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The Situation on Friday, September 12, 2008: The Govt is Criminal by its own Standards (Mozilla is not printing right. Scroll down for content)
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WANTED: 1000 californians to drive bribery out of politics


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UPDATED Sat, Sept 13, 3:10 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

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friday, July 25, 2008: Intro, and the Breakdown in the Rule of Law in the Dept of Injustice

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Act of War: US Attacks Pakistan

September 12-13
3:10 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

US defeated in Afganistan

NBC: Bush OK'd secret raids inside Pakistan, nbc, 9-11-08

US 'not winning' war says Admiral Michael Mullen, heraldsun, 8-12-08


Economic Meltdown or LOSS of DEMOCRACY?

'Another US strike' hits Pakistan, bbc, 9-12-08

Pakistan says it will defend against US attacks, dawn, 9-11-08

Failing Wheat Crop Causes Afghan Food Crisis, npr, 9-11-08

US 'must target Pakistan havens,' bbc, 9-11-08 ’08 Rivals Have Ties to Loan Giants, nyt, 9-9-08 Afghan Links
  Too Few Regulations? No, Just Ineffective Ones, nyt, 9-13-08

Department of Oil, er, Interior

UPDATED Saturday

My amazing analysis in March, which still applies today:

Democracy threatens US influence in Pakistan, alex, march 24, 2008

a worthwhile read

Musharraf Fears his own people more than US or Taliban: rise of

a New Global Balance of Power

Our Generation's Corporate Uncle Toms:

#1: barak obama

Aunte Millie:

#2: Billery

Aunte Millie 2:

#3: Condasleeza

Sellouts from South of the Border:

#3: Alberto Gonzales and

#4: the Calif dems

Dems: the Other Republican Party

Status of the Econ Crisis:

How we got here, where it is Going, and what you should expect to happen, draft document, 7-13-08

more background:

all economic links


Link Clusters

update: U.S. inaction on oil royalties suit could have cost millions, mcclatchy, 9-12-08

Oil companies gave sex, drinks, gifts to federal overseers, mcclatchy, 9-10-08


Interior Department Web Porn and Shopping Spree, wp, 10-5-06

Ex-Deputy Pleads Guilty in Abramoff Case, ap, 3-23-07

big oil, big Corps, Own US Govt: Links

List of agencies bribed by various corporate interests

From The Database

Big oil owns our Politicians, the State of Alaska, and the Interior Department

Interior is Corrupt

Go to database, search for Interior. 41 records with additional references
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Link: Recent US Ground Assualt

Corporate Media Analysis

Pakistan's likely new leader may align with U.S., produce disputes at home, mcclatchy, 9-4-08

Pakistan links

America's Corporate Sponsored Government is illegitimate, and a criminal insult to our Constitutional Rights
It's Time to FIGHT for your RIGHTS: shoot a Politician or a CEO today

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