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The Terms of Legitimacy of the American Government have been Violated


The Violations

Our guarantee of democratic institutions has been


Our guarantees of individual rights and protections have been violated

Our guarantees of a limited and checked government have been violated

The powers derived from violating our Constitution have been used to commit

crimes against domestic and international Law


Our government's legitimacy was based on four simple Constitutional principals:

First, our government's powers are specifically limited. There are Powers and Actions prohibited to the Government. Ours is a government of specific limits.

Until Now.

Second, the power and authorities granted to government are interlocked between the branches, to deny arbitrary authority to any part of the government. No branch can use their limited authority independently, without the cooperation and approval of the other two.

Until Now.

Third, the people's rights are specifically named. The people have unalienable rights that may not be taken away.

Until Now.

Fourth, the government rises by election by the people of each state. It is a democracy.

Until Now.

The politicians of both parties, and their operatives in our government have openly, and knowingly, violated all of these principals.


This government is illegitimate

Congress and the President have failed to hold themselves, or each other, within the checks and balances on political power demanded by the Constitution

Congress has not declared war, and armies are in the field.

We are neither in Rebellion, nor invaded, and Congress has suspended habeas corpus. Congress has violated the Fourth Amendment. Congress, with the Military Commissions Act of 2006, has aided and abetted the President's use of unchecked, illegal police state powers within, and outside the country.

The President has violated the Constitutional restraints on his duties as Commander in Chief, and has presumed to write the rules of war, which are reserved solely to Congress. The President  has written rules of war that allow his to Kidnap, Illegally "detain," and Torture based on nothing more than his word.

The President has violated his Constitutionally mandated role in the legislative process, which requires he sign a bill, or refuse to sign a bill, whereupon he returns it to Congress. The President, by claiming the power to alter Congressional legislation with "signing statements" has proclaimed that he is above the power of Congress, may write in his own legislation in a Congressional law, and creates, rather than obeys the rule of law itself.

The President has repeatedly and with criminal intent violated the 4th Amendment and virtually every law passed to protect this vital right. Congress' aiding and abetting these crimes makes them an accessory before and after the crimes.

The interlocked powers of Congress and the President, designed to prevent arbitrary authority, are now joined together to create and justify all strains of illegal and arbitrary authority.

The branches of our government have failed to hold each other in check, under the limits defined by the Constitution.

Our President and Congress have conspired to deny Americans both their political, as well as their civil rights.

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The Fix

The first step to restoring the government's duty to check, rather than magnify the political power of wealth, and contain those who lust for power, hinges on our ability to restore our free democratic elections.

As long as our government continues to feed at the trough of bribery, it will continue to ignore all its duties, except to serve those who fill the trough.

Our goal is to pull the heads of these pigs out of the trough of corruption, and force them to face their electors, rather than their bribers.

Out tool for this great goal is the political reform Initiative of 2008, which we will be happy to pass by 2010. As our democracy has been intentionally smashed by vicious greed, it will take some time to grow and spread the democratic principals required to repair the damages.

We need to get the word out that our democracy and our rights are worth fighting for. Not against Osama, and the other fake enemies the corporate politicians are trying to scare us with, but against our true enemies, the domestic traitors within who have subverted our Constitution, captured our government, and stolen as much of our wealth and power as they can.

If our democratic information and education efforts are highlighted by the economic and military meltdown our corporate fascist government is brewing up, we will have a good chance of restoring our Constitution and democratic republic peacefully.

We will only deserve to get our democracy back when enough citizens come together and demand that our democracy be run and funded by the people, rather than the politicians and corporations.

Join Us

Join us in our quest for democracy. Our initiative is the first shot in a long war to recapture our country from its corporate overlords. Ending political bribery in California is a big first step, requiring a lot of principal, work, and luck. But restoring our democracy is preferable to walking quietly down the path of subjugation that too many of us are willing to walk.

Stopping bribery is not as simple as it seems, considering that most Americans have been trained to buy everything, including their rights.

The Initiative

Prohibits all contributions from any source other than citizens qualified to vote in the elections they contribute to.

Individuals and groups will continue to contribute to parties, and parties will continue to fund candidates using this outside money. Our initiative deals with this fact by limiting a candidates total collection of party funds to 30% of the total amount the candidate collects from their own constituents.

Again, Join the Fight for Democracy

Help us restore the democratic link between the people and their representatives. Help us establish a proper balance between our free speech rights, and the right of every voter to elect their own representatives. Help us end the use of free speech rights as a cover for bribing our politicians, and stealing our elections.

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Our politicians' bosses are the special interests, not their local voters. Their dependence on special interests assures “our” politicians serve the interests of their bribers before their voters, or the welfare of the state. Voters no longer control the politicians, nor do our needs influence their legislation.

Our corruption has spawned a flood of problems: bad leadership, horrible legislation, and an ethical breakdown across all branches of government. Our schools, roads, jails, hospitals and bridges have fallen apart while our Corporate Bosses have pocketed the record profits generated by social irresponsibility fueled by political corruption.

Our middle-class, and our democracy, has been brought to its knees.

Bribed politicians reward their bribers with profits that come at the cost of our lives, threatening the safety of Americans on our highways, in our houses, at the pharmacy and at work. These profits represent blood money payoffs for bribes, funded by looting our infrastructure, gutting public safety, and robbing our treasury.


Our initiative breaks the financial link between the politicians and the special interests. The biggest contributors to politicians in California will shift from the special interests to the local voters.

Our Initiative will restore the primacy of the voter in selecting candidates, and electing representatives. This will completely change the nature and character of our Assembly and Senate from corrupted hacks to honest citizens, as our Constitution intended.

Stopping the bribery masked as "contributions" is the greatest stride we can take to restore our democracy.

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Because this is the greatest challenge any generation of American has yet faced. If average citizens from across the political spectrum can't get together and clean up this mess of corruption, it will not get done. Our democratic republic will continue its ugly fall into corporate fascism.

Only the people have the capacity to change the terms of political victory from bribery to democracy. The politicians and press mouth all the words of reform, but their words and deeds do not match. And they are all owned by the same corporations. Their superficial reforms are designed to neutralize discontent, without neutralizing the corruption. Our politicians will do nothing to stop special interests from showering them with bribes.

The terms of victory in our elections is money. Corporate Money. This assures that the winners only real skill and qualification is selling themselves to the special interests. This assures us that our leaders skill sets feature prostituting themselves for money, and the mastery of professional lying skills.

Politicians elected through bribery are incapable of solving the problems their corruptions have created. They are equally incapable of reforming the system that created them. Only the citizens can fix our polity to produce the honest leadership we need to get us out of this mess.

Your help is vital.

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Our government, bad as it is here, has been worse around the world. To say we have acted anti-democratically around the world is a gross understatement.

The long series of coups, dictators, and violence we have poured down upon resource-rich countries, and countries that claimed their own sovereignty, was not an accident of one administration, or one party, but is part of a long term pattern of anti-democratic behavior reflecting the undemocratic character of the greedy and corrupt special interests who control our government.

Prior to 9-11, American Special Interests used our national power to pursue dominance of the world's resources and economies. This was generally done through quiet political, military, and economic support to tyrannical, anti-democratic, regimes around the world.

Now, these proxies have been put aside. Now, we are publicly claiming to have the authority and right to wage “preemptive war,” without just cause. We publicly claim the right to kidnap, torture, and imprison anyone, without legal proceedings. What we did in the past, in secret, through proxies, we are now doing in the open, ourselves. Our false veil of democracy and human rights has fallen away, and the world can clearly view the wretched face of our political tyranny and corruption.


Our best chance to avoid serious international and domestic crisis is not to throw out the corrupted leaders, only to replace them with the other party's equally corrupted hacks. To get real leaders we must get a real democracy.

Bringing our finest leaders to bear on our problems is critical, but impossible, with special interests controlling politics. Our system of political bribery assures that honest people will run screaming from the cesspool of corruption we call politics.

No good leaders can rise out of our political structure to face our self-created crisis, until the terms of political success in America require skills and ethics of different than those of a con artist.

Only an honest democracy will draw and hold honest people. Ethical individuals, who will not sell themselves to the special interests, are excluded by the corruptions demanded to achieve political victory.

Our initiative will change the terms of political victory by changing who funds, and therefore selects, the candidates. Our initiative will allow us to select and elect decent leaders, rather than choosing among the corporate trash the parties put up.

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A New Political Age

Stopping bribery gives local voters the power to determine who their candidates are. This will institute a new political requirement: the candidates will be forced to reflect the ethics and values of their community, rather than the payoffs and policies the special interests pursue. Our initiative will bring the political leadership out of our communities that has been suppressed by the bribery and corruption that currently dominates politics.

Politicians will be forced to compete for office based on how much local traction their principals and positions generate among their own voters, rather than how much special interest money they gather to con the voters.

This competition for voter support will allow a very different type of leadership to rise than we are getting now. We will experience something novel: Political leaders capable of making law and policy uninfluenced by special interest bribery.

Ending bribery by the special interests will not, it must not, eliminate the free speech rights of the special interests. Under our initiative the power and political influence of the special interests will no longer be a function of their wealth and bribery, but of the strength of their ideas argued across legitimate free speech forums.

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Not just the voice of Greed

Our goal is not to preclude the voices of the special interests, of greed, from politics. That is impossible. Our initiative only stops them from bribing our politicians, manipulating our elections, and using politics to achieve their narrow goals.

They are welcome to talk, and petition our representatives all they want. Our initiative is unique because it distinguishes between legitimate free speech and petition acts, and bribery.

The test is simple. If the petition, or speech act, contains a check, IT IS BRIBERY, and both the giver and the taker MUST GO STRAIGHT TO PRISON.

Our initiative moves the special interests, and their politicians, from the financial and legislative center of politics, to the financial and legislative sidelines. Every member of a special interest group will enjoy their right as a voter to contribute to candidates in the elections they vote in, just like the rest of us. They will be able to speak to the voters in other elections. But they will not be able to buy other voters' politicians.

Our initiative will restrict special interests from directly interfering in other voters' elections, and prevent them from buying the local voters' candidates or representatives, while preserving their right to free speech.

Our initiative balances the special interests to express their opinions to any, or all of the voters, and petition their, or all of our politicians, with the voters right to select their own candidacies, and elect their own representatives.

The Special interest perspective can be informed and valuable. They must not be stopped from exercising their due free speech rights in elections and the legislative process. But they will no longer be permitted to buy elections or bribe our politicians, as they now do.

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The character of our legislature, and its legislation, reflects its source of power. Power in our legislature comes from the special interests who fill the politicians' campaign funds with cash.

Our legislature acts like a herd of cattle stumbling from one feed trough of special interest wealth and bribery to another. This herd serves its feedmasters, and the manure they call legislation feeds the bribers. The whole Legislature stinks worse than a feed lot.

Our initiative shifts the source of political funding from the big money, to the voters. Our initiative empties the trough of corruption. Our initiative will give our legislature a democratic character, which assures that it will craft legislation that better serves our general welfare, and our values.

Being an American demands that we occasionally confirm our democratic rhetoric with democratic practices, as necessary. This is one of those times.

Our initiative reflects our forefathers' rejection of Aristocracy

Our country was born when Revolutionaries declared that political legitimacy was derived from the voters. Our legitimacy is based on democracy. The superficial simplicity of democracy masks the difficulty of its application.

Since the Revolution, our democracy has evolved, and expanded, with the times. Although the application of democratic rights has expanded throughout our history, our society has traveled from the farm to the mega-city during our history.

The simple principal of democracy has not made the trip with us.

A consequence of these dramatic demographic and technological changes has been a massive concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a very few. This is not inherently bad, if the balance between our democratic rights and freedoms, and the power of wealth, is preserved. It has not.

This vital balance of power between the rights of the people, and the authority of wealth has been lost. The democratic rights of the voter have been effectively quashed, and their sovereignty lost, to what can be called a corporate aristocracy, if not corporate fascism.

Our parties and politicians have fallen under the control of this corporate aristocracy.

It is the responsibility of this generation to evolve the application of our democratic principals to offset the damages wrought by our demographic and technological evolution, and end the special interest control of our democracy.

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All Americans possess the freedom to assemble, to form political associations, and petition our representatives. We can use these rights to speak to the public, to the politicians, and to our government.


Wealth and power have been used to inject undue influence into elections across the state, damaging our democracy by displacing the influence of the voter on their representative. Special interests have twisted their rights of Assembly, Speech, and Petition into a weapon that has destroyed the right of the voters to select and elect their own candidates.


Our initiative will balance the voters’ right to select their own candidates and choose their own representatives, with the rights of the special interests to assemble, speak and petition.

The Political Reform Initiative of 2008 will stop the special interests from stealing the voters' democratic right to control their elections. But the rights of the special interests to assemble, speak and petition will not be restricted.

The special interests have expertise that is vital to crafting good legislation. But they have no legitimate right to make our political decisions for us, as they do today. The Special Interests and politicians have set aside our democracy, and the general welfare of our state, long enough to significantly damage not just our democratic institutions, but the infrastructure of our state.

Self-Interest has replaced democratic principals and procedures, and limited the influence of the voters, at all levels of our government. The voice of the voters have almost been completely excluded, and the mechanism balancing the various interests, our democracy, has been broken in favor of the richest and most powerful special interests.

Our initiative will reverse this. Our initiative will assure that the politicians are elected by the people, rather than the special interests. Our initiative will assure that the special interests are regulated by government, rather than our government being regulated by the special interests.

Our initiative will give California voters the power to put the wealth and influence of the special interests into their proper place, as indirect participants in our elections and the legislative process. Our initiative finds the balance between the speech rights of all interests and the franchise rights of the voter; the result will be better political leaders who will have to consider a wide range of perspectives to be politically successful. Our mechanism for balancing the various interests, our democracy, will be repaired.

The example our system sets for our citizens, and the world, is that American democracy, and democracy in general, is a lie.

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The reforms currently being offered by our politicians, parties, and special interests, including “clean money,” are almost worthless.

Each of these so-called “reforms” preserves the special interests' power to bribe the parties and politicians. Reforms which preserve special interests' power to directly manipulate our elections and politicians are not reforms.

Each of these “reforms” does absolutely nothing to strike at the source of the corruption in our democracy: special interest bribery. Our Initiative is unique. Our initiative targets the Special interest bribery directly.

Our initiative will return the voters’ right to choose their own representatives among themselves. Special interests will be able to speak to, but not participate in, our elections. We fully expect the parties, politicians, special interests, and the media to do everything in their power to block our initiative, and to fight against the idea, and the practice, of democracy.

Their Corporate Media will fill the people with false fears of the democratic government promised by our Constitution.

Their true goal is to preserve their illegitimate prestige, power and wealth.

Special interest Bribery has made the politician's ethical obligation, their political duty, to serve their voters and their country, a joke.

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Our initiative brings political power and representation to a different type of American. Americans who will not sacrifice democratic principals in the pursuit of personal profit, prestige, and power. American politics are presently dominated by politicians and parties who use our government for the pursuit of personal wealth and power. This has cost us our democracy, and these people must be driven from our government.

All wealth, political power, profit, and prestige that is won by damaging our democracy, bribing our politicians, or corrupting our elections, is illegitimate.

The wealth and power of this country has slipped from its democratic restraints. The special interests have hijacked our democracy. Their desire for wealth and power is stronger than their loyalty to democracy, or our country. They have twisted our democracy it into a parody of itself. These usurpers are giving our democracy, and our county, a reputation of evil. They have shown us where the problems lie in our democratic process. Now we must fix these problems

Wealth and power must be attained under the rules of our democracy, not by abusing our democracy. The principals behind our initiative assure it will be fiercely opposed by those who's wealth and prestige are dependent on abusing and corrupting our democracy. Because of this resistance, our initiative requires the support of a bottom-up, grassroots effort by our citizens.

History proves those who possess power will use it to keep it. We will have to force democratic elections on the politicians and their special interests sponsors. They are unwilling, and incapable of reforming themselves.


It is time for Americans who believe in democracy to stand up and end our political hypocrisy. If we don't fix our democracy soon, we will loose the chance. It is time to end the corruption. It's time to bring the Reform Initiative of 2008 before the voters, and take real steps to combat corruption and restore our democracy. Join us:





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