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WANTED: 1000 californians to drive bribery out of politics


on this page: Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008 2:44 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

Sunday, Aug 10, 2008 7:32 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

Friday, Aug 8, 2008 5:47 am, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

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The Next Revolution Reports

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friday, July 25, 2008: Intro, and the Breakdown in the Rule of Law in the Dept of Injustice


Links to illegal searches referred to in the first Next Revolution Reports

Illegal Search links

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Late Breaking Ca Budget News

Rumors of a California Budget Deal in the Works, ca progress report, 8-12-08

Mukasey protects Political Crimes in Dept of Injustice

Tuesday, Aug 12
2:44 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

China Police State Defends Olympics against Free Press

U.S. Justice Department officials will not be prosecuted in hiring scandal, iht, 8-12-08


Mukasey defending the President's crimes was predicted last year

Who Will Defend the President's Crimes Now? the Mukasey confirmation, alex 8-28-07

Mukasey Affirms He Will Defend and Advance the President's Career as a Criminal, alex, 10-18-07


us attorney scandal

us attorney politicized

video: Next Revolution News Reports on the Department of Injustice

essay: Bush-Gonzales Perverting Course of “American Justice” with Crooked US Attorneys

essay: White House Abuses of Power

Court Defends Traitors in White House

Beijing Olympics: Chinese tanks watch over media centre, telegraph, 8-12-08


Olympics of Filth, alex, 8-6-08


china links: Deadly Trade

china links: econ links

china links: environment

china Links: Police State

china Links: Military Power

china domestic security-military Links


essay: Ban China Trade

essay: US National welfare Secondary to Corporate Profits in China Trade

essay: China's Police State: On our Dime

U.S. court refuses to revive lawsuit in CIA leak case, iht, 8-12-08


essay: Bush, Cheney, and Rove Traitors to America, alex, 2-1-07

Links: Plame Treachery

Answers timeline

Russia Delcares Victory

Russia calls end to military operation in Georgia, ria novosti, 8-12-08

Only short-term gains in South Ossetia, radio netherlands, 8-12-08


See below, yesterday's news

The Private War Industry Hiding true numbers of "Troops" in Iraq Fatah Deploys Terror, Police State in support of US-Israel Goals Admin: Attempted Murder on Nature

Use of Iraq Contractors Costs Billions, Report Says, nyt, 8-11-08



I estimated that there were 280,000 actual troops in Iraq, not the 130k the according to the lies of the admin and congress. I was wrong: the NYT article above finally exposed the actual number as around 310,000 troops and support personel.

see the essay continued deception by administration and congress on troop levels, war goals, alex, 1-30-08

essay: Failed War-Failed State, alex, 6-19-08



All Iraq Links

endless war links

War Fraud links

War Status links&Generals


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Campaign to silence dissent in West Bank, Gaza, ap 8-12-08



essay: "Israel" Thievery of Arab Lands continues from 1948 to Present, alex, 7-20-07


Gaza is Warsaw


Endangered Species Act -- parts of it could become extinct, lat, 8-12-08


Wildlife populations 'plummeting,' bbc, 5-16-08

also see

Hansen: Past the tipping point, ng, 12-14-07

White House blocked EPA studies, GAO reports, sf chron, April 30, 2008

Bush's "secret" attempts to kill nature

Species rulings get hard look, Former U.S. official's intervention assailed by investigators, Sacbee, 5-22-08

EPA chief mum on contact with White House:
He refuses to say whether Bush pressured him to veto state bid for tougher auto emission rules, mcclatchy, 5-21-08

The politicization of Everything

executive branch: censorship of science.

links: Big Oil runs the government.

links: Corruption in every executive branch agency.

links: Manipulating the rule of law: US Attorneys.

A Balanced View: the dems are corporate whores too.

environment index page

All environmental links


Russia's Back

Sunday, Aug 10
7:32 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa



Russia will have access to the Black Sea, alex, aug 10, '08

Georgia move fails to halt raids, bbc, 8-10-08

Russia points to media bias in coverage of S.Ossetia conflict, ria novosti, 8-11-08


timeline of aggresions, stories

timeline of aggresions, reuters

excellent map of region


recent highlights in Russian-US Relations

all russia links


U.S. may not be in recession, but 170 metro areas could be, reuters, 8-10-08


the whole story: essays on our ethical-political-economic meltdown

Track our ethical/economic MELTDOWN: all economic links


A Few Thoughts on the Markets, july 2, 2008

MARKET VOLATILITY: The Shark Tank is getting violent. Goldfish should refrain from entering the water, alex, 7-17-08


A Russian's View, utube, 8-9-08

U.S. Warns Russia over Georgia Moves, caucaz, 8-10-08

Russians bomb capital of U.S.-allied Georgia as border war rages, salt lake tribune, 8-10-08

Russia presses deeper into Georgia; U.S. says regime change is goal, reuters 8-10-08

Cyberwar too, i love

Olympics of Filth


Naomi Klein: The Olympics Officially Unveil "Police State 2.0,", 8-10-08


See below, Olympics of Filth

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The Committee Site is still recovering from our Computer Crash

Friday, Aug 8, 2008
5:47 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

California's Budget Crisis:

The Real Deal

The acquisition, set-up, and rearming of our new computer has been a daunting task, and we have fallen behind. Stay tuned for the Straight Shit about what is really happening in Georgia: See Russia links



This is a Corruption Crisis, not a Budget Crisis

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The Olympics of Filth  

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