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china's poison trade

china's us backed police state


Our Lost Rights

Illegal war

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US attorney

Big Oil runs govt

money buys laws

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Our Dictators

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Bush&congress must be Impeached and replaced

Impeach bush II


Serious threats to our rights

reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08

Harmon's "Homegrown Terror" resolution is an extreme threat to our rights, 4-19-07


American Political Corruption affects the Whole World

Earth From Space

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our corruption has changed how nature appears

in front of us,

It's Me! Carson Range

and behind us

Behind Me, Carson Range


As an individual, an individual human, you are designed to reflect.

The reality you reflect defines the center and extent of your life.

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The Very High Costs of

Political Corrutpion


Political Corruption has cost us dearly

Political Corruption decides elections

Political Corruption has unregulated commerece

Political Corruption has detaxed the rich

Political Corruption has underfunded your schools

Political Corruption has created massive poverty

Political Corruption has allowed unsafe drugs

Political Corruption has damaged our health

Political Corruption has suppressed climate science

Political Corruption has led us into illegal wars

Political Corruption has led us to politically, economically, and militairly support foreign war crimes and dictators


The fact is that our country is a democracy in name only. Authority in the US flows from the top down. Governmental powers are unchecked, unlimited, and without oversight. Our individual rights as voters and private individuals have been abrogated, or made nothing more than the plaything of special interests. Fuck that. We can break the link between wealth and power that has poisioned our democracy.


The facts indicate that our structural problems are only the tip of the putrid iceberg of political corruption. Our "citizens" have become no more than consumers, and our democratic republic has become a corporate fascist state.

Bush's crimes must be repudiated by investigation and conviction, or they remain as presidential powers.


Political Corruption must be pushed from the center of our government.

Join the fight to free our democratic republic from its corporate captivity


The Next Revolution


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