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Today's News: Feb 12, '09

featured article: the next bailout will fail too

Bank of America’s Bernstein Says Bank Plan Won’t Work, bloomberg, 2-11-09


Stimulus plan? Economic policy? Both are Farces

The latest

DiFi Tries To Hand Corporations A Giveaway In The Stimulus, calitics, 2-12-09

Retail sales rebound, jobless claims stay high, reuters, Feb 12, 2009

Fed lends less to banks, financials in latest week, reuters, 2-12-09


Critical: Current Econ Analysis

The Care and Feeding of our Corporate Beast: Another Trillion Dollar Bailout to the Top, alex, 1-29-09

Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08

inform yourself

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Environmental Meltdown proceeding Full Speed Ahead

Penguins marching into trouble, wcs, 2-12-09

Changing ocean conditions turning penguins into long-distance commuters, uw, 2-12-09


New findings on climate change and fisheries, U EA, 2-12-09

US Atlantic cod population to drop by half by 2050, ubc, 2-12-09


Scientists document salamander decline in Central America, THE BEARS!, 2-9-09

Plants take a hike as temperatures rise, ua, 2-10-09

Montana State University tracks warming trend in northwestern North America, msu, 2-12-09

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US Justice works as well as Education and Medical "systems"

U.S. judges admit to jailing children for money, reuters, 2-12-09

Fresno Police beat homless man, raw video, fresno bee, 2-12-09

Witness criticizes Fresno police beating, fresno bee, 2-11-09

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California Prisons a Crime against Humanity

Court weighs contempt motion in Calif. prison case, sac bee, 2-12-09


Judges tentatively order Calif. inmate release, bee, 2-9-09

Ventura workers taking pay cuts to save jobs, sac bee, 2-12-09

ca prisons are a crime against humanity


Where Do We Live? Welcome to Center of the Global rip-off

we had to destroy our own rights before we could take other's

Phoenix, kidnap-for-ransom capital, lat, 2-12-09


California Government a Crime against Democracy

Budget vote to come during bike race (sat), bee, 2-12-09

Votes For Budget Deal Do Not Appear To Be There, cal prog report, 2-12-09

Final Budget Deal Emerging, cal prog report, 2-12-09

what bribing our democracy into submission costs

Interest groups’ lobbying tally tops $500 million, cap week, 2-12-09


State credit rating the worst among the 50 states, capitol weekly, 2-5-09

State budget: silence — and secrecy — on the Capitol, ocr, 2-9-09

Steinberg still committed to vote this week, bee, 2-9-09

ca budget crisis: incompentence and corruption

The real situation:

This is a Corruption Crisis, not a Budget Crisis

We've been ROBBED, alex, 8-15-08

We've been Robbed II, alex, 3-16-08

California Budget Links: The Failure of Democracy


US Govt: A Standing crime against Democracy and Decency

E-mails: State Department official asks to delay Gitmo detainee release to avoid bad publicity, ap, 2-12-09

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Unlimited President Secret Prisons/illegal detentions dept. of injustice
Senator seeks Bush-era "truth commission", reuters, 2-9-09 Obama signals he isn't interested in 'truth commission' to investigate Bush abuses, raw story, 2-9-09 Obama's Justice Department backs Bush secrecy on renditions suit, raw story, 2-9-09


Bush Junior

U.S. now sees Iran as pursuing nuclear bomb, lat, 2-12-09




Torture, the UK, and Obama: A chance for "Change we can Believe in?" alex wierbinski, 2-4-09 Panetta: Obama won't OK 'extraordinary rendition,' ap, 2-5-09 Obama keeps Bush policies on faith-based groups, mcclatchy, 2-5-09






Experts warn of more space crashes after US and Russian satellites collide, telegraph, 2-12-09 Improved sensor technology could someday keep tabs on terrorists by remote control, rit, 2-12-09 Rote memorization of historical facts adds to collective cluelessness, U Ill, 2-12-09




Bribery determines law and policy in the US.

The Committee Brings you the News you Need to Know

WANTED: 1000 citizens determined to drive bribery out of politics


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