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          Welcome to the Next democratic Revolution

Site Information:

Our Only Goal is to restore our democracy and our Constitutional Republic.


The only reason this site, and its sister site, NextRevolution.org, exist is because our country is in the middle of the greatest crisis in its history. To cut to the chase, We have not just lost our democracy, our rights, and our wealth, but we have lost the spirit of freedom that sparked our revolution, and once gave life to our Declaration, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. The spirit that sparked the revolution and preserved our most fundamental rights and principals has been lost.

The unchecked Spirit of Greed and Corruption that has captured our government must be checked.

Americans have two choices: either we rule ourselves through our bottom-up Constitutional democracy, or we must be fighting to restore it. The real definition of what it means to be an american citizen is not an identity issue, it is to be part of a political process who's foundation is built upon the protection of your individual identity, where your personal measure of the situation is protected, and has its due weight in fair balance with the measure of your fellow citizens

This is no longer the case in our polity. Wealth and the pursuit of power, prestiege, and property has unbalanced the scale of democracy, and made it's very foundation, the protection of our personal identities, subject to a popularity contest. The qualifications for citizenship are now measured by the ability to pursue wealth, power and prestiege, or effectively serve those who do. The American fight for freedom has been replaced by the fight for wealth and power. Or fighting to serve those who hold wealth and power.

Our Constitutional democracy has been mortally wounded in this fight. It needs blood. It is far past the time that good Americans should have stood forth to defend and nurse it. Now we are in a terrible multi-facted clusterfuck.

I know our rights and freedoms can be fully restored. The wounds our Constitutional democracy have suffered are centered in our hearts and minds. We can fix that. But our physical environment, our natural and social infrastructures have been completely looted. We can restore our documents, we can recover our rights and freedoms, but we have squandered everything else.

This means that is a time sensitive task. The inversion of Our democracy, from bottom-up to top-down, has allowed our corporate aristocracy to steal and concentrate Our national wealth and power, and consolidate what can only be called a corporate fascist state. Our corporations are using this political tool to rapidly destroying our environment and resources, while brutally profiting by monopolizing the very resources they are destroying.

Domestically, our various rights have been divided between the corporate parties, and our personal rights have become the playthings and ornaments of one or the other corporate parties. Our fundamental rights have been put up for auction by the corporate parties. We have forgotten that our own identity is dependent on how we protect each other's identities. Internationally, our corporate fascist state has extended it's impositions into a global empire.

This system of greed contains, and is currently manifesting its central internal flaw: Power and Wealth are sufficient for seizing power, but are insufficient for holding power. The key to long term power is not found through imposing material power, gratifiying greed, and naked compulsion. These are all the tools of short-term power. Long term power is found through mutual defence of each other's righs and identity.

This mutuality draws a powerful unity of purpose together. This unity is based on, and supercharged by the power generated when a group mutually recognizes and protects the differing identities of each individual. This is the basis of our democratic republic. This is the contract that we cast aside in pursuit of wealth, power, cheap labor, and empire.

Our country's promise of freedom does not lay in how you can impose your beliefs through domestic party victory, or the imposition of the sensibilities of our global empire on the people of the world.

If it did, then the validity, even the legality of your own personal beliefs and freedoms would depend on which party has the most bribe money, or which country has the power to impose empire.

That would be a situation demanding a revolutionary change.

If you join us, you are joining the fight to insure your own freedom by granting the same freedom to other citizens who's concept of individual Beliefs, rights and freedoms are different than yours. You are joining the fight for each country to define its own reality, as we claim the right to freely define our own.



This site intendes to revert the political power of our country back into the hands of it's citizens by empowering the least common demonator of a democracy: the local voters.

To do this peacefully, we need to put this Initiative before the citizens of California. This Initiative is designed to break the choke hold special interest bribery has on our politicians and government by putting 70% of funding for candidates into the hands of the voters in the election, thereby eliminating the choke hold that outside bribery has put onto local elections.

The other 30% of contributions from outside influences is required to maintain the viability of political parties by financially recognizing their right to assemble as parties, and "petition" our candidates. But this initiative will end the era of the parties acting as vast money-laundering operations to transform the wealth of our corporations into political control.

Why we need revolutionary political reform is documented in The Corruption Updates. The Updates track the endless damage that our bribed politicians have done from Washington to Cario to Sacramento in service of their bribemasters.

The Database of Corruption contains over 1400 links to abstracts tracking corruption by person, place, and subject. It allows a topic to be explored in depth. There is a lot of stuff on this site. There is a hell of a lot of political corruption plaguing our country.

The Archives of Corruption consist of a chronological list of every Headline in every Corruption Update page published. Each Archive displays all the headlines for a whole set of Corruption Updates pages. It's a sad testament to the depth of our corrupton.



As of March 2008 we have launched a new website designed to enlist supporters to qualify and pass our political reform initiative in the november 2009 general election.

NextRevolution.Org is being designed to bring every type of people from every part of California come together to end the use of open bribery to corrupt our elections and pervert our once democratic govenment.

Where the committee for democracy website is designed to rip the lid off the lies of the corporate politicians and their corporate media lapdogs of power, the NextRevolution is where you can respond. You can participate at any level you want.


Register, and start a blog to express your views.

Use NextRevolution as a point of reference to gather, educate, and organize your friends to fix our broken democracy, or at least attack the bastards who broke it.

follow the committee as it grows!



The goal is to bring the wisdom, rather than the wealth, of our citizens to sacramento and washington.

Today, our political leaders dependence on corporate and special interest bribes have broken the democratic link between the voter and their representative.

Without the restraints of democracy, our leaders have set aside their constitutional limits and duties, and have made a full assault on our civil liberties.

They have committed many domestic and international crimes.

This is possible because they look to their bribers, rather than the voters, as the basis of their power.

The Corruption updates chart the direct relationship between the political bribery that passes for "contributions" and the damages these corrupted politicians have done to our rights, our health and welfare, our environment, and the world.

To undo the damages being done by our corrupted government, we must undo the unholy relationship between wealth and political power that has hijacked our democracy.

You've got a lot of work ahead of you.

Good Luck!