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Posted September 7, 2007

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Order for Sharif brother arrest


A court in Pakistan has ordered the arrest of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's brother, Shahbaz, ahead of the two men's expected return next week.

Story from BBC NEWS, September 7, 2007



The brothers, who were exiled following a 1999 coup which ousted Nawaz Sharif, have vowed to return home on Monday.

Shahbaz Sharif denies ordering the extra-judicial killings of five people when he was in power in the 1990s.

Observers say Nawaz Sharif's return poses the most serious threat yet to Gen Pervez Musharraf who ousted him.

If the government uses illegal tactics and blocks them... that will bring people onto the streets
Ahsan Iqbal,
PML-N spokesman

Nawaz Sharif could also be arrested on his return. He and his brother both face corruption charges, which they deny.

Meanwhile, police raids on houses of Sharif supporters have continued in Punjab province. Hundreds have now been detained.

'Politically motivated'

The judge in the eastern city of Lahore ordered police to arrest Shahbaz Sharif "at whichever airport he lands", said a lawyer for the Sharifs.


23 Aug: Supreme Court says exiled ex-PM Nawaz Sharif can return

10 Sep: Date Mr Sharif says he will return

14 Sept: Date Benazir Bhutto will announce details of her homecoming

15 Sep-15 Oct: Timeframe Gen Musharraf has set for his re-election as president by parliament

October: Parliament expires and general election must be held


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Murder warrant for Sharif's Brother a warning to both on their prospects if they return to Pakistan

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., September 9, 2007

The Pakistani murder warrant is a warning to both Sharifs to stay the hell out of Pakistan,, as are the statements by the Saudis warning off the elder Sharif. The key element tying these actions together is the requirement of the United States to maintain a direct hand in Pakistani domestic politics by supporting Musharraf's dictatorial power against the democratic demands of the Pakistani people.

Sharif's return would destabilize the ability of our forces to operate in Pakistan, and our government to manipulate the Pakistani government. The Saudis do not need another example of a Muslim nation ruling itself without a foreign sponsored dictatorship to make their people even giddier than they already are.

Our position is to encourage negotiations to maintain our dictator Musharrif's tenuous hold on power in Pakistan. So we are pushing for a deal that will marry the corruption of Bhutto to the iron fist of Musharaff's military dictatorship. Democracy is too unreliable for our requirements across the Middle-East, so we support dictatorial and authoritarian governments capable of imposing our will on their people. We have no problems supporting corrupt elites or military dictatorships, if they are capable of serving our needs.

This strategy is unraveling across the Middle-East and the world.

In Pakistan, the central government has never consolidated power over the far North, the East, or the South-West of Pakistan. It seems that the construction of Pakistan by the British Empire stitched together peoples who do not consider themselves bound by the central authority. The various people of Pakistan seem to identify themselves as particular types of Pakistanis. Baluch Pakis in the South, and Pashtun Pakis in the West. The Kurd populations are similarly divided among Turkey, Northern Iraq, and Northern Iran.

Democracy in these regions would result in the various populations working out the stresses caused by the borders and dictators imposed on the middle east by the British, and now us, for the last 100 years. Rather than confronting the hard problems that lay under the violence and terrorism, we have chosen to bury them under yet another set of Middle-Eastern dictators.

As the central authority in Pakistan is a dictator produced by a military coup, it has little legitimacy. The support of the US reduces even further what little legitimacy Musharraf can claim among his own people.

Now Musharrif's position is so weak that he has been forced to concede he will have to give up power to keep power. The US position is reprehensible. We have sat silent as Musharrif tried to sack a Supreme Court Judge, Close down the Media, and attacked opponents in the streets and at the Red Mosque.

Our foreign policy reflects the character of a corporate fascist state, not a constitutional democratic republic. As Americans, we are duty-bound to change our country back into a democracy. Then we may be capable of leading the world. Until then, we are more of a threat than an asset to the people who desire freedom around the world.

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New Concerns in Europe About Credit Fallout


NY Times, September 6, 2007




PARIS, Sept. 5 — The European Central Bank said Wednesday that volatility in credit markets appeared to be returning after a brief period of stability, and a leading group of advanced economic nations warned of “ominous” new risks to the global economic outlook.

The instability in money markets that worried the central bank pushed European stock markets down nearly 2 percent, breaking a five-session run of advances.

The Bank of England offered extra funds to banks on Wednesday, its first attempt to lower the cost of credit, and the European bank said it stood ready to do the same should conditions worsen by Thursday, the day the bank is expected to announce that it will keep borrowing costs stable.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based group of 30 industrial nations, issued a report warning that the credit crisis had dimmed prospects for economic growth, especially in the United States.

It scaled back its growth forecasts for many leading economies and urged central banks to keep interest rates stable and low to stem further damage. And it recommended that the Federal Reserve consider trimming its benchmark interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point when it meets on Sept. 18.

“You cannot rule out a recession” in the United States, said Jean-Philippe Cotis, the O.E.C.D.’s chief economist.

Until last week, the European Central Bank had signaled that it would lift borrowing costs for the 13 countries that use the euro, after injecting billions in emergency funds into money markets in mid-August.


Gravity of American Economic Irresponsibility-Greed Calculated by European Central Bank

Feds Bailing Out Greedy Speculators

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August 17, 2007

This rather large reduction in interest rates has driven the market up considerably today, after a week of heavy losses.

Although a 1/2% reduction in the Discount Rate is large, it will not solve the underlying problems in the credit markets that are causing the stock market to reevaluate morgage securities used as collateral for Hedge fund and bank borrowing.

The only thing that will save the morgage securities is for housing prices to continue rising in value. That's not going to happen. The Fed's infusions of cash and lowering of the discount rate will do nothing to restore the speculative bubble in housing, nor will it give clarity as to the actual values of the morgage securities.

Only the real estate market can determine the value of the morgage securities. This is causing a rather dramatic market effect from the different speeds at which the two markets operate.

Wall Street, many of who's investments are funded by morgage securities, moves rather quickly. The real estate market, on the other hand, moves at a relatively glacial pace. Wall Street will not know what the morgage securities are worth until the real estate market stabilizes. Sales in the real estate market depend on morgage securities to fund their loans. The interest rates depend on the value of the morgage securities.

Beneth this all are the homeowners, many of whom are holding on to the notion that their houses will maintain their bloated prices. Across from them is a diminishing group of buyers, determined not to buy at the top,so hold on for a long and wild ride.

The problem is complicated, so hang on. The problem started in morgage securities backed by sub-prime loans, but has spread doubt about the value of all morgage securities in the market.

The reason is that once the sub-primes failed, and sub-prime loans dried up, a significant part of the housing market disappeared. The sub-prime housing borrowers and lenders, ceased to operate. This immediatly stopped the rise in housing values across the nation, independent of the type of loans used to fund purchasing.

The housing market was softening before the morgage securities failures. The morgage securities failures defined the top of the real estate market. Now we need to find the bottom.

This means that even prime borrowers are seeing the values of their recently purchased homes fall below the price they paid. This has caused defaults to spread from sub-prime morgages to the holders of prime morgages. The drop in housing values and the rise in defaults means that the actual value of existing morgage securities consisting of both prime and sub-prime morgages have dropped, and nobody knows what they are actually worth.

Although the Fed's cut in interest rates stimulated the equities market, it does not address the cause of the downturn, which lays in the real estate and loan markets. There are two factors which will eventually determine the value of morgage securities, which will be the only way to stabilize Wall Street. The first, and most important, is the level of home sales prices and sales activity. The second factor is the amount of credit that will be available, and the rate of interest that will be charged for it, after the market accuratly assesses and balances the assets and liabilities of the American economy.

The value of morgage securities will only be determined when the real estate market stabilizes. This will only occur when housing foreclosures moderate, home loan rates stabalize, and the real estate market determines the real, sustainable, value of housing, and the the level of sales activity the market will support.

If the housing market continues to lose value, and sales continue to stagnate, the value of morgage securities will continue to be uncertain, if not be under serious downward pressure. The credit crisis will deepen. If this occures no amount of Fed interventions will prevent the various markets from falling precipitiously.

If housing prices and sales remain reletivly stable, the financial wizards of Wall Street will quietly comb through the morgage securities, reevaluating this mass of debt significantly downward, to reflect the decline in housing values, the defaults, and the loss of expected future profits.

This loss of value will require that all borrowers who used morgage backed securities as collateral for their loans come up with additional collateral to cover the loss. This is where the credit crisis deepens, as the collateral for past loans loses value, and the costs of future loans rise.

If housing continues to fall, as I expect it will, there is significant risk of a sustained global downturned in economic activity. Our valuation crisis has the potiential damage global markets and bring down unstable foreign markets. Failures in Asia or South America could cause further credit problems here. The problem could riccochet around the world, causing a cascading failure of credit markets. But nobody knows.

This is where we are right now, between doubt and fear. Uncertainty and instability will characterize the markets until the real estate market stabalizes.

This is why the Fed's pumping the financial markets with cash, and dropping the interest rates are periphreal to the central problem, which is the uncertain value of real estate, and financial activities backed by real estate.

The Fed cannot stop the market from reevaluating housing, and consequently the value of all assets based on housing. This means we are experiencing a general reevaluation of American assets and liabilites. This reevaluation is reverberating around the all of world's interdependent markets.

The Fed's actions did one important thing: They infused confidence into the equity markets. The Fed clearly and firmly told the world that they are on the job and responding as necessary to stabilize American credit markets. But everybody knows the problem is in real estate.


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Serbia Says Use of Force Is an Option in Kosovo


NY Times, September 6, 2007




BELGRADE, Serbia, Sept. 5 — Serbia is ready to use force to prevent Western states from recognizing Kosovo as an independent state, a senior Serbian official warned on Wednesday.

Dusan Prorokovic, Serbia’s state secretary for Kosovo, outlined an array of tough measures to squeeze Kosovo that he said Serbia was ready to take in the event that Kosovo’s Albanian-dominated government declared independence and was recognized by Western governments. These included the possible deployment of Serbian forces to the province, the sealing of its borders, and a trade embargo.

The potential steps are the harshest outlined so far by the government here and come as negotiations between the sides overseen by Russia, the European Union and the United States appear to be deadlocked. The United Nations has set a Dec. 10 deadline for the conclusion of the talks, after which the United States has indicated it would recognize Kosovo unilaterally.

International officials in Kosovo, regional analysts and Albanian politicians have repeatedly stated that a return of Serbian troops would prompt a renewed conflict in the region.

In an interview in the Serbian capital, Mr. Prorokovic warned that unilateral recognition by Western states would give Serbia the right to return its troops to the province, and to annul an eight-year agreement between NATO and what was then the Yugoslav government regulating the troops’ exclusion. Mr. Prorokovic is also a senior member of Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica’s Serbian Democratic party.

One leading political commentator in Belgrade said Serbia’s increasingly tough stance on Kosovo, bolstered by Russia’s refusal to accept recognition of the province within the United Nations Security Council, may test the resolve of European states that are divided over Kosovo’s future.

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Balkan Conflict Looms between US and Russia

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., July 20, 2007

The repercussions of Bush's unilateral foreign policy are coming home to roost. This particular situation emanates from American intervention in ex-Soviet border states.

America poured millions into Ukraine's "Orange Revolution," in an attempt to push NATO right up to Russia's borders. Russia responded by pouring millions into Ukraine's Russian Party, leaving our attempt to exert political control in Ukraine in a shambles, while really pissing off the Russians.

Bush followed up his failed Ukrainian adventure by unilaterally announcing the placement of Anti-missile missiles right on the Russian frontier.

Russia has little maneuvering room to check American Imperialism in the middle east, as any support for Sunni insurgents in Afghanistan or Iraq will end up killing Russians in Chechnya.

Russia can only offer limited support to Iran, as a too-powerful Iran will threaten Russia's reassertion of controlling influence in the post-Soviet states of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, and Tajikistan.

But Russia has no such constraints in the Balkans. Russia has been seeking a way to check American Imperial interventions along its frontiers without shooting itself in the foot. Serbia is their chance, and may also offer Putin a way to maintain his hold on the Presidency of Russia.

It would be wise to remember how Putin consolidated his power by destroying Chechyna, and consider the probability that he may use a Serbian conflict to extend his presidency.

The Balkans have been the starting point of many wars, and may once again provide the sparks to fire up a hot war between western and Russian backed groups across the Balkans.

The Balkans may become the epicenter for a renewed geopolitical struggle between the US and the Russians.

What is certain is that Putin will continue to back Serbia and Iran as long as American foreign policy continues to intervene in the post-Soviet border states. What is uncertain is weather Putin's determination to check the spread of American influence along the Russian Borders is strong enough to support a Serbian attack on Kosovo, and Iran's development of nuclear weapons.

The answer to these questions cannot come diplomatically, as our foreign policy is based on dictating our terms to the world, then imposing our will through economic and military violence, rather than negotiation.

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Taleban 'getting Chinese weapons'


By Paul Danahar

Story from BBC NEWS: 2007/09/03 23:36:53 GMT


Britain has privately complained to Beijing that Chinese-made weapons are being used by the Taleban to attack British troops in Afghanistan.

The BBC has been told that on several occasions Chinese arms have been recovered after attacks on British and American troops by Afghan insurgents.

For their part, the Taleban have recently begun boasting that they have now got hold of much more sophisticated weaponry although they refused to say from where.

Afghan officials have also privately confirmed to the BBC that sophisticated Chinese weapons are now in the hands of the Taleban.

They said these included Chinese-made surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft guns, landmines, rocket-propelled grenades and components for roadside bombs.

A senior Afghan official told the BBC: "Chinese HN-5 anti-aircraft missiles are with the Taleban, we know this... and  we are worried where do the Taleban get them,  some of these weapons have been made recently in Chinese factories."

Another Afghan official who deals with counter-terrorism said: "Serial numbers and other information from most of the Chinese weapons have been removed in most cases and it's almost impossible for us to find out where they come from but we have shared our concerns with the Chinese and the Americans also."

Southern Afghanistan has been awash with Chinese made arms for decades which are some of the cheapest on the market.

In the past the Taleban got them via the Pakistan intelligence agency, the ISI, or bought them directly from arms smugglers.

But it is extremely unlikely the ISI would now allow them access to anti-aircraft missiles or armour-piercing ammunition.

So instead of Pakistan being the transit point for these weapons, the finger is being pointed by many commentators towards Iran.

Iran has been pursuing a policy of building up proxy networks to be able to attack American forces in response to any US attacks against Teheran's nuclear infrastructure.

A Shia Iran and the Sunni Taleban had been firm enemies since 1998.

Then, Iran threatened to invade western Afghanistan, when the country was largely controlled by the Taleban, after nine of its diplomats were massacred in Mazar-e-Sharif.

But times have changed, now America is a common enemy and senior American commanders in Afghanistan have acknowledged the growing ties between the two.

The complication for both the UK and US is China.

Unnamed US officials have recently been quoted as saying that China has been selling arms to Iran which Iran is then passing on to insurgent groups in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

China's booming economy and its seat at the UN security council have made it an important player on the world stage.

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Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., September 7, 2007

China has become a Bushiean Corporate Fascist dreamland. China's Commie Government possesses unlimited power over individuals, business, and governmental authority. And they are greedy for wealth, power, and prestige, just like our leaders. They disregard their Constitution and laws, just like our leaders. China's ambition is to apply their power to expand their influence across South Asia.

China has transformed itself into a nearly perfect capitalist state dedicated to profit. Internally, China has not worked out the relationship between political and economic power, between their rising robber baron elite, and the "commie" political elite.

Externally, the terms of China's relationships with American power, and our allies and enemies around the Middle-East, have not been worked out at all. What is certain is that China has made generous trade deals with Iran, Sudan, Venezuela, and Russia which appear to be attempting to both enhance Chinese access to resources while simultaneously checking the reach of American power.

After 30 years of wildly increased Corporate Profits taken by moving American manufacturing capacity to China, the Chinese are entering the world power game with enough wealth, manufacturing power and diplomatic influence to seriously affect the global balance of power.

Our greed has influenced and guided the creation of a monster in China, and it is unfortunate that the Chinese are going to enter the world power game on the brutal terms we have been maintaining for the last 40 years.


Corruption Update 38, 4th article on page, "WILL PROMISES OF “FUTURE WEALTH” KEEP PEASANTS FROM REVOLTING?

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China and India agree closer ties, bbc, 1-14-08

US Police State covers chinese police state,  afp, 3-11-08

China to shove olympic torch up tibet's ass, then top of everest, timesonline, 3-13-08


US Police State covers chinese police state,  afp, 3-11-08

China to shove olympic torch up tibet's ass, then top of everest, timesonline, 3-13-08


anti-china protests become violent in tibet, npr, 3-14-08

chinese Security Forces Swarm Tibet, lat, 3-15-08

china sets tibet protest deadline, bbc, 3-15-08

Tibet suspects put on parade as deterrent, sydney morning hearld, 3-21-08



August 4, 2007:

It is ironic that our children's luxury toys, and mountains of worthless consumer junk is being produced by brutalized child labor, in a country that has a brutal tyrannical government, an un free press, and brazenly jails those who dare to speak freely.

It's strange that in a country run by a self-proclaimed Christian Elite, that we hear not a peep of religious or human rights objections to any of these things, let alone forced abortions.

This is our great trading partner, China.


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Tainted Chinese heperin kills four in US, nyt, 2-16-08



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U.S. Is Checking Dog Treats Wal-Mart Says Are Tainted


NY Times, August 23, 2007




The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that it was checking dog treats recently withdrawn from Wal-Mart’s shelves but had not yet detected any chemical or biological contamination in the Chinese-made products.

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6) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Democratic donor skips day in court

Norman Hsu misses a hearing, and his whereabouts are unknown.

By Dan Morain, Chuck Neubauer and Robin Fields
Los Angeles, September 6, 2007




The mysterious political donor and fundraiser Norman Hsu was scheduled to appear in San Mateo County Superior Court on Wednesday to begin dealing with the fact that 15 years ago, he pleaded no contest to felony fraud charges and agreed to spend as long as three years in prison and then disappeared.

But on Wednesday, instead of appearing in court and beginning to shed light on his affairs, Hsu again vanished, standing up Superior Court Judge Robert D. Foiles, Deputy Atty. Gen. Ralph Sivilla, San Francisco defense attorney James J. Brosnahan and two crisis-management executives -- not to mention leaving behind $2 million in cash bail.

His failure to appear, echoing the events of 1992, was a shock not just to the court, but reverberated in the upper levels of Democratic politics, especially the presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

Hsu has given directly to her and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from others whose contributions he solicited and bundled together.

Federal investigators are looking into Hsu's fundraising -- Democratic candidates in national, state and local contests have received his support -- and the possibility that he may have reimbursed some donors; reimbursing campaign contributors is a violation of federal law.

The fact that Hsu was a fugitive from a felony fraud charge growing out of a $1-million Ponzi scheme, which was first disclosed by The Times, sent shivers through Democratic political circles as well as such institutions as the New School in New York, on whose board Hsu served.

Some at first defended Hsu, then said they would or might return his contributions or donate them to charity.

Hsu has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for Clinton's presidential campaign.

Hsu earned the title of "HillRaiser" for pledging to raise more than $100,000 for Clinton's presidential campaign.

Public Citizen, a Washington watchdog group that has pushed presidential candidates to identify bundlers and the money they bring in, urged Clinton to at least disclose which donations were tied to Hsu.

"She should say who they are," said Taylor Lincoln, research director for the group's Congress Watch division. "If she really wanted to be a standard-bearer, she should return all the money."

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Globalism Profits Democrats: Foreign Bribery Welcome

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., September 9, 2007

This is the second foreigner Billery has accepted bribes from during the 2008 campaign. Here's my article on the first.:

Dem Traitors at it Again: Selling Influence to, and Accepting Bribes From Foreigners

Written May 30, 2007 for CU 62_10

This happened before, during the 1996 election cycle, when Clinton and the Corporate Branch of the Democratic Party received unreported foreign bribes.

But this does not bother the Dems, especially the "global" Dems. If they had their way, foreigners would be able to both bribe, and collect favors, from them just like the American Special interests do.

Are not Greed, Bribery, and the American Way equal as universal truths? Does not everyone, from Saudi Prince to Mexican Peasant, recognize the power of political bribery? Is it not unfair to prohibit well funded foreigners from entering our political auction, just as we have allowed poor foreigners to enter the labor pool?

The Poor Foreigners can destroy our working conditions and wages from the bottom, and the Rich Foreigners can participate in the destruction of our democracy, from the top.

Meet you in the middle, with poverty for almost all.

Maybe Hillary doesn't have to wait for Amnesty to reap foreign bribes. Let's just open up the political auction to all the illegal foreigners already here.

The Dems could charge them by the head, and pay them off by giving them free access to our hospitals, medical care, our schools, roads, water and electrical supplies. Hell, we still have enough for half the people who are here.

Both parties will continue to use foreigners as cheap labor, earning massive profits while throwing the social costs onto what's left of the middle-class's broken infrastructure.

Also See:

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The Clinton's have previous experience selling our country down the river, besides NAFTA:

Albion Monitor, Monitor Wire Services, 2-18-97, "More Questions About Clinton's Asian Donations"

March 30, 1998: Clinton's Asian superfunds - '96 campaign funds - Senate probe reports

Dec. 19, 1996, NY Times, "Money From Private Sources Helps Clinton and Associates With Bad Times and Good"

A fine list of NY Times Articles detailing the scummy relationships between the Clintons and Foreign Thieves

The Clintons:

Corruption Updates 33, th article on the page,
Corporate Democrats of the Democratic Leadership Council Laughs at democracy

See Right Web for an interesting profile of the DLC and its Corporate backers

Corruption Updates 59, 2nd article on the page,
At Wal-Mart, Clinton didn't upset any carts

Corruption Updates 62, 6th article on the page,
Suit Sheds Light on Clintons’ Ties to a Benefactor

Corruption Updates 62, 10th article on the page, Clinton: Pakistani businessman, donor to Dems, returns to U.S. to face charges

Corruption Updates 76, 4th article on the page,
Clinton: Fundraiser allegedly demanded stock

Corruption Updates 78, 6th article on the page,
Poll: Dem Voters Hate Candidates

Corruption Updates 93, 7th article on the page, He backs Clinton; her backers help him

Corruption Updates 97, 2nd article on the page, Executive privilege touchy for presidential hopefuls: Just a Reminder of why Bush is out of Control

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Bhutto vows early Pakistan return

Story from BBC NEWS, 2007/09/01



Former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto says she will return to the country "very soon", despite having reached no power-sharing deal with the government.

Ms Bhutto had been in talks to become PM again, with beleaguered Gen Pervez Musharraf stepping down as army chief but seeking a new term as president.

Ms Bhutto said she would announce the date of her return on 14 September.

Another former PM, Nawaz Sharif, has announced he will return on 10 September to challenge Gen Musharraf.

Corruption charges

Ms Bhutto was speaking at a press conference in London, where she had been meeting key officials of her Pakistan People's Party.

Ms Bhutto said: "We have been in contact with the present regime on the restoration of democracy."

She said the talks were "80% successful" but that differences remained on "the sovereignty of parliament and the presidential and parliamentary elections".

Ms Bhutto added: "We are making our own plans to return to the country."

The BBC's Barbara Plett in Islamabad says by delaying the announcement of her return to 14 September, Ms Bhutto has left a window of opportunity for talks with Gen Musharraf to resume.


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Will US broker a Musharraf-Bhutto alignment between Army and Secular Corruption?

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August 25, 2007

(originally written for CU104_2)

Musharraf's position as the Army's "candidate" for the upcoming presidential contest received the backing of the Army when they assaulted the Red Mosque. The Army demonstrated they would use military force to back Musharraf.

Musharraf's legitimacy is nakedly based on army bayonets and American dollars. Bush has responded to the collapse of even the appearance of legitimacy in Pakistan's military dictatorship by encouraging Musharraf to cut political deals with the opposition he had banished to maintain military control of the government.

Bush's plan is to replicate General Zia's "rump" style civilian government, created in 1988. Zia's rump was supposed to put a civilian face on the Army's control of real power in Pakistan. Bush's plan will prove to be as unworkable as Zia's.

The problem is going to be that Neither Bhutto's People's Party, nor Shariff's Pakistan Muslim League are going to allow the military to maintain political control when they resume political participation in Pakistan. Bush's plan is leading to chaos, if not civil war, in Pakistan.

Bush has funded and armed Musharraf's dictatorship, and is continuing to do so. Bush is pressuring Musharraf to allow the appearance of democracy, while supporting his military dictatorship. Rather than withdrawing support for Musharraf, and dealing with the ensuing administration, Bush's plan is to create a political frankenstein, stitching together tyranny and democracy into a political abomination which is doomed to destroy itself.

Here's how it will go down: Bhutto and Sharif will win the elections, forcing the Army to assert martial law, kill the protesters, and arrest the political opposition. The Army will re impose a dictator, possibly forcing Musharraf out in the process.

The alternative scenario is just as grim. If Bush can force a deal between the Army and the parties, a Bhutto-Sharif government will be elected, and Musharraf will remain as president. Within six months the civilian government will be driven from office by the army. The army will assert martial law, kill the protesters, and arrest the political opposition.

Bush's support and accommodation of Pakistan's military dictatorship is a huge source of the political instability in Pakistan. Our only hope of having a stable long-term relationship with Pakistan is to demand the military step out of politics, and allow the people of Pakistan to run their own affairs. If we were a democracy, we would find and develop long term friendship with democratic players around the world. Instead, we align ourselves with dictators, kings, and petty tyrants.

Bush's plan bet all of our chips on Musharraf and the Pakistani Military, and that relationship has weakened both the US and Pakistan. Our participation in propping up Musharraf's dictatorship has destabilized Pakistan, and our continued support for Musharraf and military authority will only bring a bigger blowup when Pakistan finally rejects foreign supported military dictators.

Bush's new plan involves continuing the political ascendancy of the Pakistani military, which will only continue and deepen Pakistani political instability. It's kind of funny that Bush is only reaching for democracy in desperation, to save his military dictatorship in Pakistan.

If America actually stood for democracy and freedom, we would not be facing any of the dangers we now face in the Middle-East. American greed and aggression is conditioning the middle east to reject American "democracy" as nothing more than a cover for imposing dictators, suppressing the cultural and political voice of Muslims, and controlling the region's vast energy resources.

The whole world is coming to the clear conclusion that America does not stand for democracy or freedom. This will not change until Americans come to the same conclusion, and get off our asses and do something about our broken democracy.

Until then, our corporate fascist government will continue to rob us, and the world of its rights and resources.

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8) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Two current Doolittle aides face grand jury

By David Whitney - Bee Washington Bureau
Published 12:00 am PDTWednesday, September 5, 2007


Two top aides of Rep. John Doolittle have been subpoenaed and are scheduled to testify this week before a federal grand jury in connection with the ongoing investigation into the congressman's relationship with jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Subpoenaed were Ron Rogers, the Roseville Republican's chief of staff, and Dan Blankenburg, his deputy chief of staff.

The congressman said in a statement released by his office that Rogers and Blankenburg will appear later this week before a federal grand jury impaneled by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

The new subpoenas come at a politically difficult time for Doolittle, as Republicans with national ties suggest that party leaders aren't interested in financing his re-election effort next year.

They also raise new questions about the federal investigation, because both aides joined Doolittle's staff after Abramoff's glory days as the star Republican lobbyist in Washington, D.C. His career ultimately fizzled into a tale of political corruption involving gross overcharges of Indian tribes and political manipulation.

Blankenburg began working for Doolittle in April 2005, nearly a year after a grand jury first subpoenaed the business records of Doolittle's wife, Julie, in connection with the Abramoff investigation. Julie Doolittle runs a bookkeeping and fundraising business that did work for Abramoff out of the couple's home in suburban Virginia.

The subpoenas are the first indication that federal prosecutors have questions about more recent activities involving the congressman.

After Julie Doolittle ended her work with Abramoff, she began raising money for her husband's political action committee and then his campaign committee, and was paid a commission of 15 cents for every dollar she raised.

Prosecutors have interviewed as many as a half-dozen former aides to Doolittle as they seek to determine if there was criminal wrongdoing in the relationship Doolittle and his wife had with Abramoff. The former lobbyist pleaded guilty to political corruption charges last year.

Additionally, Sacramento lawyer William Portanova said Tuesday that he is still working out delivery of more financial records held by another of Doolittle's former chiefs of staff, David Lopez. Lopez left in 2005 and was replaced by Robinson.

Lopez has refused a request to be interviewed by prosecutors, and on that score nothing has changed, Portanova said. But he said that he is still turning over documents to the grand jury under subpoena, and that the documents involve, among other things, fundraising information involving Julie Doolittle's home-based company, Sierra Dominion Financial Solutions.

The subpoenas were announced on the House floor as required by the chamber's rules as Congress returned from its August recess Tuesday. Doolittle spokesman Gordon Hinkle said Rogers and Blankenburg were not sure when the subpoenas arrived, because they were served to the House counsel's office.

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Abramoff Fallout Continues in Our Toxic Congress

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., September , 2007

Also See:

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9) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Saudis 'ask Sharif not to return'

Saudi Arabia has asked Pakistan's exiled ex-PM Nawaz Sharif not to return to the country, citing a commitment he made in 2001, local media say.


BBC NEWS: September 5, 2007;


Mr Sharif's government was overthrown in a military coup in 1999, and he was exiled to Saudi Arabia in 2001.

He has announced his plans to return home on 10 September to challenge President Pervez Musharraf.

His return poses the most serious threat to an increasingly fragile government, led by Gen Musharraf.

Recent media reports claim that Gen Musharraf has made several presentations to the Saudi government seeking their help in preventing Mr Sharif's return.



9 March: Musharraf suspends chief justice for "abuse of power". Lawyers protest

April: Protests grow, amid clashes with police

12 May: 34 people die as rival political groups clash in Karachi

11 July: 102 people die when army storms radical Red Mosque in Islamabad

July-Aug: Sharp rise in suicide attacks by pro-Taleban militants

20 July: Supreme Court reinstates chief justice

9 Aug: Musharraf rejects emergency rule

23 Aug: Supreme Court says exiled ex-PM Nawaz Sharif can return

The official Saudi Press Agency on Tuesday quoted an unnamed government spokesman as saying that Mr Sharif should fulfil his promises.

"Wisdom demands that Mr Nawaz Sharif commit himself to the promises he made - namely, not to return to Pakistan and to political activity," he said.

He denied Pakistani media reports that Saudi Arabia had expressed "satisfaction and support" for the return of Mr Sharif and his family to Pakistan.

The spokesman said the Saudi government agreed to receive Mr Sharif in 2001 "as a humanitarian gesture".

A spokesman for Mr Sharif's PMLN party in London said the former prime minister's travel plans to Pakistan were not subject to any change.

Mr Sharif served two terms as prime minister in 1990-93 and 1997-99.

He was sentenced to life in prison for offences including tax evasion and treason after the 1999 coup.


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Saudis Back Musharraf Military Dictatorship: Good Tools of US, Both

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., September 9, 2007

See article above

The Saudi tightrope act is becoming truly amusing. On one side, they have their people. Their people want little to do with the US. They have been funding the Iraqi Sunnis to kill our troops. For now, our troops are patrolling Al-Anbar with these Saudi-supported Sunni insurgents.

On the other side, the Saudi "King" has Israel and the US. We simultaneously threaten and support them. Without us, they would not have the tools to impose themselves on the Saudi people. I can prove it. Have open and fair elections in Saudi Arabia, and see if they elect the "King" King."

Right below the Saudi tightrope are the independent Middle-Eastern nations, threatening them with examples of self-rule outside of the web of global colonialism. It is this threat, the threat of an elected Muslim government taking over Pakistan, that scares the Saudis. They fear democracy as much as we do, so we stand together on this one.


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10) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Countrywide cuts heighten loan crisis

The lender plans as many as 12,000 layoffs. CEO Mozilo says the downturn is the most severe in recent history.

By E. Scott Reckard
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Los Angeles Times, September 8, 2007


Home loan colossus Countrywide Financial Corp. announced Friday that it would slash as many as 12,000 jobs, or nearly 20% of its workforce, saying the downturn in the housing market and the credit crunch related to sub-prime loans have created the worst conditions ever seen by the modern mortgage industry.

The announcement by Calabasas-based Countrywide came hours after a smaller rival in the mortgage business, Pasadena-based savings and loan IndyMac Bancorp Inc., warned that it probably would record its first loss since 1998 in the third quarter. IndyMac said it would cut 1,000 jobs, 10% of its total.

Countrywide, the No. 1 home lender, funded $284.2 billion in mortgages this year through July 31, up from $255.8 billion in the same period in 2006, but said it expected lending to decline 25% next year.

Countrywide Chairman and Chief Executive Angelo Mozilo said,... . "In fact, this current cycle is certainly the most severe in the contemporary history of our industry."

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The Dow is Worth 6800, the Dollar is worth 1.51 euros

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., September 9, 2007

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