day before yesterday: a new set of rules tomorrow: you're fucked

the whole story: essays on our ethical-political-economic meltdown

Track our ethical/economic MELTDOWN: all economic links

BLAZE OF BOMBS, the telegraph, 7-27-08

After Iowa Raid, Immigrants Fuel Labor Inquiries, nyt, 7-27-08

the situation

we've been robbed, committee, 3-16-08

immigration brings the corporate fascist state to life, committee, 3-6-07

Let's fight Global Warming with A car for every crimigrant, committee, 6-07

Idiot Visa Plan

crimigrant links

Second arrest attempt on Rove arrested

Second Arrest Attempt On Karl Rove In Iowa Leads To 4 Arrests, Des Moines Catholic Worker, 7/25/2008


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Yesterday's News

Labor Defeated in Scotland

Friday, July 25, 2008
11:59 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa



Brown under fire as allies rally,bbc, 7-25-08

Ca Budget

Best Econ Numbers in a While still scraping bottom


Re-Lipsticking the Pig:

The merry-go-round of corruption in the UK and US

gov to cut state worker salaries to min wage:

Analysis: Thursday's outcry from state workers over pay may be just what governor wanted, bee, 7-25-08

U.S. Economy: Goods Orders Gain, Home Sales Exceed Forecasts, bloomberg, 7-25-08


Housing continues to decline: Pending home sales index down 4.7% in May: NAR, marketwatch, 7-8-08

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the whole story: essays on our ethical-political-economic meltdown

Track our ethical/economic MELTDOWN: all economic links


budget meltdown links

But Home Foreclosures are Soaring

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US home foreclosures on the rise, bbc, 7-25-08

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