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reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08

Harmon's "Homegrown Terror" resolution is an extreme threat to our rights, 4-19-07


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featured news

China: Fear the justice of nature

Aftershocks in China Topple More Than 420,000 Houses, voa, 5-27-08

Attention Shoppers! China issues "have one child free" coupons, CBS, 5-26-08 Who says our ally china is orwellian? I do.

Vast lakes forming on blocked rivers, bbc, 5-26-08

Rainy season starting in China, china times, 5-27-08

China: Massive Earthquakes This Week, usgs

background: links: china's Police State...and a whole lot more


Bird Flu is coming for YOU: Fear the justice of nature

Bird flu evolving towards humans, afp, 5-27-08


Pentagon propaganda-hypocrisy machine: a mouthpiece of the military industrial complex

Military Chief Warns Troops About Politics, nyt, 5-25-08, Unless it is pentagon propaganda:

background:. article: Pentagon propaganda machine leads corporate media, american opinion, by the nose, nyt, 4-20-08 links: What the Generals Say. links: Afghan War. links: Endless War.


The Empire at Home: Domestic politics: lies so thick you can cut them with a knife

Billery regrets admitting she waits for obama's death, lat, 5-24-08 "Et tu brutus"

background: Billery. Dems are corporate whores. Don't like the truth? Stop the political whores from accepting corporate bribes. Each of us is required to clean up the corruptions in our own party to restore democracy for all of us.


The US Empire in the Middle-East: is falling

Israel requires Syria submits to all demands before talks begin, just like the US with Iran, afp, 5-24-08

Egypt extends state of emergency by two years, meo, 5-26-08

LA Times Misinforms Americans about Egypt: Fails to identify Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan as American Supported Dictatorships, lat, 5-26-08

background: links: Israel links. Egypt links. spreading war: US to attack iran? see below

background: will us attack iran: links. iran links. essay: iran rising. essay: bubbling regional war to pick up speed?


Environmental destruction continues: Fear the justice of nature

Vast cracks appear in Arctic ice, bbc, 5-23-08

background: Himalayan glaciers disappearing, Sea Ice disappearing, fish dissappearing. Ocean links.


Filth of LA fouling oceans, lat 5-22-08

background: links: all environment. links: oceans.

Filth of LA, irresponsible growth, killing californians, lat, 5-2008: just keep growing, obese morons.


Bush begins push to drill everywhere in the US: Report: Most oil, gas beneath public lands off-limits, ap, 5-21-08, what do you want, more foreigners or to preserve our natural and political heritages?

Another Bush destruction of nature for big oil nullified: EPA loses split ruling on construction site runoff exemptions, bee, 5-24-08

background: The politicization of Everything: executive branch: censorship of science. link lists: Big Oil runs the government. Corruption in every executive branch agency. Manipulating the rule of law: US Attorneys. A Balanced View: the dems are corporate whores too.

sneak peek: tomorrow's page today

first posted: thursday, May 22, 2008: 5:19 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Featured Article: Fabian the double-headed Traitor Strikes Back!

Núñez sees racial bias in attacks on his spending, Bee, 5-22-08


The Committee Responds: Fabian the Traitor.

background essay: Nunez. fraud on democracy. articles/essays: Nunez sucks up corporate/special interest bribes: Five Articles. Nunez is a corrupted scumbag: links.

Attack Iran?

U.S. criticizes new report about Bush Attack on Iran, iht, 5-22-08

Senate passes MASSIVE Iraq war funding bill with add-ons, Ny post, 5-21-09 DEM/REPUGS JOINING TO FUND AN INPENDING ATTACK ON IRAN?

recent article: Second carrier group deployed to Gulf as U.S. approves plans for Iran counterstrike, world tribune, 5-1-08

background: will us attack iran: links. iran links. essay: iran rising. essay: bubbling regional war to pick up speed?


Bush's secret attempts to kill nature

Species rulings get hard look, Former U.S. official's intervention assailed by investigators, Sacbee, 5-22-08

EPA chief mum on contact with White House
He refuses to say whether Bush pressured him to veto state bid for tougher auto emission rules, mcclatchy, 5-21-08

background: The politicization of Everything: executive branch: censorship of science. link lists: Big Oil runs the government. Corruption in every executive branch agency. Manipulating the rule of law: US Attorneys. A Balanced View: the dems are corporate whores too.


Nature in death spiral

Western Drought Now Beats Dust Bowl, Associated Press, 5-21-08

The Big Picture: Western Drought Intensifies (2002-2004), rangebiome.org

background: water/climate links. Food/famine links. All environment links. article: Permanent drought essay: The seasons have shifted. essay: the environment is going to cook our ignorant asses.


No cure for malignant glioma like Kennedy has, Sf chron, 5-21-08

Texas seizure of polygamist-sect kids thrown out, Ap, 5-21-08


Karl Rove

House subpoenas Karl Rove. ap, 3-22-08

background: politicization of US Attorney links. article: Siegelman says he was set up by rove.


During this period of site redesign, most links are direct to the original article.

just for fun:

The Link Cluster &*&^ page


first posted: tuesday, May 20, 2008: 9:39 am, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Suspensions point to trouble in schools, sf chron, May 19, 2008

Report: EPA head reversed stand on greenhouse gas, ap, May 19, 2008


Last Week's Main Headlines


USGS Earthquake Center, Shake Map, Asia Region

USGS List, recent Asian quakes


birth death map, usa, NYT, 5-17-08

Wildlife populations 'plummeting,' bbc, 5-16-08


Pakistan Defies U.S. on Halting Afghanistan Raids, nyt, 5-16-08



Italian Trial of C.I.A. Operatives Begins With Torture Testimony, Nyt, 5-15-08

Woman speaks of husband's torture at CIA abduction trial in Italy, IHT, 5-14-08




Earlier: The Catch All
Browse even earlier tales of crime and corruption


Curtain Time for Barack Obama - Part II, op-ednews.com,  5-13-08


Suppressed Aviation Report Forecasts 'Massive Environmental Damage,' environment news service, 5-12-08


US set to offer Israel powerful new radar, israel news, 5-10-08

Immigration roundup in Florida targets sham marriages, Foreign visitors are accused of paying U.S. citizens to wed. At least 46 are arrested, Orlando Sentinel, May 10, 2008


Locke High School locked down after huge brawl, lat, May 9, 2008


House OKs bill to forestall foreclosures, help homeowners, Washington Post, Friday, May 9, 2008

FBI looks at watchdog's '04 ethics probe of Rice, bee, May 8, 2008


House Panel Backs a Subpoena for Cheney’s Chief of Staff, nyt, 5-7-08

Amazing pictures: The lightning storm that engulfed an erupting volcano, daily mail, 5-7-08


Egypt caught between popular anger and inflation, Rising food cost has plunged government into crisis with far-reaching social consequences, meo, 5-7-08


Somalia: Food Prices Set Off Second Day of Unrest, nyt, 5-7-08

Ethiopian troops cut throats in Somalia, meo, 5-6-08

Somali forces 'out of control,' bbc, 5-6-08


Fannie Loses $2.2 Billion As Home Prices Fall, wp, 5-7-08

Regulatory boost for Fannie Mae, ft, 5-7-08



Dan Walters: Poizner and Gararmendi square off in possible prelude to 2010, bee, May 6, 2008

Senior officer says CCTV use "a fiasco," Mirror, 6/05/2008


Tropics insects 'face extinction,' bbc, 5-6-08


Legislators have no fundraising limit for ballot measure accounts, bee, 5-5-08



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The Banners I use above are a couple of natual horizon shots stretched by photoshop.


#1: Lost Coast Sunset.

lost coast sunset

It's Me!

The trail coming up mountain, reflected. I was going west, tracking hwy 108 from the snowgate past the marine base. The line is a snowmobile track.
Most snowmobilers are the wintertime's version of the summertime cowboy/equesterian trail culture: generally a great group of people with a few notable exceptions. Just like backpackers.
#2: December. About 12 miles south of tahoe. Packing from tahoe to the sisters and back.

South of Tahoe

I've got a few thousand shots from three tahoe to whitney trips, and a whole lot more.
I will put them up after I find a way to digitize 'em.

Gap I came through

Lookin up at the PCT gap above levette lake. The previous december I glissaded down the face of this mountain with full winter pack. I emerged from the lowest gap on the crestline.