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Alexius Raymond Wierbinski
OMG! Sunset at Lost Coast

Hey, What's up? I'm

Alex Wierbinski

My Place:

2437 Piedmont, #202

Berkeley, California, USA


No Phone, sorry


But Let's communicate Anyway!


Contribute to the Corruption Updates:

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I also can be contacted on gmail, aim, and telegraph ave, Berkeley


(not good yet, but the first of many to come.)


Political Bio: Alex Wierbinski


Born in SF, when California was still a first world state, and American Democracy, though tattered, still existed.

Raised in the '60's, watching the failure of two generations, the young and the old, to restore our democratic form and principals.

Maturity witnessed the corporate/government response to the "rebellion" of the '60's: Replacement of the American Working Class with a massive flood of subservient, obedient, and dependent illegals, and the subsequent transfer of the political power and wealth of our middle-class to our corporate elite. This transformed our Country.

This massive growth ushered in the parallel processes of individual transition from citizen to consumer, and our group transformation from tattered democracy to Corporate Fascist State. This is the driving force behind the destruction of our schools, the wipe-out of our unions, the loss of retirements, and the conversion of our social and political engines of equality into engines of inequality. Did I forget to mention the consolidition our Global Empire?

I have watched the stolen wealth of our nation formed into a weapon to control and extract resources from weaker countries under the jack-boots of a gaggle of American-backed dictators and native corporate elites. The veneer of our false promises of "democracy" and "freedom" have worn through, and have been exposed for what they really are: propaganda cover for the American Corporate Elite's Global Empire. The American Age of Empire is now over. Our domestic and foreign engines of inequality have failed domestically and internationally, and are now in full freefall.


My goal is to rally you citizens, and transform consumers into citizens capable of destroying the corporate fascist state that has risen from the ashes of our betrayed democracy.

This task demands formation of an ethical framework for the next revolution. This is simply the measurment of the distance between our presently corrupted elections, politicians, and special interests to our Constitution's simple mandates of democracy, checked and balanced government, and the invioable rights of our citizens. We have lost them all. This is not rocket science, although simple ethics appears as Greek to the average consumer. This site is a monument to the destruction of our fundamental rights by the corporate criminals and their foreign minions who have hijacked our government.

There are two potiential paths to the second american revolution: the easy way, and the hard way. The easy way is that the economic, political, social, and global crisis our loss of principal has brought on will "scare us straight," and our mid-level elite will get scared enough to peacefully reform our fucked-up govenment from special interest control back to democracy. The Initiative to restore democracy in California is an example of such efforts.

Unfortunatly, we are already taking the hard way, and our corporate state has redoubled its efforts to maintain corporate control of our domestic polity as well as our global empire. Obama's private health care program is an accurate measurement of the corrupting influence of bribery on our national welfare: The bribers will extract profits through draining our health, and our bribed politicians will hurt every aspect of our national welfare to pad the profits of their bribers.

There is no way withn the system to reform the system. The depth of our corruption crisis  requires that we adopt the measures our revolutionary forefathers developed to defeat the British Empire: Shooting the Tools of Empire from Behind Trees. Asymmetrical warfare.


Your Job

Your job is determined by your political and ethical values. If you are still a consumer, your job is to become a citizen. If you are already a citizen, that is a believer in our lost Constitution, your job is to reinstitute the democratic republic it requires. How you do this is dependent on your character. You can educate consumers into citizens. You can petition our political and corporate traitor elite to become honest. Or you can shoot the traitors. It's up to you, your character, experiences, and ethics. Independent of your choice, there is no legitimate authority operating in the US today, and you are required to take the steps that your duty to our Constitution and your specific character demands you take to restore legitimate government. There are tasks for every patriot.



I must apologize for the vast amount of shoddy work on this site. I began a crash-course on computers, the internet, web design, and all the related technologies and skills when I began this site in mid-2006. "Newbie" does not begin to describe my ignorance. I resisted utilizing the technology that advanced America's consumer empire until this technology became a threat to the Empire itself. Editorially, my lack of secondary schooling capped with a history degree from UC Berkeley makes my writing a piece of work, in progress.

For those of you who do not know me personally, understand that the observations and analysis on this site are part of a life-long critique tracking the Rising Tide of American Corporate Fascism. The tide has now runnuth over the banks.


In mid-2006 my analysis indicated that the corporate politicians who operate the American Polity had, like Icarus, come much too close to touching the sun. In our case, the mutual goal of both parties to unite political power with corporate wealth under their party's control, had become America's political reality. Corporate wealth had completely captured both parties and put our democracy aside. Our corporate fascists, like Icarus, were burned by their dream, and failed when they reached their goals. Unlike Icarus, our corporate bastards betrayed and endangered all of our rights and resources, not just their own.

At that time I realized that the last democratic restraints and principals that had protected ourselves from ourselves, and gave some measure of protection to the world from our incredible power, had collapsed. I actually realized our democracy was mortally wounded during the Clinton Admin, but by 2006 it was clear to me the economic consequences, a massive crash, was immediately impending.

In 1992, when the post-Soviet economy collapsed, I said our empire's collapse would follow the Soviet's by 25 years. I wish I was publishing then. This highlights an important fact about the content of this site. It is ahead of its time. I identify the key elements driving our reality long before they manifest themselves. But it has serious flaws.

If you notice one thing about my analysis and predictions, you will notice that although I see the trends and the forces which are affecting our reality with presice accuracy, my analysis has serious shortcomings. My clear vision impedes my sense of timing. My analysis and predictions are always premature. I always underestimate the ability of the human society to ignore reality. The current (2-7-09) reality is a fine example.

Although I predicted a massive financial/market downturn for this timeframe, the real implications of this collapse have not penetrated our social or political consciousness. Athough we are on the brink of the next stage of this downturn, as predicted, which will crush markets down to, and possibly through the the 6000 level, our people are still asleep in a burning house.

So although I found myself, in 2006, in a race against time to broadcast my warnings, I understood that their ethical basis would be insufficient to move people until their unethical system failed. Detecting the immediate impending failure of our corporate-dominated system, I began the race to broadly publish my observations, analysis, and predictions before they came to pass, not that it'd do a bit of good. People will not be good until being bad falls down on their heads.

The democratic balance of mutual restraints that had protected our economy from being completely looted, and our people of robbing each other of their respective rights, has completely collapsed. We focused all of our attention to wealth, rather than preserving our democracy, and we have predictably lost both. My understanding that the consequences of removing the common sense of our people, democracy, from the political process would shortly tear our country apart, and offer the best chance in 232 years to put it back together, drove me to begin this site. I'm right on time.

2006 was not when American Fascism began, but this is when I began to publicly report on this event. If you wander about this site, the vast amount of information and analysis you encounter indicates that I have been tracking the rise of corporate/consumer fascism for decades.

But in mid-2006 I realized that the consequences of our devolution from democracy to corporate fascism was complete, that both parties had irrevocably betrayed and abandoned our Constitution, and, most importantly, we would shortly begin to manifest the social, political, economic, and foreign policy consequences of our declination. Our democracy must rise, like a Phoenix, but before our burning empire turns to ash.

So I began a frenzied self-education process into the computer/internet technology required to take my observations from private commentary into the public sphere. And there began a massive output of really good observations, analysis, and ideas that were poorly edited (if at all. I write on the fly), published on clunky HTML pages, repetitive, and poorly organized. Hey, let's see you try to learn how eat and cook at the same time.

My apologies.

I am now working to interconnect all the earlier articles on each topic, improve the look and feel of the site, and find the time and money to collect, present, analyze and most importantly identify the nexus that connects the massive flood of political corruption that is drowning our country, and my site's capacity to keep up, with the specific nasty outcomes that losing our democracy generates.

Despite my shortcomings, I want you all to realize that I have spent all my time, all my money, and all my energy to reach this pathetic point. So if you want to help advance this effort, any help would be deeply appreciated. Time, money, and energy are all valuable. Hell, I need some part-time cash work. Hire me. Berkeley. Hard labor Cheap.


Your Job, part II

But first and foremost, you must form a local Committees to bring together the power to drive corruption out of our democracy from the bottom up. I need you to start a committee in your community. Second, I could use literary and news contribuitors, analysists, and, as is plainly obivious, editors. Get off your ass and contribute. Third, I need activists and publicists to spread the word far and wide, in every electronic and human forum. Fourth, I need somebody to help transfer this HTML site into Drupal. Fifth, we need somebody to fund the next American Revolution. Where's Soros when his country really needs him? Manipulating and bribing democrats you say? Damn!

And guns. Not for me, for you. Arms yourselves. These are more dangerous times than you have ever known.

In the final analysis, it comes down to you. It has been long past time that all good Americans should have come to the service of their Country, rather than themselves. Now the situation is critical. As one of our founding patriots once said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure." This is one of those times. It is time for Revolutionary Gardeners to get busy.

Me? Well, thanks for visiting, don't hesitate to get in touch, and I'm sorry I've only one life to give for my country.

Alex Wierbinski

Feb 7, '09


Alex Wierbinski, Round Top, Near Carson Pass, High Sierras, California

One Very Happy Al, in very early spring. The location is just below Round Top (that's the peak to your left behind me) a few miles from Carson Pass in California's High Sierras. I began this trip at Lake Tahoe, and snowshoed my fat ass to Round Top and back to Tahoe. It took four nights because it takes most of the day to hitchhike to Lake Tahoe, and I have a hard time just getting to the trailhead before the sun sets. And getting out to the trailhead early enough to hitch back demands the fourth night, again near the trailhead.

Love Nature? Me Too! Too bad for us!

I'm working up a new site to try to fund this site. (like I have any time!)

The money site is called Tahoe to Whitney: The Crown Jewel of the Pacific Crest Trail

I hope to develope an image rich guide to the trails between Lake Tahoe and Mt. Whitney, my favorite place on Earth, and sell advertising to all the major outdoors equipment suppliers. Two computer crashes and a host of other problems is making this a real chore.

But if you want to check-out the first work on this project, you will need the user name and password:

User: (Contact Me for info)




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