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Posted: October 30, 2007

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Impending Disasters Confronting California, the Nation and the World

1. Water, food, energy

A massive drought is stregthening in California, and across the whole South of the US. A  dry winter pattern has been establishing itself in Northern California and the Southern US for over a decade.

It looks like a Southern dominated pattern is establishing itself, which will diminish the power, and deflect the course of the North Western storms that used to bring us "normal" Winter storm patterns.

Last year, the "winter" storms came out of the west, full of pollution from China.

New weather patterns have established themselves over California, the Continential US, and the world. Although the changes are just beginning, we can see that our traditional pattern of seasonal change is over.

This change is bringing massive water, energy, and Crop yeild disruptions that will trigger human, economic, and finally political disruptions here in California that are directly reflecting the seasonal pattern disruptions that are happening around the world.

Massive weather disruptions are in the process of cascading through every aspects of our lives.

Those who actually watch nature have been aware of these changes for well over a decade. These climatic changes are now on the quick path towards triggering a global political crisis as climate change disrupts food and energy production.

Every marginally stable country in the world is now being pushed to the edge by the economic, as well as the environmental repercussions of the shifting seasons.

Political instability will quickly follow the rise of food prices due weather shifts. Add in the high cost of fuel to the precipitiously rising food prices, and we are beginning to see many "stable" third-world countires decline into chaos. The already significant crop failures and yeild declines are just beginning.

This crisis may force our ignorant people, politicians, and press to directly address the cause of this mess: It is our own corruption, incompentence, and visciousness that brought us to this point.

This government has already lost all credibility as a legitimate democracy based on our Constitution, but nobody cares. The possibility of restoring our democratic republic is rising as our corporate government's policies of greed continue to undermine our environment and economy. Our people may care about the loss of our democracy when the fools that stole our government collaspe our environment and can no longer stuff consumer's faces full of worthless crap

The envirnomental and economic blowback from our policies of unchecked demographic and consumptive growth are presenting a profound oppertunity to change the direction and character of the United States.

The key lays in how we respond to these crisis. To end the reign of the corporate fascists in America, we are required to pin the tail on the donkey. That means directly tying the failures of our flawed political system of corporate fascism not just to the destruction of our democracy, which took out our schools, hospitals, and social infrastructure when it went down, but show how the design of our corporate state has fueled the irresponsible growth that has taken down our environment.

This means that we must respond politically to our environmental crisis, not by becoming yet another faction bidding against the bribes of the Corporate Titians for the attention of "our" well-bribed representatives, but by completely sweeping the anti-democratic bribes of the corporations and special interestes from the halls of our Legislature and Congress.

Corporate control of our democracy has brought catastrophic consequences that must be used to discredit the failed policies and theories that underpin our corporate fascist state.

We must replace the corporate philosopy of the endless pursuit of wealth and profit through irresponsible growth with a practical democratic system that will balance our different political players to prevent any one group, be they the capatilsts, commies, or religious freaks, from imposing their will on the rest of us.

Our Revolutionary Forfathers called it democracy.

To achieve this, the key is going to be changing people's fundamental understanding of what is important. Of first importance is the legitimacy of our government. We must restore the quality of our democracy and health of our polity as our primary concern. With a healthy democracy we can address the problems political corruption has created.

The freedom of our country can be measured by the liberty and sovereginty of each citizen. Today, our personal liberties and security are like amimals hunted by well bribed politicians looking to put together a block of voters. Both parties do it: The republicans hunt gays and abortions, the democrats hunt guns and smoking. Each side collects bribes to take away the other side's rights. While our citizen's are watching the fight, both parties steal every penny they can stuff into their corporate sponsor's pockets.

As an AMERICAN , I realize that each person's freedom is as valuable as every others' (if you are above 18 and of sound mind). The majority of people in our country have no concept that their duty as citizens require they defend the rights of every other citizen as if it wasy their own.

Today, our people are better described as obedient consumers of the empire who are willing to impose their personal moral values on the rest of us by subverting our rights, our government and our Constitution.

As the benefits of obedient consumption dissappear, we must draw peoples' attention back to their duty as citizens. Citizens are required to attest to the legitimacy of our democratic government, and if they find it wanting, their duty requires that these flaws be fixed, at the cost of our honor, our property, and our lives, if necessary.

As people find it harder to go shopping, consume luxury products, and even afford food and fuel, we will help shift American's priorities from their level of consumption, to the quality of our political character as a democracy. Democracy first, Money second.

The second priority is establishing qualitative growth, rather than quanative demographic growth, as the economic engine of our society. This is impossible today, as the wisdom, honor, and intelligence that does exist in our country has been precluded from politics by the monopoly the corporate parties have over politics. No good person would go into party politics today.

If we break the linked chain of bribery between the corporations, the special interests, the parties and the candidates, then we will be able to bring the wisdom, honor, and intelligence that has been excluded from corporate politics back into our government.

If we can manage to hold democratic elections free from bribery, we can bring people into Congress that will address, rather than feed, all of our impending catastrophies.

Ultimatly, our water and weather problems are our own fault. They are direct consequences of us allowing our polity to be hijacked by the corporations and special interestes. Since then, our country has been dedicated to profiting from irresponsible growth.

California's growth is a case study of growth without regard to the consequences. Our corporate politicians have made the environment and the lower classes pay the terrible costs of their greed and corruption. California is embamatic of the central cause of global warming: Corporate politics driving irresponsible growth in the United States.

None of our corporate politicians or corporate press can face the fact that the climate calamities that California and the Nation are facing even exist, let alone that they have the same source: the massive demographic growth, and massive growth of consumption by the United States.

The United States is responsible for the lion's share of the world's pollution, and Californina leads the nation's growth. And no one has dared question our massive growth rate. Not the Repugnants, nor the Democraps.

Despite the high stakes and severity of the crisis, no politician in California, or Congress, can even suggest limiting growth to what our country's environment, let alone its social and physical infrastructure can responsibly support.

Never! That would threaten the profits of the corporations, who heavily bribe the politicians to maintain the profits of the corporations, who then heavily bribe all the candidates.

So we hear nothing from the politicians, nor the corporate press, nor the corporations themselves, about the real dangers that we are facing, or the corporate government that led us to this point.

Wise politicians and a free press would address how we reached this point, identify, and address the problem at its source, and work to restore our democracy and put a stop to our irresponsible growth.

Since we have neither a free press or wise politicians, this is not going to be a pretty process to restore our democracy. Both the politicians and press have been are fighting for their corporate masters, along with their obedient foreigners, to justify and maintain the irresponsible growth rates that have destroyed our democracy and environment.

They just plow blindly forward, hoping beyond hope that Bush will somehow crush the middle-east, and assure we have the oil to double our population during the next 35 years, as we did during the last 35 years.

But who can we invade to steal the water we need? Judging by legislature and govenor, we in California will steal water from each other, while damning every creek and rivlut in the state.

America's irresponsible growth has stripped our country of its natural resources, and that has made our corporate aristocracy incredibly wealthy and politically untouchable. And they depend on this wealth to maintain their empire of corruption.

Until the floor falls out from under their Empire of Abuse.

2. Energy

Californina's growth leads the national charge to open up every wilderness in the Nation that sits atop one BTU of energy. California's growth provides the ammo for advocates of nuclear energy to restart this dangerous form of energy. California's growth is leading the charge in justifying the spread of coal-fired power plants.

California is leading the charge to tap the last bits of our declining global and domestic energy resources. We are doing this in a very simple way. We are radically increasing our population with a historically unprecedented influx of foreigners.

This massive population change has changed our state by destabilizing the distribution of wealth between the middle class and the upper classes. This has in turn broken the last bottom up restraints that witheld our corporate aristocracy from seizing full power.

This last wave of immigrants, unlike the previous industrial immigration, which destroyed our farmer democracy and replaced it with a corporate aristocracy, has fed the corporate aristocracy so well that it has found the strength to assert full control of our polity, and transform the united states into a corporate fascist state domestically, and Globally, as an empire.

This last immigration is been the straw that broke the back of what was left of our the tattered remains of our democracy. And with that went our rights, our environment, and our very character as a free, self-governing people.

Our domestic political disaster, the breakdown of the democratic balance between classes in the US, has allowed our corporations, and our corporate aristocracy, to achieve the power to threaten the whole world's ecology, economic balances, and political freedom.

American growth has changed our climate, drained our water, energy, and educational systems, overburdended our social infrastructure, enriched our corporate thieves, and finally, has killed our democracy, and suppressed freedom around the world.

3. Economics

Greed has found its full expression in our political and economic policies of unlimited quanitive growth. Greed is the underpining all of our political, environmental and economic problems. The irresponsible policies of our politicians have subsituted greed for democracy, and replaced the general welfare of our country with service to greed as their central principals.

This change in political values has created and spread massive poverty across California to enhance their profits. These unaddressed costs are now threatening us with economic collaspe.

But California is "rich," many fools say, without looking at the thick layer of poverty and abuse which makes the wealth of the few possible.

California's wealth has two putrid sources which assures that the generation of profits also generates poverty: California specializes in importing impoverished, state subsidized illegal labor from mexico, and exporting American manufacturing and tech work to profit from China and India's impoverished labor forces, and their lack of labor, environment, or consumer safety regulations.

California is the major player in developing and exploiting China and India's ugly industrialiazation, and the poverty of mexicans, putting corporate profits above our sovereginty and the general welfare of American citizens.

Both of these forces of impoverishment, China and India, have aimed squarely at the heart of the American middle class by our politicians and their corporate masters.

Our middle-class has been sacrificed to the corporate hunger for Global wealth and power, as industries vital to our national security and the welfare of our people are shipped offshore. Domestically, the crimmigration has been used to smash the middle-class's social infrastructure, drain the American Middle-Class' share of our national wealth, and finally, smash our democracy.

California's riches depend on our government's abandoning middle and lower class Americans in favor of exploiting foreign labor here, and overseas.

4. Political

Much of the massive profits of our Corporations come from having their puppet government strip our society of its medical, educational, energy, and penal infrastructures of the taxation required to maintain them.

As corporate profits swelled with the swelling population, and the very predictable loss of wages, and huge increase in prices, our corporations flexed their political muscles, and avoided paying the responsible taxes to medicate, educate, or incarcerate their crimigrant labor force.

The growth in Public poverty and Corporate wealth are the two sides of the same coin. Our infrasturctures have collapsed as our corporations have gorged themselves on historical profits and the largest share of the nations's wealth in our history.

It should be no surprize that both the parties have agreed to "privitize" our social infrastructure, giving their corporate sponsors virtually complete ownership of everything in America, and giving our citizens a major screwing.

It should be no surprize that both the parties have agreed that regulations on industry should be voluntary, as our politicians are the creatures of the corporations, not the representatives and servants of American Citizens.

As our population continues to massively swell with crimigrants, our corporate aristocracy continues to keep all of their profits, and have thrown the costs of educating, medicating, incarcerate, and provide social services onto the public.

We, the people are subsidizing the crimigrant labor force that funds the massive profits of our corporate aristocracy. These massive irresponsible profits have empowered the corporations to forstall labor and environmental laws by purchasing political influence through their bribed parties and politicians.

It is plain that the majority of the frivilious wealth that our country wasted during the last 15 years came from abusing our environment, abusing our people, abusing crimigrants here, and abusing cheap labor in China and India. All of these crimes eminated from the corporate subversion of our democratic government and institutions.

Our country could have lived well for a hundred years on what we consumed during the last 15, and we would have been a hell of a lot better off.

Another deadly result of our gross expansion is China's devastating level of pollution. As we have doubled our population during the last 30 years, we have relied heavily on accelerating development in China and India, among others, to supply our consumer goods.

This has brought India and China into the modern world through an uncontrolled industrial nightmare akin to our era of robber barons, but on a scale thousands of times larger. Rather that using industrialization to help India and China industralize safely by subordinating industry to their local values and needs, our leaders allowed our corporations to quickly more the bulk of our manufacturing offshore. This impoverished our middle-class as it enriched our corporate masters, and it has devestated the environment in India and China.

Although it is American pollution that brought the world to this point, our trade and economic policies have tripled the global output of CO2. Today, India is approaching our levels of pollution, and China has surpassed them.

Our expanding global empire has also established a global web of mutually, and permenantly, impoverished laborers, and above them, American backed dictators and authoritarian states. There is an Evil Empire that depends on an Axis of Allies to threaten the peoples of the world: It is us.

California leads the nation in irresponsible demograpic growth, which has heavily increased the costs of housing, food, fuel and energy for our lower class citizens. At the same time this massive influx of crimigrants flooding the labor market has driven working class wages and living conditions to 3rd world levels.

Conditions favorable to high prices and low wages have been intentionally created by our corporate politicians. In the meantime, the corporations have stolen everything that's not bolted down, starting with our democracy.

Americans from the bottom and middle classes have been stripped of their economic resources. Now this system of corruption is tottering towards a major fall, crippled by our own domestic corruptions and internal flaws. Our foreign policy of ignorance, incompentence, and unilateral violence is threatening to bring down our Global control of resources.

The speculative bubble that is our economy is collasping, and our cities and counties are facing an impending fiscal meltdown as tax revenues plunge. The rich have stolen everything, and their pyrimid scheme is at an end. The poverty we see now is nothing, and will soon swell to threaten the corporations control of our country. Be ready.

Although our country is at the high point of this massive storm of greed and corruption, their ability to maintain the growth required to continue has hit the wall. We cannot physically, financially, or politically accomodate the demographic growth required to maintain ever increasing rises in prices and profits.

The debt that this generation of Americans created can not be paid back from the rising value of our houses. The era of anticipating that rising housing prices and profits will cover debt is offically over.

The debts of this generation will not be paid by the growth of prices and profits in the future is over. All borrowing dependent on future rises in housing prices will go into default.

Our environmental problems are physical expressions of a deep ethical corruption that is infecting the spirit of our country. This corruption manifests itself through the politicians and corporations that put themselves, and their desires for wealth and power, above our democratic ethics. Our ethical problem has brought us past the point of environmental breakdown.

The storm will soon break, and we are going to have to clean up the mess left after a 35 year festival of political greed and corruption.

The best cleaning agent for corporate fascism is democracy.

Foreign Policy

America's foreign policy has become a personal tool of the corporate interests. As most of us are now realizing, Iraq is a war for the oil companies and Israel, not for America's true security interests.

Our foreign policy can be easily summed up. It consists of illegal wars, kidnapping, torture, secret prisons, and our global ring of allied dictatorships and authoritarian governments.

Prior to Bush, we sponsored these crimes and the criminal governments that committed them. The US generally stood three paces back as our proxies did the dirty work. Until Bush.

Bush has revealed the direct link between our corporations, our military, our political parties and our global ring of dictatorships and various authoritarian and tyrannical governments.

All of this is propped up by a global ring of carrier task forces and military bases designed to protect and control our hold on global resources.


Our country's social, economic, and political practices are those of a cruel corporate fascist state, an empire, not a democratic republic.

Our climate cannot be saved by just changing a few policies, and putting a filter on the massive pollution that pours out of our fat asses.

To save our climate, we must first save our country. If we do not end the reign of the corporations and restore our democracy, our corporate govenment will persist in following their policy of endless growth. This will bring environmental, economic, and political catastrophy.

Restoring our democracy will bring relief to the nations around the world that are suffering under our global necklace of American sponsored tyrannies, dictatorships, and authortian states.

We cannot be a beacon to the world until we first free ourselves from the tyranny of our own making.

Americans from the bottom and middle classes have lost their democracy, their social infrastructure, and their personal wealth. They have lost their civil rights and their democracy. In total, we have lost the core elements that made our country a free country.

Now is the time for us to seize our rights, and force our corporations totally out of government, and restore our democratic republic.

The only way for loyal Americans to confront all the ugly consequences of having a criminal government is to attack it at its source. We must break the link between corporate wealth and politcal power, and replace the power of money with the practice of democracy. This is the key to addressing, if not unraveling all of our destructive practices and policies of the last 35 years.

To be successful in the future we must identify and abandon our presently corrupted political ethics, practices, and politicians, and rearm ourselves with our forefathers highest democratic ideals, the values that once made us a great country.

If we are unable to recover and translate our core historic and constitutional values into today's world, our future is looking very dark indeed.

Join us to outlaw the the direct link-the bribery-that binds the politicans to the corporations, in their criminal conspiriacy to deprive the people of their democratic rights.

We must exclude all corporate money from all of our elections, and Assure that the Local Voters account for no less than 70% of any candidates' funding.

Political party contributions must be the only way candidates receive money from outside the body of local voters, and party contibutions to candidates must be limited to no more than a third of the amount contributed by the local voters.

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2) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Iran Steps Up Preparations for US War


October 28, 2007


Tim Shipman in Washington and Kay Biouki in Teheran





Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is stepping up preparations for possible war with America by replacing a string of moderate regime officials with hardliners who more closely share his views.

After months in which his government has played down the risk of war over Iran's nuclear programme, officials have also begun making bellicose pronouncements in an apparent attempt to ready public opinion for a military clash.

Last week's resignation of Ali Larijani, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, and his replacement by Saeed Jalili, an Ahmadinejad ally who is a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, was merely the most visible of a series of discreet personnal changes, diplomats have revealed.

In recent weeks Mr Ahmadinejad has fired ministers responsible for oil and heavy industry, and forced out the governor of Iran's central bank for refusing to back his policies. Last week he also quietly brought in hardliners to the justice and foreign ministries. "We don't need people with specialities, we need people who are devoted," he said.

But the lack of worldly experience among his appointees has unnerved US officials.

The new nuclear negotiator speaks little English and had not travelled to the West before Mr Ahmadinejad was elected president, according to Mehdi Khalaji of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Western diplomats have also been alarmed by the appointment of General Mohammad Ali Jafari, who took part in the storming of the US Embassy in Teheran in 1979, as head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, one of the most powerful institutions in Iran. A Pentagon adviser compared him to the US general in charge of forces in Iraq. "He is the Iranian Petraeus. He has studied counter-insurgency warfare."

CIA and Pentagon analysts are fearful that Gen Jafari's views are reflected among the other senior appointments made by Mr Ahmadinejad. He has declared his wish to identify "martyrdom-seeking individuals in society" and warned: "Each of our suicide volunteers equals a nuclear bomb."

Last week, Gen Jafari announced changes in the structure of the Revolutionary Guards and the feared Basij paramilitary forces, to make them better able to "defend the revolution against any kind of threat, whether domestic or foreign".

At the same time a Revolutionary Guards general, Mahmoud Chahar Baghi, threatened to "fire 11,000 missiles at US targets in the region in the first few minutes of the conflict", and it was announced that Iran has signed a deal with China to purchase 24 J-10 fighter jets by 2010, which have the range to hit Israel.

Mr Rumsfeld's successor, Robert Gates, confirmed that "routine" planning was under way to give President George Bush options for striking at Iran. At the same time the president sought $88 million of congressional funding to modify B2 stealth bombers to carry a 30,000lb bunker-buster bomb, capable of damaging Iran's underground nuclear facilities.


2b) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Iran Adapts to Economic Pressure


October 29, 2007

The Washington Post

Steven Mufson and Robin Wright




Confronted by mounting U.S. and U.N. pressure, Iran has been steadily shifting its trade from West to East and, with the benefit of record high oil prices, is likely to be able to withstand the new U.S. sanctions, according to U.S., European and Iranian analysts.

China, a permanent member of the Security Council that can veto any U.N. resolution, is expected to overtake Germany as Iran's biggest trading partner this year. Germany and other European countries had consistently been Iran's largest trading partners for more than a decade, according to the Iran Investment Monthly.

The U.S. Treasury said that more than 40 banks, mostly in Europe, have curbed business with Iran as a result of U.S. pressure, but smaller banks, Islamic financial institutions and Asian banks are likely to step in and replace the Western financial institutions through which Iran has long sold oil on the international market. Oil traders said that Iran does an increasing portion of its petroleum sales in euros and yen, instead of U.S. dollars, and often through third parties, to help its customers circumvent U.S. financial sanctions.

"Given particularly the price and demand for oil, Iran clearly has leverage with countries that need Iran's oil," said Shaul Bakhash, a George Mason University historian and author of "The Reign of the Ayatollahs." In addition, he said, "Iran has a huge cushion of foreign-exchange reserves."

"It raises the cost of operation for all Iranian banks," said Jahangir Amuzegar, a former Iranian finance minister and representative to the World Bank before Iran's Islamic revolution. "But whether sanctions are going to cripple banking operations, I don't think so. Sanctions are effective only if they are comprehensive and universal."

observers said that sanctions had little political effect in places like Cuba, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South Africa and North Korea. "Iranians have a strong sense of themselves," said J. Robinson West, chairman of PFC Energy. "If these new sanctions create internal problems and cause the people to unify, then they won't work. But if the sanctions can drive a wedge" between the regime and its constituents, they have a chance to work.

Sanctions could even generate greater resistance. "This is a regime that hates to be seen to be backing off under international and U.S. pressure, so it seems unlikely that the threat of international sanctions alone will cause the Iranians to back off on the nuclear issue," said Bakhash, the George Mason historian.

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Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

I wrote this in May 2007;

Cheney Threatens Iran with American Military Incompetence
With the American army broken, and as the parts of the middle east not burning are slipping away from our control, Cheney is threatening to expand the war to Iran.

Iran must be thrilled. The last neo-con brilliant "Plan" has improved Iran's regional standing, and has provided them with Scores of Iraqi Shia allies. Iraq may soon become Iran's best friend in the middle east, due to Bush's last brilliant war "plan."

The last brilliant plan is still destroying our influence around the world, and in the middle east, is still draining our treasury, and is giving Bush the moxie to destroy what was left of our democracy.

The Iranians must be thrilled: Bush's last plan eliminated their enemy, Saddam, allowing the Iranians and Shia majority in Iraq to become fast friends.

Bush's next "plan" should unify the whole middle east, if not the whole world, against us.

The Iranians are hoping Bush acts, because each time Bush takes action, he shoots himself (and us) in the foot.

It is likely that this time Bush will shoot himself (us) in the foot with an even bigger gun than last time.

Bush's incompetence and whorishness demands we take action to end the political corruption that allowed this fool to rise to the presidency.

We must change how we finance the election of our leaders to prevent bribery and corruption from ever again allowing corporate bribery to lift incompetents to the highest office in the land.

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3) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

IAEA chief lashes out over Israeli raid in Syria


by Jitendra Joshi

Sun Oct 28, 3:58 PM ET




UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei Sunday accused the Israelis of taking "the law into their own hands" with a mysterious raid on Syria last month and demanded more information about what was hit.

Neither Israel nor the United States has furnished "any evidence at all" to prove that the Syrian site bombed in early September was a secret nuclear facility, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency told CNN.

"That to me is very distressful because we have a system: if countries have information that the country is working on a nuclear-related program, they should come to us. We have the authority to go out and investigate," he said.

"But to bomb first and then ask questions later, I think it undermines the system and it doesn't lead to any solution to any suspicion, because we are the eyes and ears of the international community."

"And I would hope if anybody has information, before they take the law into their own hands, to come and pass the information on," he said.

Israel has said it bombed a military target inside Syria on September 6 but has provided no more details, amid speculation that the target may have been a site storing nuclear materials from North Korea.

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International Law Means Nothing to US-Israel

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

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BBC, 9-20-07; “Rice pushes peace summit,” Real Headline: Rice Supports Israeli declaration of Gaza “Hostile Entity:” Rice-US Condones Israeli War Crimes

Haaretz, 9-20-07; UN chief: Cutting off fuel to Gaza is violation of international law: Rice confuses Hostile Hamas with Civilian Population, Condones Mass Punishment of Gaza

Corruption Updates 126, 6th article on the page, Israel approves Gaza power cuts

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4) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Sabra and Shatila Massacres, 25 years later


Published Date: 05/10/2007






  On the evening of 16 September 1982, the Israeli occupation army in Beirut allowed the Lebanese Christian Phalangist militia, under the command of Elie Hobeika, to enter the two refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in order to carry out “mopping-up operations.”

For the next 36 to 48 hours, the Phalangists massacred the inhabitants of the refugee camps, while the Israeli military guarding the exits continued to provide flares by night. The Israeli occupation army also prevented refugees from fleeing the slaughter, forcing them to return to face certain death.

A unit of 150 Phalangists, including some SLA (Israeli-puppet South Lebanese Army) fighters, was assembled at 4 p.m. These militiamen armed with guns, knives and hatchets entered the camps at 6 p.m. A Phalangist officer reported 300 killings, including civilians, to the Israeli command post at 8 p.m., and further reports of these killings followed throughout the night. Some of these reports were forwarded to the Israeli government in Jerusalem and were seen by a number of Israel's senior officials.

At one point, one militiaman radioed a question to his commander, Elie Hobeika, about what to do with the women and children in the refugee camp. It was overheard by an Israeli officer, who heard Hobeika reply, "This is the last time you're going to ask me a question like that; you know exactly what to do."

On Friday, 17 September, while the camps were still sealed off, a few independent observers managed to enter. Among them were a Norwegian journalist and diplomat Gunnar Flakstad, who observed Phalangists during their cleanup operations removing dead bodies from destroyed houses in the Shatila camp.

The Phalangists did not exit the camps at 5 a.m. on Saturday as ordered. They forced the remaining survivors to march out of the camps, randomly killing individuals and sending others to the stadium for interrogations; this went on for the entire day. The militia finally left the camps at 8 a.m. on 18 September. The first foreign journalists allowed into the camps at 9 a.m. found hundreds of bodies scattered about the camp, many of them mutilated. The first official news of the massacre was broadcast around noon.

The shocking massacres did make headlines in the U.S. However, the way the massacres were treated by the mainstream American media was utterly incompatible with the horrible events. One would just imagine how differently the American media would have reacted if 2,000-3,000 Israeli Jewish women and children had been slaughtered by Palestinians.

Indeed, the bulk of the American media, the so-called agenda-setters, while reporting some of the goriest details of the Auschwitz-like mass slaughter refrained as much as possible from indicting Israel, with key TV networks and newspapers seeking to give Israel the benefit of the doubt.

Israel’s numerous shipyard dogs in the media did their best to deflect blame by parroting Israeli denials.

Eventually, the media treatment of the issue gave the impression that the main story was no longer the massacres themselves, but rather Israel’s grievances that the world was treating the Jewish State unjustly by making comparisons with the Nazis and the holocaust.

Once again, the weapon of “anti-Semitism” was unleashed in the face of those who would call the spade a spade, as if Jewish Nazism, unlike German Nazism, was kosher, as, indeed, many Jews believe.

Seeking to deflect blame, Menachem Begin, then Israel’s certified war criminal Prime Minister, claimed that Israel was innocent and that all that happened was that “Arabs were killing Arabs.”

The truth of the matter, which many honest-minded Jews readily recognize, is that Israel was the enabler, planner, abettor, and ultimate perpetrator by giving the fascist murderers access to the demilitarized camps where they continued to slaughter every moving thing for close to 48 hours.

Hence, the claim that Ariel Sharon didn’t know what was going in inside the camps should be treated as a form of fornication with truth.

The horrible slaughter represented a certain message Zionism wanted to communicate to the Palestinian people, namely that Israel was targeting their very physical survival and was determined to exterminate them.

Today, 25 years have passed since the massacres of Sabra and Shatila were perpetrated, and the wanton killings of Palestinians, including children and women, are still occurring on a daily basis.

4b) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Fateh also committed crimes against the Palestinian people

Published Date: 05/10/2007

Palestine Times









Occupied Jerusalem-PT


Ever since the failed attempt by former Fateh strongman, Muhammad Dahlan, to overthrow the democratically elected government in Gaza by using American weapons and monies, the Fateh leadership has been waging a black-propaganda war against the Hamas-led government in Gaza.

Fateh media, including the so-called “Palestine TV,” has not stopped calling Hamas all the nasty names in the dictionary, so much so that an uninformed observer would think that the Palestinian people’s ultimate enemy is Hamas, not the Nazi-like Israeli occupation and its Palestinian tools—the hateful quislings and collaborators.

Well, no one denies that Hamas made some mistakes in handling the American-backed attempted coup which was aimed at killing Palestinian democracy and raping the will of the Palestinian people.

However, the wanton crimes and acts of treason perpetrated by certain elements within Fateh exceeded in their gravity and treachery by a million light years anything done by Hamas.

To begin with, it is well known to all Palestinians that Fateh never really came to terms with Hamas’s election victory in January 2006. Fateh leaders and spokesmen reacted with spasmodic anger to Hamas' electoral triumph, refusing to join the Islamic movement in a government of national unity.

Fateh leader Dahlan even threatened to punish any Fateh member joining the Hamas-led government saying, “I will rough them up.”

Indeed, for many months prior to the regrettable mid-June events in Gaza, we had been exposed to a plethora of news reports from Washington about large shipments of weapons and military gear going to Fateh via the Israeli-controlled border crossings with Gaza, namely Eretz and Nahal Oz.

Moreover, U.S. Congress on several occasions allocated tens of millions of dollars to “strengthen Abbas against Hamas,” as if the Palestinian problem had nothing to do with the Nazi-like Israeli occupation and had everything to do with the existence of Hamas.

In the West Bank, especially in Jericho, and also to a lesser extent in Gaza, hundreds of Palestinian youngsters were being trained by CIA trainees who were telling them that “your enemy is not Israel, your enemy is Hamas.” This was being done while all PA Fateh officials were dead silent, as if the training was taking place on a different planet.

Fateh should have understood from the very beginning that Dahlan and his cohorts were crossing a sacred red line and that the Palestinian people won’t ever forgive such a crime. But Fateh didn’t, and it is not about to.

Well, Fateh may be gaining favours from Israel and money and some weapons from the United States.

However, Fateh should realize that the Palestinian people won’t forget and won’t forgive.


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Hidden History of Israel: Born in Terror, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide; Perpetuated by Crimes against Humanity

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., September 20, 2007

"Israel" Thievery of Arab Lands continues from 1948 to Present

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., July 20, 2007

Israel has no legitimate basis. Israel is based on violence, ethnic cleansing, and the military, economic and political power of the United States, and nothing else.

All of Israel is occupied land gained through terrorism, war, and other crimes against humanity.

Until the US recognizes these facts, the middle east will resist, and eventually overthrow, our Saudi, Jordanian, and Egyptian Dictators. Then the middle east will destroy Israel.

Until the US defines "democracy" as something more than a thin cover for Corporate control of our nation's politics, our middle eastern foreign policy will continue to be nothing more than a tool of the Oil and Israel lobbies. Both political parties have been corrupted by these fascistic interests, and both parties are incapable of dealing honestly with the middle east.

The dismal situation in Iraq represents the final failure of Democracy in America, not the spread of American Democracy.

America's unwarranted attack on Iraq represents the victory of wealth and power over our American democracy, and our foreign policy. In the case of the Iraq war, we got an example of the massive power of the Oil and Israeli lobbies to easily use America's power and wealth to advance their criminal agendas. They have stolen yet another nation. Except this time their hand is wedged tight in the cookie jar.

The Iraq war, and how it came about, does not represent the actions of a democratic country. The Iraq war represents the actions of a corporate fascist state.

Unfortunately for us, the majority of Arabs who are suffering under our various middle eastern dictators and the iron fist of our Jewish colony, have concluded that what we call "democracy" is completely unjust, patently immoral and unacceptable, and are instead embracing political forms based on religion.

Sadly, these religiously based systems, despite their considerable drawbacks and shortcomings, provide considerably more justice than our "democratic" system delivers.

The fault for the rise of extreme islamic radicalism lies with us, with us for allowing our own corporate christian taliban to smash our democracy, and seize the reigns of our foreign policy.

The rise of radical islam is nothing more than a response to our own extreme corruption, which is also the source of the loss of our own democracy.

This tragedy did not begin with 911, as our political and media liars constantly tell us. 911, and many more tragedies to come, began with the loss of our democracy, and our imposition of dictators and tyrants on countries in every continent in the world.

Resistance to American-supported puppet governments around the world is growing rapidly as colonized nations are rejecting our farcical "democratic" governments run by dictators, and seizing the right to define their own identities, cultures, and political systems.

This inevitable post-colonial evolution will only stop if America recognizes the right of every country in the world, especially the nations sitting on top of Oil, mineral resources, and labor, to self-determination and self-definition without us threatening them with war, death squads, or military coups to seize their assets.

If we continue to pursue our program of corporate globalism, the post colonial revolution we are experiencing will end with the violent destruction of our middle eastern dictatorships, Israel, and the shattering of our globalized web of corporate thievery.

A Democrat Congress and President is not going to change this scenario one iota. Until we reimpose democracy on our corporate politicians and release our "free" press from its corporate bondage, the corporate politicians of both parties will only be capable of spreading our corruption and tyranny, not our Democratic Principals, around the world.

The global revolution of democracy must start here, not over there.

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Also See:

Mearsheimer and Walt, March 2006, THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY.

Book Review by Stepen Lendman: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe.

Book Review by Kim Petersen: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe

Corruption Updates 42, 4th article on the page, Bolton Admits US ALLOWED ISRAEL TO DESTROY LEBANON


Al Ahram, 25 - 31 October 2007: Much like Auschwitz: Israel's regard for Palestinians can be summed up in how it imprisons and terrorises them, writes Khaled Amayreh in the occupied West Bank


Palestine Times,  05/09/2007; Ramallah’s anti-Palestinian regime


Links on Israeli Crimes


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5) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

New Chinese Constitution:

Chinese Government Website, Oct 25, 2007




Amazing that our corporate fascists are so enthralled by irresponsible profits that they have embraced and empowered the authoritarian Chinese police state.

The Chinese announced the “socialist market economy” and private property as the future path of China. The goal is that, “The Party must respect work, knowledge, talent and creation and ensure that development is for the people, by the people and with the people sharing in its fruits.”

As someone who has watched his own government betray its founding principals, I recognize the same pattern occurring in China.

As I mentioned previously, China’s great challenge is to merge its commie and capital elites under an artificial Constitution sufficient to neutralize the 700 million peasants who remain commies, long after their country has abandoned communism in favor of a monolithic, industrial police state.

As our corporate fascist government represents this same blend of hypocritical politics, and police state powers, it is not so amazing that our government is comfortable with EVIL allies such as China, and Musharraf, and Mubarak, and on and on with our list of American allied and supported dictatorships.

Like us, the Chinese “commies” have put corporate profits before all else:

 “…the Communist Party of China must persist in taking economic development as the central task, making all other work subordinate to and serve this central task.”

Disturbingly, the reason our government and corporations get along so well with China is that our Corporate Fascist government has more similiarities to the China Commie elite than to the general welfare of our own citizens and our Constitution.

We also share the same vision of democracy with the China Commies, as strange as that may sound.  As the commies put it, they are dedicated to,

“…upholding democratic centralism. Democratic centralism is a combination of centralism on the basis of democracy and democracy under centralized guidance. It is the fundamental organizational principle of the Party and is also the mass line applied in the Party's political activities.”

That sure sounds a lot like America’s plan to democratize the world. It sounds like that by our acceptance of the rigged elections in Egypt, Pakistan, Colombia, and Mexico that put American Stooges into power through rigged elections make us “democratic centralists” as much as it identifies us as corporate fascists.

The real difference between us and China is a matter of perspective. In China, the politicians get together every few years, and this pack of liars rewrite the Commie Constitution. Here in the US, the Constitution remains constant, but we suffer under a pack of politicians who brazenly defy the Constitution, damage our democracy and inalienable rights, and lie about it.

Our lying politicians and China’s lying politicians are on two different paths that both lead to the same place: An Authortarian Police State, otherwise known as Corporate Fascism.


Also See:

Chinese Government Website, Oct 27, 2007  China Congratulates New Myanmar PM

Corruption Updates 113, 9th article on the page, An Opportunity for Wall St. in China’s Surveillance Boom: China Catches up with West: It's 1984 in China

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Our Chinese "Friends" are Autocratic Dictators who we are Empowering With Trillions of Dollars of Irresponsible Manufacturing and Trade Profits

Alex, May 24, 2007, CU 59_7

The Chinese are using the profits from our trade to build missiles, fleets, and armies. The Chinese are expanding their global reach, using the profits from our trade to finance development in Venezuela and Sudan.

And the Chinese are also using these profits to build a high-tech domestic police state.

Funding, equipping, generally empowering China's Evil Government is not a problem to the leaders of either party. Why?

Because profits are more important to our globalized corporate politicians than the welfare of our country. While the China trade has empowered China, and swelled the profits of our corporations, it has impoverished our middle class, and made America dependent on offshore sources for our most basic needs.

The China Trade, in combination with illegal immigration, has impoverished Workers Here, pushing all the money, and political power, to the American Corporate Aristocracy.

Couldn't have done it without the cooperation of the Chinese. (And Mexico Too!)

A similar phenomena has occurred in China. A big chunk of the Chinese Peasantry has moved to the big city, and is being screwed over worse than any illegal in Los Angeles.

Moving American manufactures to China has concentrated a massive amount of Wealth into the hands of a very small group, giving birth to a nascent Chinese corporate aristocracy.

Our Corporate Aristocracy has no problem financing and arming dictators around the world. Providing the tools for authoritarian governments to impose police state powers on people around the world seems to offend none in our corporations, our corporate press or our corporate government.

Until we stop the corporations from buying our elections and politicians, our Corporate Aristocracy and its government will continue to have more in common with the Chinese "Commie" leadership, and other petty dictators around the world, than with our own people. Well, what's left of them.

I am amazed that our capitalists are not freaked out by the Chinese government's power to seize anything they want. I'm doubly surprised that they are funding a serious threat to their own domination of the world's resources. An even greater problem is that China has no reliable rule of law to define or defend corporate property.

Our corporations have become so greedy that their own greed is empowering China, the greatest threat to Western Global Dominance we have ever faced.

On the other hand, China does have one thing our corporations seem to be angling for here: a centralization of political and economic power in the hands of a small elite that controls the political, economic, and religious affairs of the whole country.

It is obvious that China's tyrannical government does not offend either our government or press's definitions of freedom or human rights. This is amazing considering their expansive range of civil and human rights abuses.


I am really amazed that China's forced abortion policy has not attracted more attention from our President and his evangelical allies. I'm surprised that China's forced abortions are not a hot topic among the presidential candidates, considering what a political weapon abortion has been inside our country against our own citizen's rights.

It seems the Dems and Repugs will both tolerate forced abortions for the profits of the China trade. The Dems tolerate the human rights abuse, while the Repugnants prove themselves hypocrites before both god and man.

To all you Christians dealing with China: China Forces Women to have Abortions. Get your mind around that one, then keep cheering for, and participating in, the China Trade.

This is a rare moment when Human Rights and the Christian Right could actually fit together: they could both demand that China back away from imposing abortions, among other abominations, on its people.

But apparently our Christian President, and all the zealots who want to deny Abortions to women who want one here, have no problem making money in a country that imposes Abortions on unwilling women.

Maybe the Christians and Chinese would agree that the power to compel people is more important than what you compel them to do. Or not to do.


To all you hippies, who see globalism as a way to hold hands with the world: China took Tibet, raped it, and calls it "China," and is flooding it with Chinese nationals. Yeah, let's all hold hands...


To the environmentalists: China is finishing off the destruction of the Climate that the United States started. China has no intention of curbing its massive domestic pollution, nor its production of greenhouse gasses. Like the US, China puts the economy before the environment.

In brief, China is one of the most unfree, greedy, and dirty countries on the face of the planet. And our relationship with China is accelerating and empowering all of these characteristics both here and there.

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Corruption Updates 65, 7th article on the page, China puts economy before climate

Corruption Updates 94, 8th article on the page, US puts economy before Climate

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6) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

New China Hierarchy May Limit President’s Power


NY Times, October 13, 2007





BEIJING, Oct. 12 — After intensive bargaining, China’s Communist Party has approved a new leadership lineup that denies President Hu Jintao the decisive consolidation of power that his supporters hoped would allow him to govern more assertively in his final five-year term as China’s top leader.

The party’s Central Committee agreed to elevate four senior officials to the ruling Politburo Standing Committee, but only one of them, Li Keqiang, the party secretary of Liaoning Province, clearly owed his rise in the hierarchy to Mr. Hu’s patronage, people told about the results of a Central Committee meeting said Friday.

Xi Jinping, the party boss of Shanghai, is also expected to join the Standing Committee. He would outrank Mr. Li and become the most likely successor to Mr. Hu as party chief, head of state and top military official in 2012, the people said.

Mr. Xi, whose father was a senior party official under Mao, is viewed as a compromise choice, acceptable to Mr. Hu but also to his now-retired predecessor as top leader, Jiang Zemin, who party officials say exercised broad sway over the reshuffling. Mr. Xi moved to Shanghai from Zhejiang Province just six months ago to replace the now disgraced Chen Liangyu, who was ousted in China’s biggest corruption scandal of the past decade.

The committee also said the party would amend its Constitution. That suggests that Mr. Hu’s concept of “scientific development,” a catch phrase for his policies to promote more balanced, equitable and sustainable development, will be enshrined in the Constitution alongside the political slogans of Mao, Deng Xiaoping and Mr. Jiang.

Even so, the coming party congress seems likely to underscore the collective nature of decision making in the ruling party, as well as Mr. Hu’s clout.

...(Hu)...he has also kept a tight rein on news media and done little to improve China’s domestic human rights record or legal system. He has taken few significant steps to overhaul the one-party system or allow more political pluralism.

Some supporters of Mr. Hu, who is 64 years old, have speculated that he might push political change in his second term, particularly if he eclipses the influence of Mr. Jiang, 80, and assumes more decision-making power.

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Corruption Updates 7, 5th article on the page, Struggle for the Corrupt Fruit of Political Victory in China

Corruption Updates 12, 8th article on the page, Chinese Elite Holding "Election" of Leadership with Thinly Disguised "Corruption" Purge

Search the Corruption Database under

China (59 Abstracts)


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7) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

China Promotes Taiwan-Focused Military Officers


NYT, October 10, 2007





BEIJING, Oct. 9 — China has promoted at least four senior military officers with experience in planning for war over Taiwan, ahead of a major political meeting next week at which the Communist Party has said it will adopt a new strategy to stop the self-governing island from moving toward independence.

In a move that was quietly handled even by the standards of China’s secretive military, Beijing last month elevated Gen. Chen Bingde of the army to chief of the general staff, a post where he will exercise day-to-day operational command of the country’s 2.3 million-member armed forces.

General Chen’s previous post was director general of the general armaments department, where he led the rapid modernization of Chinese military hardware and the country’s high-profile space program.

Gen. Xu Qiliang, a veteran air force pilot who served in a number of operational and staff posts in the Nanjing military region, was appointed head of the air force last month, state news media reported.

Last month, state news media reported that another air force officer with command experience in the Nanjing region, Gen. Ma Xiaotian, had been promoted to deputy chief of the general staff.

Experts say these appointments are not intended specifically to threaten Taiwan, but are part of China’s overall military development, where a top priority is enforcing the mainland’s claim of sovereignty over the island if necessary.

“It sends a message more broadly that Beijing is enhancing its military capability to deal with Taiwan in any future conflict,” said Andrew Yang, secretary general of the Chinese Council of Advanced Policy Studies, a security policy institute based in Taipei, Taiwan. “There is more emphasis on the quality of the commanders.”

The proportion of officers holding important command positions with firsthand experience in planning for a conflict over Taiwan has been increasing in recent years, experts say.

(President Hu Jintao)...who is also chairman of the Central Military Commission, the top military decision-making body, has overseen recent military promotions and is quite likely to support further sharp increases in defense spending, analysts say.

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Who Owns Taiwan? US and China in Contest for Control of Taiwan

March 28, 2007

China has become a Bushiean Corporate Fascist dreamland. China's Commie Government possesses unlimited power over individuals, business, and governmental authority. And they are greedy for wealth, power, and prestige, just like our leaders. They disregard their Constitution and laws, just like our leaders. China's ambition is to apply their power to expand their influence across South Asia.

China has transformed itself into a nearly perfect capitalist state dedicated to profit. Internally, China has not worked out the relationship between political and economic power. Externally, the terms of China's relationships with American power, and our allies in their backyard, have not been worked out at all.

Taiwan has made the transition from an authoritarian dictatorship to Corporate Fascism. From individual rule, to small group rule. As have South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, among others. The differences between the former, the authoritarian fascists, and the latter, the greed fascists, is causing stress in both China and Taiwan.

The distinction between the two groups is small, but vital. A fascist dictator, like most Authoritarian states, bases its power on national or cultural ideals. Corporate fascists base their authority on the universality of greed, independent of national or cultural ideals.

China has not decided where it stands in this debate. China has not claimed its true identity, yet. And China is rising in power, wealth, and influence. China and Taiwan, Japan, the Phillipines and Indonesia have a lot of issues to work out as the reach of American Corporate Greed diminishes in power and influence in the region, while simultaneously providing China with the tools to strengthen its position against our influence, and allies, in the region. The rising power of China can be measured by the rising level of demands they put on Taiwan.

China will continue to use the carrot and stick approach against Taiwan. This will continue until internal Chinese social and economic conditions ripen. If things go badly for China, a Taiwan invasion will unify an unruly domestic situation. If things go well for China, they will have the power and wealth to force Taiwan to "unify," as they did with Hong Kong.

In either case, American foreign policy, with both China and South Asia, is adding fuel to a serious conflict over who will dominate South Asia in the near future: American Corporations and their authoritarian client states, or China.

We established the tone and direction of this conflict when we took over the failed British and Dutch colonies at the end of World War II, and propped them up with military dictatorships. Now, after 30 years of moving manufacturing to China to wildly increase Corporate Profits, and disenfranchise our middle class here at home, the Chinese are entering the world power game with enough wealth and power to win it, in South Asia, to begin with.

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8) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

China opens coffers for minerals


China has signed a deal to loan the Democratic Republic of Congo $5bn to develop infrastructure and mining.

BBC, 9-18-07




Infrastructure Minister Pierre Lumbi said the money will be spent on building roads, hospitals, health centres, housing and universities.

In exchange, China will get rights to DR Congo's extensive natural resources, including timber, cobalt and copper.

A recent study concluded that China's main interest in Africa is to guarantee supplies of raw materials.

This is the largest single loan to any African country of the $20bn that China has pledged to finance trade and investment in the continent over the next few years.

New partnership with Africa

The official Xinhua press agency recently estimated there are at least 750,000 Chinese working or living for extended periods on the continent, a reflection of burgeoning economic ties that reached $55bn in trade in 2006.

Chinese trade and investment has galvanised mineral production from South Africa (manganese) to Niger (uranium), and from Sudan to Angola (oil).

Much of that activity reflects an intense appetite for the African resources needed to fuel China's manufacturing sector, but big Chinese companies have quickly become formidable competitors in other sectors as well, particularly for big-ticket public works contracts, like the ones now proposed for DR Congo.

China is building major new railroad lines in Nigeria and Angola, large dams in Sudan, airports in several countries, and new roads almost everywhere.

One of the largest road builders, China Road and Bridge Construction, owned by the Chinese government, has 29 projects in Africa (many financed by the World Bank or other lenders) and offices in 22 African countries.

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Corruption Updates 61, 3rd article on the page, China Investing American Profits to Turn World Balance of Power against US

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9) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Health Sector Puts Its Money on Democrats


NYT, October 29, 2007





WASHINGTON, Oct. 28 — In a reversal from past election cycles, Democratic candidates for president are outpacing Republicans in donations from the health care industry, even as the leading Democrats in the field offer proposals that have caused deep anxiety in some of its sectors.

Hospitals, drug makers, doctors and insurers gave candidates in both parties more than $11 million in the first nine months of this year, according to an analysis of campaign finance records done for The New York Times by the Center for Responsive Politics, an independent group that tracks campaign finance.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York has amassed the most of any candidate..

In all, the Democratic presidential candidates have raised about $6.5 million from the industry, compared with nearly $4.8 million for the Republican candidates.

People in the health care industry say the giving reflects a growing sense that the Democrats are in a strong position to win the White House next year. It also underscores the industry’s frantic effort to influence the candidates, as Democrats push their proposals to address what many polls show is a top concern among voters.

But the donations are exposing the candidates, particularly Mrs. Clinton, to accusations of being captive to special interests, a charge that one of Mrs. Clinton’s rivals, John Edwards, has leveled against her on the campaign trail, telling her during one debate that she would “negotiate and compromise your way to universal health care” with the insurance and drug industries.

The Democratic presidential candidates are collecting more than Republicans from virtually every sector of the industry — pharmaceuticals, insurers and health maintenance organizations, doctors, hospitals and nursing homes, according to the analysis.

The health care industry has not been monolithic in its support of candidates, and is spreading its money around the field.

Kevin W. Sharer, the chief executive of Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology company, appears to be hedging his bets. He has made contributions to Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Romney and Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona.

The imbalance in contributions from the health care industry is yet another sign of how the political climate has changed for Republicans. At this point in the 2004 presidential race, President Bush had $4.3 million in donations from the industry, or about $1 million more than the Democratic candidates seeking their party’s nomination to challenge him.

And in the first nine months of the 2000 presidential campaign — when there was no incumbent in the White House running for re-election — the Republican presidential candidates took in $3.9 million from the health care industry, compared with $1.7 million raised by the Democrats, campaign finance records show.

Mr. McCain has taken in nearly $880,000 from the industry this year, while Mr. Edwards, the former Democratic senator from North Carolina, has collected nearly $600,000, the records show.

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Billery Bought to the Hilt by Corporate Medicine: Expect all Medical Costs to Continue Rising after Election

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

Billery is proving, once again, that she is no more that a corporate whore. Albeit an expensive whore, as Industrial medicine has paid her 2.7 million to preserve their ability to rape the public.

But this is a good deal for corporate medicine. After Billery is elected, she will trade our public health away to provide billions in irresponsible profits for corporate health by denying health care to millions of Americans, and making the poor and elderly decide between food and medicine.

Good work, Bitch.

Billery is a corrupted tool of the largest corporate interests in the country. Billery, like her husband, is a corporate "Democrat," and is no better than a Republican.

Billery will continue to support the privatization of our energy grid, the privatization of our schools, the privitization of medicine, and generally giving the corporations every public asset that generations of Americans worked hard to build.

Bilery will screw the public for political bribes, like the rest of the Republicans and Democrats.

Billery is a textbook example of why the corporation's purchase of political influence-BRIBERY-must be immediatly stopped. Billery and the rest of our bribed politicians might have some honor to display, if we prevent them from accepting bribes.

Besides endangering our health and welfare, these bribes have made a mockery of our democratic principals, the words and ideals in our Constitution, and has made it impossible for anybody but corporate whores like Billery, and her fellow corrupted politicians in both parties, to become a candidate or get elected.

The political life of Billery, and our corporate whore parties, are completely dependent on corporate bribes to maintain office. The payoff for these bribes is allowing their corporate masters to loot our country, both of wealth, but most importantly, they have robbed us of our most valuable possession, our democracy.

That's why nothing changed when the Democrats replaced the Republicans in Congress. The same corporate hand controls each tool, I mean party. And that means that these tools can be depended on to fight any meaningful reforms that would threaten their flood of corporate bribes, and the criminal profits of their bribers.

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See Right Web for an interesting profile of the DLC and its Corporate backers

Los Angeles Times, September 10, 2007; FBI looks into disgraced donor's business: Investigating a pyrmid scheme from within a pyrmid scheme. The House of Mirrors.

Los Angeles Times, September 11, 2007; Clinton to Hsu: Your Money is hot now. Please take it back


Before the Nov '06 election:






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Career Prosecutors Opposed Siegelman Case


HARPERS, 10-29-07


Scott Horton



From the first emergence of allegations that the Siegelman prosecution was politically motivated, the Bush Administration has rested on a single straw: that the case was brought and carried forward by career prosecutors. That contention has now been dealt a fatal blow by the man who raised it.

Louis Franklin, the acting U.S. attorney in the case...as prosecutor Louis Franklin gave the Birmingham News a lengthy interview, freely responding to questions which–from the mouths of other reporters–he had consistently refused to discuss.

The interview is clearly designed to plug the holes that have sprung in the account that Franklin and his colleagues provided before. But it does just the opposite. The handful of leaks have turned into a gushing breach in the dam. Posecutor Louis V. Franklin admits (1) that the most experienced career prosecutor working with him on the case concluded that the Siegelman case should not have been brought; and (2) that he handled the case hand-in-glove with Noel Hillman, the head of Justice’s Public Integrity Section in Washington, and a man now repeatedly and directly linked to Karl Rove in connection with the prosecution of the case.

But beyond this, Franklin contradicted a series of statements he previously made, doing damage to his credibility. In fact this interview presents Franklin’s third account of what happened, irreconcilable with either of two prior accounts. The first account is the one he put to the Court in the three months before the Siegelman case went to trial. The second account is the one he offered up in two amazingly sloppy and contradictory press releases he put out as the Simpson allegations surfaced. And the third is this Birmingham News account.

But the most important fact is that Franklin has contradicted two statements he made to the Court under oath on February 27, 2006 and April 14, 2006. That badly damages his credibility going forward.

Franklin’s bumbling inconsistencies and efforts to cover up what actually transpired are so weak, it makes me wonder whether he isn’t working like Jaroslav Hašek’s good soldier Švejk, trying to sabotage his own prosecution efforts and help Siegelman come out on top. It’s hard to imagine him doing anything more damaging than what he did in this interview. Let’s take a deeper look at the story under the surface.

Career Prosecutors Opposed the Siegelman Case

For the last several months, I have received accounts that a number of the most experienced and senior career prosecutors involved on the case strongly opposed continuing the prosecution against Siegelman. The case was pushed through, as one Justice Department person has suggested to me, “with blunt political force” over their opposition. Today, we learn the identity of one of the career prosecutors who said the case was inappropriate, and he happens to be “the most experienced prosecutor on the team:”

John W. Scott, a senior Justice Department trial lawyer who had been helping with the case at the request of Montgomery prosecutors, disagreed with the move to extend the investigation, Franklin said. “We had to make a decision about whether or not a grand jury would help us in putting the case together, investigating further. It was not a popular decision, but I made it,” Franklin said. “John didn’t want to do that, so when he left Montgomery he didn’t come back…”

In sum: Franklin’s claim was once that the career prosecutors favored going after Siegelman. Now he’s admitting that this was not true. Moreover, in Justice Department prosecutions of this sort marked by the mass migration of career prosecutors who “drop off,” “transfer to other offices,” or “have other things to do,” it is often the case that the prosecutors believe the case should not have been prosecuted. The case was being pressed forward with brute political force, and those behind it were flailing about trying to find loyal troopers who would shut up and do what is expected of them: a category into which Franklin and his deputy Feaga plainly fell.

Justice’s Public Integrity Section is supposed to be a watchdog for ethics in government. But its conduct in the Siegelman case is scandalous and highly unethical. PIN’s conduct in this case raises the specter of gross impropriety, and leaves the case smelling as sweet as an open sewer on the hottest day in August. A real Montgomery sewer. This story still has a long way to go, and only a small part of the carefully buried facts are now working their way to the surface. Hang on. It’s going to be a long, rough ride. But in the end, Truth is going to prevail. It’s been covered up too long.

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The US Attorney Scandal:

A Root and Branch Survey

Edited 8-20-07

On May first, 2007, The LA Times reported that Gonzales delegated hiring for political appointments to two of his top aides in March of 2006.

This delegation of political appointment authority to Sampson and Goodling in March 2006 coincides with Sampson's email of May 06, naming potential replacements for 4 US Attorneys.

The power to hire and fire US Attorneys was now consolidated under the power of the same people, Sampson and Goodling, who also handled political appointments.

If a crime was to be committed in either hiring Attorneys, or making political appointments, it could be blamed on underlings.

The evidence indicates the a uniform standard was utilized for selecting candidates for both career, and political positions. The standard was loyalty to Bush before duty to the rule of law. This is a crime.

The seeds of this crime were planted during Ashcroft's tenure at Justice, when he shifted selection authority for the "honors" program, a highly sought after path for top law students to start their careers at Justice, from career employees to political appointees, who selected candidates based on ideology.

This is arguably illegal and unquestionably unethical. This was the starting point of the US Attorney Scandal.

This lack of ethics became criminal when the US Attorneys were hired and fired based on their loyalty to Bush, rather than their oath to uphold the Constitution and law. The President's standards of service for US Attorneys require them to break the law as the cost of their appointment.

This does not fall within the President's power to appoint US Attorneys.

Because Bush required the US Attorneys to give up their independence as prosecutors to become a US Attorney, the tenure of a US Attorney became dependent on their willingness to use their offices for partisan political prosecutions.

Under Bush, US Attorneys are required to trade their honor and duty for their position.

This is apparently how "Bushies" rise in status, and position, in this administration. This is how Gonzales became Attorney General.

Clearly, partisan politics is at the heart of the US Attorney Massacre. Although Sampson and Goodling were detailed with political appointment power in March of '06, it appears that Sampson was already the point man in the Justice Department in what was already "a two year plan" to replace US Attorneys with "Bushies."

Sampson said this in March, 2007, which puts the inception of the "two year plan" at March of 2005, when Sampson and Goodling were given control over political and professional hiring in the Justice Department.

The evidence indicates that the Bush Administration's unethical hiring and firing practices crossed the line of legality in March of 2005. This is the point when the Administration's use of both US Attorneys and the Justice Department itself, crossed the ethical Rubicon.

Hiring and firing US Attorneys was now based on their willingness to use their offices to influence elections, reward friends, or punish enemies. The Bush Administration embarked on a policy where US Attorneys would be appointed based on their willingness to misuse their offices for illegal political purposes.

The revelations about the political pressure on the prosecutors would have remained secret, if the prosecutors were not fired. Not a peep came out of the US Attorney's mouths when they were pressured by politicians to pursue political prosecutions.

The US Attorneys only started squawking afterwards, only after they were fired. True honor would have appeared much earlier. Duty and Honor would have required them to report any attempts by crooked politicians to manipulate prosecutions by the US Attorney's Office.

You can expect no better than this when the US Attorneys were appointed by the same crooked politicians who were demanding illegal prosecutions of political enemies. After all, all of these US Attorneys were appointed by Bush.

This is when the standards of political and professional hiring practices merged. The Administration's unethical career employee hiring practices became clearly illegal, but well hidden behind delegating the appointment power to loyal underlings who provided legal cover for their bosses by formalizing the decisions made by their bosses in Justice and in the White House.

In March of 2005 the Administration delegated the authority to goodling and Sampson required to create a program to replace US Attorneys who would not pursue parisan prosecutions with those who would. By May of 2006 Sampson had his sights on at least four US Attorneys. The Administration was ready to put their plan to completely politicize US Attorney prosecutions into motion.

The first clue that firings were more than a normal change of US Attorneys came out of New Mexico, when Domenici's dissatisfaction with the failure of US Attorney Iglesias to prosecute political enemies reverberated through the White House and Justice department.

Domenici's complaints echoed far and wide. N. Mexico's Repub party chief, Weh, echoed Domenici's anger to Karl Rove, who assured him that their uncooperative US Attorney would be replaced.

Rove knew Iglesias would not play ball, and use his office to influence elections, reward friends, or punish enemies. Domenici's dissatisfaction was communicated to the highest levels of the White House, even getting Bush to call Gonzales about Iglesias.

This was an active attempt to use the power of the white house to drive forward a prosecution for political reasons. This is a crime, and a conspiracy to subvert justice extends down from the president, to Domenici, and on down to Weh.

Bush's call to Gonzales puts him at the center of the crime. Bush directly participated pressuring Gonzales on behalf of Domenici. Domenici's pressure on Iglesias was clearly illegal. Rove also moved on Domenici's complaints, contacting both Gonzales and Miers about removing Iglesias.

Remember that Iglesias' crime was refusing to be politically pressured to pursue political prosecutions using the office of the US Attorney.

The White House was a clearing house and focus point for applying illegal political pressure to influence US Attorney prosecutions, not to mention the activity in the rest of the executive branch departments.

Iglesias is clear about the nature of the situation : Domenici and Wilson pressured him for political prosecutions. Iglesias believes, and the evidence indicates, that Domenici and Wilson used all of their political powers to first apply political pressure on him to prosecute, and then used their influence to have him fired when he would not comply with their illegal demands.

The matter ended up on Goodling's desk, and Iglesias was added to the list of US Attorneys marked for political extinction. The message these firings sent is clear: The same fate awaits any other US Attorney who dares to act independently in the face of the Administration's partisan political demands.

Rove's involvement in the firings goes much deeper than participating in Iglesias' firing. Rove had his sights set on influencing the '08 presidential election by politically manipulating federal prosecutions.

Rove identified 11 key states for winning the '08 presidential election. Since '05, the Administration has replaced 9 of 11 US Attorneys in those states with "Bushies" willing to pursue political prosecutions. Rove identified Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Michigan, Nevada, and New Mexico as the key states.

Rove set his sights on the US Attorney's office in Little Rock, where he orchestrated the ouster of "Bud" Cummings and installed one of his political aides, Tim Griffin. A two year effort was orchestrated by Sampson to fire Cummings for daring to be an independent prosecutor, and hold an office desired by one of Rove's sidekicks.

Griffin is a perfect agent for Rove's election plans. Griffin stands accused of suppressing Dem voters during the '04 presidential election in Florida. Perfect. Rove, as mentioned above, identified the key states where politicized US Attorneys would be vital to steal the next presidential election by bringing trumped-up charges against political enemies, and using law to suppress Dem voters in states where the election would be close. To make it work, they needed to know which US Attorneys in the key states would not play ball, and replace them with someone who played hardball, like Griffin.

In Minnesota, one of the key states for the next presidential election named by Rove, Rachel K. Paulose, an under-experienced, and unqualified former Gonzales aide was appointed as US Attorney to replace Thomas B. Heffelfinger, who resigned after appearing on the firing list. Heffelfinger was on Sampson's hit list for replacement for refusing to suppress the indian vote in Minnesota, which votes heavily Democratic.

Heffelfinger has not himself cited political pressure as the cause of his resignation, but the pressure put on the others was likely put on Heffelifinger as wel. It looks like Heffelfinger has a strong case of being pissed off, but is still loyal to the crooks who pissed him off.

Paulose stepped into an office which had used Federal Law as a political weapon, as demanded of loyal "Bushies," under Steven Biskupic, another Minn. US Attorney. Biskupic pursued a shabby prosecution that convicted an innocent Democrat state employee, which was overturned for the lack of any evidence whatsoever.

Paulose was appointed in the wake of this imploding political prosecution. It looks like the appointment of Paulose was the final straw of prosecutorial corruption for three senior career prosecutors; they resigned, rather than work under Paulose. Paulose's arrival apparently complimented Biskupic, and created an unacceptable level of partisanship that honest Attorneys could not tolerate.

In Nevada, another key "Rove" state, Daniel Bogden worked hard to prosecute political corruption, rather than push corrupt political prosecutions. That, and his willingness to pursue a corruption investigation against Repug Gov. Jim Gibbons, was enough to get him fired.

In Washington State the US Attorney, John McKay, refused to use his office for political prosecutions, and he too was fired.

Mckay was pressured to use his office to intervene in the hotly contested 2004 Washington Governor's election. McKay was pressured by Ed Cassidy, Chief of Staff for Doc Hastings, (R- Washington) who is also senior Republican on the Ethics Committee.

McKay's refusal to play political hard ball brought him to the attention of Harriet Miers, Bush's White House Counselor, for not pursuing political prosecutions. Mckay was chastised for angering Washington State Republicans, then he was fired.

Cassidy is now a top aid for Repub. House leader Boehner of Ohio. Cassidy's role in pressuring McKay is to be investigated by Hastings, who is the Senior Republican on the Ethics Committee, and will be a judge for the ethics case against Cassidy, despite the fact that Cassidy is being investigated for acts he committed while working for Hastings.

Hastings was was Cassidy's boss when Cassidy pressured McKay to begin prosecutions against Democrats in Washington. It is highly unlikely that Hastings was not aware of, and in on, the attempt to politicize McKay's office.

Carol Lam, US Attorney in Southern California, caused such a stir in the Justice Department, if not the halls of Congress, with her expanding prosecutions of Duke and his friends, that on May 11, 06, Sampson emailed Gonzales, writing that, "The real problem we have right now with Carol Lam...leads me to conclude that we should have someone ready to be nominated on 11/18, the day her four year term expires." Lam marked herself for political execution by honestly prosecuting Duke, Wilkes, and Foggo, some of the best connected men in Congress. Before Lam started hanging them out to dry. (use the database for abstracts on these three)

As the clamor over the political firings increased, Congress invited Justice Representatives to appear and provide information on the firings. Goodling prepared McNulty, second in charge at Justice, to testify before Congress in early Feb.. '07, where McNulty lied to Congress about the nature of the firings, allegedly based on information provided by Goodling.

In March, 07, Sampson testified to the Senate Judicial Committee that,"I did not have in mind any replacements for any of the seven who were asked to resign." This contradicts his Emails of Jan. and May, 06, to the White House, naming four potential replacements for the to-be-fired US Attorneys. Sampson openly lied to Congress.

Gonzales' denials that he was involved in the firings, and his statements that he had "No Discussions" about the firingings, and he had no intentions of avoiding Senate confirmation for the new US Attorneys were bald-faced lies. Gonzales' compounded these lies when he repeated them to the American People during his March 13 press conference.

Gonzales' lies have been exposed by the testimony of his former chief of staff, Sampson, and by the emails and Justice Department documents released to Congress. The evidence clearly exposes Gonzales as a liar.

Sampson's testimony was clear: Gonzales was "regularly briefed about the evolving two-year plan to oust the attorneys," proving Gonzales lied to Congress and the American People.

Sampson's testimony was reinforced by M.A. Battle, former head of the US Attorney's Office in the Justice Department. Battle's statements confirm Sampson's testimony that Gonzales lied about not participating in the firings. Battle also directly contradicts Gonzales' statement that the Attorneys were fired for "performance problems."

Battle stated that 7 of the 8 fired Attorneys had "no performance problems." Battle complimented the fired US Attorneys for being among the top attorneys in the country.

James B. Comey, the deputy attorney general from 2003 to 2005, and a Republican, recently testified before Congress about the performance of the fired US Attorneys. He ranked them "among the department's most able prosecutors," with the exception of one. (Ryan of SF was apparently the sole "performance problem" in the group fired) The charges of "performance problems" the Administration threw at their own US Attorneys were false, and dishonorable.

In addition to his political crimes, Gonzales has professional problems. Gonzales has filled our US Attorney positions with biased, unqualified political insiders who are incompetent to be US Attorneys.

But don't worry. Apparently many of these US Attorneys never really do the job they were appointed to do. Gonzales is keeping a flock of US Attorneys in the Justice Department, where he uses them as his Officeboys, only sending them to their district offices to carry out the Administration's political will.

Nonetheless, the evidence is clear and compelling: Bush, Rove, Miers, Domenici, Wilson, Weh, Sampson, Goodling, and Gonzales, and dozens of unnamed coconspirators, conspired to fire US Attorneys who would not prostitute themselves and their offices for partisan political purposes.

I suggest a special prosecutor be appointed to track this to its root.



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