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Wednesday, Feburary 11, 2009

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Today's News

The root of our Political System

featured article: the next bailout will fail too

Bank of America’s Bernstein Says Bank Plan Won’t Work, bloomberg, 2-11-09

The root of our Political System

The Biggest Earmark in History!

Deal reached on $789 billion stimulus bill, marketwatch, 2-11-09

U.S. Lawmakers Agree on $789 Billion Stimulus Plan, bloomberg, 2-11-09


Critical: Current Econ Analysis

The Care and Feeding of our Corporate Beast: Another Trillion Dollar Bailout to the Top, alex, 1-29-09

Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08

The Greater Depression Deepens
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Boycott "Israel"Boycott "Israel"Boycott "Israel"Boycott "Israel"Boycott "Israel"Boycott "Israel"Boycott "Israel"Boycott "Israel"


Zionist Entity Unable to Elect New Govenment

Israel's Election Dashes Hopes for Peace, time, 2-11-09

Inconclusive Israeli election could give boost to truce talks with Hamas, but future uncertain, ap, 2-11-09


Lieberman’s Bloc to Decide the Next Israeli PM, al-manar, 2-11-09

Livni: I'll fight on despite poor odds, haaretz, 2-12-09

Boycott "Israel"

Twister Destroys Okie Town

global warming ravages mid-west yet again: It's an annual, four-season event now

Tornadoes rake state, tulsaworld, 2-11-09

Unseasonal twisters create carnage, newsau, 2-12-08

recent history of serious mid-west weather dysfunction

NOAA Tornado

Midwest taking a global warming pounding

2007-2008: mid-west wracked by climate disasters:

freak weather is normal now. A couple of last year's Reports:

global warming kills 54: Out of control tropical moisture sparks massive tornado storm, ap, 2-6-08

global warming kills 16+: massive freak storm nails central US, newsdaily, 3-21-08

mid-west takes yet another flood, lat, 3-26-08

and another

In Midwest, Rising Waters and Fears of Worse, nyt, 6-14-08

the latest: picture. picture. picture. picture.


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oh my! Climatic lions and tigers and bears! oh my! This is not your grandmother's Kansas, toto

This is not our grandparent's climate

massive aussie fire

Climate Already Changed, People and Scientists Too Stupid to SEE IT! alex wierbinski, 4-6-07

Feel Good Environmental Protections Worthless in face of Massive Demographic Growth in California, Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., June, 26, 2007

American Growth equals Death for Nature, alex, july 30, 07


other recent news

You've got to be kidding: A Truth Comission?

Obama backs secret torture flights, rejects "Truth Comission"

The Other Crazy US "War"

Latin American Panel Calls U.S. Drug War a Failure, wsj, 2-11-09

other recent news

Obama's First Moves: Loopholes

Obama's appointments: Loopholes

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Bribery determines law and policy in the US.

The Committee Brings you the News you Need to Know

WANTED: 1000 citizens determined to drive bribery out of politics


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