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The Situation on Wednesday, August 27, 2008: The Govt is Criminal by its own Standards
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WANTED: 1000 californians to drive bribery out of politics


on this page: Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008 1:14 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

and the news for Tuesday, Aug 26, 2008

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friday, July 25, 2008: Intro, and the Breakdown in the Rule of Law in the Dept of Injustice

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Traitors, Corporate Fascists, and Dictators define America's Pakistani, and our Global Policies

Tue-Wed, Aug 26-27
1:14 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

Taleban winning war, says Zardari, bbc, 8-24-08 Global Balance of Power Shifting America Massing Naval Forces in Persian Gulf
U.N. Envoy’s Ties to Pakistani Are Questioned, nyt, 8-25-08 Russia warns NATO over naval buildup, timesofindia, 8-27-08 Media Blackout: The Armada in the Gulf,, 8-27-08
‘President should not have power to dismiss assemblies,’ daily times, 8-25-08 U.S. military ship avoids tense Georgian port, mcclatchy, 8-27-08 Is Bush Prepairing an "October Surprise" war with Iran? alex
Nawaz pulls out of coalition, dawn, 8-26-08 Russia Adds 2 New Countries to Its Map, moscowtimes, 8-27-08

Did the Dems just fund an Iranian attack/war?

Democrats: US House approves massive war funds bill, bbc, 6-20-08

House passes Iraq war funds bill backed by Bush, reuters, 6-20-08

essay: Why the Dems are Still Voting for Iraq War. links: Democrats are corporate tools.

note: It appears that congress just gave bush the money necessary to attack iran, or respond after israel attacks iran.

Attack the Rising Iran? alex


links: US, israel working up sneak attack on Iran.

Iran: US Preparing the Battlefield, the new yorker, july 7, '08

recent incidents: practice for sneak attack? links: israel sneak attack? essay: Israel ready to attack Iran, committee, January 14, 2008. links: israel. Links: Iran.

counterpoint: The American Zionist Corporate Media: Will Israel Attack Iran? abc 6-1-08

The Real Deal: The True Reasons our Corporate Empire is Waging War in the Middle-East, committee, 8-12-07

background; articles: US special forces 'inside Iran,' BBC NEWS, 1-17-06. 11 Revolutionary Guards Die in Iran Clashes, ap, 7-11-07. Is America Backing Suicide Bombers in Iran? committee, 8-6-07. Bush "Loses" Guns, and Losing Chance to Steal Iraq's Oil, committee, 8-10-07. Report contradicts Bush on Iran nuclear program, reuters, Mon Dec 3, 2007. Bush Administration War Plans Directed Against Iran, STWR, 9-17-07. Bush accuses Iran of thought crime, global security, 12-4-07.

Links: Iran.

America's prison for terrorists often held the wrong men, series, mcclatchy, june, 08

American Policy Failure in Pakistan

All Pakistan links

The Bhutto Deal, FT

What Bhutto Deal Means

Musharraf fears people more than taliban: The next step in us loss of middle east 1-10-08

democracy threatens US influence in pakistan, 3-24-08

Bhutto Death: Links

Paki links: Short list


Western leaders blast Russia for recognizing Abkhazia, S.Ossetia, ria novosti, 8-26-08

Russia to support Abkhazia, S.Ossetia if they are attacked,ria novosti, 8-26-08
Putin, Medvedev offer Syria expanded options for weapons systems, worldtribune, 8-22-08
What's really going on

Russia, the Black Sea, and the American Corporate Empire: Georgia ends Russian Bear's hibernation, Alex, 8-15-08

The Rise of Russia:
Russia will have Black Sea Access, and World Power, Alex, 8-10-2008



recent highlights in Russian-US Relations

all russia links

African Meltdown Continues

Bodies litter Somali port seized by insurgents, irishtimes, 9-23-08


US Backed invasion of Somalia going down in flames

Criminal US-proxy Invasion of Somalia ignored by American Corporate press-politicians, alex, 6-18-07


Africa links


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Germans suspect Bayer pesticide in beehive collapse, mcclatchy, 8-26-08
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