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WANTED: 1000 californians to drive bribery out of politics


on this page: The Week in Review: Aug 9-15, 2008,

and the news for Thursday, Aug 14, 2008 3:02 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

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The Week in Review: August 9 to 15

Russia and the Black Sea

This week marked Russia's first real response to America aggression on its borders and around the world.

We have awoken a global power to be reckoned with.

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Corruption Cripples California

This Budget Meltdown is just the latest manifestation of the corruption choking Calif politics

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Police State Olympics

The American Corporate Media has ignored the sources of China's wealth and filth:

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Olympics of Filth

police state 2.0

The Economy

Big Money is Moving Rapidly

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pushing endangered species act, and our natural world to extinction

American Dictatorships Tottering


American Tyrant

DoJ defends Criminal President

read more

American Tyrant

White House Ordered CIA to Forge Iraq Intelligence, democracynow, 8-5-08

full interview

American Tyrant

Court defends Criminal President

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News Every Citizen Should Know

Post Soviet Russian Readjustment Continues in E Europe

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008
3:02 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

War with Iran on Hold?

US Restrains Israeli attack

Yushchenko’s decree on Black Sea Fleet new anti-Russian move, itar-tass, 8-13-08

Lavrov describes Georgia as one of US special projects, vor, 8-14-08

S Ossetian, Abkhazian FM to arrive in Moscow to hold discussions on the recognition of these republics, itar-tass, 8-14-08

US, Poland Deal Angers Russia, time, 8-14-08

Robert Gates warns of strained US-Russia relations 'for years' after Georgia conflict, timesonline, 8-14-08

The real Situation

Russia will Dominate the Black Sea, alex, aug 10, '08

The Americans arrive, economist, 8-14-08

Georgia, recently

Russia declares victory

Russia's Back

Georgia Conflict Background

timeline of aggressions, stories

timeline of aggressions, reuters

excellent map of region


recent highlights in Russian-US Relations

all russia links

Police State Olympics


Beijing Olympics: British journalist detained by Chinese police at Free Tibet protest, telegraph, 8-13-08


Beijing Olympics: Chinese tanks watch over media centre, telegraph, 8-12-08

The Olympics of Filth, alex, 8-8-08


china links: Deadly Trade

china links: econ links

china links: environment

china Links: Police State

china Links: Military Power

china domestic security-military Links

essay: Ban China Trade

essay: US National welfare Secondary to Corporate Profits in China Trade

essay: China's Police State: On our Dime


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Israel 'asked the U.S. for weapons to attack Iran,' mail, 8-13-08


essay: "Israel" Thievery of Arab Lands continues from 1948 to Present, alex, 7-20-07


Gaza is Warsaw



US inflation at highest since 1991, ft, 8-14-08

Eurozone economy shrinks for first time, ft, 8-14-08


the whole story: essays on our ethical-political-economic meltdown

Track our ethical/economic MELTDOWN: all economic links


A Few Thoughts on the Markets, july 2, 2008

MARKET VOLATILITY: The Shark Tank is getting violent. Goldfish should refrain from entering the water, alex, 7-17-08

Eco Meltdown

Mass Extinctions And 'Rise Of Slime' Predicted For Oceans, science daily, 8-13-08

Global Ocean damage map


Bird species plummet as habitat dwindles, sf chron, 7-11-08


Extinction risk 'underestimated,' bbc, 7-3-08

background articles: Only 50 years left for sea fish. BEES: Honey, I'm Gone. Study finds huge decreases in bird populations. Record Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Is Predicted. Ocean dead zones expanding. Tiny Delta fish at center of huge water war. Exploring an amphibian epidemic. Natural decline hurting lives. Hansen: Past the tipping point. World fish stocks collapse: africa feeling it first. Yangtze almost dead. Global warming killing sierra trees. Salmon arriving in record low numbers. Ocean map: Oceans trashed. delay in polar bear protections. Mangrove loss put Burma at risk. Tropics insects face extinction. Wildlife populations plummeting. Fast fall of Mediterranean sharks.  Shark populations near extinction. 30% of Alaska salmon wasted.

all environment links


Wildlife populations 'plummeting,' bbc, 5-16-08

also see

Hansen: Past the tipping point, ng, 12-14-07

CA"s Schools drowned under flood of Crimigrants-Corruption Ca Prisons and Schools are twins

Students' test scores rise, but fewer than half in California are proficient in either English or math, lat, 8-14-08

Study: Schools need Billions, bee, 3-16-06



We've been Robbed, alex, 3-16-08



CA's Failed Educational System

the links

Federal overseer seeks to seize $8 billion for California prison healthcare, lat, 8-14-08


State Prisons in "Tailspin," lat, 1-26-07

ca prison conditions inhumane, bee, 3-6-08


CA's Failed Prison System

the Links


Democrats Break Ranks on Prop. 11, caprogressreport, 8-14-08

hilarious partisan attack on prop 11

Proposition 11: Fake Redistricting Reform Brought to you by Governor Schwarzenegger and his Wrong-Wing Republican Gang, caprogressreport, 8-12-08

dems term limit farce


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