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Russia begins arms treaty freeze, bbc 12-12-07

Iran refuses dollars for oil purchases, Novosti, 12-8-07

Big Oil: China & India demand massive increase in global oil production, consumption, NYT, 11-7-07

Post bhutto situation

parties reject musharraf

Zardari rejects musharraf deal, Daily times, 1-17-08

Sharif rejects musharraf,Dawn, 1-17-08

Rand reports to congress on american crimes in pakistan, the nation, 1-18-08

Will the new general reject musharraf?

Can Pakistan's new military chief reign in the army? Does he want to? aljazeera, 1-19-08

Musharraf the dictator begging for support in europe, cnn, 1-21-08

Central-South America



China trade








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Our Dictator in Pakistan

Death of Bhutto

BUTCHERED: - Bullets and blast fell Bhutto in army hub, The Telegraph, India, 12-29-07

Nation outraged at Benazir's assassination, The Nation, Pakistan, 12-28-07

The million-dollar question: Who is going to succeed Benazir Bhutto? Daily Times, Pakistan, Saturday, December 29, 2007

News Analysis: Who killed Benazir Bhutto? Daily Times, 12-29-07

Bhutto was targeted by all militant groups in Pakistan, Kuwait Times, December 29, 2007

Bhutto death explanation 'pack of lies,', December 29, 2007

More Articles on Bhutto Death

Frontier Post Article, Pakistan

Dawn, Pakistan: offline??????

The Telegraph, India

BBC, Special Report: The Death of Bhutto

NYT, Salvaging U.S. Diplomacy Amid Division


Did Benazir Bhutto Kill her brother? CNN, 9-21-05

Swiss close probe of Bhutto corruption, continue probe of husband, ap, 12-28-07

Video of Bhutto's last Moments, Explosion, guardian, 12-28-07


Husband to Lead Bhutto Party, Dawn, 12-30-07

Husband to Lead Bhutto Party, bbc, 12-30-07

Billery Supports Musharraf Dictatorship, Dawn, 12-31-07

'Real' Bhutto heir denounces family business, times, karachi, 1-12-08

Bhutto tribe patriarch disputes party leadership succession, McClatchy, January 01, 2008

Musharraf: ‘US incursion will be regarded as invasion,' daily times, 1-12-08

Let's make a deal...

Bhutto deal off (9-1-07) Big bombing in Pakistan

Musharraf strikes deal with Bhutto (8-29-07) Supreme Court oks Sharif's return (8-23-07)

Musharraf-Opposition talks (8-27-07)

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Egyptian crackdown intensifies

Al-Ahram sees Israeli Invasion of Gaza

Al-Ahram reports: no elections until Hamas subdued by Israel

Egypt Links


"State of Emergency"

11-23-07Bush ok with our paki dictator suspending supreme court, arresting moderate opponents, and seizing the press

Our Paki Dictator's fake supreme court oks his dictatorship, Beatings, mass arrests, shootings, and Sharif"deported"

Sharif Tried to return...

(9-10-07, 12:32 AM PST)BBC radio reports no phone lines open to pakistan, (9-10-07, 12:29am pst)

Sharif Back in Pakistan: Black Hooded Squad Took him off the Jet, (12:10 Am PST 9-10-07)

BBC Soft sells PAKI DICTATOR, Sharif Crisis (9-10-07)

Blood Bath in PAKISTAN? (9-10-07)

Pakistan warns Sharif away with Murder Charges (9-7-07)

Saudis warn Sharif to stay out of Pakistan (9-5-07)

middle east crisis deepens

Gaza: the new warsaw ghetto, middle east online, 1-21-08

starving the palestinians in the gaza ghetto, aljazeera, 1-19-08

Iran and russia flip bush and Israel off

Iran has half nuke fuel from Russia, xinhua, 1-20-08

Neocon urges israel to bomb Iran, iranmania, 1-20-07 Danger: john birch society warns of neo-con preparations for iran war

Russia will use pre-emptive nukes says armed forces chief, russia today, 1-19-08

Israel ready to attack Iran, ap, 1-14-08

Iran-USN incident a fake, democracy now, 1-11-08

Iran and Russia cooperating on mutual defense, ap, dec 24, 07

Bush provoking russia

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