Our fist sacrifice to endless growth was our ethics. The second is being paid by nature. The final price is being paid with our lives.

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Drought report: The SouthEast

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breathing earth: Real-Time CO2 and population figures

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Plastic Oceans

Only 50 years left' for sea fish

Study finds huge decreases in bird populations

Frogs too, sf chron, 8-7-07

Bees too , wp, 6-1-07


Arctic sea ice set to hit new low

Sea Ice Almost Gone

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Bali final Result: Union of Concerned Scientists, 12-15-07

Bali Update: US Stonewalls, bbc, 12-14

Bali Update, bbc 12-12

Bali Update, reuters, 12-4

Bali Meet follows UN Reports, NYT, 12-3

Bali: Rudd takes Australia inside Kyoto, BBC 12-3

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feb 25, '08

Global Warming Kills 54:

Out of control tropical moisture sparks massive tornado storm, ap, 2-6-08


Long term snow decline spells long drought for west, lat, 2-1-08

jan '08

warming seas increases hurricanes by 40%, afp, 1-30-08

hurricane landfalls may decline with warming, ap, 1-23-08

Ca: massive decline in salmon return, nyt, 1-29-08

antibiotic resistant bacteria found in antartic birds, ng, 1-24-08

super bacteria rises in us, bbc, 1-15-08

Medicinal plant extinction, bbc, 1-19-08

bush scams last polar bears for big oil, mcclatchy, 1-17-08


Radical Increase in Artic melting, AP, 12-12-07

White House Censored Science, CSM, 12-12-07

Co2 sets record in 2006, AP, 11-23

Drought weather persists in N. Cal, bee 11-28-07

Equatorial heat dominating N. Lat weather, bbc 12-4-07

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environment page 5

Jan 14, 2008

The Global Warming Future Is Now

environment news page v:

1] Himalayan glaciers in full retreat

environment page 6

January 26, 2008



1] American Geophysical Union: radical slash in Co2 required now

2] Ocean dead zones expanding

3] The human epoch: The Scumocene

4] American Geophysical Union: the document. we're in real trouble

5] bush corrupts law to kill whales

also see: Interior department manipulation puts big oil before polar bears

6] Yangtze almost dead

7] Medicinal plants face extinction

8] Global warming killing sierra trees

9] Scientists finally have noticed seasons have already changed (they spoke of the "future" affects as radical changes occured)

10] Crimigrants kill american jaguar


one cell can feel? bbc 12-22-07

low energy bulbs bad for humans? bbc, 1-5-08

2] Eight years? Man has already irrevockably changed earth's seasons

3] Warming driving species north

3b] Humans bad for animals

4] Hansen: Past the tipping point

5] 2007 one of warmest on record

6] oceans warming, sea ice melting

7] Dengue, tropical diseases spreading

8] Global warming threatening corals

9] Global warming accelerates smog formation

Freak Weather around the World

10] Iran, afghanistan, and pakistan: snow in the deserts

11] Freak tropical storm, tornadoes, hit mid west

12] Atlanta gets a short break: rain

The Power of Political Bribery

13] Bush climate program drags its feet, has climate research satellites stripped

14] Fed judge upholds ca auto emissions rules

15] And Bush bats them down: EPA rejects ca waiver. (Big Oil vs. democracy. We Lose, again.)

16] Ca sues EPA for emissions waiver

17] Political thieves busted trying to steal our last forests: New forest "rules" withdrawn

Food Shortages, and more coming

18] World fish stocks collaspe: africa feeling it first

19] Rice yeilds very sensitive to warming

20] Greenpeace and sea shepard on jap whalers in antartic waters

21] China at minimum arable land for food safety

22] Fish farms threaten salmon with extinction

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what's really going on here?

An impending Global Famine, committee, 4-6-08


impending famine link list

Latest News
Massive Drought!

Water watchers cast a wary eye, sac bee, 2-2-09

The Trees are Dying

Research ties tree mortality trends to climate warming, nau, 1-22-09

New study links western tree mortality to warming temperatures, water stress, eureka alert, 1-22-09

Tree death rate in Pacific Northwest doubled in 17 years, u wash, 1-22-09

Warmer climate causing huge increase in tree mortality across the West, ore state, 1-22-09

Tree deaths have doubled across the western US, usgs, 1-22-09

also see

Global warming killing sierra trees, usgs, 8/8/2007


Antartic Warming

Satellites confirm half-century of West Antarctic warming, nasa, 1-22-09

also see

Global Warming Greatest In Past Decade: Hottest Temps in 1300 years, terradaily, 9-4-08

Huge Antarctic ice shelf breaks off, cbc, 3-25-08

Wilkins Ice Shelf hanging by its last thread, esa, 7-10-08

Warming risks Antarctic sea life, bbc, 2-16-08

Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean, bbc, 2-28-08

All the ice is melting

Corruption Updates 53, 2nd article on the page, "Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster, a Study Finds:Climate Change has already happened"

Shrinking Arctic Ocean sea ice signals climate change, csm, 9-4-08

Himalayan glaciers in full retreat, THE ASAHI SHIMBUN, 1-10-08

climate set for 'sudden shifts', bbc, 2-4-08

Get ready for constant costal flooding for the next 100 years +, nyt, 3-5-08

Floods to become commonplace by 2080, newcastle University, uk, 1-8-09

Dead Zones Expanding

Dramatic expansion of dead zones in the oceans, eureakanews, 1-25-09


Corruption Updates 93, 3rd article on the page, "Record Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Is Predicted"

Ocean dead zones expanding, ScienceNOW Daily News, 25 January 2008

Sea life counts dive for 2nd year (2006 report)


global warming draining oceans of oxygen, reuters, 5-1-08

Mass Extinctions And 'Rise Of Slime' Predicted For Oceans, science daily, 8-13-08

Ocean map: Oceans trashed

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American Growth equals Death for Nature, alex, july 30, 07