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Today's News

Friday, Feburary 20, 2009





Global Markets Crashing

Economy fears send stocks falling. bbc, 2-20-09

US joins global equities sell-off, ft, 2-20-09

U.S. Stocks Tumble, Sending Dow Average Below Its Lowest Close in 11 Years, bloomberg, 2-20-09


What this Crash reveals about US

Housing-credit crisis exposing the rotten core of American Markets and Economy, november 24, '07

Get ready for the Big Selloff: Death of the "New Economy," alex, March 14, 2008

Economic or Ethical crisis? We suffer a Failure of perception, march 29, '08

The Death of Bubble Psychology: Market Perception and Reality are nearing parity alex, 4-7-08


The Way in, The Way out

How we got here, alex April 6, 2008

How we crawl out of here, The Death of the Mother of all Financial Bubbles, at the Heart of Wall Street, draft document, 7-13-08

Al's Corner of Clarity:

Where the Hell am I? (Lost Keys Lake, High Sierras, South Western)

How to Fix the Economy



The Next Stage

Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08


list of all the things about our political economy you should have long known




Update: Domestic and Global Status of the American Corporate Empire



Friday Preview: 1:15 am pst

Major Crash Devastating Global Markets

Euro-Asian Markets all down 2.5% Friday prior to Wall Street opening

Asian Stocks Fall on Profit Concern; Topix Drops to 25-Year Low, bloomberg, 2-20-09

Nikkei, Kospi extend losses in downbeat region Japan's Topix sees its weakest close in more than 20 years, marketwatch, 2-20-09, 3am est


China May Review 8% Economic Growth Target for 2009, bloomberg, 2-20-09

European shares drop sharply in early trading, marketwatch, 2-20-09, 3am est


Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08


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US market overview

global indexes

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You got what you wanted for a short time, Now you get what you deserve for a long time.


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Other News

US Torture

Around the World


Binyamin Mohamed back in UK next week, guardian, 2-20-09


US threats mean evidence of British resident's Guantánamo torture must stay secret, judges rule, guardian, 2-4-09

Ministers face torture pressure, bbc, 4-4-09

related: Torture, the UK, and Obama: A chance for "TORTURE we can Believe in?" alex wierbinski, 2-4-09


British soldier gets too tanked and crashes two tanks, guardian, 2-20-09


Black ministers may rethink backing Sen. Burris, ap, 2-20-09


New bird flu case confirmed in Hong Kong, ria novosti, 2-20-09



Politkovskaya Suspects Walk Free, moscow times, 2-20-09

Kyrgyz Lawmakers Agree to Close U.S. Base, moscow times, 2-20-09

Kyrgyzstan issues eviction notice to key US base, ap, 2-20-09

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Thursday, Feburary 19, 2009

Update: Domestic and Global Status of the American Corporate Empire


The Latest from California

California is broke, with or without a budget, but...

late report: Wed, 7:19 pm pst

Democrats considering firm offer for budget deal, sac bee, 2-19-09

late Update: Thursday

California Legislature finally approves new budget, lat, 2-19-09



The Real Deal

the california nightmare

This is a Corruption Crisis, not a Budget Crisis

We've been ROBBED, alex, 8-15-08

We've been Robbed II, alex, 3-16-08

private bribery, not the voters, running ca elections, bee, 2-15-08


The Long List of Ca Budget Crisis links:

May '07 to Present

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Euros Assisted US War Crimes

EU Denounces Members for Involvement in US Renditions, DW, 2-20-09


"CIA rejects secret jails report," bbc, 6-8-07

"CIA dissenters aided secret prisons report," Reuters, 7-16-07


US claims right to torture

Dems suggest and confirm Mukasey, and torture confirmed as presidential power

Dems confirm unitary president, torture, and and all of Bush's crimes through Mukasey Confirmation, Washington Post, November 9, 2007

Mukasey links

dept. of injustice


Torture, the UK, and Obama: A chance for "Change we can Believe in?" alex wierbinski, 2-4-09

Obama's Justice Department backs Bush secrecy on renditions suit, raw story, 2-9-09

Panetta: Obama won't OK 'extraordinary rendition,' ap, 2-5-09 (except when the president orders it: NO CHANGE)


The Unlimited President


US plan for Death Squads in Afganistan

US Rejects Afghan Death Patrols, spiegel, 2-19-09


NATO High Commander Issues Illegitimate Order to Kill, spiegel, 1-28-09

Time May Be Short for NATO High Commander, spiegel, 2-5-09



California's Sterilized Nature


Smallest fall run of chinook salmon reported, sf chron, 2-19-09

last year

Salmon arriving in record low numbers, sf chron, 1-30-08



End of the Road for Ocean Life in Sight: 50 more years of Human Destruction if Fishing is only human Assault on Oceans, alex wierbinski, 11-2-06

Water Crisis: California has Developed Beyond our Natural Resources: Stop all Growth Now! Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August 29, 2007


related topics


Growth is killing us links

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CA Water Links

water essays

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Tuesday, Feburary 17, 2009



Markets, Economy Crashing Hard


U.S. Stocks Tumble on Recession Concern; Citigroup, GM Fall, bloomberg, 2-17-09

Fears over eastern Europe trigger bond rush, ft, 2-17-09

Gold hits record against euro on fear of Zimbabwean-style response to bank crisis, telegraph, 2-17-09

mouthpiece of the oil King: The crisis facing global economy, arabnews, 2-17-09

  Note to "Americans"

You Fucking Morons were Stupid Enough to Give Up your democracy

Now you've lost all your money

consumer moron want money back? consumer moron better get democracy back!


citizen=democratic republic, consumer=corporate state


Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08


Citizens: Do your country a favor: Kill a politician, CEO, Lobbyist, or a Consumer today.


National-Global Markets
US indexes
US market overview
global indexes
dollar value
mutual funds
all futures

You got what you wanted for s short time, You got what you deserved.

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Despite Obama pledge, Justice defends Bush secrets, ap, feb 16, 2009

Obama, Recently

Obama maintains power to Kidnap, ("Render") Torture, and hide crimes as "state secrets."


England's Police State

Ex-spy chief Dame Stella Rimington says ministers have turned UK into police state, timesonline, 2-17-09


Two Lost Wars, A ruined Economy, and yet another Corporate Liar leads our Corrupted Government

Lost War 1: Afghan

Excellent Video of how we fucked /betrayed our Soliders:

Combat Outpost: from the Afghan frontline, guardian, 2-16-09

Lost War 2: Iraq

The new Fallujah: Up close and ugly, asia times, 2-14-09

Ruined Economy

The Care and Feeding of our Corporate Beast: Another Trillion Dollar Bailout to the Top, alex, 1-29-09

Economic Meltdown: Are you ready for Part II? alex, 12-21-08

Yet Another Liar
(See "Bush Junior," upper left.)

all econ links

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Immigration: Tool and Fuel for Corporate Fascist America

IRLI Successfully Defends Border Residents Right to Protect Themselves Against Illegal Aliens, marketwatch, 2-17-09

Border drug war is too close for comfort, lat, 2-18-09


It's economically sound

Mexicans Out-Wages Up


It's politically correct

We've been Robbed


It's ecologically logical

California has Grown Beyond our Natural Resources


The Big Picture

California schools, hospitals, all services, and our democracy collapsed in a flood of crimigrants, alex, 6-07

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The Middle-East

Iran elections: Newspaper warns Khatami faces assassination risk, guardian, 2-17-09


Israel launches covert war against Iran, telegraph, 2-16-09


"israel" attack iran?

Lebanon: 'Resistance Has Right to Possess and Use Anti-Aircraft Weapons,' al manar, 2-17-09



Chavez Leads Venesula Forever?

Third official bulletin: 54.86 percent of voters supported Chávez's amendment, el univarsal, 2-17-09

Chávez gets 54 percent, buenos aires hearld, 2-17-09

Historic Victory of Chavez and the Venezuelan People, cuba news agency, 2-17-09

World Media Gives Ample Coverage to Venezuela’s “Yes” Vote, cuba news agency, 2-17-09

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Bribery determines law and policy in the US.

The Committee exposes the Political Corruption Americans must End

WANTED: 1000 citizens determined to drive bribery out of politics


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Jan 9, 2009: Jewish war crimes continue

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December 21, 2008 This page covers the Global Market Crash that happened in October.

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