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The Next Revolution Reports:

friday, July 25, 2008: Intro, and the Breakdown in the Rule of Law in the Dept of Injustice

Our first weekly video report on the status of our democracy


Links to illegal searches referred to in the first Next Revolution Reports:

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NSA in the USA

Ashcroft: The Hospital Incident article

Ashcroft: The Hospital Incident analysis

Ashcroft: The Hospital Incident. Comey testimony before Congress, (utube video)

Iglesias book: Ashcroft pushed out

Gonzales AG: US Attorney Scandal

Mukasey AG: Who Will Defend the President's Crimes Now?

Mukasey AG: defending dictatorial powers before Senate

Mukasey Affirms He Will Defend and Advance the President's Career as a Criminal

Mukasey coverage in the corporate media

Senate Confirms Mukasey By 53-40

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US Justice: Kangaroo Courts

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008
1:41 am, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

Pakis to impeach US Dictator

Verdict is mixed in first Guantanamo trial, lat, 8-7-08



essay: White house approved, DIRECTLY participated in REAL-TIME torture, abc, April 9, 2008

kidnapping and Kangaroo court links

Occupation of Iraq Ending in 2010?

Pakistan's ruling coalition plans to impeach Musharraf, mcclatchy, 8-7-08



essay: democracy threatens US influence in pakistan, 3-24-08


all paki Links

Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave, ap, 8-7-08


endless war links

Boycott The Olympics of Filth
The First Posting on the New Computer

We Lost your email Information

Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008
5:47 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

We Need to Catch Up

Our Computer Crash took out a lot of files, among which was our email list.

Drop us an email and we will put you on, or back on, our mailing list.

A lot has happened this last week.

The Olympics of Filth in the news

last week's story list

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The Computer this site is maintained with Crashed on July 26.

I finally have a loaner, and will update the site shortly.

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