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Fighting our Corporate Politicians and Media

Congress Supports Illegal Searches

How do you say "illegal search?" NATIONAL SECURITY LETTER, wp, 3-21-07

Senate Approves Illegal Spying, ap, 10-3-07

Routine "Patriot" Act illegal searches shut down by judge, wp, nov 23, 07

Congress rolls over to bush crimes, passes illegal search law, wp, 8-5-07

Fiendstien works to defend telecom spying crimes, wp, 11-1-07

Recent History of Illegal Searches

The Original Presidential Orders

FBI Illegally spying on you, says judge, sf chron, 9-10-07

Massive FBI illegal spying program, nyt, 9-9-07

NSA in the USA, frontline, 5-15-07

Illegal Searches links

House Grants King George even more illegal search power, wp, 11-15-07



Illegal Searches links

Illegal search News

Traitor Dems Pass Illegal Spying Bill, Criminal President Signs it:

Traitor: Bush signs new rules on government wiretapping, ap, 7-10-08

Traitors: House OKs Warrantless Wiretapping Bill, cbs 6-20-08


essay: dems approve bush's criminal powers.

essay: dems approve bush's criminal powers, II.

links: criminal searches


More background of this "law" that is repugnant to our Constitution.

House, Senate pass extension of illegal spying, cnn, 1-30-08

the original repugnant "law," wp, 8-5-07

Verizon Says It Turned Over Data Without Court Orders, wp, 10-16-07

Pentagon and NSA using “Nat Sec Lets” to illegally spy on Americans, nyt, 10-14-07

Bush using Satellites to Spy on Americans, Really, wp, 9-7-07

Secret files on Americans: you have a number, ap, 9-9-07


Corporate press rhetoric hides spying crimes, ap, 1-31-07

Illegal Searches links

How Bush Did It

The Original Presidential Orders in 2002, wp, 12-16-05

The Hospital Incident, nyt, 8-17-07

Video: Comey before Congress, utube, 5-15-07

Bush's End Run around the constitution, 8-17-07

Goldsmith's new book

(Goldsmith was head of legal counsel at justice)

Congress rolls over, grants illegal powers to president, wp, 8-5-07

The Constitution says...

House Grants King George even more illegal search power, wp, 11-15-07

New AG will defend presidential crimes, 8-28-07

Watching Washington, NSA Info

Illegal Searches links

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Illegal Searches links

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