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reporter subpoenaed for exposing bush CIA crimes, nyt, 2-1-08

Harmon's "Homegrown Terror" resolution is an extreme threat to our rights, 4-19-07

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first posted: friday, July 11, 2008: latest update: 2:14 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

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The Fed Rides to the "Rescue"

One Ben Franklin


The Pattern of Keeping the Thieves Fat and Happy Continues:


Feds Bailing Out Greedy Speculators, committee, 8-17-07

Fed Going wrong way, FT, (uk) 1-6-08

What's at Stake, committee, 1-14-08

American Political Corruption: Stealing Our Rights and Money

The biggest story of our Generation:

30 Year American Economic Scam almost Over:

Market Plunges, Whole Credit System Ready to Break

Americans, you've been ROBBED!

Your rights are gone, and your stolen wealth is going too!


Markets Plunge: No imminent government bailout for Fannie, Freddie, reuters, 7-11-08

Markets Plunge: Bush quashes Fannie and Freddie bailout talk, ft, 7-11-08

background: recent news: Fannie Loses $2.2 Billion As Home Prices Fall, wp, 5-7-08, Regulatory boost for Fannie Mae, ft, 5-7-08, Doubts Raised on Big Backers of Mortgages, nyt,5-6-08

note: If the govt. bails freddie and fannie out, their stocks will zero out. Thus bush quashed bailout rumors to stem the stock run. But without significant govt help, the inversion of prime mortgages will crush freddie and fannie. Thus we are stuck between a rock and a hard one.


late breaking financial news:

The Fed rides to the rescue: The "Save all the Speculators" bailout Program

Fed can lend to just about anyone, marketwatch, 7-11, 3:44 edt

U.S. stocks briefly visit positive turf on Bernanke talk, marketwatch, 7-11, 3:11 edt


What's Really Going on in Wall Street??

Markets Plunging: Get ready for the Big Selloff, alex, 3-14-08

Market heading to 7000 level: Why? Because the Housing-credit crisis has exposed the rotten core of the American Markets and Economy, alex, august 17, 2008

Market Perception and Reality are nearing parity, alex, april 29, '08

The Raw Numbers

US indexes Plunge, jew york times

Global indexes Plunge, bloomberg 

Dollar value Plunges, marketwatch

Oil through the Roof, marketwatch

Futures Rise, marketwatch

What can we Do about it?

we need to replace our Corporate Sponsored political leaders with leaders who are actually democratically elected, and represent our people:

The Corporate Government that created this meltdown are incapable of identifying it, let alone stopping it, alex, march 26, 2008

we need leaders who will pay the bills before letting their Corporate Sponsors Steal Everything:

Where we are, how we got here, and how we crawl out of here, alex, april 6, 2008


Big Corporate Flag

all economic essays/analysis

all economic links


California Burning

100 year+ US Forecast: increasing Fire, Flood, and Drought

Flame On

CDF: Major California Wildfires, as of 0700 7-11-08, calif dept forestry (pdf)

CDF: Home page. Stats and detailed info on specific fires, calif dept forestry


Governor asks for more federal fire help, bee, july 10, 2008

With water precious, state faces heat, fires--and drought, capitol weekly, july 10, '08

Projected California warming promises cycle of more heat waves, energy use for next century, eurekalert, 7-10-08


background: Essay: Deadly Heat Normal in New American Summer Weather Pattern, committee, 8-29-07

background; note: I am making my second inquiry to the ca nat guard concerning the deployment of guard troops and equipment to iraq, and how this has influenced ca firefighting efforts. I received no response to my first inquiry, and have sent a followup.

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Palestine: Stolen Land's Chief Thief Exposed


Damaging New Corruption Allegations Against Olmert, abc, 7-11-08

olmert receives massive bribes from American jews, haaretz, 5-28-08



book review: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

essay: Israel; what is born in terror will die in terror.

the root of corruption: THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY.

recent news: the candidates bow before AIPAC.

recent news: War with Iran?

links: Palestine.

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california candidates must visit israel to be viable, lat, 6-11-08

war criminals olmert, bush, and rice to meet in washington this week, ynet, 6-2-08

first posted: thursday, July 10, 2008: latest update: 8:58 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa
American Political Corruption: Stealing Our Rights and Money

American Economic Scam almost Over


Fed Sees Turmoil Persisting Deep Into Next Year, nyt, 7-9-08

Fannie and Freddie Stocks Continue Their Slide, wp, 7-10-08

Freddie and Fannie in turmoil, ft, 7-10-08


Five Ways Wall Street and Washington Set Us Up for the Crash: Author Nomi Prins Explains Where Congress Went Wrong on Lending, democracy now, 7-9-08

Foreclosure Phil: Journalist David Corn on How McCain Campaign Adviser Phil Gramm Helped Create the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, democracy now, 7-9-08

Foreclosure Phil, mother jones, 5-28-08

Foreclosure Phil Speaks: Gramm: We need more leadership, less whining, cnn 7-10-08

background: recent news, 7-8-08; crisis deepens. analysis: all essays. links: all Economic Meltdown links.


Dem Traitors Pass Illegal Spying Bill

Political Prosecutions at Dept of InJustice

Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify, lat, 7-10-08

background; links: US Attorneys Corrupted.


Bush signs new rules on government wiretapping, ap, 7-10-08

Big Idiot Brother

background; essay: Dem TRAITORS OPENLY betray 4th Amendment after years of Secret Abuses. links: illegal searches.



Life under our Egyptian Dictator

Massacre on the Nile, al-ahram, 7-10-08

Mubarak uses Bush trials in Egypt, 3arabawv, 7-10-08

the egyptian view of iraqi war: Of jackals and crocodiles, al-ahram, 7-10-08

background: analysis: Bush "Democracy" Requires People Vote for Bush's Side, or our Dictators will Kill you. analysis: Democracy of Fools: The bush vision for the middle east. links: Our Bitch Dictator in Egypt.

Iran to US: Screw You

Iran continues war games, aljazeera, 7-10-08

Israel 'ready to act' over Iran, bbc, 7-10-08

US warns Iran on missile threat, bbc, 7-10-08

What Is Iran Counting on? dar al-hayat, 7-7-08

background: recent news, JULY 1. essays/analysis: iran. links: iran.

Environmental Meltdown


Kiss it goodby

Big Blue

'Alarming' plight of coral reefs, bbc, 7-10-08

Wilkins Ice Shelf hanging by its last thread, esa, 7-10-08

background; article/pictures: ANIMATED PHOTO: Ice Shelf Collapses in Antarctica, ng, 6-16-08. three articles: Sea Ice. three more articles: Sea Ice. links: all Environmental Destruction links.


Northern Afghanistan Struggles With Severe Drought, environmental news service, july 10, '08

background; article: AFGHANISTAN: Over 400,000 people receive food aid amid soaring prices, irin, 4-13-08. article: risk of state failure,  bbc, 1-31-08. links: afghanistan.


Disaster deaths worse so far in 2008 than tsunami year: Munich Re, afp, 7-9-08

corporate solution to our environmental crisis; Just Keep Growing: Schwarzenegger, Feinstein Propose $9.3B Water Bond, ap, 7-10-08

background; analysis: Corporate Dems, Crimigrants, and Hippies growing us to death. links: Oceans Trashed. links: Ca Water Crisis. links: all Environmental Destruction links.


California Burning

100 year US Forecast: increasing Fire, Flood, and Drought

With water precious, state faces heat, fires--and drought, capitol weekly, july 10, '08

Projected California warming promises cycle of more heat waves, energy use for next century, eurekalert, 7-10-08

Calif. Wildfire Forces More Evacuations, cbs, 7-10-08

CDF: Major California Wildfires, as of 0700 7-10-08, calif dept forestry (pdf)





Highly paid Nuñez aide gets $100,000 more for 'campaign consulting,' lat, 7-10-08

Nunez gets $600,000 in new campaign cash, capitol weekly, 7-8-08

background; article: Nunez, ASSEMBLY STEALS LIKE CORPORATIONS. links: Dems are throughly CORRUPTED. links: nunez.



Dems Spend Big to Defend Leader against FBI Corruption Probe


Perata aid angers some Dems, bee, 7-9-08

background; article: living large. ANALYSIS: Throw the thieves OUT. links: Dems are throughly CORRUPTED.

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first posted: tuesday, July 8, 2008: latest update: 2:55 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

American Political Corruption: Creating Violence here, and around the world

Building Blowback to the US Empire

Russia warns over US-Czech shield, bbc, 7-8-08

background; article: Russia, U.S. at odds over missile shield. anaylsis: RUSSIA RESPONDS STRONGLY TO AMERICAN AGGRESSION. links: russia.


Tehran threatens ‘crushing’ reply if attacked, ft, 7-8-08

New US nuclear sanctions on Iran, bbc, 7-8-08

background; recent events: israel/US threaten sneak attack.


Iraq warns US on withdrawal date, bbc, 7-8-08

background; links: US not planning to leave iraq. analysis: continued decption by US govt. analysis; The Real Deal: The True Reasons our Corporate Empire is Waging War in the Middle-East, committee, 8-12-07. links: iraq.


G8 talks about Climate Disaster but does NOTHING

G8 fails to set climate world alight, bbc, 7-8-08

G8 papers over differences on climate change, reuters, 7-8-08


related environmental news

Global warming will push Russia to destruction, reuters, 7-8-08

UN FAO Report: Pests and Diseases Spreading, CLIMATE-RELATED TRANSBOUNDARY PESTS AND DISEASES, FAO, 5-08. (pdf)

background; recent news and links: extinction. analysis: Our water, our fish, and our rights are gone. analysis: Feel Good Environmental Protections Worthless. analysis: The Climate Already Changed, People and Scientists Too Stupid to SEE IT. links: environment.


Whoops! Bush accidently Tells the Truth

Bush sorry over Berlusconi insult, bbc, 7-8-08


Fed indicates Govt Loans for Private Bank Speculators will Continue, Markets Rise

Bernanke Says Fed May Continue Lending Into Next Year, bloomberg, 7-8-08

Oil price drop: Day of the locusts, marketwatch, 7-8-08

Housing continues to decline: Pending home sales index down 4.7% in May: NAR, marketwatch, 7-8-08

background; recent stories and analysis: Economic Chaos/Crisis. links: all economic.

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first posted: monday, July 7, 2008: latest update: 3:03 pm, pst, berkeley, ca, usa

American Political Corruption: Creating Poverty here, and around the world

California Politicians lead Nation in Incompentence, Corruption

California's fiscal woes largely of its own making, lat, 7-7-08

Most Californians, especially lawmakers, won't feel impact of budget delay, bee, 7-7-08

The Buzz: Eyes on holiday getaway, not budget, bee, 7-7-08

Most Assembly members will take next week off; still no state budget deal, bee, 7-4-08 (why are we paying these people?)

background: analysis: Budget Crisis, Term limit fraud highlights the need for serious redistricting/reestablishment of democracy. 3 database links: redistricting. 3 database links: redistricting. links: redistricting. links: budget crisis. links: Dems are throughly CORRUPTED.


California Burning

100 year US Forecast: increasing Fire, Flood, and Drought

CDF: Major California Wildfires, as of 1700 7-6-08, calif dept forestry (pdf)

Latest Stats from the CDF, calif dept of Forestry website

background: Essay: Deadly Heat Normal in New American Summer Weather Pattern, committee, 8-29-07

fire stats...So Far

Cal Fire:

Total Fires at Peak: 1,781
Total Fires Contained: 1,451
Total Active Fires: 330
Total Acres Burned: 597,910


Total Fires at Peak: 1,005
Fires Contained: 816
Active Fires: 59

Statewide Resources Committed

Personnel Committed: 19,232
Fire Engines: 1,519
Hand Crews: 414
Dozers: 295
Water Tenders: 411
Helicopters: 95

background; article: Ca guard warned of "less effective response" to fires due to equipment shortages caused by Iraq, think progress, 10-24-08. analysis: the seasons have changed. links: all environment.

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US Politicians Lead World in Incompentence, Corruption

The G8 Meeting in Japan

The Moron President and his Minions

All of The Moron President's initiatives fail at G8 meet, ap, 7-7-08

Rice 'proud' of US invasion of Iraq,  meo, 7-5-08

background; links: iraq war a failure. analysis: Failed war, failed state, failed empire.


The French Press Soft on Bush

Climate deadlock seen at G8 despite 'constructive' Bush, afp, 7-6-08

US, Japan call for action on oil, food prices ahead of G8 meet, afp, 7-6-08

background; note: the french ignore the fact that bush is the greatest enemy of the environment in the world today, and that his illegal war and policies have destabilized oil markets, currency values, and supercharged the global food crisis. links: Suppressing Climate Science. (there are also many articles concerning the gross monetary corruption of politicians and law interspersed within the examples of manipulation and suppression of climate science within this list.)


Economic/Market Incompentence

Agency Mortgage-Bond Yield Spreads Rise on Potential Bank Sales, bloomberg, 7-7-08

The Grim Numbers: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae Plunge on Capital Concerns, bloomberg, 7-7-08

The Fox was already Guarding the Henhouse, but Now it's official: Fed to Get Role in Setting Investment Banks' Capital, bloomberg, 7-7-08.

background note: This means that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are no longer holding the money to back up their loan obligations. They are at least 75 billion dollars short, and the hole is getting deeper and deeper. recent news and analysis: Economic Chaos/Crisis.


Expect More Violent Storms, Fires and Floods

Warming Climate Adds to U.S. Flood Fears, environment news service, 7-2-08

climate set for 'sudden shifts', bbc, 2-4-08

background; article: UN says to expect fires and floods. links: environment.


Extinction Underestimated

Extinction risk 'underestimated,' bbc, 7-3-08

background articles: Only 50 years left for sea fish. BEES: Honey, I'm Gone. Study finds huge decreases in bird populations. Record Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’ Is Predicted. Ocean dead zones expanding. Tiny Delta fish at center of huge water war. Exploring an amphibian epidemic. Natural decline hurting lives. Hansen: Past the tipping point. World fish stocks collaspe: africa feeling it first. Yangtze almost dead. Global warming killing sierra trees. Salmon arriving in record low numbers. Ocean map: Oceans trashed. delay in polar bear protections. Mangrove loss put Burma at risk. Tropics insects face extinction. Wildlife populations plummeting. Fast fall of Mediterranean sharksShark populations near extinction. 30% of Alaska salmon wasted.

background links: all environment links.


Bertha christened First Hurricane of the Season

check it out: Tropical Atlantic Satellite - Water Vapor Loop, noaa


Is Barak a black male billery? (Ie, a corporate tool)

Why some conservatives are backing Obama, sf chron, 7-7-08

background articles

Let's ask matt gonzales: The Obama Craze: Count Me Out, matt gonzales, beyond chron, 2-27-08

Oprah & Obama: Corporate Marketing for a Corporate Campaign, black agenda reporter, 12-12-07

Our "savior" is owned by the Corporations; Barack Obama Inc.: The birth of a Washington machine, harpers, 11-06

background; essay: Obama's a FAKE. links: Dems are throughly CORRUPTED.


featured news: Scorecard: Presidential Campaign Bribes

Source: OpenSecrets.org

Presidential Campaign Bribes: Sources and Sums, open secrets, through june

Bribes, by economic sector, to Presidential Candidates, open secrets, through june

Bribes, by Industry, to Presidential Candidates, open secrets, through june

Party fundraising, state by state, open secrets, through june


Last Week's News: July 6 back to june 23

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The Banners I use above are a couple of natural horizon shots stretched by photoshop.
#1: Lost Coast Sunset.

lost coast sunset

It's Me!

The trail coming up mountain, reflected. I was going west, tracking hwy 108 from the snow gate past the marine base. The line is a snowmobile track.
Most snowmobilers are the wintertime's version of the summertime cowboy/equestrian trail culture: generally a great group of people with a few notable exceptions. Just like backpackers.
#2: December. About 12 miles south of tahoe. Packing from tahoe to the sisters and back.

South of Tahoe

I've got a few thousand shots from three tahoe to whitney trips, and a whole lot more.
I will put them up after I find a way to digitize 'em.

Gap I came through

Looking up at the PCT gap above levette lake. The previous december I glissaded down the face of this mountain with full winter pack. I emerged from the lowest gap on the crest line.