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reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08

Harmon's "Homegrown Terror" resolution is an extreme threat to our rights, 4-19-07


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first posted: saturday, May 17, 2008: 5:24 am pst, berkeley, ca, usa

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Committee news

An unfortunate download caused registry-anti virus software problems which has disrupted our postings for the last three days. The problem appears to be solved, and publication will resume shortly.

Thanks for your patience

first posted: wednesday, May 14, 2008: 12:22 am pst, berkeley, ca, usa

Committee news

Stay tuned to the Committee Site:

Big Changes Ahead!

This "HTML" site is designed to offer the cold proofs that our democracy has been hijacked, as well as keeping you informed of the most important news happening around the world.

Check it out. Follow a news topic listed on this site. American political corruption has had disastrous economic, environmental, political and foreign policy effects around the world. Pursue the links, search the database, and understand the character of power in the US, and what it has done to us and the whole world.

Reflecting on our tortured democracy while manually maintaining this HTML site has been a hell of a lot of work, and this effort has reached its logical limits.

The rising success of the HTML site has gone beyond its capabilities and mine. As this threatens the site's goal of facilitating a restoration of OUR DEMOCRACY, and as the revolutionary rights past radicals endowed upon us are deeply threatened, this HTML site must be replaced.

I am working to figure out how to transfer the content and structure of this site into drupal's CMS.

The depth of planning and knowledge required to complete the task is daunting, and will take time. But all of the time, work, and money are the most insignificant expenses when you consider the true value of our fundamental rights, our natural resources, and our social infrastructure that are threatened by the corporate fascists who have captured our government.

Stay tuned to our site: corruption never sleeps, and we will continue to shine a bright light on the criminals who are corrupting domestic politics, stealing our rights and money, and intervening in the domestic affairs of countries around the world.


featured news: All links are outside links during the remodeling

Bush's Best Friend. BUSH announces New Axis of Evil: US partnership with Israel war crimes, crimes against humanity: What's New? ynet, 5-14-08 how long can we impose jewish invaders/occupiers and american dictators on the Arabs? Not much longer.


Palestinians express outrage at Bush visit, meo, 5-14-08

Indonesia: Israel accused of committing ethnic cleansing, meo, 5-14-08


review links pertaining to israel


Is Billery Clinton a political suicide bomber targeting the Democraps? yahoo, 10-14-08

review links pertaining to billery


Karen Bass sworn as new Ca Speaker, and sells herself to special interests: faces change, corporate democracy rolls on, lat, 5-14-08 (see the last lines of the story)

Bass' sponsor? Fabian Nunez


news links

Massive new storm targeting burma, ny post, 5-14-08


OC giveaway to developers, lat, 5-14-08

corporate political elite that rules us earns massive profits in office, bee, 3-14-08


US World Police seize 14 Colombian ward lords, nyt, 5-14-08 (a right wing power struggle for control of colombia)

first posted: monday, May 12, 2008: 12:00 noon, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Watch the storm that destroyed burma, and all of its crops, Eumetsat, (adjust time frame to 01/05/08, time span to 9 images minimum)


the committee is joining the national debate on politics

Check out our web partner on the right wing: BorderFire Report. Borderfire is now featuring Alex Wierbinski as on of its featured writers.

Check out one of our web partners on the left wing: Diatribune. Diatribune invited Alex to join its ranks of regular posters.

other news

This site is in the beginning stages of being converted from an HTML site to a drupal-based CMS. The features and useability should improve considerably in the new format. The HTML site will remain up while I construct the new site and transfer this site's content to the new format.


news links

Thousands dead in Chinese quake, bbc, 5-12-08

no contact from county at epicenter of quake, terra daily, 5-13-08


satellite pictures: burma before and after, ng, 5-8-08

burma storm: sign of things to come, usa today, 5-12-08

Mangrove loss 'put Burma at risk,' bbc, 5-12-08


Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship, nyt, 5-12-08

first posted: monday, May 5 to 7, 2008: last post: wed, 3:32 am, pst, berkeley, ca, usa
12 Miles South of Tahoe

These are the reasons we must fix our democracy:

featured news

investigation or another whitewash?

cheney torture point man, addington, subpoenaed by congress, nyt, 5-7-08

torture links


Fed chair warns of inverted housing market, calls for congress to intervene in mortgage contracts, lat, 5-5-08

Bernake says prime mortgages inverted: How we got here, how we crawl out of here, commitee, 5-6-08

economic links


California may run out of cash by august, bee, may 6, 2008

How low will real estate go? Forbes.com, May 5, 2008


famine rising

Asia fears rising poverty, social unrest from soaring food prices, afp, 5-4-08


burma storm

Monumental storm trashes burma, terra news, 5-6-08

Watch the storm that destroyed burma, and all of its crops, Eumetsat, (adjust time frame to 01/05/08, time span to 9 images minimum)


late burma reports (more above, next column to your right)

latest story: Aid call as Burma casualties rise, bbc, 5-6-08

latest story: Cyclone toll rises to 15,000 as junta lifts veil, news.sbs.com.au, 5-6-08

latest story: bbc burma pictures, bbc, 5-6-07



impending famine: link list


latest environment pages

#10, April 27, 2008

#9, April 8, 2008

#8, March 27, 2008

Latest environmental prediction:

An impending Global Famine, committee, 4-6-08


The Golden State


California faces huge upheaval, bee, May 4, 2008

High percentage of kids with immigrant parents could transform California electorate, report says, bee, 4-29-08


Targeted by Perata recall, Denham draws wide support, lat, May 5, 2008

Perata accused of using state workers in Denham recall campaign, bee, 4-20-08

news links

posted may 7, 2008


burma death toll approaches 30,000, guardian, 5-7-08

burma: 41,000 missing, whole towns destroyed, guardian, 5-7-08

burma storm from orbit (note: set time frame to 1-5-08. 9 frames minimum.)


food crisis, inflation, and an evil american dictator: Egypt ready to blow up, meo, 5-7-08

egypt links


three views of fannie meltdown

Fannie Loses $2.2 Billion As Home Prices Fall, wp, 5-7-08

Regulatory boost for Fannie Mae, ft, 5-7-08

Doubts Raised on Big Backers of Mortgages, nyt,5-6-08


goldman sachs: oil to 200, ft, 5-6-07


FBI raids Scott Bloch, special investigator’s office, ft, 5-6-08

(Why) FBI raids office and home of Special Counsel Scott Bloch, crew, 5-6-08


GSA crook Doan may be the cause of FBI raid, wp, 1-20-07

database search: Doan = 5 records

database search: Politicization = 47 records

(cut the term, click the database link, past the term into search box, click search)


VA chief hides 1000 vet suicide attempts per month, meo, 5-7-08

news links

posted may 5 & 6, 2008

Anger in Pakistan at poll delays, bbc, 5-5-08

pakistan links


Iraq to probe claims of Iranian meddling, world news au, 5-5-2008

iran links

endless war links


Kosovo 'organs sale' probe urged, bbc, 5-5-08

russia links

all link clusters


shit going crazy in somalia

At least 5 killed in Somalia food riots, lat, 5-5-08

Somali forces 'out of control,' bbc, 5-6-08



other links

ethanol fraud

corporate bribery is killing us


illegal trials


cool chart

All of Inflation’s Little Parts, nyt, May 3, 2008: Interactive Chart


california links

Schwarzenegger's quest for revenues taxes consumers and their patience, lat, 5-3-08

California may run out of cash by August, bee, May 6, 2008


posted: saturday, May 3, 2008 2:09 pm, pst, california
Lost Coast Sunset

featured news: Scorecard: Presidential Campaign Bribes

Source: OpenSecrets.org

Presidential Campaign Bribes: Sources and Sums, open secrets, through march

Bribes, by economic sector, to Presidential Candidates, open secrets, through march

Bribes, by Industry, to Presidential Candidates, open secrets, through march

Party fundraising, state by state, open secrets, through march


posted: friday, May 2, 2008 1:53 pm, pst, california
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featured news: You have had your rights, health, wealth, and natural resources ripped off.

california's population swells to 38 million, bay area 7.3 million, sf chron, 5-2-08

california faces water crisis, endless irresponsible growth brings on ecological crisis, sf chron, 5-2-08


'Big Dry' hits Australian farmers, bbc, 5-2-08


Global warming could starve oceans of oxygen: study, reuters, May 1, 2008

Migratory Shorebirds Vanishing Along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, esn, April 21, 2008


latest environmental destruction page: number 10

news links

posted May 2

LSD inventor Albert Hofmann dies, bbc, 4-30-08


fake cisco network equip from china pervades DoD, federal systems, PC world, 2-29-08

fake china chips present security threat, ieee spectrum, may, 2008

Counterfeit Chips Raise Big Hacking, Terror Threats, Experts Say, popular mechinics, 4-08

posted: thursday, May 1, 2008 8:58 pm, pst, california
Lost Coast Sunset


featured news


"Fishery Failure" Declared for West Coast Salmon, NOAA, 5-1-08

Unholy alliance: crimigrants, traitor politicians, abusive corporations, lat, 4-30-08


Pentagon propaganda machine leads corporate media, american opinion, by the nose, nyt, 4-20-08


White House blocked EPA studies, GAO reports, sf chron, April 30, 2008



We Lost Afghanistan , Now we are losing Pakistan


Pakistan taliban orders cease-fire in tribal areas, dawn, 4-24-08

Terms of the Paki taliban: peace with Paki govt, but continued war against Americans Invasion of Afghanistan, mcclatchy, 4-1-08

US predicts increase in Afghan violence, ap, April 24, 2008


news links

posted May 2

english politics

Labour suffers worst electoral defeat for 40 years, guardian, 5-2-08


The glass half empty: Economic turmoil not over, Economist, May 1st 2008

chinese economics

China's inflation carries long-term risks: intro to China’s economic mechinism, Asia Times, May 1, 08

iranian politics

The Iranian Chessboard: players and policies inside iran, meo, 5-2-08


posted: monday, April 28, 2008 5:41 pm, pst, california
12 Miles South of Tahoe

featured news


Humans have overwhelmed nature's carbon balance, bbc, 4-28-08

also see: Hansen: Past the tipping point, ng, 12-14-07

news links

US Home Vacancy Rates Set Record in First Quarter, ap, 4-28-08


Wall Street, Run Amok, nyt, 4-27-08


Even Amid High Oil Prices, Troubling Signs in Production, nyt, 4-28-08

posted: sunday, April 27, 2008 11:59 pm, pst, california
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featured news

justice department an accessory before and after crime of torture; justice still argues torture is legal, nyt, 4-27-08

also see: Top Bush Advisors Approved torture, ABC, 4-9-08

california is out of money, water, low on energy, but full of political scumbags and crimigrants: Don Perata (and Fabian Nunez), sf chron, 4-23-08


Environmental Information: Charts and Maps

International research institute for climate and societyglobal probability forecast for precipitation, Chartmay, june, and july, issued april 2008, see the map

breathing earth: Real-Time CO2 and population figures, see the map

National Rainfall Map, NOAA, march 2008

National Drought Map, NOAA, march, 2008

Palmer's z-index nationa wetness map, NOAA, 2007-2008 (works best with firefox)

US Drought Monitor, map and discussion, NOAA, april, 2008


Environmental Information: Reports

NOAA: U.S. Temperatures Near Average in March as Global Land Temperature Sets Record, Western U.S. Snowpack Healthiest in a Decade, NOAA, 4-17-08

Carbon Dioxide, Methane Rise Sharply in 2007, NOAA, 4-23-08

2007 was Tenth Warmest for U.S., Fifth Warmest Worldwide, NOAA, 1-15-08


Pakistan ending US Terror War

Baitullah orders militants to stop attacks in Fata, NWFP, Dawn, 4-24-08

Peace deal with militants must be enforced: US, daily times, 4-24-08

US predicts increase in Afghan violence, ap, 4-24-08


news links

Syria: Israel ready to return Golan, usa today, 4-24-08

In Zimbabwe Jail: A Reporter’s Ordeal, nyt, 4-27-08

Korea’s corporate fascist state exposed, nyt, 4-23-08


Gasoline could hit $7 a gallon in four years: CIBC, MarketWatch, Apr 24, 2008


Rice price hits record high; pinches budgets, diets in W.Africa, reuters, Apr 24, 2008


The Short End of the Longer Life, nyt, 4-27-08



posted: wednesday, April 23, 2008 11:59 pm, pst, california
Lost Coast Sunset

featured news


the american machine of political corruption: Domestic

Survey reveals widespread political interference at EPA, union of concerned scientists, 4-23-08


Only the tip of a bipartisan iceberg: Justice department bigwig admits participation in abramoff web of corruption, bee, 4-23-08

Abramoff is gone, but the machine of corporate bribery rolls on, committee, 4-23-08


the american machine of political corruption: Foreign

Colombian dictator's paramilitary cousin runs from justice, world news australia, 23 April, 2008

Pentagon Seeks Authority to Train and Equip Foreign Militaries, nyt, April 16, 2008

giving pentagon the authority to rapidly arm american-backed dictators is a bad idea, committee, 4-23-08


browse the recent headlines, archive 21

read 'em and weep: environment pages: 9 8 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

news links


Russians mock less ‘stable’ democracies (the US), ft, 4-23-08


Political Economy evolving in Russia: The Rules of the Game, moscow times, 4-21-08


another jewish traitor betrays US for Israel, international, 3-23-08

posted: tuesday, April 22, 2008 8:31 pm, pst, california
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featured news: a review of political news this month

check out these important recent developments

famine coming:

news article

more articles




white house participated in real time torture

news article




the last market run up:




pentagon report outlines iraqi failures;

report and essay

retired generals



bribed politicians-FDA-doctors make all drug safety questionable;

article and essay



SF Torch Run: The Flame of Shame:

A Story in Pictures



Scroll down through the page below, and take a trip through the unreported and mis-analyzed corporate news from the last month

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biz news links

Banks Going Down

Banks begging for cash, nyt, 4-21-08


Brits bail out insolvent banks with 100 million, a pittance, nyt, 4-22-08


£50bn UK offer for mortgage securities: “liquidity crisis,” ft, 4-21-08


Housing Crashing

Another record low for Bay Area home sales, sf chron, 4-17-08


Globalism Failing

Rice traders hit by panic as prices surge, ft, 4-17-008


Tax revenues continue to crash

LA city and county face $994 million shortfall, lat, 4-21-08

news stories posted: saturday, April 19, 2008 2:15 pm, pst
12 miles south of Tahoe

featured news

bribed politicians are killing you, your country, and your planet

dems want iraq to pay costs of american destruction, occupation of iraq, nyt, 4-17-08

dem's audacity: they want iraq to finance their war crimes, committee, 4-19-08


iraq war defines military, political, and moral failures of US government, mcclatchy, 4-17-08

The middle east yesterday, today, and tomorrow, committee, 4-17-08

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news links

Billery and Barak: are americans stupid? daily mail, 4-17-08


news stories posted: wednesday, April 16, 2008 9:35 pm, pst
Lost Coast sunset

featured news

bribed politicians will kill you

fake Merck research makes all pharmaceutical industry/academic research suspect, nyt, 4-16-08

bribes of pharm industry to politicians makes FDA, all drug research, and almost all drugs untrustworthy, committee, 4-16-08


bribed politicians will steal from you

Housing foreclosure crisis gives politicians/lobbyists, and other corporate parasites an excuse to steal, nyt, 4-16-08

Pain of homeowner foreclosures: shazam! yet another excuse for parties to feed their bribers/special interests, committee, 4-16-08


parity: jew's holocaust victim myth/excuse shattered by genocide of arabs

religious basis of israel program of arab genocide and crimes against humanity revealed

Israel: Genocide announced, al ahram, 4-16-08



news links

posted april 16

impending famine

Biggest grain exporters halt foreign sales, ft, 4-16-08

Steep rise in Chinese food prices, bbc, 4-16-08

rising concern: inflation creating headaches for asian policymakers, economist, 4-15-08

An Impending Global Famine, committee, 4-6-08


econ meltdown

US food and energy costs soar, ft, 4-15-08

Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies, nyt, 4-15-08

JPMorgan Income Falls 50%, nyt, 4-16-08

Wall Street Winners Get Billion-Dollar Paydays, nyt, 4-16-08

last week's historic market run-up, committee, 4-7-08


we killed the fish

California bans salmon fishing in coastal waters, bee, 4-16-08

our growth killed the fish

we killed democracy

Jury Convicts Former Newark Mayor of Fraud, nyt, 4-16-08

we're killing iraq

Iraqi Unit Flees Post, Despite American’s Plea, nyt, 4-16-08

failed war, failed state

US imperialism fuels rise of iran

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news links

posted april 15

the costs of irresponsible growth

U.S. bankruptcies soared 38 percent in 2007, government says, lat, 4-15-08

Southern California home prices slide to 2004 levels, lat, 4-15-08

Home affordability in Ca:

Interactive Map


growing ourselves to death

Forecast for big sea level rise, bbc, 4-15-08

china: passed us as biggest polluter, negates all western co2 reductions, bbc, 4-15-08

towards famine. failure of globalism: global grain market closing, indonesia ends rice exports, ft, 4-15-08


An Impending Global Famine, committee, 4-6-08

other news links


Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation, lat, 4-13-08

corporate clintons-corporate dems

lost wars

Afghan fighting poised to escalate, lat, 4-13-08

AFGHANISTAN: Over 400,000 people receive food aid amid soaring prices, irin, 4-13-08

afghanistan: welcome to hell


citizens pay to subsidize corporate labor

crimigrants get free transplants before citizens, lat, 4-13-08

govt subsidizes crimigrants: corporate profits rise while schools, hospitals, democracy collapses


criminal government

U.S. Reconnaissance Satellites: Domestic Targets, national security archive, 4-11-08

govt is watching you: links



Valley plants, trees may add to pollution by emitting tons of a key smog element, fresno bee, 4-12-08

environment links


news stories UPDATED: friday, April 11, 2008 1:39 pm, pst
Lost Coast Sunset, Fit into the box


our criminal corporate fascist government


updated Discussion, approval, guidance, and Direct Participation in Torture at highest levels of white house, abc, 4-10-08


updated Telecom Whistleblower Discovers Circuit that Allows Access to All Systems on Wireless Carrier—Phone Calls, Text Messages, Emails and More, Democracy Now,  4-10-08


new post US "rendered" 14 to jordan for torture, middle east times, 4-8-08


new post Study: U.S. Military Assistance To Governments and Government-Supported Armed Groups Using Child Soldiers 2002-2008, center for defense information, 4-2-08


new post Petraeus and the Non-Hearing on Capitol Hill, center for defense information, 4-9-08


recent post last week's historic market run-up, committee, 4-7-08


recent post latest environmental destruction pages: April 8 and March 27


new post Glaring war crime of the day

Comments on the white house approving torture...

(Committee commentary: you should see the earlier ABC story confirming direct communication between the torturers in the field and CIA headquarters in DC. The present report tells us that these communications actually penetrated the White House, and and that the specifically requested tortures from the field received the real time approval of high executive branch officials from within the white house.

All the clues are in, and we can name the crime, the places it was committed, who committed it, and when they committed it. We now have comprehensive and direct proof that War Crimes were committed in the White House Situation Room, by the Principals of the Security council, on various dates in 2002.-committee commentary)

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other news links

jews prepare to slaughter Palestinians:

Olmert threatens palestine with holocaust, voa, 4-10-08

Hamas build up anticipates israeli invasion, reuters, 4-10-08

Bush Administration Counsels Carter Not to Meet With Hamas, voa, 4-10-08

Democracy of Fools: The Bush Vision for the Middle-East, committee, 8-7-07

war spreading to iran?

Bush threatens iran, reuters, 4-10-08

global famine approaches

Food riots tearing hati apart, guardian, 4-10-08

analysis of egyptian food riots, meo, 5-11-08

more on the impending famine

crimes against rule of law and justice

Gitmo torture victims refuse to attend kangaroo courts, lat, 4-10-08

Bush's criminal Gitmo kangaroo courts in disarray, nyt, 4-10-08

Afghanistan has no problem convicting bush victims, nyt, 4-10-08

domestic incompetence

Ca's worthless politicians, bee, 4-10-08

china's poison trade

78 US deaths from china's poison, nyt, 4-10-08

news posted: wednesday, April 9, 2008 6:24 pm, pst


sf torch run: the story in pictures

The torch run was better without the torch than with it. If you missed it, you were there., The torch run did not happen. Well it happened, but not when and where the people of SF could watch. We had a torch run the excluded the people of San Francisco, and the western US. As I suspected, they published a different plan than they executed. This left a crowd of thousands in a traffic free zone. People were friendly, and a lot of great conversations and discussion broke out.

the story in Pictures


news posted: tuesday, April 8, 2008 7:06 pm, pst


working: environment destruction page #9


other news

FT identifies china's torch guards, ft, 4-9-08

IMF says mortgage crisis costing 1 trillion, afp, 4-8-08

mortgage crisis costs will rise if housing falls further, committee, 4-7-08

US sent 14+ to jordan for torture, met, 4-8-08

AP version of above story, ap, 4-8-08

Iran extends nuke tech, says, "will never bow to bullies," press tv, 4-8-08

Iran to join SCO? press tv, 4-9-08

other news

food riots in egypt, meo, 4-8-08

food cost protest in burkina faso, irin, 4-9-08

Nigeria turning into desert, irin, 3-28-08

flooding in Congo-Kinshasa, allafrica, 4-8-08

news posted: monday, April 7, 2008 2:57 pm, pst


more on the impending global famine


WHO sees impending global food crisis, who, 4-7-08


Asian Food Crisis, five articles, 4-6-08

april 1

UN see global food crisis, impending famine, lat, 4-1-08


what's really going on here? An Impending Global Famine, committee, 4-6-08

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Flame of Shame: The French Connection

Olympic flame snuffed out in Paris, aljazeera, 4-07-08


French run videos:  worldone french news video. cnn: the domestic response in china.

london Torch run videos: al jazerra: the best, cnn: oh well.



SF Flame of Shame: Are you going to tell china how you feel?

China vows to continue torch relay, guardian, 4-8-08

If you are, let's get together. I am going to hit downtown berkeley bart at around 10:30 am on wednesday.

Email or call me if you want company watching the torch of tyranny in SF.

Just think, we can observe a free speech zone!

I plan on making my opinion known at the opening ceremony, along the coming and going path, and at the ending ceremony, if there actually is a torch run. I am skeptical. In any case, following the torch may require the use a bicycle.

Independent of your means of travel, let's meet at least three blocks from mccovey cove (the start point) at least two hours before the announced start.

I would not be surprised at all if they started two hours early. Hell, they very well may cancel the whole f'n thing. China looks much better in the closet than in an olympic torch run. In any case, the chinese need to minimize the impact of public opinion and input in both the street and in the press.

However this works out, let's meet here or there.

Here's why I'm pissed china is sponsoring the olympics:

china links: Deadly Trade

china links: econ links

china links: environment

china Links: Police State

china Links: Military Power

china domestic security-military Links


economic update

last week's historic run-up, committee, 4-7-08

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news posted: Sunday, April 6, 2008 5:27 pm, pst


flame of shame: china olympic torch run

London torch run: Protester gets hands on torch, itv, 6 April 2008,

what's really going on here? Boycott Olympics, Ban China Trade: Stop US-chinese police state alliance, committee, 4-6-08

china today: recent links, including china's police state, china's environment, and china's poison trade.

london videos: al jazerra: the best, cnn: oh well.


The Flame of Shame enters San Francisco

when: this Wednesday, april 9, 1pm. (they say)

start point: mccovey cove. (they say)

route: embarcadero, with small loop. ("")

endpoint: justin herman plaza. ("")

SF route of the torch of tyranny

food shortages just beginning, wait until famine strikes in October...

Rice shortage grips Asia, several nations scramble to cope with regional crisis, manila times, 4-6-08

Global rice shortage intensifies, mainla times, 4-6-08

Conversion of rice fields created rice shortage, yehey! 4-6-08

Cost of rice "stable" in China, chinaview, 4-6-08

what's really going on here? Impending Global Famine, committee, 4-6-08


late breaking story outside of the corporate press

legendary taliban leader reemerges to unify pashtun spring offensive, asia times, 4-4-08

who is this legendary leader? cursor, 1-18-08

(also see related stories on pakistan, april 2, below. READ THESE, AND UNDERSTAND WHY this leader has emerged)


have info or insight about these things? Blog it to the NextRevolution, and you will see it here.

contribute, because

I need help.

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Other News

obama the lawyer, lat, 4-6-08

clinton cannot stop lying, nyt, 4-5-08

americans think billery a liar, mcclatchy, 4-5-08

clintons richer than nazis, sf chron, 4-5-08

BIG OIL: Another Clinton fundraiser has a suspect past, mcclatchy, 4-3-08

Ca State senator targets torture, bee, 4-5-08

aerial drones will hunt California pot growers in national forests, bee, 4-4-08

Sadr calls for iraqi "million man march" against US, mcclatchy, 4-3-08

russia: idiot bush called fanatic, US seeks world domination, mcclatchy, 4-6-08

zell, tribune, LAT, going down in flames, nyt, 4-6-08

news posted: friday, April 4, 2008 2:15 pm, pst


Status of the Cause

an update from the committee to reform democracy, committee, 4-4-08

California Corruptions

judge rules migden can use old bribes in new election, bee, 4-2-08


news posted: wednesday, April 2, 2008 2:15 pm, pst


add loss of pakistan to lost wars in afghanistan and iraq

New Paki govt partner ANP opens talks with taliban, dawn, 3-30-08

New ANP governor demands US stop firing missiles into pakistan, mcclatchy, 4-1-08

Failure of paki dictator draws US delegation to maintain US domination of paki military-politics, dawn, 3-28-08

US delegation to pakistan seen as intrusive effort to support failing dictatorship of musharraf, nyt, 3-26-08

background: Sharif and Zardari join forces in bid to oust Musharraf from power in Pakistan, Daily Mail, 9th March 2008


What's really going on? Democracy threatens US influence in Pakistan, committee, 3-24-08


Other US dictators

Mubarak: mass arrests and US support props up our egyptian tyrant, bbc, 3-13-08


Yoo memo authorizing military torture revealed

new '03 Yoo memo authorizing US Army lawlessness and torture revealed, NYT, April 2, 2008

NYT softsells presidential hijacking of rules of war and hides criminal kidnapping, disappearances, and torture by president, committee, 4-2-08


raw hatred rising In wake of israeli crimes against humanity

bush killed on hamas kid's show!, telegraph, 4-2-08

hamas prepares for long battle to restore palestine: imposed "victory" of jews fading, nyt, 4-1-08


US leads world incarceration rate

china, iran, russia and africa need to work hard to catch up, reuters, 2-28-08


Is barak a black male billery? (Ie, a corporate tool)

Let's ask matt gonzales: The Obama Craze: Count Me Out, matt gonzales, beyond chron, 2-27-08


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Other News

what US-Iraq defeat in basra means, meo, 4-1-08

Mexicans blow up citibank, nyt, 4--08

Tiananmen Protesters Still in Jail, Advocate Says, ap, 4-1-08

cow-human embryos in UK, bbc, 4-1-08

pentagon's insect weapons, meo, 4-1-08

news posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2008 2:15 pm, pst


Political Corruption: The feeding frenzy continues


bay area lawmakers suck up bribes, contra costa times, 3-30-08

san diego lawmakers suck up bribes, san diego union tribune, 3-30-08

crazy migden can't even get dems to endorse her crazy ass, bee april 1, 08

crazy migden sued by FPPC for being a lying corrupt politician, bee, 3-26-08

lying thieves in congress ok earmarks to pay off political bribery, ap 3-31-08

Another bush hack departs admin under cloud of corruption and hubris: Johnson of HUD, nyt, 4-1-08

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news posted: Sunday, March 30, 2008 2:15 pm, pst


Environmental Destruction News: #8

salmon and smelt gone

1] Salmon populations have crashed, sf chron, 3-24-08

1b] No salmon fishing this year, sf chron, 3-13-08

1c] Fishery council: salmon collapse, sf chron, 3-8-08

1d] The smelt have vanished, newstribune.com, 3-8-08

1e] Massive city populations draining california's water, bee, 3-3-08

The Great global Meltdown:

You're going to get thirsty! (and hungry)

2] Huge Antarctic ice shelf breaks off, cbc, 3-25-08

2b] Tahoe Doomed, ap. 3-24-08

3] Growing into a national water and energy disaster, McClatchy, 3-12-08

4] Growing into a water disaster in the west, lat, 2-1-08

5] Get ready for constant costal flooding for the next 100 years +, nyt, 3-12-08

6] Just say No! (to powerful drugs in your drinking water), ap, 3-9-08

7] delay in polar bear protections investigated by oil, interior department, ap, 3-8-08

Are ocean populations already crashing from altered ocean circulation?

check out these fascinating articles that indicate serious ocean circulation problems may have already started:

Sea life counts dive for 2nd year: Decrease in essential plankton and krill disrupt food chain, sf chron, june 23, 2006

Mysteries on the US Pacific Coast, niches, 3rd article down, thursday, 9-28-06

The directions of seasonal winds have changed, committee, 4-6-07

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news: wednesday, March 25-26, 2008 8:39 am, pst

billery the warrior

billery admits she lied, er, "misspoke," about being under fire, sf chron, 3-25-08

new video demonstrates billery did not "misspeak," she actually won the war in bosnia, committee, 3-26-08

california "democracy"

Convention fights expected as Dems prepare for San Jose confab, capitol weekly, 3-20-08


economic or ethical crisis? committee, 3-26-08

deep decline in manufacturing: exports not rising as dollar drops, marketwatch, 3-26-08

currency, housing, and consumer confidence continue to plunge, markets rise, marketwatch, 3-25-08

today's markets, bloomberg, 3-25-08

supreme court finds limits of bush power

supreme court delivers a shocking blow to bush: OBEY THE LAW, lat, 3-25-08

monday, March 24, 2008 11:47 am, pst
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democracy undoing our dictator in pakistan

Pakistan PM vows to free judges, bbc, 3-24-08


As Tibet Erupted, China Security Forces Wavered, nyt, 3-24-08

Intellectuals in China Condemn Crackdown, nyt, 3-24-08


Tibet suspects put on parade as deterrent, sydney morning herald, 3-21-08

chinese Security Forces Swarm Tibet, lat, 3-15-08

china sets tibet protest deadline, bbc, 3-15-08

anti-china protests become violent in tibet, npr, 3-14-08

mccain continues bush incompetence

McCain's Gaffes Reflect Bush's Iran-Qaeda Myth, ips, 3-21-08

end of the "new economy"

recession in US sows slower growth, weaker dollar, bloomberg, 3-24-08

Housing-credit crisis exposing the rotten core of American Markets and Economy, committee, 11-21-07

death of the "new economy," committee, 3-14-08

era of easy money over, financial times, 1-2-08


zawahiri call for global attacks against US & jews, meo, 3-24-08

Nasrallah vows revenge against Israel, meo, 3-24-08

iraq update from the other side

Under Occupation Fables Abound, al hayat, 3-22-08

thur-fri, March 20-21, 2008 8:36 pm, pst


migden,(pigden) busted for corruption, fined $350,000, bee, 3-21-08

migden sues fppc, bee, 3-5-08

private bribery, not the voters, running ca elections, bee, 2-15-08

supreme court OKs open primary, bee, 3-19-08

luxury-profits bled out of foreigners: Am. middle-class dead, lat, 3-21-08

arnie's private prisons, bee, 3-9-08

ca prison conditions inhumane, bee, 3-6-08

economic meltdown

massive fed bailout, marketwatch, 3-20-08

environmental meltdown

global warming kills 16+: massive freak storm nails central US, newsdaily, 3-21-08


Tibet suspects put on parade as deterrent, sydney morning hearld, 3-21-08


anti-china protests become violent in tibet, npr, 3-14-08

chinese Security Forces Swarm Tibet, lat, 3-15-08

china sets tibet protest deadline, bbc, 3-15-08

international crimes

Five years on, Bush again talks of Iraq victory, reuters, 3-19-08

the costs of "victory?"

Hamas men 'tortured by Egyptians,' BBC, 3-21-08

Canadian says U.S. interrogators threatened rape, reuters, 3-20-08

Can. Supreme court agrees to consider Khadr's claim that he's been unfairly treated, toronto star, March 20, 2008

Khadr charges a pack of lies, ap, 3- 14-08

Italy judge clears way for CIA "rendition" trial, Mar. 19, 2008 (Reuters)

Bush misstates Iran's position on desire for nuclear weapons, McClatchy Newspapers, 3-21-08

Pentagon Cites Tapes Showing (torture) Interrogations, nyt, 3-13-08

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#155: global warming kills 50+, White House admits war crimes, mukasey refused to prosecute, UN condemns torture, TERM LIMIT FRAUD DEFEATED IN CA, old us crimes finally prosecuted in argentina

#154: Mukasey defends torture, retro war crime protection, press prosecuted when it's free, Bush crimes are "state secrets," bush destroyed incriminating emails, and more...

#153: environment page

#152: Hamas breaks warsaw wall, israel abdicates legal responsibilities, in word and deed. Beating a dead horse: stimulus goes to congress, fed goes wrong way. Investigate nunez

#151: neocons push for attack on iran, pakistan unstable, musharraf begs europe for support, chron on term limits

#150: US in iraq forever, polar bears screwed by bush interior dept, torture tape scam, Russia claims right to preemptive nukes

#149: Arnie folds to Dem/special interest term limit scam, US in iraq forever, bush guns up middle east.

#148: 1-14-08, Environment Page #5: 20 stories. Grim news for nature, the environment

#147: 1-14-08: bush arms whole middle-east, israel threatens iran attack, kenya fraud continues, consumer spending drops like rock

#146: 1-12-08: Iranian gunboat,  russian alliance, F bhutto, musharraf threatens, ca budget crisis

#145: 1-10-08: Recession, food shortage, China's us-sponsored police state...

#144: 1-8-08, Health, retirement, California

#143: 1-7-08, Kenya, Pakistan, bush to israel

#142: 1-3-08, California Page

#141: 1-3-08, Bhutto Clan, Econ meltdown

#140: 12-28-07, Bhutto Killed, Econ meltdown

#139: 12-19-07, Torture Tape, international torture

#138: 12-13-07,  Arnie, budget crisis

#137: 12-12-07, Billery the porker, Putin's choices

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Recent Serious Political Corruption

Congress are Traitors

H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. The "Harmon is a traitor Act" passed congress 10-29

Essay: American Revolution Outlawed by Congress early nov

Congress sells out 4th amendment, tolerates Torture, and takes impeachment off the table: The Corporate fascist Police State reveals itself

Pelosi pushed hard to avoid openly defending cheney's crimes on the floor of congress, AP, November 6, 2007

Fiendstien working to protect telecoms from criminal and civil consequences of stealing our rights, WP, November 1, 2007

The New Attorney General

Who Will Defend the President's Crimes Now? The Senate, by confirming Our New Attorney General

Justice opens criminal investigation of torture tapes, lat, 1-2-08

AG Mukasey Defies Congress, lat, 12-14-07

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California Politics

Arnie plan to give state assets to his bribers, LAT, Nov 28, 2007

Arnie is the Gold Standard for Living Large on Bribes, LAT, July 5, 2007

Essay: The final piece of the corporate fascist state nov 28, 07

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Russia will use pre-emptive nukes says armed forces chief, russia today, 1-19-08

Iran Receives Nuclear Fuel in Blow to bush, spiegel, 1-18-08

Iran and Russia cooperating on mutual defense, ap, dec 24, 07

Russia suspends Arms Treaty bbc 12-12

Putin designates Puppet afp 12-10

Medvedev Invites Putin to Lead Russia people's daily 12-12

Putin to become "National Leader," Financial Times (UK), November 7 2007

Putin speaks on "state capitalism" tass, 12-12-07

Patriarch lauds Putin for service to Fatherland, tass, 12-13-07

When-How Will Putin Seize Power? dec 3 07

It's Putin's Choice, 4-16-07

Pravda predicts bush takeover of american govt; I put chances at 30%

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nature: what's left

Impending Disasters Confronting California, the Nation and the World, Al, Oct 30, 2007

Dry winter underlines water need, Bee, Nov, 28, 2007

Essay: Hippies growing us to environmental disaster while feeding irresponsible corporate growth-consumption nov 28, 07

The Water Crisis is here, SF Chronicle, August 27, 2007

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previous environment pages: IV, III, II, I

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Bay area foreclosures skyrocket: Local version of impending Global fiscal meltdown, SF Chron, Sept 19, 2007

Latest Essay: Housing-credit crisis exposing the rotten core of American Markets and Economy

next essay in series: The rotten core of the American Economy: Our Corrupted Democracy

previous essay; Markets will not settle until all assets are revalued, and housing reestablishes price and volume, August 17, 2007

the beginning of the crisis: Markets about to kill economy, Aug 4, 2007

10 Econ instability links dec 11

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recent important corruption news

Routine illegal searches used by govt, Washington Post, November 23, 2007

Press Secretary McClellan Calls Bush, Cheney, Rove, Card, and Libby Liars, AP, November 21, 2007

US continues to back Paki dictator after arrest of supreme court, closing media, and arresting moderate opponents, Christian Science Monitor, Nov 6, 2007

Pelosi congress, again, affirms illegal search powers for King George, AP, November 15, 2007

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Assistant Attorney General Comey before Congress



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contains graphic birth and armageddon scenes


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Lookin up at the PCT gap above levette lake. The previous december I glissaded down the face of this mountain with full winter pack. I emerged from the lowest gap on the crestline.

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