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reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08

Harmon's "Homegrown Terror" resolution is an extreme threat to our rights, 4-19-07


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Last posting time: friday, June 6, 2008: 3:31 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Prop 98 defeated: Good work.


Who runs the Middle East?

Bush meltdown building pressure in Israel to Sneak Attack Iran, ynet, 6-6-08


Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control, the independent, 6-6-08

US holding $50 billion in iraqi funds hostage in exchange for permeant US bases, the independent, 6-6-08

Al Jeezera analysis of the two stories above, aljazeera, 6-6-08

background: endless war links


Liars and Criminals in High Office

US Senate: Bush lied us to War, nyt, 6-6-08

status of iraq: continued deception by administration, congress, military, committee. Iraq war Links.


Probe to re-examine U.S. role in Maher Arar torture case, ap, 6-6-08

background: White House directly participated in torture sessions, committee, 4-26-08. Torture/kidnapping Links.


Economics: MORON ALERT!

Impending Meltdown: Jobless rate jumps, cnn, 6-6-08 (note: the REAL unemployment rate is TWICE the official number)

Oil and Unemployment surge, massive decline in stocks, marketwatch, 6-6-08


How Deep is the Hole?

Lacker Says Fed Loans to Wall Street Risk More Crises, bloomberg, 6-6-08

Two Fed Bank Presidents Warn About Lending to Securities Firms, nyt, 6-6-08


The beginning of the End of "Globalism," AKA the American Empire, committee

Background: essays on the fall

Markets ready to Kill Economy, committee, August 4, 2007

Feds Bailing Out Greedy Speculators, committee, August 17, 2007

The impending meltdown, 1-14-08

death of the new economy, get ready for the big sell off, 3-14-08

economic or ethical crisis? 3-29-08

how we got here, how we crawl out of here, 4-6-08

death of bubble psychology , 4-7-08

economic/market update: Last week's historic run-up: Perception Vs. Reality, 4-7-08


All Economic Links

The morons that run our government, and their thieving corporate sponsors have irresponsibly developed and drained the wealth of our national economy. The damage is not limited to our economy, but has severely damaged our environment, our democracy, and our national character.



Morons: Wake up. The rising costs of irresponsible growth, development, and consumption are coming due

Arnie declares Drought without recognizing California's Massive growth already exceeds our water supply: Idiot politicians leave border open, tell moron public to save water so a million illegals can surge into california every year, bee, 6-5-08

background: Water Links

The morons that run our government and economy have irresponsibly grown our population far beyond the capacity of our domestic natural resources, our educational and medical systems, and what our democratic institutions can support.



DW reference, but no link to the video, "The Genetic Conspiracy - Following the Trail," dw tv


Kennedy Cancer: Cell Phone Cancer Link? newsfactor, 6-6-08

Cell phone-cancer link found by Tel Aviv University scientist, eurekalert, 2-14-08


Last posting time: tuesday, June 3, 2008: 1:25 am, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Election in CaliforniaToday

Your vote is required to defend our rights and liberties against the abuses of unchecked wealth

Defeat prop 98!

Prop 98: Hidden fascist Agenda for California June Primary Is Not So Far Beneath the Surface, calif progress report, 3-18-08

Six-digit donations mark weathy pricks's battle to kill rent control with Proposition 98, capitol weekly, 5-29-08

background: Three Articles on prop 98


corruption and crime: israel today

the candidates bow before AIPAC: And the winner is ... the Israel lobby, Asia times, 6-3-08

more crimes against international law: UN ‘deeply concerned’ with Israel's housing move, meo, 6-3-08


The Seasons have Changed

Spain's drought: a glimpse of our future? independent, 5-24-08

Spurred on by poorly planned development, swaths of southeast Spain are turning into desert, nyt, 6-3-08


Gay Marriage

Big money lining up: Spending on gay marriage initiative likely to top $30 million, capitol weekly, 5-29-08


Last posting time: monday, June 2, 2008: 1:42 am, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Iraq falling further apart

Australia pulls troops out of Iraq cnn, 5-31-08

The insider report: Sistani Forbids Feeding Americans, Warns against Security Agreement, informed consent, 5-25-08

background: endless war: the links. war fraud links. essay: regional war? links: What the generals say. all iraqi war links. links: Afghan debacle.



war criminals olmert, bush, and rice to meet in washington this week, ynet, 6-2-08


recent news: olmert receives massive bribes from American jews. report: Jews bribe American politicians and manipulate American foreign policy. report: Israel: born in terror storm of perpetual Jewish war crimes. Links: Israel. Will israel sneak attack Iran?


The corporate police state, here and there

England: labor PM wants 42 day detention without charges: proves himself a bush-league nazi, bbc, 6-2-08

bush's corporate fascism: Secret prisons on USN ships? US accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships, guardian, 6-2-08 (26,000 held in secret prisons)

How the Pentagon shapes the world, asia times, 5-31-08

background: US supported police states: china. mexico. pakistan. Domestic. egypt.


Energy prices to continue rising

Oil going Higher: OPEC chief insists speculation behind price rises, meo, 5-21-08



Is Water Becoming ‘the New Oil’? csm, 5-30-07


Last posting time: saturday, May 31, 2008: 4:20 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Election on Tuesday

Your vote is required to defend our rights and liberties against the abuses of unchecked wealth

Prop 98: Hidden fascist Agenda for California June Primary Is Not So Far Beneath the Surface, calif progress report, 3-18-08

background: Three Articles on prop 98



Iraq resisting long-term American Domination, occupation, nyt, 5-31-08. (note: "nyt" and "jyt" both refer to the New York Times' proper label, the Jew York Times)

Thousands of Iraqis rally against U.S. troop accord, reuters, 5-30-08

background: Bush, American government lying: long term bases planned and built in iraq: Links



Think the Economy Is Bad? Wait Till the States Cut Back, jyt, 6-1-08

credit default swap mess emerging, jyt, 6-1-08


Links: Budget Crisis Links. essay: Political criminals have looted our state's resources, infrastructure, and treasury. article: Mortgage crisis de funding cities and states for years to come, lat, 12-31-07. essay: how we got here, how we crawl out of here, committee, 4-6-08. essays: all recent.


Ford traitors open new plant, creates 4,500 new jobs-in mexico-, bbc, 5-31-08 (Don't hire a mexican or buy a ford!)



Nature loss 'to hurt global poor,' changes to bring global GDP down 7%, bbc, 5-31-08

US Plan to cut emissions by 2050 will not avert disaster, reuters, 5-30-08

background: all environmental links. crop/food crisis. essay: the seasons have already changed.


Good news from around the world

Russia backs Iran's right to enrich, has no suspicions that Iran is making nukes, RIA novosti, 5-31-08

background: Iran-Russia cut defence deal. Russia links. essay: Russia-China and the rise of a new world balance of power.


American foreign policy successes: eight jews left in Baghdad, jyt, 6-1-08 (may our successes spread to israel next!)

If "god" is just, the jews are in real trouble:

Zionism and power, middle east times, 5-31-08

Beyond Chutzpah, Norman G. Finkelstein


Israel: born in genocide, ethnic cleansing, lies and terror. jews manipulating US govt to back, participate in jewish crimes against humanity. all israel links.


Great policy in Switzerland: no citizenship without public vote, jyt, 6-1-08

Unsafe US meat protested in S.Korea, reuters, 5-31-08



Alcohol in Egypt, islam online, 5-31-08

Women in Riyadh, islam online, 5-31-08

Arabs notice American Corporate Media is full of lies, deceptions, dar al hayat, 5-30-08


Last posting time: wednesday, May 28, 2008: 10:54 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Our Criminal Government

McClellan gets a conscience after betraying our country

Ex-White House spokesman Scott McClellan attacks Bush, lat, 5-28-08


background: The Plame Scandal and false justifications for war:

2007 article: Former Press Secretary Points Finger at Bush, Cheney for Deceit in CIA Leak Scandal, ap, November 21, 2007


News article: The Administration's Fake letter, How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War, wp, 4-3-07

News article above/essay below: Bush Takes Law into his own hands, Frees Traitor Libby, committee, 6-5-07

Three more articles: Plame Scandal


Other Traitors who remained silent about Bush's High Crimes until forced out of office:

US Attorneys

Surgeon General

US Army Generals

(full generals link list)


Environmental Disaster

Science has finally pulled its head out of its ass, and looked outside

New Climate Report Foresees Big Changes, nyt, 5-28-08 (note: big changes have already happened)



essay: Our water, our fish, and our rights are gone, committee, 4-08

article: Hansen: Past the tipping point, ng, 12-14-07

notes: The Seasons Have Changed, Crop yields ARE DECLINING RADICALLY, committee, may 2, 2008

links: We Killed the Oceans. Food Crisis. Water Crisis. All Environment links.

Environment News Pages: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


massive long term costs of nuke power emerging

Nuclear clean-up costs 'to soar,' bbc, 5-27-08

background: Three Articles in the Database.


Other News

UK Nuclear Submarine Hits Red Sea Rocks, arab news, 5-29-08

Is our dictator Musharraf moving to the USA?

Asif supports move to oust Musharraf, claims Nawaz: ‘No justification for providing safe exit,’ dawn, 5-29-08

Sharif calls for Musharraf to be removed from office, tried for treason, arab news, 5-29-08

Sharif calls for a public revolution in Pakistan, the nation, 5-29-08


first posted: tuesday, May 27, 2008: 1:49 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Palestine: american support for jew crimes against humanity continues

Massive bribes by American Jews to Israel PM detailed, haaretz, 5-27-08

US scientist has donated Israeli award to Palestinians, aljazerra, 5-26-08

Carter: Gaza blockade is 'human rights crime,' meo, 5-26-08

background: report: Jews bribe American politicians and manipulate American foreign policy. report: Israel: born in terror storm of perpetual Jewish war crimes. Links: Israel


The American Empire in the Middle-East: american policies mark us as hypocrites, fools, and criminals against humanity

US fails to toe tough Bush line on Mideast, ft, 5-27-08

Iran: center of a new balance of global power?

US is unwise to deny Iran’s key role in Gulf, ft, 5-27-08

background: will us attack iran? links. iran links. essay: iran rising. essay: bubbling regional war to pick up speed?

Horn of Africa: backwater of empire in flames

Somali Pirates seize cargo vessel, news24, 5-27-08

Somali Islamic insurgents attack pirates, meo, 5-24-08

Somali victims 'torn to pieces,' news24, 27/05/2008 (SA)

background: essay: US sponsored Somali Invasion destabilized the Horn of Africa. article: Kenya Kidnaps for US. links: Kenya. links: Africa.


Immigration: corporate engine of poverty for us, wealth and power for them

article: The end of black power in the US: meet the crimigrants, lat, 5-27-08

essay: Our Corporate Politicians love Crimigrants:

Crimigrants work cheaper than blacks, obey better than blacks, and accept racist economic abuse from their political and economic advocates, the corporations and corporate politicians. Our corporate press tells us that,"They do jobs that white people will not do." The mexican president offered our corporations crimigrants that "Do Jobs not even the blacks will do."

The real fact is that the presence of the mexicans has plunged wages to a poverty level that no decent American would allow to exist, let alone work for. This is exactly why the Politicians and Corporations opened the border. The have used criminal mexicans to destroy the wages of labor and force the blacks and working Americans even deeper into poverty and political helplessness. And surprize, the politicians and corporations have concentrated the greatest share of our nation's wealth and political power into the smallest number of hands in the whole history of our country. This is why our corporate leaders flooded our country with mexicans.

This irresponsible growth has drained our water and energy supplies, deeply damaged our environment, and has broken our social institutions. Our schools, hospitals, and social services, the things that once gave our working classes a chance at "success," have been stripped bare by corporate politicians who are using them to subsidize cheap crimigrant labor for the corporations. The Coporations make the money, while our citizens have lost their schools to cover the social costs of crimigrant corporate profits. The corporations and crimigrants have decided this victory deserves reward.

According to the corporations and the mexicans, citizenship is the proper reward for criminal entry into the country, as long as you came to obediently serve the criminal corporations and the traitor politicians who have betrayed our democracy to serve their lust for wealth and power.

Just wait. These foolish policies are failing. Very soon many "Americans" will have to confront the decision of slaving for the corporations at mexican wage levels, or fighting the political criminals who created these conditions. Good Americans have only one responce: We will drive the corporations out of power, defeat their foreign minions and drive them out of the country, and restore our democracy.

Only then will we be able to restore and enjoy the benefits of our democratic republic. Our right to govern ourselves, rather than be ruled by the wealth and power of our traitorus corporations and their foreign minions, is the most valuable possession we have, and we have almost lost it.

It's time to get busy.

background: article: Asian racism despises blacks in SF. links: The social and economic lies of crimigration.

Crimigrants fueled the rise of the American Corporate Fascist State, and exist here only through corporate sponsorship, committee, 3-6-07

related articles

blacks losing power in LA, lat, 6-5-07

Arnie notices mexican gangs run california's streets, lat, 3-6-07

black refusal to slave like mexicans impoverishes black communities, michigan citizen, 9-9-07

crimigrants killing blacks in LA, lat, 3-4-07


Economy pointing straight down

record decline in US national housing prices, lat, 5-27-08

record decline in US national housing prices, ft, 5-27-08

background: essay: Markets ready to kill economy. links: economics.



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