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Human greed, ignorance, and disrespect for Nature sparks growing food/crop crisis
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Impending Famine: a NOTE with LINKS following...

Our ignorant growth has triggered Changes in the seasons that have radically reduced

The Engines of Life

The engines of life are the interfaces where the ancient patterns of wind, water, and heat are fed upon by microbes, and so on up the food chain.

Ultimately, the movements of all land and sea creatures, and the plants too, are tuned and timed to move with, be fed on, and feed from, the bounty of these engines of life.

We have done the impossible: We have unhinged The engines of life on land, in the sea, and in the air. Nature is reeling. All life on the planet is reeling. Fish are turning belly up in the world's oceans, and birds are falling from the skies.

In brief, humans have changed the nature of natural selection. We have replaced natural selectors with human selectors. Our social-based selectors first stripped the plant of the complexity it's living creatures created, draining the land, sea, and air of it's life. Life now is allowed to exist if it fits the definitions and needs of our social standards, which puts corporate profit and consumer consumption before our natural environment.

The by-products of our consuming the bulk of the life on this planet, while unbalancing the the remaining eco-systems that support life has caught up with us: nature is drowning in our shit.

More precisely, nature is not just drowning in our shit, composed of our industrial and biological waste, it has been suffocated by Our Farting as our massive outgassing, the by-product of humans digesting the life on our planet. Our massive stream of farts and shit have long ago altered the fundamental flow patterns of wind and water that are the foundations of the engines of life on this planet. Our eating everything on the planet, and farting it out, has severely damaged the foundations of life on this planet.

Human's social selectors have failed. We have failed to use our perception wisely, to live up to the gift of conciseness.

Our greed and ignorance are no longer limited to just destroying local river valleys, or devastating whole regions, as in the ancient past. Our ignorance, now supercharged by science, HAS PROVED ITSELF capable of devastating our planet's fundamental engines of life, and it is doing so right now.

Our ability to form nature in our own image, and judge it by our own standards is power, not wisdom. OUR ABILITY TO REFLECT NATURE IS THE BASIS OF OUR POWER. We have been very unwise, if not outright evil, with this power. Pursuing material power, rather than WISDOM, with our conciseness, we have wasted both our position as the focus of our planet's conscious evolution, and have severely damaged our environment.

We are the pornographers of nature.

The social processes that guide our interaction with nature have failed to reflect the patterns and wisdom of nature. In fact, we have made nature our bitch. This is a big mistake, but not just in abstract, spiritual terms.

Everything that puts itself before the wisdom of the patterns and wisdom of nature cease to exist.

Citidiots beware.

the following links track how seasonal change is damaging the whole food chain

Food Crisis/impending Famine News ariticles:

Latest Famine News Reports at Bottom of List


Corruption Updates 39, 10th article on the page, "Top Scientists Warn of Water Shortages and Disease Linked to GlobalWarming," ap, March 12, 2007


seasons already changed, march, 07

seasons already changed, april 6, 07


Corruption Updates 47, 9th article on the page, "Earth Faces a Grim Future: UN Report"


Corruption Updates 65, 1st article on the page, "BEES: Honey, I'm Gone"

Corruption Updates 71, 9th article on the page, "Only 50 years left' for sea fish"

Corruption Updates 76, 7th article on the page, "Study finds huge decreases in bird populations"

Corruption Updates 93, 3rd article on the page, "Record Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Is Predicted"


Corruption Updates 95, 10th article on the page, "Humans 'affect global rainfall'"

NY Times, August 8, 2007; Warming Threatens Farms in India, U.N. Official Says: Global Warming puts Billions at Risk


Corruption Updates 100, 10th article on the page, European heatwaves 'have doubled'


Freak Weather Driving Crop yeilds down, Pain up

Be very worried: 2007 Summer Crop Yields fall

Australia 30% Down sept '07

Serbia 30% Down july '07

Germany Harvests "Dust"  july '07

USDA Global Report

EU Report

Giews World Report

Expect Northern Hemisphere Crop failures this year

Weather Story Links



Corruption Updates 125, 2nd article on the page, Natural decline 'hurting lives'


UN IPCC Report, UN Human Devel. Report, Bali climate meet,  Late Nov to Dec 3, 2007

UN: Global Environment Outlook, Oct 07

Comment: wealth and power, not wisdom and democracy, setting agenda @ Bali


Essay: Global Warming? The Seasons already changed

growth assures climate meltdown, committee, 6-07

seasons already shifted, committee, 5-07

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Riots and hunger feared as demand for grain sends food costs soaring, guardian, 12-4-07

Food Crisis expands. ethanol: starving people to fill your car, iht, 12-17-07


Toll Of Climate Change On World Food Supply Could Be Worse Than Thought, terra news, 12-04-07

China’s Inflation Rose to 7.1% in January, nyt, 2-19-08


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China at minimum arable land for food safety, china daily, 2007-12-26

Rice yeilds very sensitive to warming, BBC News, Tokyo, 12, 29, 07

Fish farms threaten salmon with extinction, NYT, December 13, 2007


South Asia Food Shortage, bbc, 1-9-08

China rising food shortages, bbc, 1-5-08

China price controls imposed, nyt, 1-10-08



World food stocks dwindling rapidly, UN warns, iht, 12-17-07

World fish stocks collaspe: africa feeling it first, nyt, January 14, 2008


Snow further complicates relief supplies to Gaza, irni, 1-30-08

winter storms in china, bbc, 1-29-08

snow threatens winter crops, food shortages now, bbc, 1-31-08


Ocean dead zones expanding, ScienceNOW Daily News, 25 January 2008

Yangtze almost dead, The Guardian, Thursday January 17 2008


climate set for 'sudden shifts', bbc, 2-4-08

essay: seasons already shifted, committee, 5-07


snow threatens winter crops, food shortages now, bbc, 1-31-08


Salmon arriving in record low numbers, sfchron, January 30, 2008

Ocean map: Oceans trashed, 2-14-08, BBC News, Boston

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march, 2008

Salmon populations have crashed

No salmon fishing this year

Fishery council: salmon collapse

The smelt have vanished

Massive city populations draining california's water

Freak weather slamming middle america yet again!! FOUR TIMES IN LESS THAN A YEAR, Mar. 21, 2008 (Reuters)

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april, 2008

Impending Famine, Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., April 6, 2008


Perfect storm of hunger, Los Angeles Times , April 1, 2008

ethanol farce, sf chron, April 2, 2008


Asian Food Crisis, five articles, 4-6-08

UN see global food crisis, impending famine, lat, 4-1-08

WHO sees impending global food crisis, who, 4-7-08


food riots in egypt, meo, 4-8-08

food cost protest in burkina faso, irin, 4-9-08


flooding in Congo-Kinshasa, allafrica, 4-8-08


Food riots tearing hati apart, guardian, 4-10-08

analysis of egyptian food riots, meo, 4-11-08


AFGHANISTAN: Over 400,000 people receive food aid amid soaring prices, irin, 4-13-08


US food and energy costs soar, ft, 4-15-08


Biggest grain exporters halt foreign sales, ft, 4-16-08

Steep rise in Chinese food prices, bbc, 4-16-08

rising concern: inflation creating headaches for asian policymakers, economist, 4-15-08


Rice traders hit by panic as prices surge, ft, 4-17-008

Rice price hits record high; pinches budgets, diets in W.Africa, reuters, Apr 24, 2008


Egypt PM pleas for solutions to 15% inflation in March, meo, 4-28-08


may, 2008

"Fishery Failure" Declared for West Coast Salmon, NOAA, 5-1-08

australia drought eats farmers, BBC News, Sydney, 5-2-08

At least 5 killed in Somalia food riots, lat, 5-5-08

Somalia: Food Prices Set Off Second Day of Unrest, nyt, 5-7-08

Asia fears rising poverty, social unrest from soaring food prices, afp, 5-4-08


june, 2008

Unnatural roots of the food crisis, bbc, 6-2-08

food-energy crisis destabilizing countries around the world, bbc, 6-6-08

background: article: ethanol fraud. essay: Impending Famine. essay: political fools "green" themselves as they rush us towards death. links: Food Crisis. the Environment.


push at g8 to end global energy subsidies as unrest rises around the world, bbc, 6-7-08

Get ready for massive price rise due to Oil prices, nyt, 6-8-08


Pakistan reports 3% major crop decline, dawn, 6-11-08


US: Corn prices surge to record high, forecast that output would fall because of seasonal change, bbc, 6-11-08


background: Note/links: Mid West punished by global warming for a whole year now.


Killer weather wreaks havoc across nation, cnn, 5-12-08


California's Drought: Now it's Official!

Drought emergency declared, bee, 6-13-08


Ethiopia pleads for £167m aid after crops fail, guardian, 6-14-08

30% of Alaska salmon wasted: global warming disease ravages yukon salmon, lat, 6-14-08


floods in north of china, bbc, 6-16-08

floods in south of china, ap, 6-16-08


2008 Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Could Be Largest Ever, environment news service, 6-18-08


Indian Monsoon

Failure in South India, press trust of india, 6-20-08

Floods in North India, iht, 6-16-08


Fake Environmentalists

recycling and biofuels a farce in face of massive american expansion

Biofuel use 'increasing poverty,' bbc, 6-25-08

background; links: ethanol fraud. essay: growth assures climate meltdown, committee, 6-07. essay: Deadly Heat Normal in New American Summer Weather Pattern, August 29, 2007. links: all environment.


Oil closes at a record, then tops $144 on Globex, marketwatch, 7-2-08


Egypt fighting population growth, meo, 7-2-08


Extinction Underestimated

Extinction risk 'underestimated,' bbc, 7-3-08

background articles: Only 50 years left for sea fish. BEES: Honey, I'm Gone. Study finds huge decreases in bird populations. Record Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Is Predicted. Ocean dead zones expanding. Tiny Delta fish at center of huge water war. Exploring an amphibian epidemic. Natural decline hurting lives. Hansen: Past the tipping point. World fish stocks collaspe: africa feeling it first. Yangtze almost dead. Global warming killing sierra trees. Salmon arriving in record low numbers. Ocean map: Oceans trashed. delay in polar bear protections. Mangrove loss put Burma at risk. Tropics insects face extinction. Wildlife populations plummeting. Fast fall of Mediterranean sharksShark populations near extinction. 30% of Alaska salmon wasted.

background links: all environment links.


Warming Climate Adds to U.S. Flood Fears, environment news service, 7-2-08

climate set for 'sudden shifts', bbc, 2-4-08

background; article: UN says to expect fires and floods.


Ethiopia pleads for £167m aid after crops fail, guardian, 6-14-08


US, Japan call for action on oil, food prices ahead of G8 meet, afp, 7-6-08


Global warming will push Russia to destruction, reuters, 7-8-08


UN FAO Report: Pests and Diseases Spreading, CLIMATE-RELATED TRANSBOUNDARY PESTS AND DISEASES, FAO, 5-08. (pdf)

background; recent news and links: extinction. analysis: Our water, our fish, and our rights are gone. analysis: Feel Good Environmental Protections Worthless. analysis: The Climate Already Changed, People and Scientists Too Stupid to SEE IT. links: environment.


G8 fails to set climate world alight, bbc, 7-8-08

G8 papers over differences on climate change, reuters, 7-8-08


With water precious, state faces heat, fires--and drought, capitol weekly, july 10, '08

Projected California warming promises cycle of more heat waves, energy use for next century, eurekalert, 7-10-08


Northern Afghanistan Struggles With Severe Drought, environmental news service, july 10, '08

background; article: AFGHANISTAN: Over 400,000 people receive food aid amid soaring prices, irin, 4-13-08. article: risk of state failure,  bbc, 1-31-08. links: afghanistan.


Delta diversion threat to salmon, judge rules, sfchron, 7-19-08


Hunt to Eat? You are Fucked:

Wildlife populations 'plummeting,' bbc, 5-16-08

Bird species plummet as habitat dwindles, sf chron, 7-11-08


Extinction risk 'underestimated,' bbc, 7-3-08


Tree deaths have doubled across the western US, usgs, 1-22-09


Majority of world population face water shortages unless action taken, warns Migiro, un, 2-5-09


China Drought May Last Into March, Grain Center Says, bloomberg, 2-9-09


Twister Destroys Okie Town

global warming ravages mid-west yet again: It's an annual, four-season event now

Tornadoes rake state, tulsaworld, 2-11-09

Unseasonal twisters create carnage, newsau, 2-12-08

recent history of serious mid-west weather dysfunction


New findings on climate change and fisheries, U EA, 2-12-09

US Atlantic cod population to drop by half by 2050, ubc, 2-12-09


Decisive action needed as warming predictions worsen, says expert, carnige, 2-14-09

Climate change likely to be more devastating than experts predicted, warns top IPCC scientist, stanfurd, 2-14-09


Smallest fall run of chinook salmon reported, sf chron, 2-19-09

last year

Salmon arriving in record low numbers, sf chron, 1-30-08


Mass media often failing in its coverage of global warming, says climate researcher, stanfurd, 2-13-09



Wheat experts from 40 countries gather in Mexico as battle intensifies against plant plague, eurekalert, 3-18-09


All Environmental News Reports


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Thoughts/Analysis on our destruction of nature

Seasonal Shift (essay)

The Environmental Meltdown, alex wierbinski, 8-15-09


Deadly Heat Normal in New American Summer Weather Pattern, August 29, 2007


American Growth equals Death for Nature, alex, july 30, 07


Endless Growth not Questioned (essay)


Boxer's Liar's game: Preserve growth, maintain pollution, while looking "Green," December 5, 2007


End of the Road for Ocean Life in Sight: 50 more years of Human Destruction if Fishing is only human Assault on Oceans, alex wierbinski, 11-2-06

Water Crisis: California has Developed Beyond our Natural Resources: Stop all Growth Now! Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August 29, 2007


Our water, our fish, and our rights are gone. What else will you sacrifice to serve your greed and ego? Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., April, 2008

Impending Famine: Open your Mind, and see the burning planet. Only you can prevent global crisping, alex, 4-6-08



climitologists failure: They are reporters, not predictors (crop yield decline predicted)


mid-west: floods, freak weather indicate famine emerging, 4-8-08

Comment: wealth and power, not wisdom and democracy, setting agenda @ Bali


Essay: Global Warming? The Seasons already changed

growth assures climate meltdown, committee, 6-07

seasons already shifted, committee, 5-07



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