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Iran focuses anti-americanism

1) US faking iran gunboat incident? Democracy Now, 1-11-08

1b) Pollocks to pull out of bush missile program, guardian, January 10, 2008

1c) Russia plans belarus missile deployment, CNN, 11-14-07

1d) India, Russia to strengthen ties, BBC, Nov 13, 07

1e) Chavez: us cut off, and Oil to 200 a barrel if us attacks iran, Pravda, 11-15-07

1f) Russia pulls out of CFT, wp, December 1, 2007

1g) US whines about russian withdraw from CFT, ap, December 3, 2007

2) Iran and Russia cooperating on mutual defense, ap , December 24, 2007

Pakistan very restless

3) F Bhutto joins Butto clan in denouncing zadari and son, the times, January 12, 2008

4) Musharraf: US incursion will be regarded as invasion, billery sucks, DailyTimes, pk, 1-12-08

Ca Budget woes

5) Education, social services, parks severely cut, sf chron, January 11, 2008

5b) Gov plans massive prison release, bee, January 11, 2008

Budget to fall as economy tanks

6) Dec retail tanks, nyt, January 11, 2008

6b) Merrill takes another huge write down, nyt, January 11, 2008

6c) ECB takes rational econ stand: US shocked, nyt, January 11, 2008

6d) Trade deficit widens despite cheap dollar, nyt, January 12, 2008

Scumbags walk the plank

7) Scumbag doolittle out of congress: subpoenas all around, bee, January 11, 2008

7b) Scumbag jew off board of supes, sf chron, January 11, 2008

7c) Scumbag lantos to die: There IS a god, chron, January 2, 2008

8) Abu graib: officer in charge of interrogations gets off: only the little guys went down, reuters, January 11, 2008

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1) three recession predictions: Goldman, VOA, and UN, 1-9-08

2) countrywide going down, Reuters, Jan 9, 2008

3) south asian food shortages, bbc, 9 January 2008

4) China's farms struggle to meet growing demand, BBC News, 1-5-08, Henan

5) China institutes price controls on energy, food, nyt, January 10, 2008

6) Chinese police state tightens grip on peasants-with american police state technology, bbc, Wednesday, 9 January 2008

7) China's N korea emergency plan: Take open control, telegraph, 1-9-08

8) Fed Judge backs off Torture Tape Case, wp, January 10, 2008

9) Big payoff for chicago torture frame-up victims, upi, 1-10-08

10) Ashcroft paid off, upi, 1-10-08

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1) Supreme Court puts lethal injection to rule of law and constitution. again, washington post, 1-8-08

Corporate Democrats Ruling the Roost

2) Marriage of Corruptions, billery and Nunez, bill bradley, 4-25-07

3) Public health ripped off for corporate profits, nyt, January 8, 2008

4) CA Elite union health costs: 118 bil., bee, January 8, 2008

5) Elite union pension costs due, bee, January 8, 2008

6) Ca creating health care monster, bee, January 7, 2008

7) Term-limit ads attack nunez-perata Corruption, bee, January 8, 2008

8) Links: indian gaming for and against, bee, 1-4-08

9) New rules to Curb Nunez-Perata life of corporate funded luxury, bee, December 4, 2007

10) Billery bundler Hsu gets first sentence, NYT, January 5, 2008

10b) Hsu fraud supercharged by clinton connection, lat, December 3, 2007

10c) Hsu the bundler, lat, September 14, 2007

11) Energy Bill: Dems Serve Big Oil, NYT, December 14, 2007

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1) Kenya devolving into chaos and violence, NYT, 1-6-08

1b) Kibaki offers unity government, telegraph, 1-5-08

1c) Ethnic cleansing in Kenya, ap, January 6, 2008


2) Fisk: Pakistan blames Musharraf, The Independent, UK, 29 December 2007

2b) Bhutto: Daughter of the West, London Review of Books, 12-13-07

3) US to attack Pakistan? NYT, 1-6-08

Bush to Israel

4) Failed president visits main sponsor of "terror war:" Israel, The Independent, (UK) 07 January 2008

4b) Bush predicts peace in Middle-East as israel continues war crimes: deja-vu of victory in iraq claims, ft, January 6 2008

4c) Israel to isolate bush: Why didn't we think of that? (Note bush visits as israel deepens their war crimes), The Guardian, January 7, 2008

4d) Kill Bush: American Taliban calls for death of Bush, Pakistan Times, 1-7-08

5) Israel runs bush-style military tribunals which assure conviction, ap, 2008-01-06

US Econ Tottering

6) Fed going wrong way, ft, January 6 2008 20:06

7) Fed confusion at brink of crisis, The Times, (UK) January 7, 2008

8) Credit Crisis: Buyouts in UK drop 80%, The Times, (UK) January 7, 2008

9) Financial profits drop precipitiously in UK, The Independent, (UK) 07 January 2008

10) Recession? Now, later, or worse to come? ft, January 2 2008

10b) Unemployment figures indicate economy stalling, ft, January 4 2008

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1) State's already failed educational instutions ready to tear each other up over shrinking funding, bee, 1-2-08

2) Population increase driving state into toilet, bee, December 30, 2007

3) Elite unions collected pensions we can't afford in return for years of political bribes, NYT, December 19, 2007

4) SEIU ready to defend elite state worker's penisons with millions in bribes for democrats: the rest of us get to pay for it, bee, January 2, 2008

5) Arnie trying to break dem monopoly on electoral districts, bee, December 4, 2007

6) Arnie and Nunez agree to subsidize profits of corporate health industry, bee, January 2, 2008

7) Corrupt OC Sheriff, wife and mistress all face federal corruption charges, LAT, 12-28-07

8) Gamblers, smokers, and other unpopular activities taxed instead of taxing corporations, SF Chronicle, December 24, 2007

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Corruption abroad

1) Bhutto Clan leader Rejects husband-son leadership, McClatchy, 1-1-08

2) Kenya's fraudlent election, Economist.com, 1-2-08

Corruption at Home

3) Justice opens criminal investigation of CIA, lat, January 2, 2008

4) Bush-Clinton, and US protecting US war crimes by resisting ICC, sf chron, January 2, 2008

5) Bush is China's Bitch, II. also see: Bush is China's Bitch, I,---- NYT, 1-2-07

6) NASA hides air dangers to protect airline profits, bbc, Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Economic Meltdown Heating Up

7) Era of easy money over, ft, January 2 2008

7b) Happy New Year: Markets Tumble, ft, January 2 2008

7c) Oil and Gold rise as dollar stinks, err, sinks, ft, January 2 2008

7d) Subprime woes just getting started, NYT, 1-2-08

7e) Mortgage crisis defunding cities and states for years to come, lat, December 31, 2007

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Death of Bhutto

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1) Pakistan: Nation outraged at Benazir's assassination, The Nation, Pakistan, 12-28-07

1b) BBC: Tense Pakistan set to bury Bhutto, BBC, 12-28-07

1c) NYT: Bhutto Assassination Ignites Disarray, NYT, December 28, 2007

1d) Thousands Mourn Bhutto As Unrest Spreads, Friday, December 28, 2007

1e) The million-dollar question: Who is going to succeed Benazir Bhutto? daily times, December 29, 2007

1f) Who killed Benazir Bhutto? Daily Times, 12-29-07

1g) Bhutto was targeted by all militant groups in Pakistan, Kuwait Times, December 29, 2007

1h) Links to global news covering Bhutto's death

Grim Econ News

2) Citi and other banks underestimate sub-prime exposure by billions, ap, December 27, 2007

2b) Home sales Plunged in November, ap, December 28, 2007

2c) Housing defaults moving into prime loans, lat, December 28, 2007

2d) Oil will stay high during downturn, ap, December 28, 2007

2e) US: China’s Bitch, AP, 12-21-07

The Empire at Home and Abroad

3) US supports Chinese Police State, NYT, December 28, 2007

4) Zuma Charged in South Africa: Corporate bribery threatens SA stability, BBC, 12-28-07

5) Chertoff touts real id and crimigrant crackdown, lat, December 13, 2007

6) Hoover's 1950 police state plan: it still lives in us govt, nyt, 12-13-07

7) fbi assures legal-safe use of new bio database: BULLSHIT! BBC, 24 December 2007

8) CIA destroyed evidence of torute and war crimes to subvert justice: torture tapes, lat, December 23, 2007

9) Iraq war defines American Poltical Incompentence and Corruption, BBC, 12-21-07

9b) "Amnesty" for thousands held in iraq without charges, BBC, 26 December 2007

9c) Sunni Vs. Shia in Bahrain, BBC, 23 December 2007

10) Keyna "election" fraud minimized by US Corporate Press, SF Chron, 12-15-07

10b) Kenya election fraud recognized, acknowledged by bbc, BBC News, Nairobi

10c) Election "victory" of Kibaki in Kenya called fraud by UK's Telegraph, telegraph, 12-31-07

10d) US calls for Kenyans to respect fraudlent election maintaining Terror President, www.chinaview.cn 2007-12-30

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1) AG Mukasey blocks Congressional inquiry into CIA destruction of Torture evidence, LAT, December 14, 2007

1b) Mukasey asserts Federal Courts have no Jurisdiction over torture evidence presented and witheld from their courts, ap, December 18, 2007

1c) White House urged torture tape destruction: Is justice investigating its own decisions to support torture? NYT, December 19, 2007

2) Pakistan Govt releasing kidnap-torture victims captured in bush terror war, NYT, December 19, 2007

3) Argentina 'dirty war' sentences, BBC, Wednesday, 19 December 2007

4) 1950: American puppet S. Korean dictatorship executes thousands, NYT, December 3, 2007

5) Brit Govt seeks 42 day detention without proof, ap, December 7, 2007

6) CIA briefings a secret forever: assent to impunity, defeat for honesty, history, and accountability, SF Chron, September 5, 2007

7) American Psychological Association supports Torture, SF Chron, August 20, 2007

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1) Arnie predicts 14bil budget Shortfall, bee, December 12, 2007

1b) Arnie to declare Fiscal Emergency, ap, 12-14-07

1c) Ca Lawmakers take Fat Raises, bee, 12-3-07

2) Schools face Steep Cuts, bee, December 10, 2007

3) Egypt hides torture behind fight against "Terror," BBC NEWS, 12-11-07

4) NUNEZ: Dems live in Luxury on a Flood Tide of Bribes, lat, December 12, 2007

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1) Clinton the Porker: Earmark Queen, LAT, 12-10-07 see: the clinton links

2) Putin anoints ally as next russian leader, AFP, 12-10-07 essay: Putin's Choice

3) Medvedev backs Putin as PM, People's Daily, China, 12-12-07

4) Russia suspends Conventional Forces in Europe treaty, BBC, 12-12-07 essay: russia responds strongly to us aggression

5) Bankers Face Grim Truth: Worst Is Yet to Come, nyt, 12-12-07 essay: Housing-credit crisis exposing the rotten core of American Markets and Economy

6) Senate widens probe of destroyed TORTURE tapes, lat, December 12, 2007 essay: it's not just torture it's cruel and unusual punishment without conviction

7) ABC allows accomplice to torture air time, soft questions, and excuses, abc news, 12- 10-07 essay: ABC propaganda defends torture

8) Radical Artic heating accelerating, Sea Ice dissappearing, Associated Press, December 12, 2007

9) White House Manipulation of Climate Science Proven, csm, 12-12-07

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1) CIA destroyed video of 'waterboarding' al-Qaida detainees, The Guardian, December 7, 2007

1b) CIA says interrogation (TORTURE) tapes were destroyed, lat, December 7, 2007 essay: president's torture crimes obscured by corporate press

1c) Lawmakers Back Limits on Interrogation Tactics, nyt, 12-7-07 essay: emergence of the corporate fascist state

1d) Bush Does Not Recall Learning of Destroyed CIA Tapes, Washington Post, 12-7-07

1e) Senator seeks tougher CIA tapes inquiry, Financial Times, December 9 2007 if biden is so upset at mukasey, why didn't he vote against him?

2) Report: Bush Lies, Iran not seeking nukes, reuters, Dec 3, 2007

2b) Bush continues Iran war drumbeat without a cause, Global Security, 12-14-07

2c) Iran stops accepting U.S. dollars for oil, RIA Novosti, 8-12-07

2d) High level strategic meeting between Iran and Russia, Iran Times, Dec 4, 2007

2e) Rafsanjani warns west against iranian adventure, Ettela’at, DEC. 3, 2007

2f) US military, govt, slows pace and intensity of iranian denounciations, Los Angeles Times, December 1, 2007 essay: america's tottering middle eastern empire

3) Pentagon loses guns, armored vechicles, and money in iraq, nyt, 12-7-07 essays: bush running another secret foreign policy? note: No IG at the pentagon.

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Environment Page IV

next Environment page

See previous pages: III, II, I

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1) UN IPCC Report, UN Human Devel. Report, Bali climate meet,  Late Nov to Dec 3, 2007

Comment: wealth and power, not wisdom and democracy, setting agenda @ Bali

2) Sacto still w/o Rain, Bee, Nov 28, 2007

3) Equatorial heat dominating weather patterns, N & S poles losing roles as weather engines, BBC, Dec 4, 2007

Essay: Global Warming? The Seasons already changed

4) Greenhouse gases set record in 2006, AP, Nov 23, 2007

5) Big Oil: China & India demand massive increase in global oil production, consumption, NYT, Nov 7, 2007

6) Australians: More Co2 per capita, USA #1 in total emissions, BBC, Nov 14, 2007

7) Bush program of extinction for nature thwarted: Bribery detected, AP, Nov 28, 2007

8) Senate Dems forming worthless Co2 Bill, McClatchy, Dec 3, 2007

Essay: Boxer's liar's Game: Maintain growth and Pollution while looking "Green"

9) Nuke power problem: replacing one poison with another, NYT Dec 5, 2007

Essay: Nukes=Death: Democrap's economic and demographic growth program brings Nukes, death to environment, and our democracy.

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1) 7 MONEY articles: Credit Shrinks, Citi bailout, Global writedown, China Pressured, Housing Plunging, (London Too), Fed Cutting, Various Sources, Nov 27-29, 2007

2) Boxer Backs Corporate Welfare for Industrial Agriculture, SF Chron, Dec 4, 2007

Comment: Cycle of Bribery under Dems

3) Brit Corruption Continues under Brown, Daily Mail, Nov 27, 2007

4) No Democracy in Russia? Financial Times, Nov 27, 2007

Essay: When-How Will Putin Seize Power?

5) Arnie plan to give state assets to his bribers, LAT, Nov 28, 2007

Essay: The final piece of the corporate fascist state

6) Dem Term-limit FRAUD, Bee, Nov, 26, 2007

6b) Dry winter underlines water need, Bee, Nov, 28, 2007

Essay: Hippies growing us to environmental disaster while feeding irresponsible corporate growth-consumption

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California Page


1) Summary; Deterioration of the 2007–08 Budget, Elizabeth Hill, Legislative Analyst, Nov 14, 2007

1b) 10 Bil Deficit Looms, Bee, Nov 15, 2007

1c) State Tax Revenues Plunging, Bee, Nov 23, 2007

Essay: Who will subsidize profits of corporations now? The Crimigrants? HA-HA: YOU WILL

2) Poizner pledges $1.5 million to defeat Nunez "Term Limits" FRAUD, LAT, Nov 7, 2007,

Essay: Dem scam to Kill Term Limits

3) CA Poll: Voters discover Pelosi is a corporate whore, Bee, Oct 27, 2007

Great links on demo prostitution to corporate power

4) University of California: another elite leech sucks the system dry (govt vs. corps: who steals more?), SF Chron, 8- 20-07

Essay: Thieves steal and pocket wealth of our country while killing infrastructure and middle class

5) OC Sheriff charged with corruption, appears in Handcuffs before federal judge with wife and girlfriend in cuffs too, AP, Oct 31, 2007

6) Bay area foreclosures skyrocket: Local version of impending Global fiscal meltdown, SF Chron, Sept 19, 2007

Essay: Housing-credit crisis exposing the rotten core of American Markets and Economy

7) Bribery and Special interests power kills public health and safety legislation, Bee, Sept 18, 2007

Essay: Bribery Dominates our Legislative, Regulatory, and Electoral systems

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