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Recent News

Arnie plan to give state assets to his bribers, LAT, 11-28

Dem Term-limit FRAUD, bee, 11-26-07

Water: Sacto Incompetent to Lead, bee, 11-28-07

Bribery Kills Safety Regs, Dominates our Legislative, Regulatory, and Electoral sysems, bee, 9-18-07

University of California: another elite leech sucks the system dry (govt vs. corps: who steals more?) Chron, 8-20-07

recent dem scams:

Nunez's Term Limits Fraud

A rare Victory For Democracy over Corruption!

nunez-perata "term limits" fraud defeated: Ther'e out on their fat asses!! ap, 2-6-08


SF Chron on "term limits," 1-22-08

Arnie Flips:

Arnie rejects Nunez's Fake Term Limit measure, Bee, September 17, 2007

Arnie Flops:

arnie flops on dem power grab: supports extending terms, upi, 1-14-08


Term-limit ads attack nunez-Perata Corruption, bee, 1-8-08

Poizner pledges $1.5 million to defeat Nunez "Term Limits" FRAUD, LAT, Nov 7, 2007

Arnie rejects Nunez's Fake Term Limit measure, Bee, September 17, 2007

Term Limit measure is a FAKE, another Deception by the Democrats to damage our democracy, Bee, September 12, 2007

Good analysis of Term Limit/Redistricting proposals, Bee, September 12, 2007

Term limit petitions ready: Defeat Corporate Politician's Grasping for Monopoly of Power, Sac Bee, July 24, 2007

CA Dems Term-limit FRAUD, Bee, July, 20, 2007

Term limit measure lures health care donors: Nunez and Perata Collecting Bribes to maintain Monopoly of Corporate Corruption in Sacramento, Bee, July 16, 2007

Redistrict proposals all flawed, BEE, 6-5-07

Nunez, Donations can't fail to catch Nuñez's eye: Nunez and Corporate Bribers, Special Interests Craft Pact of Greed on Term Limit Attack, NY Times, 6-4-07

Leaders split over plans to redistrict: Nunez Using Fraudulent Reform to Protect Party and his Political Ambitions, BEE, 5-17-07


Comments: Nunez' fraudulent term-limits initiative

The background:

Term limits change has initial support: Party Leaders Agree: Term Limits Bad, BEE, 4-6-07

Ca districts drawn by corruption, not democracy, bee, 12-3-06


Arnie Links

Recent Arnie Classics

Arnie is the Gold Standard for Living Large on Bribes, LAT 7-5-07

Arnie defends Tyranny if it is the "Will of the People:" Welcome to the dictatorship of the majority. Hell of a lot better than Fiendstien. SF Chron, 9-17-07

Arnie attempts to Strip Civil Rights Commish of Lawyers, SF Chron, 9-17-07

Arnie Vetoes Rational, Bipartisan reforms of Police Practices: What an idiot, NYT 10-16-07


California BudgeT Crisis

Schwarzenegger Budget Cuts everything, cbs, ap, bcn, 1-11-08

Moron Gov tries accounting trick to lessen deficit, sf gate, 1-15-08

Gov budget loses billon in matching fed funds, bee, 1-15-08

The Path to crisis

California: Huge budget shortfall seen, arnie miscalculates, Bee, 5-16-07

Summary; Deterioration of the 2007–08 Budget, Elizabeth Hill, Legislative Analyst, Nov 14, 2007

California: from bad to worse: 14 bil shortfall, bee, 12-12-07

Arnie declares Fiscal Emergency, ap, 12-14-07

Legislators respond by punishing themselves with heavy raises, bee, 12-3-07

Schools face steep cuts, bee, 12-10-07


schools and prisons failed before deficit

Prisons in tailspin, lat, 1-26-07

Min quality schools need 25 bil MORE a year, bee, 3-16-07

nunez is a tool

Victory For Democracy over Corruption!

nunez-perata "term limits" fraud defeated: Ther'e out on their fat asses!! ap, 2-6-08

Arnie and Nunez agree to subsidize profits of corporate health industry, bee, January 2, 2008

NUNEZ: Dems live in Luxury on a Flood Tide of Bribes, lat, December 12, 2007

State dems pay Nunez's fancy wine bill: a lesser sin than Nunez spending campaign bribes on luxury, lat, 12-12-07

Schools face Steep Cuts, bee, December 10, 2007

Ca Lawmakers take Fat Raises, bee, 12-3-07

Nunez Brags that his Bribes Pay his for Luxury rather than the State: but he still collects his per diem while whoring for the corporations, Bee, October 13, 2007

Great News Clip of Nunez running away from the truth, behind his own "Blackwater" security detail

Nunez lives with Political Fundraiser: Is there and separation between Nunez and his Corporate Bribers? AP, 10-12-07

Nunez and Perata Living Large on the Massive Bribes of the Special Interests, Bee, October 9, 2007

Nunez Pretends to be "Middle-Class" while living in luxury at public and private troughs, LAT, October 7, 2007

Nuñez travels the world like a high-roller, LAT, October 5, 2007

Donors poured millions into state parties: Nunez and Perata live like Kings, Bee, October 3, 2007

Worthless Assembly does Nothing but Play Games and Rob the People Blind, Bee, September 13, 2007

Term Limit measure is a FAKE, a Deception by the Democrats to damage our democracy, bee, September 12, 2007

Nunez: Term-Limit Donations can't fail to catch Nuñez's eye, lat, June 4, 2007

Marriage of Corruptions, billery and Nunez, bill bradley, 4-25-07




california's population swells to 38 million, bay area 7.3 million, sf chron, 5-2-08

california faces water crisis: endless irresponsible growth brings on ecological crisis, sf chron, 5-2-08


Unholy alliance: crimigrants, traitor politicians, abusive corporations, lat, 4-30-08

we killed the fish

California bans salmon fishing in coastal waters, bee, 4-16-08


sf torch run: the story in pictures, 4-9-08