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reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08

Harmon's "Homegrown Terror" resolution is an extreme threat to our rights, 4-19-07


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first posted: sunday, June 22, 2008: latest update: 6:03 pm, pst: howdy from berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Dems: The Other War Party

Democrats: US House approves massive war funds bill, bbc, 6-20-08

background; article: Democrats Say Leaving Iraq May Take Years, 8-12-07. links: dems handmaidens of cash and constitutional corruption. essay: Dems Still Voting for Iraq War.


Sneak Attack on Iran?

Israel trains to raid Iran, but capacities in doubt, reuters, 6-21-08 (for background, see below)


US Forecast: Fire, Flood, and Drought

California firefighters battle hundreds of blazes, oc register, 8-22-08

CDF: Major California Wildfires, as of 0800 6-22-08, calif dept forestry (pdf)

Delta water plan will cost billions, sj mercury, 6-22-08

Deadly Heat Normal in New American Summer Weather Pattern, committee, 8-29-07

background; links: water links. article: good work morons: the seasons have changed, 8-29-07 article: stop irresponsible growth now! 6-26-07


Crimigrants Deported from LA: Amazing!

L.A. County jails to expand immigration screening, lat, 6-22-08

Racketeering laws may be used to fight illegal immigration, sf chron, 6-22-08

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first posted: saturday, June 21, 2008: latest update: 12:13 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

Traitor Dems approve bush illegal spying, give criminal telecoms immunity

Wake up, Arm yourself, and Act: The Corporate Fascist State has Emerged

Traitors: House OKs Warrantless Wiretapping Bill, cbs 6-20-08

background: essay: dems approve bush's criminal powers. essay: dems approve bush's criminal powers, II. links: criminal searches



Yet More US War Crimes Revealed: Will the Dems act? (No, they are all bribed traitors)

Abu Ghraib: War crimes committed by U.S., ex-general says, bee, 6-19-08

background; article: Abu Ghraib: Taguba fired for Probing too Deeply, nyt, 6-17-07 three articles: abu ghraib. links: what the ex generals say. links: US torture crimes. asslicking traitor: Pelosi: Impeachment 'off the table. why impeach? Impeach bush I. Impeach bush II



Lying us into a Criminal War

Ex-Bush spokesman slams White House in testimony: McClellan tells of lies about leak of CIA officer's name, wp, 6-21-08

background articles:

US Senate: Bush lied us to War, nyt, 6-6-08

Ex-White House spokesman Scott McClellan attacks Bush, lat, 5-28-08


background story: The Plame Scandal and false justifications for war:

2007 McClellan article: Former Press Secretary Points Finger at Bush, Cheney for Deceit in CIA Leak Scandal, ap, November 21, 2007


News article: The Administration's Fake letter, How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War, wp, 4-3-07

News article above/essay below: Bush Takes Law into his own hands, Frees Traitor Libby, committee, 6-5-07

Three more articles: Plame Scandal


War with Iran

Israeli jets 'practise Iran atom plant raid,' daily mail, 6-20-08

ElBaradei warns against any attack on Iran, meo, 6-21-08

Russia's foreign minister warns against use of force on Iran, ap, 6-20-08

background; links: Iran. Links: Will israel sneak attack Iran? essay: clouds of war gathering over middle east, 10-13-07. essay: Lieberman proves himself insane: Demands Attack on Iran, 6-10-07. essay: Iran/Terror pretext for Bush to seize power? 3-29-07. essay: Bush "Diplomacy" 8-07.



Secrecy: The Shield of our Criminal Government

White House invokes executive privilege in EPA inquiry, lat, 6-21-08

background; links: All Environment links.

Bush's "secret" attempts to kill nature

Report: EPA head reversed stand on greenhouse gas, ap, May 19, 2008

Species rulings get hard look, Former U.S. official's intervention assailed by investigators, Sacbee, 5-22-08

EPA chief mum on contact with White House
He refuses to say whether Bush pressured him to veto state bid for tougher auto emission rules, mcclatchy, 5-21-08

background: links: the secret government. The politicization of Everything: executive branch: censorship of science. link lists: Big Oil runs the government. Corruption in every executive branch agency. Manipulating the rule of law: US Attorneys. A Balanced View: the dems are corporate whores too.



California's Quagmire of Corruption

Redistricting plan on ballot, bee, 6-18-08

background: 3 articles on redistricting. 3 more articles.


State records biggest jump in unemployment, sf chron, 6-21-08

background; essay: Poverty Hidden Behind Cooked Stats. Links: econ links.

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first posted: tuesday, June 17, 2008: latest update: 7:15 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

featured news

US Senate hearing on US use of Torture

US interrogation debate detailed, bbc, 6-18-08

Statements by witnesses before the commitee

Dr. Jerald F. Ogrisseg, Former Chief, Psychology Services, 336th Training Group, United States Air Force Survival School, to the Senate on 6-17-08

Statement of Mr. Alberto J. Mora, Former General Counsel, United States Navy, to the Senate on 6-17-08

Lieutenant Colonel Diane E. Beaver, USA (Ret.), Former Staff Judge Advocate, Joint Task Force 170/JTF Guantanamo Bay, to the Senate on 6-17-08

background: torture links.


War Fraud

Army Overseer Tells of Ouster Over KBR Stir, nyt, 6-17-08

background: war fraud links.

Losing Afghanistan

NATO, Afghan forces preparing to storm Taliban-held villages, Afghanistan Sun, Tuesday 17th June, 2008

Taliban fighters infiltrate area near Kandahar, iht, 6-18-08

background: afghan war links.

China gets what it Deserves

floods in north of china, bbc, 6-16-08

floods in south of china, ap, 6-16-08

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first posted: saturday, June 14, 2008: latest update: 4:47 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa


Intro: What the hell is the committee for democracy doing?

featured news

the latest flood pics, cedar rapids, iowa: picture. picture. picture. picture. more info at the bottom of this page.


Dems live on Blood Money: Health Industry bribes

Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe Appearance as Paid Speaker at Health Insurance Convention in San Francisco, ca progress report, 6-13-08

Don't let the Dems fool you: Despite what the DNC says, The 76 million dollars of bribes the Health Industry has showered Congress with are currently split 55% to 45%, with Dems receiving the higher sum. The sole difference between the parties is the Repugnants admit they are bought by industrial bribes, while the Dems lie, and say they represent the people. The final dem lie: "we are the lesser evil." Fuck that! Evil is Evil. The Dem's dependence on bribery marks them as only superficially different from the repugnant party traitors. See Open Secrets, Congressional Bribes by economic sector.


essay: billery; corporate whore for private health industry.

article: health puts it's money on dems, 10-28-07.

links: Don't be fooled AGAIN, dems are corporate whores too.


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Political Futures Market: Republican Bribe Goals fall far Short

campaign bribes act as a political futures market. Repugs are falling 50% short, predicting a huge loss in nov elections:

House GOP falls short on campaign cash, ap, 6-14-08


essay: OCT 06: Dems absorbing Massive Corporate Bribe-Shift anticipating victory.

essay: dem victory reveals loss of democracy, nov, '06.

links: don't be fooled, dems are corporate whores too.


EU Ship of State runs aground on the Blarney Stone

Ireland: Voters reject treaty, nzherald, 6-15-08

EU grapples with Irish 'No' vote, bbc, 6-15-08


Global Famine Rising

Ethiopia pleads for £167m aid after crops fail, guardian, 6-14-08

30% of Alaska salmon wasted: global warming disease ravages yukon salmon, lat, 6-14-08

background: Article: the impending famine. links: the Environment. links: salmon/fish.


California's Drought: Now it's Official!

Drought emergency declared, bee, 6-13-08

We have No water crisis, we have a crisis of Too Much Irresponsible growth, Too Many People, 6-21-07

Hippies growing us to environmental disaster while feeding irresponsible corporate growth-consumption, 11-07

background; links: water links. article: good work morons: the seasons have changed, 8-29-07 article: stop irresponsible growth now! 6-26-07


California's Budget: the Train wreck Approaches, and it's is moving fast!

Budget train wreck? san diego news tribune, 6-12-08

background: Budget links.


China: Earthquake, Inflation and Populism

Why Grandpa Wen has to care, economist, 6-12-08

China's inflation carries long-term risks: intro to China’s economic mechanism, Asia Times, May 1, 08

background: links: china's Police State...and a whole lot more

China: We're #1 (in pollution)

China Increases Lead as Biggest Carbon Dioxide Emitter, nyt, 6-14-08

background: links: China's Environmental Meltdown...and a whole lot more


India vs. China

India takes the high ground against China, asia times, 6-14-08

background: book review: Asia's awesome threesome, Rivals, by Bill Emmott, reviewed in asia times, 6-14-08


The New "Globalism" World Imperial Order

War on Iran: Law the first casualty, asia times, 6-13-08

Rethinking the National Interest, condolezza rice, foreign affairs, 8-08

background; links: Iran. Links: Will israel sneak attack Iran? essay: clouds of war gathering over middle east, 10-13-07. essay: Lieberman proves himself insane: Demands Attack on Iran, 6-10-07. essay: Iran/Terror pretext for Bush to seize power? 3-29-07. essay: Bush "Diplomacy" 8-07.


Global Warming Pounding mid west again

In Midwest, Rising Waters and Fears of Worse, nyt, 6-14-08

the latest: picture. picture. picture. picture.


continuing important news:

June 12: Global Warming Pounding mid west again

Global Warming tomorrow? The Seasons have Already Changed

Today's featured local paper: Cedar Rapids Gazette, Iowa. Amazing Pictures.

Yesterday's featured local paper: Des Moines Register, Iowa

Killer weather wreaks havoc across nation, cnn, 5-12-08

Northwest Atlantic - Water Vapor Loop, noaa

NWS, satellite images of the storm sitting over the mid-west, noaa

National weather service: "...Flooding in the Midwest..."
Damage from flooding appears likely to reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Roads and bridges have been shut down, crops have been damaged, and officials in some areas fear the worst flooding since 1993. Thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses have been flooded with numerous evacuations, countless roads are flooded and closed, road damage is extensive, and many levees and earthen dams have failed or are in jeopardy of failing. Details...


background: Note/links: Mid West punished by global warming for a whole year now. essay: we have changed the seasons, committee, 4-08-08

Impending Famine, committee, April 6, 2008

background: links: the impending famine. essays: Freak Tornadoes: Global warming Kills at least 50, feb '08 (Two essays.)

background; essay: climitologist's failure. essay: freak weather is the new "normal." essay: Deadly Heat Normal in New American Summer Weather Pattern. links: the Environment.

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The Banners I use above are a couple of natural horizon shots stretched by photo shop.


#1: Lost Coast Sunset.

lost coast sunset

It's Me!

The trail coming up mountain, reflected. I was going west, tracking hwy 108 from the snow gate past the marine base. The line is a snowmobile track.
Most snowmobilers are the wintertime's version of the summertime cowboy/equestrian trail culture: generally a great group of people with a few notable exceptions. Just like backpackers.
#2: December. About 12 miles south of tahoe. Packing from tahoe to the sisters and back.

South of Tahoe

I've got a few thousand shots from three tahoe to whitney trips, and a whole lot more.
I will put them up after I find a way to digitize 'em.

Gap I came through

Looking up at the PCT gap above levette lake. The previous december I glissaded down the face of this mountain with full winter pack. I emerged from the lowest gap on the crestline.