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Sunday, Feburary 15, 2009


MUST READ Ecological News

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Decisive action needed as warming predictions worsen, says expert, carnige, 2-14-09


Climate change likely to be more devastating than experts predicted, warns top IPCC scientist, stanfurd, 2-14-09


Recent UN Environmental Reports

UN Human Development Report 2007/2008

UN IPCC Report Nov 17 2007

UN: Global Environment Outlook, Oct 07 2007


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Other Ecological News

Biofuels boom could fuel rainforest destruction, Stanford researcher warns, stanfurd, 2-14-09

Mass media often failing in its coverage of global warming, says climate researcher, stanfurd, 2-13-09

Montana State University tracks warming trend in northwestern North America . montana, 2-12-09

recent news

Hansen: Past the tipping point, national geographic, December 14, 2007

costal flooding underestimated

trees in western us are dying rapidly

What this all means

American Growth equals Death for Nature, alex, july 30, 07



The "American" Empire's Way of War

The new Fallujah: Up close and ugly, asia times, 2-14-09



Criminal Co-dependent Traitor Elites: US and China's Leaders

both traitors to their respective Constitutions

China on the brink, asia times, 2-12-09


other China news

China ups ante with new flattops. asahi, 2-14-09

China to start construction of 1st aircraft carriers next year, asahi, 12-31-08

Our Criminal Wars

Iraq links


Bush, Corporate Media, Unable to Admit Defeat in, Error of, and Crimes Committed, During Iraq War, alex, 3-28-07


China links

China Trade

China Links

china military power, global reach

China Analysis

US National welfare Secondary to Corporate Profits in China Trade, Alex Wierbinski, 12-30-07

Why We Trade with the Chinese Police State, Alex Wierbinski, 5-24-07


Criminal Govt

The Unlimited President


dept. of injustice

Torture, the UK, and Obama: A chance for "Change we can Believe in?" alex wierbinski, 2-4-09

Citizens Want Torture Investigation

Rights groups reveal Pentagon excess, meo, 2-13-09




Pakistan Cuts Deal with Taliban

We have lost both Afghanistan and Pakistan

Agreement signed to restore peace in Swat, nation, 2-16-09

Govt, TNSM agree on Nizam-e-Adl in Malakand, daily times, 2-16-09

Taliban trying to take over state: Zardari, dawn, 2-15-09

Old, predictive Paki analysis

Democracy threatens US influence in Pakistan, Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., March 24, 2008

Paki links

Bhutto Death: Links

Paki links: Short list

Afghan Links

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japan recently

Dollar must be more than convenient to run global economy JT

Slump to send Toyota to first loss in 59 years jt

More bad news for economy, AS

Japan recession deepens, China cuts rates cp

Japan exports plunge record amount on weak demand cp

The Meltdown's Source

The Death of the Mother of all Financial Bubble at the Heart of Wall Street, alex, 7-13-08

Japan Collapsing

Japan's economy shrinks at fastest pace since 1974, channelnewsasia, 2-16-09


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Feb 10, 2009: Depression, Obama rejects "truth" commission

Feb 6, 2009: Obama Supports Bush and Israel's war crimes

Jan 9, 2009: Jewish war crimes continue

December 23, 2008: Latest analysis: The Crash of 2008: Part II

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