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1) New York Times, September 9, 2007; FBI's phone record requests cast wide net: The FBI is Spying on You

2) Washington Post, September 7, 2007; Judge Invalidates Patriot Act Provisions: Judge Throws Criminal "Patriot" Act back into President and Congress' Faces

3) Washington Post, September 7, 2007; Lawmakers Challenge Plan to Expand Spying: Military Satellites Used on to Spy on Americans

4) AP, September 9, 2007; Traveler Assessments Little Altered: Government Keeps Secret Files on Millions of Americans

5) Sac Bee, September 7, 2007; Competing voices in GOP on immigrant laborers: Buisness without State Subsidized Foreign Slaves? Wages will go UP!

6) SF Chron, September 9, 2007; GOP struggles with identity crisis: Bitches or Pigs? Repugnants Tearing Each Other Up

7) SF Chron, September 9, 2007; Racism alive and well in S.F. schools - here's proof: Which Threatens Blacks More, Mexican Cheap Labor, or Chinese Racism?

8) The Michigan Citizen, Detroit - MI, 9-9-07; STUDY: Black workers earn low wages, lack advancement: here's proof: Which Threatens Blacks More, Mexican Cheap Labor, or Chinese Racism?

9) Mcclatchy, September 4, 2007; 'Criminal alien' cases provoke national debate: Don't Forget the Ruined Schools and Hospitals...

10) Bee, September 9, 2007; Investigative Report: U.S. ships unsafe products: American Product Safety Regulations Kill People Here, and Around the World

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1) BBC NEWS, September 7, 2007; Order for Sharif brother arrest

2) NY Times, September 6, 2007; New Concerns in Europe About Credit Fallout

3) NY Times, September 6, 2007; Serbia Says Use of Force Is an Option in Kosovo: Balkan Conflict Looms Between US and Russia

4) BBC NEWS, September 3, 2007; Taleban 'getting Chinese weapons:' China growing stronger on US Trade

5) NY Times, August 23, 2007; U.S. Is Checking Dog Treats Wal-Mart Says Are Tainted. Links

6) Los Angeles Times, September 6, 2007; HSU: Democratic donor skips day in court: Dem Traitors at it Again: Selling Influence to, and Accepting Bribes From Foreigners. Links

7) BBC NEWS, September 1, 2007; Bhutto Vows early return to Pakistan: US brokers deal between Dictator and Corruption?  Links

8) Bee, September 1, 2007; Two current Doolittle aides face grand jury

9) BBC NEWS: September 5, 2007; Saudis 'ask Sharif not to return'

10) Los Angeles Times, September 8, 2007; Countrywide cuts heighten loan crisis

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1) Al-Ahram, Egypt, 30 August - 5 September, 2007; Israel eyes Gaza

2) Al-Ahram, Egypt, 30 August - 5 September, 2007; 'No elections if Hamas will win'

3) Al-Ahram, Egypt, 30 August - 5 September, 2007; Egypt-MB Stand off escalates

4) Al-Ahram, Egypt, 30 August - 5 September, 2007; Egypt: The colonial mistake

5) Review By Stephen Lendman, The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine

Review By Kim Pererson, Nakba: The Israeli Holocaust Denial

6) NYT, August 17, 2007; Israel to Get $30 Billion in Military Aid From U.S.

7) Washington Post, August 29, 2007; U.S. Poverty Rate Drops; Ranks of Uninsured Grow

8) BBC, August 29, 2007; Climate flooding risk 'misjudged'

9) BLOOMBERG NEWS, August 17, 2007; Aide to Ex-Representative Ney Is Given Probation


10) Washington Post, Thursday, August 23, 2007; White House Declares itself a National Secret

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1) Financial Times, August 29, 2007; Musharraf strikes deal with Bhutto: Bhutto sells out to American Dictatorship

2) Washington Post, August 31, 2007; Justice Dept. Probing Whether Gonzales Lied: Can the Justice Department be Trusted?

3) NY Times, August 29, 2007; Democrats Say They Will Press Gonzales Inquiries: Dems Claims to Defend Constitution Suspect

4) Washington Post, August 30, 2007; Terrorism Policies Split Democrats: Principal in Corporate Politics? It's Time for Change

5) NY Times, August 29, 2007; U.S. Troops Arrest Members of Iran Ministry in Baghdad: American Diplomacy Leaves a lot to be Desired

6) NY Times, August 14, 2007; Ex-Surgeon General’s Maverick Side Was Bound to Appear, Friends Say: Fristky Surgeon General Silent About Political Manipulation of Science-Politics until After he Was Fired

7) Washington Post, August 31, 2007; In E-Mails, Political Pressure on Ex-Surgeon General: Science, Surgeon General Punked out as Political Tools by Bush

8) Los Angeles Times, August 31, 2007; Wealth, mystery surround Clinton donor Hsu: Globalism Profits Democrats: Foreign Bribery Welcome

9) SF Chron, August 30, 2007; Newsom, Harris and Ma among local leaders who received contributions from fugitive: Local Dems Receive Bribes from Where?

10) BBC, August 29, 2007; Abu Ghraib officer spared prison: Military Command lets itself Off the Hook for Abu Garib Torture Center

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1) NY Times, August 28, 2007; Iraq Weapons Are a Focus of Criminal Investigations:

2) AP, August 23, 2007; Report Finds Iraqi Government Precarious

3) Washington Post, August 23, 2007; No-bid contract from drug office

4) NY Times, August 19, 2007; New law may go far beyond wiretapping: Dem Traitors Fully Join Bush's Attack on Civil and Constitutional Rights

5) Raw Story, September 23, 2005; Scholar says Bush has used obscure doctrine to extend power 95 times

6) NY Times, August 23, 2007; 4 Major Banks Tap Fed for Financing

7) NY Times, August 23, 2007; Lehman Closes Subprime Unit and Lays Off 1,200

8) NYT, August 20, 2007; Debt and Spending May Slow as Housing Falters, Fed Suggests

9) Washington Post, August 23, 2007; Foreign Aid Groups Face Terror Screens

10) NYT, July 31, 2007; Philippine Toll in Islamist Attacks Is the Region’s Highest

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The California Report

1) Sac Bee, August 22, 2007; At last -- a budget

2) Sac Bee, August 22, 2007; Stalemate ends, but not deficits

3) Sac Bee, August 20, 2007; Four weeks, a flood of bills

4) Sac Bee, August 11, 2007; 911 calls sounded alarm on Migden's wild drive: Migden Escapes Driving while on Drugs Charges: CHP Protected a State Senator

5) Sac Bee, August 5, 2007; Political lobbying, Tribe generous with freebies: Indians Out-Bribing Dem Political Leadership, and Everyone Else in the Capitol: Unions Defeated

6) Sac Bee, July 20, 2007; Term limit bugaboo rises anew: Nunez Using Fraudulent Reform to Protect Party and his Political Ambitions

7) Sac Bee, July 24, 2007; Term limit petitions ready: Defeat Corporate Politician's Grasping for Monopoly of Power

8) Sac Bee, August 5, 2007; Voting decision creates turmoil: Black Box Cheating Finally Curbed

9) SF Chron, July 31, 2007; Makers of voting machines battle critics over UC study: Voters: Insist on Paper Trail to Protect Your Democracy

10) LA Times, July 24, 2007; U.S. judges order review of California prison crowding: Inhumane Prisons in California Finally Addressed by Courts

11) Sac Bee, August 23, 2007; Natomas: Harding is arrested, released on bond in school contract case: Self-Dealing School Official Busted

12) Sac Bee, August 11, 2007; Official on leave long before firing: Elk Grove Tried to Hide its Incompentence behind "Personnel Records" wall of Bullshit

13) SF Chron, July 27, 2007; McNerney draws fire from backers of medicinal pot: The Dems are Tools of Corruption, not defenders of our Constitution

14) SF Chron, August 3, 2007; 800 of Bay Area's spans rated same as fallen bridge: California's Infrastructure Rotten: Only good for making Rich Richer

15) SF Chron, August 3, 2007; Mayor to pay $2,500 fine for campaign finance violations:

16) Bee, August 12, 2007; Attack by chiropractic chief: Arnie's Musclehead Friend Reaffirms his Ignorance

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The Environmental Report

1) Associated Press, August 23, 2007; Over 1,000 Displaced by Midwest Flooding: Freak Tropical Weather Floods Mid-West

2) BBC NEWS, 8-20-07; US Midwest heatwave kills dozens Deadly Heat Normal in New American Summer Weather Pattern

3) Fresno Bee, August 19, 2007; Tiny Delta fish at center of huge water war: California has Developed Beyond our Natural Resources: Stop all Growth Now!

4) NY Times, August 14, 2007; Water Levels in 3 Great Lakes Dip Far Below Normal: Too Much Growth Killing Great Lakes

5) BBC, August 14, 2007; Map reveals ancient urban sprawl: Rather than Destroying Regions, Now we are Screwing the Whole Planet

6) AP, August 17, 2007; North Korea: U.N. Reports on Floods: Freak Floods, Droughs, and Heat Waves Plaguing N. Hemisphere Summer

7) BBC, August 13, 2007; Arctic sea ice set to hit new low: Climatic Feedback Loops move Faster than Science: Lack of Wisdom-Balance Proving Fatal for Many

8) BBC, August 9, 2007; Ten-year climate model unveiled: Rapid Rate of Climate Change Requires Short-Term Models for Accuracy

9) SF Chron, August 7, 2007; Exploring an amphibian epidemic: Tadpoles are the Canaries in the Global Mine

10) SF Chronicle, August 27, 2007; California's real water war: Reckless, Irresponsible Growth Exceeds California's Natural Limits

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1) Washington Post, August 28, 2007; Embattled Gonzales Resigns: Who Will Defend the President's Crimes Now?

2) Los Angeles Times, August 14, 2007; Bush losing (Rove) key advisor at a low ebb: Bush Co-Conspirators Jumping off the Burning Ship

3) Associated Press, August 27, 2007; A Timeline of Significant Events in Gonzales' Career: The American Dream: From Illegal to Criminal in the Corporate Fascist State

4) Associated Press, August 27, 2007; Fires Rage On Across Vast Swaths of Greece: America will Continue to Grow until the World Burns and Floods

5) SF Chron, August 27, 2007; Yahoo says it followed Chinese law in releasing user records: US Government, Corporations Assist Chinese Police State

6) NY Times, August 27, 2007; Close Aides to Musharraf Meet With His Opposition: NY Times Softens Musharraf's Military Dictatorship

Will US broker a Musharraf-Bhutto alignment between Army and Secular Corruption?

7) NY Times, August 27, 2007; Mexico’s Plutocracy Thrives on Robber-Baron Concessions: Finally, Times Publishes Something about Massive Corruption Infecting Mexico and The US

8) Associated Press, August 23, 2007; Supreme Court rules that ex-PM Sharif can return to Pakistan from exile: Musharraf Dictatorship Unraveling

9) NYT, August 20, 2007; Prime Minister Plays Down Pakistani Rivals’ Talks: Dictator Tries to Split Power between Corrupt Elites

10) NY Times, August 14, 2007; U.S. May Provide Billions to Mexico to Fight Drug Cartels: US Provides Police State Technology to Mexican Police State

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1) NY Times, August 17, 2007; Notes Detail Pressure on Ashcroft Over Spying: Gonzales and Card: Ballcarriers for End Run around the Constitution

2) NY Times, August 17, 2007; Even Musharraf’s Allies Question His Re-election Goal: Will US broker a Musharraf-Bhutto alignment between Army and Secular Corruption?

3) AP, August 3, 2007; Amnesty Wants Egypt Trial Monitored: Bush Courts Employed in Egypt

4) AP, August 1, 2007; Syrians Support Helping End Iraq War: Rare Syrian Public Opinion Poll

5) NY Times, August 17, 2007; At Asian Security Meeting, Russian and Iranian Criticize the U.S.: Russia-China and the rise of a New World Balance of Power

6) AP, August 7, 2007; Seafood From China Wasn't Screened: Ban China Trade until Labor, Environment, and Safety Standards are Assured

7) LA Times, August 14, 2007; Mattel recalls more Chinese-made toys: China Trade Untrustworthy: Massive Mattell Recall

8) AP, August 3, 2007; Consumer Agency Given Leeway to Act: Neutered Agency Given temporary Balls

9) NY Times, August 14, 2007; Surge in Consumer Prices Stirs China’s Concern About Overheated Economy: China Faces Famine in Fall

10) BBC, August 8, 2007; Wealth gap 'spreads across Asia': Globalism Impoverishes Asia

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1) AP, August 17, 2007; Fed cuts discount rate by 1/2 point: Feds Bailing Out Greedy Speculators

2) AP, August 17, 2007; Asian Stocks Slide Again Despite Late Wall Street Rally: Asian Markets Plunge on Friday

3) LA Times, August 17, 2007; A rush to pull out cash: Credit Crisis Expands to Panic Run on Bank

4) NY Times, Aug 17, 2007; Australia central bank confirms forex intervention: Credit Crisis Roils Foreign Exchange Markets

5) REUTERS, August 14, 2007; Fund’s Request for Redemption Halt Denied: Credit Crisis Spreads to Commodities Trading Firm

6) NY Times, August 14, 2007; Goldman and Investors to Put $3 Billion Into Fund: Another Major Hedge Fund Folding Up

7) Financial Times, August 17 2007; Asian markets trim losses in late trading: Asian Markets Plunged, Worse Week in Years

8) AP, August 14, 2007; Europe’s Bank Lends Another $10.5 Billion: Central Banks Unable to Dictate Loan Rates in Face of Credit Crisis

9) BBC, August 14, 2007; US stocks fall on renewed jitters: Markets Crashing on Tuesday

10) BLOOMBERG NEWS, August 17, 2007; Bogus Diabetes Test Strips Traced to Chinese Distributor: China Trade Kills

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1) Financial Times, August 12 2007; China affirms dollar’s global reserve status: American Economic Security depends on China

2) Financial Times,August 12 2007: Hamas boycott criticised in UK: This Article was Suppressed by the American Corporate Media

3) Financial Times, August 12 2007; Putin increases missile defence rhetoric: Bush Gives Russia every Reason to ReArm

4) NY Times, August 8, 2007; The Almighty Ruble: Russia has the Money to ReArm

5) Pravda, 7-27-07; Baboon hunting season open: Pravda Predicts Bush Takeover of Government

6) AP, August 11, 2007; U.S. Life Span Shorter: American Corporate Greed brings Poverty, ignorance, and Death

7) Los Angeles Times, August 8, 2007; Chavez's petro-diplomacy tour:

8) NYT, July 23, 2007; Political Clashes Shake Venezuela’s Strained Oil Industry: Chavez Predicts $100 a barrel Oil

9) NY Times, August 8, 2007; Government Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring: Mexicans Out-Wages Up

10) August 8, 2007; Bonds slugs way past Aaron for home run record: Bonds is a Piece of Shit, He deserves a WWF Belt, not the Home Run Record

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