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Posted: October 18, 2007

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NOAA Reports U.S. Likely to Have Above-Average Winter Temperatures

La Niña Arrives, Southern Drought Concerns Intensify


October 9, 2007

Also see the two cool maps on NOAA page: projected temp and rainfall for winter of 2007:





U.S. Temperature Outlook, December 2007 - February 2008.

+ High Resolution (Credit: NOAA)

NOAA forecasters are calling for above-average temperatures over most of the country and a continuation of drier-than-average conditions across already drought-stricken parts of the Southwest and Southeast in its winter outlook for the United States, announced at the 2007-2008 Winter Fuels Outlook Conference in Washington, D.C., today.

“La Niña is here, with a weak-to-moderate event likely to persist through the winter,” said Michael Halpert, head of forecast operations and acting deputy director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. “The big concern this winter may be the persistence of drought across large parts of the already parched South. And while December through February is likely to be another milder-than-average winter for much of the country, people should still expect some bouts of winter weather.”

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"It's Always been like this" fails as an Argument

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August 29, 2007

The freakish weather that has been happening all across the country is no stranger to Californians.

During the last 10 years we have seen summer extending deep into fall, Fall ending in late December, and the Winter rains, if they even come, have been coming in Spring. From the South.

The character of the seasons has been radically altered, and the environment has been devastated by these changes.

Yet the people of California seem unaware of the changes. Our “residents” seem unable to perceive either the radical changes in our environment, nor the radical deterioration of conditions in our schools, the loss of our middle class, or the massive growth of poverty in California.

They tell us, “It's always been like this.”

For those who have not been here long, know that it has not always been like this. The changes in our social, political, and economic values, like the change in our climate and environment, are the product of our unprecedented reckless growth.

The majority of our population arrived recently, and have no historical perspective on what our environment, schools, roads, and democracy were like before they got here

I'll give y'all a clue: California had enough water and few enough people to live on hydroelectric power. Now our massive population requires coal fired energy, and we don't have enough water for our present population, let alone to meet our corporate leadership's plan to somhow fit 50 million people into California by 2050.

Our schools were among the best in the world. College was free. Our roads were among the finest in the country. Our democracy reflected and defended the values of the citizens of our state.

Now, our schools are among the worse in the nation, and college is no longer accessable or affordable for our own citizens. Our roads and bridges are falling apart. Our politicians are no more that bribed errand fools of our corporate elite.

We have lost every one of these things as the population has swelled, and the climate is turning radically drier. In the Sierras, Winter snows have significantly diminished and tempertures are significantly higher. Our climate is merely responding to our massive population growth, and is changing radically in response.

These changes are invisible to those who just got here, and are ignnored by the politicians and their corporate masters who profit by pumping up the population.

Our political and corporate leaders, and their foreign minions are willing to sacrifice the welfare of the American people, our environment, and our democracy to make their money.

They tell us, “It's always been like this.”

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2) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator resigns

AFP, 20/10/2007 16h11




TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani has resigned, officials announced Saturday, in a move expected to boost President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's influence over policy in a standoff with the West.

Government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham said Larijani, a conservative but by no means a political ally of Ahmadinejad, would be replaced by Deputy Foreign Minister Saeed Jalili, who is seen as closer to the president.

"Larijani had resigned several times and finally the president accepted his resignation," state news agency IRNA quoted Elham as saying.

However, he is to join his successor to participate in talks on Iran's nuclear programme with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in Rome on Tuesday, Elham said.

Rumours have been circulating in Iran for months that Larijani was at odds with Ahmadinejad over the hardline president's confrontational style of presenting nuclear policy and had offered to resign.


2a) From Novosti, Russia, Oct 19,

About Olmerts quick visit to Moscow following Putin’s trip to Tehran:


“Olmert wants to know all about Ahmadinejad”



The information that was exchanged by high-ranking politicians, first in Tehran and now in Moscow, is undoubtedly very different from what has appeared in the press. And this equally concerns the subject of war prisoners and the sensitive issue of the Iranian nuclear dossier.

This is what has been officially stated about Putin's visit to Tehran: "The presidents of Russia and Iran pointed to the need for a speedy settlement of the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program by political and diplomatic means through negotiations and dialogue, and expressed the hope to find a long-term, comprehensive solution."

The second summit of the five Caspian countries, including Russia, which was held in Tehran, also confirmed Iran's right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes under IAEA control.

That is nothing new or unexpected.

It was not until Putin returned to Moscow that Ali Larijani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, said that during his visit the Russian president described, among other things, his vision of a solution to the issue of the Iranian nuclear dossier. Larijani did not comment on the Russian president's proposals beyond saying that they would be made public at another time.

But what is off-limits to the general public is unlikely to be a secret for leaders of the countries concerned with the Iranian issue. And they are anxious to know not only what Putin said, but also how the Iranians reacted to his words.

Clearly, Tehran will not give up its nuclear programs, including uranium enrichment on its territory, but the situation could change if Iranian settlement were to take the same path as the solution to the North Korean nuclear dossier.

However, there is one important proviso. Already now Iran is an extremely influential player in the Middle East, Caucasus, and Central Asia, even without nuclear weapons. Tehran's ambitions and opportunities in no way compare with Pyongyang's. Iran would have to be offered far more than North Korea. Mostly likely, it will not be economic assistance, investment or help in the development of the nuclear industry, but also official recognition of Tehran's role in solving Middle Eastern problems.

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American "Diplomacy" Leaves a lot to be Desired

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August , 2007

Bush is using the same approach to American international authority in "diplomacy" as he takes to his domestic police powers. Bush's grab of domestic Police State Powers have given him the power to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner in conducting American Law. Bush is claiming these same powers for himself in international diplomay.

Internationally, Bush claims the power to define the outcome of the negociations or elections before they take place. And watch out if the other party refuses to comply, or elects the wrong candidates, or god forbid, throws out our dictator.

If you have the termidity to disobey, Bush will try to use sanction to starve you into submission. Or fund death squads against your supporters. Or arm and fund the election loser to stage a coup. Or repeatedly kidnap, torture, and detain your diplomats, as Bush is doing to Iran now. The final options are to bomb Iran into the stone age, as Israel just did to Lebanon, or to invade, and break your country, as the US just did to Iraq.

But the preferred outcome is for the offending parties to obey, and maintain the pretense of democracy and freedom while supplicating to the domination of a foreign power.

Iran is not going to swallow the predigested demands of "diplomacy" we are trying to spit into their mouths. Iran is not going to elect another American Shah. They are not going to starve under our sanctions. Our death squads and terror cannot get far past their borders, and none of their generals will stage a coup as a tool of American Power.

After Bush gets done whinning and pouting, he is going to go to war with Iran, either by taking the Jewish Option, and bombing Iran into the stone age, or the American Option, and staging another disasterious invasion.

I believe Bush will take the first option, and try to bomb Iran after creating some kind of hokey pretext. This will draw us into the second option, and we will be dragged into committing ground troops to Iran.

This will lead to a regional war between Shite and Sunni across the Middle-East, and will become a critical point of realingment of the world balance of power for the rising global power of China, Russia, and India against the United States.

Enjoy the ride. We enjoyed the benefits of getting here, to our status as a thieving global empire. Lets see how we enjoy getting back to a democratic republic.

The only was to fight these corrupted politicians is at the most fundamental level. We must dienfranchise their illicit hold on political power by ending their power to purchase politicians, parties, and elections.

Our initiative will short-circut the direct hold that wealth and power have taken on our government, making the voters the basis of political power, rather than the special interests.

Check it out, and begin spreading the word that legitimate governments are elected from and by the voters, not the corporations.

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On Russia and the Changing Balance of Power in the Middle-East, and the World:

Russia-China and the rise of a New World Balance of Power

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., August 27, 2007

We have two big things rising before us: The end of the era of colonialism, and the rise of a new paradigm to replace colonialism.

Unfortunatly, the US is fighting the rejection of colonialism around the world. Our major vechicle to check post-colonialism is "Globalism," the new mantra of the US quest for global domination. Our method to apply "Globalism" is to support dictators.

Our methods and goals have been rejected by people of good will around the world. Rising discontent in South America and the Middle-East is demanding the formation of a new global alingment of nations, a new global balance of power to check the spread of the American Global Empire.

I fully expect a new strategic alingment to form between China and Russia to act as a political and military umbrella to protect 3rd world nations from the coming storm of American Globalism.

China and Russia have buried their previous disagreements over differences in their "commie" governments. They have settled their border disputes, and Russia is moving to become a big player in providing China with energy. Only one thing is saving our bacon in the Middle-East: Both China and Russia have serious problems with muslims.

I am positive Russia would love to help the Taliban shoot down our helicopters in Afhganastan, but they know any weaponry they supply to the Taliban would end up being used against them in Dagestan and Chechnya. Until the Russians settle their Muslim Problem, their hands are tied, and they will be unable to support Anit-American Insurgencies in Iraq and Afhganastan.

China has no such restrictions, despite their problems with Muslims in Western China. China has been dealing arms and technology into the middle-East for over a decade. Our attack on Iraq has put tremendous internal pressure on the Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, and Jordanian dictatorships to alter their relationship with the US to maintain their governments, and their heads.

Expect China and Russia to offer political and military cover for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan when they depart from the American Sphere of Influence, which they mave have to do when we recognize that we have lost Iraq.

Bush is currently arming all the sides within Iraq, and arming all the Sunni States in the region. This is preparing for both the partition of Iraq, which is looking like our exit strategy, and the civil war which will likely follow our partition of, and withdrawl from, Iraq.

The governments in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan will not survive an American-Sponsored Civil War in Iraq when it breaks out into a regional war between Israel and the United States against Iran. This will be the point where our dictators either flee, abandon the US, or lose their heads.

Bush's invasion, despite its terrible toll, has failed to slow the rise of post-colonialism in the Middle-East. Quite to the contrary, it has accelerated the forces of independence across the region.

Bush's invasion has significantly enhanced Iran's power and prestiege in the Middle-East, awarding it with a natural ally in a Saddam-free Iraq. At the same time Bush's Iraq invasion has rekindled the internicine hostility between Sunni and Shite, and laid the foundations for regional conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Bush did not understand the nature of hostility between the Sunni and Shite in Iraq, which blinded him to the obivious fact that the Shite Majority in Iraq are the natural allies of Iran, and would never accept another foreign-supported dictator. Bush's miscalculations doomed his invasion from the very beginning, and likewise his plans to install a dictator in Iraq. Although the material, monetary and strategic damage Bush has done to the US and Iraq are significant, the greatest damage to the US empire have not yet played out. Bush has changed how Muslims in the Middle-East percieve us, and hopefully, if we are honest, how we percieve ourselves.

Bush is as a flash of a strobe in pitch darkness: his administration reveals the complete structure of political corruption that has captured both parties, our elections, our press, and our government. Bush has shown that both parties are corporate tools. Bush has made it impossible for honest American's to deny that we have lost our democracy, and that our corporate rulers from both parties have taken up the mantle of Imperialism, under the banner of "Globalism." This is the only good thing Bush has done during the last seven years: Bush exposed the true nature of the politics of corruption that runs both parties, has stolen our government, and crushed our rights.

A majority of the people of the world now understand we are an empire, and are influencing their governments to resist our policies. This has undermined our dictators in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, and will continue to diminish their legiimacy in porportion to their dependence on the United States.

Good can only come out of this tragedy if it wakes Americans up to the whole system of corruption that made Bush, and Congress' Crimes possible, and provoke us to restore our democracy, drive these bribed tools of greed out of our government, and reaffirm the right of Americans, and every nation around the world, to determine their own government through free elections. We must turn the crimes of our government into the oppertunity to restore our Constitutional Democracy.


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3) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Cheney: US Will Not Let Iran Go Nuclear


Associated Press Writer


11:11 AM PDT, October 21, 2007




LEESBURG, Va. — The United States and other nations will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday.

"Our country, and the entire international community, cannot stand by as a terror-supporting state fulfills its grandest ambitions," Cheney said in a speech to the Washington Institute for Near East Studies.

He said Iran's efforts to pursue technology that would allow them to build a nuclear weapon are obvious and that "the regime continues to practice delay and deceit in an obvious effort to buy time."

If Iran continues on its current course, Cheney said the U.S. and other nations are prepared to take action. The vice president made no specific reference to military action.

"We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon," he said.

Cheney's words seemed to only escalate the U.S. rhetoric against Iran over the past several days, including President Bush's warning that a nuclear Iran could lead to "World War III."

Cheney accused of Iran of having a direct role in the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq and said the government has "solidified its grip on the country" since coming to power in 1979.

At a news conference Wednesday, Bush suggested that if Iran obtained nuclear weapons, it could lead to a new world war.

"I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them (Iran) from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon," Bush said.

Also, on Thursday, the top officer in the U.S. military said the U.S. has the resources to attack Iran if needed despite the strains of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last month the Senate approved a resolution urging the State Department to label Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization.

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., said he feared the measure could be interpreted as authorizing a military strike in Iran, calling it Cheney's "fondest pipe dream."


Iran minister says U.S. in no position to attack


By Sayed Salahuddin


Saturday, October 20, 2007; 11:41 AM




HERAT, Afghanistan (Reuters) - The United States is in no position to attack Iran because it is bogged down in the conflict in Iraq, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Saturday.

"Americans have never been in such a grave situation and this is because of their own deeds,"

he said with a smile.

Washington also accuses Tehran of building nuclear weapons and has not ruled out an attack against it.

Iran has denied the accusations and Afghanistan, where U.S. forces make up the majority of foreign troops, says it has no evidence that Tehran is involved in arming the Taliban.

"Since the actual probability of the subject is nil, therefore one cannot talk about it," Mottaki told a press conference when asked if Iran would hit U.S. bases in Afghanistan should Washington launch an attack against it.

Washington thought it could dictate to the world as the only superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mottaki said.

"America, today, in the international system is facing a serious challenge ... Americans are in a very, very difficult situation.

"The people of Afghanistan would not allow America to use Afghanistan against any country. This is our ... belief," he said.

Mottaki said Tehran's findings from three rounds of talks with U.S. officials on the situation in Iraq was that Washington was facing "very serious" difficulties there.

Washington has no exit strategy from Iraq and is bogged down in the conflict there. He said the U.S. had not managed to deliver on its promises to the Afghan people either.

"Therefore, we do not see such a probability that the Americans would want to attack ... another country in the region. They are not in such a position."


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Bush-Cheney Threaten World War III

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

"Do what we tell you or we will nuke you," has been the underlying theme of Bush Administration "diplomacy" with Iran since the earliest part of this Administration.

But the Bush approach is not much different than other Repugnant or Democrap administrations, just a bit more violent. Cheney's speech is indicative of the underlying dynamic of American foreign policy since the turn of the century. The turn of the 19th Century.

"Do what we tell you or we will kill you," sums up the basis of American Foreign Policy for the last 100+ years.

We began trifiling with world Empire by starting the Spanish-American War. After stealing Cuba and the Phillipines from Spain, we crushed any hopes of their peoples for democracy, and began raping their lands and exploiting the poverty of their people.

America was a bit player on the international scene, occassionally invading a Central American "Banana Republic" to prop up a dictator or crush an indiginious revolt. That went on until America "took" the reigns of the British Empire after WWII.

Since then we have been at the international forefront of imposing dictators, supporting corporate elites, and suppressing democratic movements around the world. Domestically, Our Corporate Elite has captured both parties, the press, and has twisted our government into a corporate fascist state.

And the Democrats are just as dedicated to maintaining their domestic monopoly on politics, and America's global monopoly on resources, as are the Republicans. Our politicians are produced by, and work for, our corporate fascist elite.

Most of our people are no more than dumb "consumers," drawn to the sparkley trinkets of consumer culture like moths to a flame.

Millions of foreigners have come here and sworn allegience to a state that is criminal by the terms of its own Constitution.

So it should be no surprize to anyone that both political parties, and our business leaders, have betrayed our principals, our country and our Constitution in their unbridled pursuit of wealth and power. They have stolen our democracy here, and impose brutal dictators around the world.

The results across the board are disgusting: The corporations directly control the executive and congressional branches of govenment. The Federal buracaracy has been staffed and led by hack lobbyists and other politicized apporintments and career hires. The Supreme Court is stuffed with corrupted hacks appointed and confirmed by debased political machines.

Our government is completely corrupted, illigitmate, and a clear and present danger to the citizens of this country, and the people of the world.

And atop this pile of shit sit Bush and Cheney, threatening any country in the world who dares to demand or pursue independent government with nuclear annilation.

Any clear view of the situation reveals some disturbing facts. The real terrorists, and source of terrorism around the world is us. Fighting American Dictators is a duty, not a crime. Fighting colonial invaders is a duty, not terrorism. The real threat to freedom around the world is the country that imposes colonies and dictators, not the people who fight for their own rights and lands. We have it ASS-BACKWARDS.

The greatest danger to the world today is the United States of America.

Our grip on the world's resources is slipping, and the representatives of our corporate state, be they Democrap or Repugnant, are becoming more desperate and therefore more violentI and dangerous as we lose our grip on our empire.

This is the time for Americans to rise and confront the corporate fascists of both parties who have captured our govenment on a flood of corporate bribes. Today Billery II and Guiliani are selling themselves, like the whores they are, to the corporate special interests.

Unfortunatly, one of these corporate-financed whores is going to be our next president. The process of election has devolved to a virtually closed special interest auction, and the "winners" of each parties auctions will be offered as candidates.

This auction assures the next President will be as enslaved by the corporations as this one, as was the previous president. This is a democracy composed of consumer fools and corporations, not of citizens by the standards of our Constitution.

America needs to take a clear look at the crisis of spirit in America that has destroyed our democracy and led our country down a path that has severely damaged our environment, shattered our social infrastructure, and turned us from citizens to consumer fools.

America needs a new vision, a new way to look at life that is not based on endless greed, and the growth required to feed greed. America needs a new way to make political decisions that is based on the voters, rather than bribing the politicians. America needs a new vision of life that doesn't threaten to bring the traditional clamities, plague, war, pestilence and death, down on humainity on a global scale, as we are doing now.

The Committee reccomends replacing corporate bribery with democracy. If that is not possible, tyranny will devolve into disorder, and be replaced with revolution, as befits our duty to our Country and Constitution.

Citizens, take heart. As we have created the greatest tyranny the world has yet seen, we too can destroy it.

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4) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Iran warns it can fire 11,000 rockets in one minute if attacked



Novosti, Russia, 10-20-07




TEHRAN, October 20 (RIA Novosti) - Iran has the capability to fire 11,000 rockets at enemy bases within one minute if the country is attacked, a top commander in the Revolutionary Guards Corps said on Saturday.

"Within the first minute of any attack by enemies against our country, the missile and artillery unit of the ground force is capable of firing 11,000 missiles and shells at targets that are known to us," Gen. Mahmoud Chaharbaghi, the top missile commander of the Revolutionary Guards, said on national TV.

Iran has precise data on the deployment of potential attackers' military bases in the region, he said.

The commander's comments come four days after United States President George W. Bush's warning that if Iran's nuclear program is not stopped, World War III could break out. The United States has military bases in several countries near Iran, including thousands of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, which share borders with the Islamic Republic.

In response to Bush's comments, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said on Thursday: "Statements of this kind reflect America's expansionist goals, which will surely weaken international security and ignite the U.S. government's militarist policy."

Bush's comments at a White House news conference came a day after President Vladimir Putin's visit to Tehran, where the Russian leader said he saw no evidence that Iran was developing nuclear weapons.

Putin's trip to Iran for a summit of Caspian littoral states, the first visit by a Russian or Soviet leader since Joseph Stalin traveled to Iran in 1943, provoked concerns in the West over increasingly close ties between Moscow and Tehran. The summit resulted in a five-way agreement that no Caspian nations would allow the use of their territories for a military strike against any of them.


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Alex, March 29, 2007

Is the big game coming? Bush has "lost" the middle-east, and America seems incapable of dealing with our self-created crisis. Or are we?

Although we are incapable of admitting it, Bush will be known to history as the man who LOST THE MIDDLE EAST, empowered China with our manufacturing, and pushed Russia enough to make them openly stand against us. Bush's options around the world, and our influence in the middle east, are decreasing by the second.

There are two basic paths we can follow: We can continue fighting to prop-up, and reimpose our western dictatorships in the middle-east, as we are now. This will lead to regional war, internal revolutions, and the eventual emergence of a bitterly Anti American oil-rich middle east.

Our second option is to acknowledge the moral and political sins we have created seeking world domination, and grant honest self-determination for the Arab peoples, and get our fucking foot off their necks.

Depend on Bush to take the first option, and get our feet cut off.


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5) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

FBI working to bolster Al Qaeda cases

The U.S. is concerned that evidence obtained from CIA interrogations will be inadmissible at war-crimes tribunals.

By Josh Meyer

Los Angeles Times, October 21, 2007




WASHINGTON — The FBI is quietly reconstructing the cases against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and 14 other accused Al Qaeda leaders being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, spurred in part by U.S. concerns that years of CIA interrogation have yielded evidence that is inadmissible or too controversial to present at their upcoming war crimes tribunals, government officials familiar with the probes said.

The process is an embarrassment for the Bush administration, which for years held the men incommunicado overseas and allowed the CIA to use coercive means to extract information from them that would not be admissible in a U.S. court of law -- and might not be allowed in their military commissions, some former officials and legal experts said. Even if the information from the CIA interrogations is allowed, they said, it would probably risk focusing the trials on the actions of the agency and not the accused.

The FBI investigations, involving as many as 300 agents and analysts in a "Guantanamo task force," have been underway for as long as two years. They were requested by the Defense Department shortly after legal rulings indicated that Mohammed -- the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks -- and the other Al Qaeda suspects probably would win some form of trial in which evidence would have to be presented, according to senior federal law enforcement officials.

The FBI is especially interested in Mohammed, who during the more than three years he spent in CIA custody boasted that he had killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and orchestrated more than two dozen other terrorist plots. Several senior counter-terrorism officials said they believed that Mohammed falsely confessed to some things, including the Pearl slaying, under duress or to obscure the roles played by operatives who might still be on the loose.

Mohammed's prosecution is expected to be the centerpiece of the military commissions, which could occur as early as next year. However, some U.S. officials familiar with them said the tribunals could be delayed for years by legal challenges.

The FBI's efforts appear in part to be a hedge in case the commissions are ruled unconstitutional or never occur, or the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay is closed. Under those scenarios, authorities would have to free the detainees, transfer them to military custody elsewhere, send them to another country or have enough evidence gathered by law enforcement officials to charge them with terrorism in U.S. federal courts, some current and former counter-terrorism officials and legal experts said.

"I think there's no surprise that they have to call in the FBI to clean up the mess left by the CIA secret detention program," said Jumana Musa, advocacy director for Amnesty International. "They would be smart to use evidence that did not come out of years of secret detentions, interrogations and torture."

By mid-2002, several former agents and senior bureau officials said, they had begun complaining that the CIA-run interrogation program amounted to torture and was going to create significant problems down the road -- particularly if the Bush administration was ever forced to allow the Al Qaeda suspects to face their accusers in court.

Some went to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, according to the former bureau officials. They said Mueller pulled many of the agents back from playing even a supporting role in the interrogations to avoid exposing them to legal jeopardy, in the belief that White House and Justice Department opinions authorizing the coercive techniques might be overturned.

"Those guys were using techniques that we didn't even want to be in the room for," one senior federal law enforcement official said. "The CIA determined they were going to torture people, and we made the decision not to be involved."

A senior FBI official who since has retired said he also complained about the lack of usable evidence and admissible statements being gathered. "We knew there were going to be problems back then. But nobody was listening," he said. "Now they have to live with the policy that they have adopted. I don't know if anyone thought of the consequences."

"They have put themselves in a very bad situation here," the former agent said. "They have to redo everything because they have to come up with clean statements from these [detainees], if they can get them, obtained by law enforcement people who can actually testify. The CIA agents are not going to testify, nor should they."

Ultimately, some of the terrorism suspects confessed. But the coercive techniques made even some CIA officials skeptical of whether their confessions were believable, much less sustainable in any court, one former CIA counter-terrorism covert officer said.

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Bush-CIA Torture threatens Legitimacy of US "Terror" Cases

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

Bush's torture, kidnapping, illegal spying, kangaroo courts, and twisting the rules of law are not protecting America, but presents the greatest threat, domestic or foreign, that our country has ever faced.



(The below was originally written for CU 38_2 on March 7, 2007.)

Bush is confused. The American Constitution was not made to give rights to foreigners. The American Constitution was designed to set the terms of our government's legitimacy by limiting the power of each branch.

By dividing power between the branches, and restraining and checking the use of power by each branch, our forefathers believed they could prevent despots like Bush from rising.

These divisions protect not just American rights, but even more importantly define and protect American Values as well.

Bush is an affront to both.

The President has illegally consolidated powers the Constitution wisely divided.

One of the Constitution's most important checks on arbitrary power is the division of wartime authority between the President and Congress.

The Constitution requires that Congress declare war, sets the objectives of the war, and establishes the rules for the war.

The President then gets to lead the country within the rules established by Congress.

Congressional restraints are inherent in the grant of war powers, and do not end at our borders.

Congress has failed miserably. Congress has not declared war, set the objectives, means, nor rules for this “war.” Except for their hideous and unconstitutional revocation of habius corpus.

This President has pushed Congress aside, and made rules for captures that authorize kidnapping, indefinite detentions, and torture. These are criminal acts prohibited by long standing law.

Now the President has created a secret military “justice” system that will convict the victims of these crimes, in secret, with none of the judicial safeguards an honest process would require. Virtually all of the President's Actions, in Iraq, and the “war on terror” are crimes against our Constitution and laws.

These crimes began in Congress, when they abused their war powers by not declaring war. Congress granted the President vague “war powers,” but Congress has no power to grant the President Unconstitutional powers. The President has no right to interpret any law as absolving him of his Constitutional restraints and duty to obey the law.

Yet the The President has twisted these “war powers” into a declaration of endless war unbounded by borders, or the rule of law. The President's acts are a declaration of war against the Constitution. Congress has confirmed each of these illegal powers, when they were unable to avoid crossing Bush.

Congress joined the President in his crimes when they passed a bill which removed the President's prisoners from judicial review, and stripped them of Habeas Corpus

The Constitution is clear:

The Privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.

Our government, and our President, are restrained by the Constitution anywhere they use the power of their office, be it inside or outside the country. Both Congress and the President have broken the law, and violated the specific words of our Constitution.

If Bush is confused or not, he is a criminal. He is purposely using the pretext of “foreigners,” “terrorism,” and fears of foreign threats, to manufacture Presidential Powers the Constitution specifically prohibits.

As far as our Constitutional limits assigns “rights” to foreigners, these “rights” reflect our political values, not theirs. This is what made us different from the rest of the world. Rather than being unique in our rights, what distinguishes us today is that we are the most powerful opponent of democratic and human rights in the world.

Without Constitutional limits we would have a President capable of searching, arresting, detaining, torturing, and killing people, at will, anywhere in the world. A tyrant.

How about this: The Constitution is the Club, Bush, Congress, the “free” press, and the Corporations are the baby seals, and hunting season is opening soon.


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Corruption Updates 124, 5th article on the page, Torture Threatens Cases, FBI Struggles to Convict with real evidence


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Torture (50 Abstracts}

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6) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Edwards Warns of 'Corporate Democrats'



The Associated Press

Saturday, October 20, 2007; 6:49 PM




LAS VEGAS -- Democrat John Edwards blamed Bill Clinton's administration Saturday for trade agreements unpopular with labor unions and warned against electing "corporate Democrats."

The Democratic presidential hopeful, speaking to union carpenters, tied rival Hillary Rodham Clinton to the business interests that unions claim were served by her husband's trade liberalization, to the detriment of workers.

Edwards described the North American Free Trade Agreement as a blow to the middle class that President Clinton put in place while the first lady was failing in her mission to reform health care.

"In the 1990s, we didn't get universal health care, which we needed," he said. "We got NAFTA, which we didn't need.

Edwards described the stakes of the presidential race in stark terms, asking the crowd if they want to live in a country made up of "a few rich people and everybody else." He suggested his Democratic rivals would not serve the interests of workers.

"Do you want to trade a crowd of corporate Republicans that are running this country now for a crowd of corporate Democrats?" he asked. "That's not us."

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All the Dems are Corporate Democrats:

The Solution is Reforming Elections and Contributions, not watching the Pot call the Kettle Black

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

How desperate is Edwards? Desperate enough to state the obivious: The Democrats are a Corporate Dominated Party.

But Edwards is not desperate enough to identify the source of the problem, corporate bribery, nor does he have the balls to demand stopping the bribery of the corporations.

No, Edwards is only capable of besmirching his opponents for operating in the same environment of corruption he himself was so successful in, for so many years.

Although it is heartning that Edwards has identified the problem, it is dishertning that he only does it in the desperation of a failed campaign, and fails to mention, or target, the system of corporate bribery that sustains them all, in both parties.

We have recognized the increasingly accelerating rise of corporate fascism for the last 30 years, and have offered a real choice to Americans; Democracy, for the last two years.

How is it that Edwards just noticed that the corporations had captured both parties, both Houses, our Rotten Supreme Court, and The Executive Branch? Apparently victory made him blind, while defeat has conviently opened his eyes.

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Corruption Updates 33, 2nd article on the page, Corporate Democrats of the Democratic Leadership Council Laughs at democracy

See Right Web for an interesting profile of the DLC and its Corporate backers

Link List:

Democrats are Corporate Whores

Search the Corruption Database under




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7) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Groups on left, right ask candidates to reject Bush's wider powers


Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer


Sunday, October 14, 2007




President Bush's drive to expand executive power over surveillance, detention, interrogation and the meaning of new laws has drawn largely ineffectual protests from Congress. But a group of liberals and a handful of prominent conservatives are pressing would-be successors to renounce those powers before they take office.

Both the liberal American Freedom Campaign and the conservative American Freedom Agenda have adopted platforms complaining of administration muscle-flexing on issues ranging from the treatment of prisoners at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the Justice Department's threats to prosecute reporters for espionage.

The liberal group also has asked all presidential candidates to sign a pledge of limited executive authority, reading, "We are Americans, and in our America we do not torture, we do not imprison people without charge or legal remedy, we do not tap people's phones and e-mails without court order, and above all we do not give any president unchecked power. I pledge to fight to protect and defend the Constitution from attack by any president."

None of the nine Republican candidates has responded. The pledge has been signed by five Democratic hopefuls: Sens. Barack Obama and Chris Dodd, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Sen. Mike Gravel.

The conservative campaign has asked candidates of both parties to endorse its detailed 10-point platform. Only one, Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican with libertarian leanings, has signed it, although Edwards has posted the document on one of his campaign Web sites.

The competing pledge campaigns reflect a degree of bipartisan frustration with political leaders' silence about what their backers see as Bush's effort to tip the government's balance of powers.

Bush acted on his own, without consulting Congress or seeking court approval, when he ordered the National Security Agency to wiretap calls between Americans and suspected foreign terrorists shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He unilaterally established military tribunals to try foreign captives, and his Justice Department rewrote legal rules governing torture to authorize the infliction of intense pain during interrogation.

Bush has also stressed the president's need for secrecy in wartime. He has brushed off congressional demands for internal documents, citing either national security or the importance of obtaining confidential advice. More than any of his predecessors, he has invoked state secrecy to seek dismissal of lawsuits accusing his administration of violating individual rights.

In addition, Bush has challenged Congress' right to limit his actions. In more than 1,000 cases - more than all previous presidents combined - he has issued statements asserting the power to disregard newly signed laws on the grounds that they encroach on presidential authority.

Congress has largely acquiesced, passing laws that ratified the wiretapping program and the military tribunals after their legality was questioned. The Patriot Act, the administration's overhaul of search and detention laws in the wake of Sept. 11, was speedily enacted without public hearings and remains virtually intact.

When lawmakers won Bush's signature in 2005 for a prohibition on cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment during interrogations, the president quietly issued a signing statement saying he would override the ban when necessary to protect the nation.

Asked about campaigns to promote a limited view of presidential powers, White House spokesman Trey Bohn referred to Bush's statement Oct. 5, after the New York Times reported the Justice Department had authorized harsh interrogation methods by the CIA.

Bush did not expressly deny the Times report, but repeated his insistence that "this government does not torture people." The interrogation methods, he said, are used by "professionals who are trained in this kind of work to protect the American people."

He also said the techniques have been "fully disclosed to appropriate members of the United States Congress," a statement disputed by congressional Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco.

Although most of the public criticism of Bush's position has come from the left, the first organized effort to make presidential powers a 2008 campaign issue came from the right.

In unveiling the American Freedom Agenda in March, several veterans of the conservative movement contended Bush was damaging the constitutional structure of checks and balances and laying the groundwork for abuses by future presidents.

"As fellow conservatives, we believe we have a greater responsibility than most to stand up to this particular administration and demand that it respect the checks and balances established by the founding fathers," said the campaign's chairman, Bruce Fein, a Justice Department official under President Ronald Reagan.

Other organizers included David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union; Richard Viguerie, whose fundraising innovations helped launch the modern conservative movement; and Bob Barr, a former Republican congressman from Georgia who was a leader in the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

The pledge they circulated to candidates of both parties went beyond disavowals of torture and unauthorized wiretapping. It included a promise to dismantle Bush's military tribunals and halt "extraordinary renditions," in which foreign suspects are abducted by U.S. agents and flown to countries with histories of torturing prisoners.

The pledge also called for a curb on invoking state secrecy to fight information requests from Congress or dismiss lawsuits over government wrongdoing, renunciation of threats to prosecute journalists for espionage when they report classified information, and an end to the use of signing statements to disregard laws.

Fein said any candidate, Democrat or Republican, who won't make a detailed commitment to reverse Bush's policies is tacitly endorsing them. He said the more generally worded language of the liberal campaign pledge doesn't go far enough.

The liberal campaign...also has a 10-point manifesto that is virtually identical to the conservative group's. But the liberal group has circulated that statement only to members of the public, with the help of supporting organizations such as MoveOn.org, Amnesty International and the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation.


To view the liberal American Freedom Campaign pledge, platform and letters from individual candidates, go to:


To read the conservative American Freedom Agenda's platform, go to:



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Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

The White House claim that we have "professionals who are trained in this kind of work...," the work of torture, is hightly disturbing. Some obivious questions arise.

Where do we train professional torturers? Who trains them? Where are the torture manuals, and who wrote them? Who authorized opening a torture training center? Who has enrolled, and who has graduated from our torture schools?

Is our torture school part of the "school of the Americas," where so many Central and South American Death Squad participants recieved their training? Are our torturers trained in the torture chambers of our foreign dictatorships, where we have "rendered" kidnap victims for torture?

The good news is that true believers on the right and left are finally clearly seeing the danger our country and Constitution are facing. But to truly confront the danger, we must understand its roots, as well as the visible manifastations of our corruption, the kidnapping, torture, and police state powers the government has consolidated.

The key problem is that our democratic roots have been cut, and replaced by the power of the corporations. Rather than the voters determining who the candidates for an election will be, Corporate Bribes decide who is, and who is not, a viable candidate.

Corporate bribes determine the outcome of virtually all legislative and policy disputes, both here in California, and in Washington. These issues are decided by bribery, payoffs, and profit, and do not consider the general welfare of our citizens.

The only reliable restraint on criminal governmental authority is the one provided by our forefathers, the one our corporate fascists have used as toilet paper: Our democratic Constitution and its requirments of democratic representation, checked and limited governmental power, and the named rights of the citizens of this country.

Until we restore these basic elements of our democracy, our government will continue to be illigitimate, and continue to commit crimes against our people and the world.

A legitimate American government can only come through these limits, and until we restore these limits we will not be able to restrain the consolidated economic and political power of the corporate fascists who have captured our government.

Until these well-meaning liberal and conservative groups set their sights on restoring our most basic political and Constitutional principals, and our right to have a democratic, limited government that preserves the rights of citizens, our politicians will continue to do whatever their corporate masters tell them to do.

As it is today, they own us, rather than us owning them. That's what caused the First American Revolution, and is well on the way to sparking the Second.

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Corruption Updates 82, 1st article on the page, National Archives are Target in Cheney Fight on Secrecy Data

Corruption Updates 99, 5th article on the page, Bush can Torture Anyone he Wants

Corruption Updates 101, 6th article on the page, Dems-Repug Traitors Pass Illegal Spy Bill in Defiance of Constitution

Washington Post, Thursday, August 23, 2007; White House Declares itself a National Secret


Search the Corruption Database under

Unconstitutional Presidential Power (65 Abstracts)

Secret Government (22 Abstracts)


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8) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.


Failing Schools Strain to Meet U.S. Standard


NYT, October 16, 2007






LOS ANGELES — As the director of high schools in the gang-infested neighborhoods of the East Side of Los Angeles, Guadalupe Paramo struggles every day with educational dysfunction.

For the past half-dozen years, not even one in five students at her district’s teeming high schools has been able to do grade-level math or English. At Abraham Lincoln High School this year, only 7 in 100 students could. At Woodrow Wilson High, only 4 in 100 could.

But more than 1,000 of California’s 9,500 schools are branded chronic failures, and the numbers are growing. Barring revisions in the law, state officials predict that all 6,063 public schools serving poor students will be declared in need of restructuring by 2014, when the law requires universal proficiency in math and reading.

“What are we supposed to do?” Ms. Paramo asked. “Shut down every school?”

With the education law now in its fifth year — the one in which its more severe penalties are supposed to come into wide play — California is not the only state overwhelmed by growing numbers of schools that cannot satisfy the law’s escalating demands.

In Florida, 441 schools could be candidates for closing. In Maryland, some 49 schools in Baltimore alone have fallen short of achievement targets for five years or more. In New York State, 77 schools were candidates for restructuring as of last year.

In California, Jack O’Connell, the state superintendent of schools, calls the law’s demands unreasonable. Under the federal law, 700 schools that California believed were getting substantially better were counted last year as failing. A state takeover of schools, Mr. O’Connell said, would be a “last option.”

“To have a successful program,” he said, “it really has to come from the community.”

Under the No Child law, a school declared low-performing for three years in a row must offer students free tutoring and the option to transfer. After five years, such schools are essentially treated as irredeemable, with the law prescribing starting over with a new structure, new leadership or new teachers. But it also gives schools the option of less sweeping changes, like reducing school size or changing who is in charge of hiring.

Those in charge of troubled schools in Los Angeles admit that the absence of serious penalties coupled with the growing number of schools branded as low-performing is breeding bitterness. But they are not sure what to do.

Martha Sanchez, whose three children attend public schools here, said that as students grew older, the schools seemed to give up.

Her eldest, Gonzalo, attends eighth grade at John Adams Middle School, where only 22 percent of students passed the state exams in English and math this year. It is not hard for Ms. Sanchez to see why.


“Maybe the system is not designed for people like us,” she said.


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We should close the Border, send the Cheap Labor back to Mexico, and stop making the middle-class subsidize the Medicine, education, and welfare costs of Employeers and their cheap illegal labor

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

Martha Sanchez is right: Our educational system was set up to educate Americans, not illegal foreigners, nor the crimigrants made "Americans" by our Corporate Amnesty for Cheap Labor.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, the full wages of an Illegal Crimigrant Foreigner do not cover the costs of their children's education, let alone medical services, or the costs of crimigrant crime and punishment.

Paying those costs fall on what's left of the middle-class. The middle-class get the privilidge of subsidizing our corporation's crimigrant labor force.

The foreigners have been willing helpers of the corporations in ripping off educational, medical, and social services from average Americans.

This vast, 30 year long flood of foreigners has brought California's once world-class quality of education, medicine, and social services for average Californians down to third-world levels. Thanks, Mexico! Thanks Billery!

And the Corporations have kept all the money that should have gone to pay for maintaining decent wages, schools, roads, and hospitals. Thanks, Mexico, for bringing your poverty here for our corporations to feed on.

The flood of foreigners has assured the economic and political destruction of the American working class.

This flood of Crimigrants has generated massive profits for our corporations by screwing Americans down to Third-World wages, while allowing the Corporations and other employers to avoid paying the taxes required to maintain our educational and medical "systems."

The massive number of illegal Mexicans have also helped the rich by putting incredible pressure on our resources, causing ever increasing price pressures on food, rent, and energy costs for the rest of us. At the same time the flood of crimigrants is crushing wages and social services to dust, this same flood is driving food and housing prices through the roof.

Mexicans are the fuel our corporations needed to finally tip the political balance in their favor, allowing them to move our country from a corporate aristocracy to a corporate fascist state.

Gee, what do the illegal forigners say about the attack of the corporations on our Constitution and rights? Not much besides "there's no such thing as a border, or an American."

The corporations like the foreigners propensity to obey and consume much more than an American's demand for Sovereign Power over Politics.

The corporations have taken this ill-gotten wealth and bought the Democratic Party, and it's whorish members, Lock, Stock, and Barrell. Now we have two corporate parties vieing with each other to finish tearing down the border and capture the votes of Mexicans by destroying our sovereginty!

The result is that the middle-class gets to pay all the costs to subsidize their foreign replacements, under Democrapic or Repugnant governments.

This cost is ultimately paid by denying service to Americans, by failing to pay the responsible costs that the education, medicine, and incaration of the illegal foreigners have generated. The cost is a permenant impoverished foreign working class in America.

The corporations and their politicians pocketed all of these highly irresponsible profits, and have used these stolen funds to buy the political clout, from both parties, to keep the cycle of endless irresponsible growth going.

The result is that the corporations and their politicians have succeeded in using a massive foreign crimigration to steal our wages, benefits, political clout, and finally, our middle-class democracy.

Crimigrants, Corporations, and our traitor politicians have joined together to screw the American working class out of our most important possessions: our schools, access to doctors, an American way of life, democracy, and an American middle-class standard of living.

Fuck the foreigners who come here to enrich themselves in the service of our criminal corporations.

As Americans it is our responsibility to fix our broken democracy, restore elections that represent the voters, restore the rights of our citizens, and reimpose our Constitutional checks and balances on our corporate fascist government before we let one more fucking foreigner into the country.

Then let's review who, how, and the standards our corporate politicians have used to allow these foreigners to call themselves "Americans."

We have a country full of corporate cocksuckers, not Americans.

And If we do decide to let even one more foreigner into the country, we must assure that their employer, not the taxpayer, subsidize all of their costs.

Finally, Obedience to the corporations qualifies one for the label of "consumer," not "Citizen." "I obey" and "I work," are not qualifications for American Citizenship, and I demand that any citizenships granted on these whorish terms be stripped.

Everybody who thinks they are a citizen because they obeyed and worked for our corporations has a big surprize waiting for them: You are not a citizen, but are as great a traitor to, and enemy of the political principals of our country and Constitution, as the corporations that hired you, and the politicians who protect you.

Some friendly Advice to the foreigners seving our corporate fascists: Get out while the gettin' is good.

Some friendly Advice for those who claim to be "Americans:" Be Ready to Stand up for Your Country against the Domestic Enemies who have subverted your Constitution and stolen your democracy.

Time to clean the guns and dry the powder, traitors are afoot.

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Corruption Updates , th article on the page,

Search the Corruption Database under




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9) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Pope 'refused audience for Rice'

BBC, 9-19-07, By David Willey




Pope Benedict XVI refused a recent request by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to discuss the Middle East and Iraq, Vatican sources say.

The Pope refused a request for an audience during the August holidays.

one leading Italian newspaper said it was an evident snub by the Vatican towards the Bush administration.


There are at least two reasons why Pope Benedict may have decided peremptorily against a private meeting with Ms Rice.

First, it was Ms Rice who just before the outbreak of the Iraq war in March 2003 made it clear to a special papal envoy sent from Rome, Cardinal Pio Laghi, that the Bush administration was not interested in the views of the late Pope on the immorality of launching its planned military offensive.

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Pope Refuses to meet with American Devil-Bitch Rice

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

Rather than give even the appearence of a shadow of approval and acceptability to our war crimes and crimes against humanity, the Pope has snubbed the Devil-Bitch Rice.

This is a great improvement since the last fascist evil empire rose in Nazi Germany, with the Church's consent. The Church has come a long way between Hitler and Bush. But snubbing a Politician is a far cry from condemning Bush's crimes against humanity. But it's better than the approval they gave Hitler.

But Bush and Rice don't need the Pope. Bush is the leader of the Christian Corporate Taliban, and they approve of every message from god that Bush Delivers.

So the next time you break our Constitutional separation between Church and State, and try to impose your private religious beliefs on the public, understand that imposing your religion on our government or people makes you a traitor to our Constitution.

That's what MADE us different from the Taliban.

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Also See:

Corruption Updates , th article on the page,

Search the Corruption Database under



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10) The Article linked below was Abstracted from the source cited.

Egypt: Muddying the law

What should be made of the Supreme Judiciary Council's threat of punitive action against anyone criticising court rulings, wonders Mona El-Nahhas


Al-Ahram Weekly,  4 - 10 October 2007;




The Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC), whose members are appointed by the state, issued a statement on 23 September warning that journalists who criticise court rulings will face "punitive action".

Commenting on court rulings, said the SJC, is the prerogative of legal experts, and even then they must limit themselves to discussing the principles on which judgements are based rather than question the motives, or neutrality, of members of court panels. The following day a second statement, repeating the demands contained in the first, was issued by the Council of Appeals Court chairmen, three of whom also sit on the SJC.

"Members of these councils have no right to speak on behalf of the 3,000 judges working for appeal courts. They represent only themselves," former judge Tareq El-Beshri wrote in the independent Al-Dostour on Friday.

The statements, which also warned that commenting on court rulings in the press or on TV satellite channels harmed the dignity of the judiciary, came less than a week after three separate first-degree courts handed down sentences ranging between one to two years to seven journalists working for independent and opposition newspapers. Four journalists were found guilty of insulting leading figures in the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) -- including President Hosni Mubarak -- while three were judged to have falsely attributed statements to Justice Minister Mamdouh Marei.

Under Article 258 of the criminal measures law a suit can only be filed by someone who has been harmed directly by the actions of the defendant. In the case of the journalists the law suits were filed by disinterested parties, yet still the three first-degree courts condemned the defendants.

The court rulings have been criticised by legal experts as well as reformist judges. Such verdicts, says judge Ahmed Mekki, serve only to underline the importance of continuing the battle to secure a judiciary independent of the executive. Under the current judiciary law, chairmen of first-degree courts are appointed by the justice minister, who represents the executive authority.

"A judge lacking independence becomes a destructive tool which kills freedoms," argues Mekki.

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American Dictator in Egypt Crushing Democracy, Rights, Freedom with full assistance of US

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., October , 2007

Bush "Democracy" Requires People Vote for Bush's Side, or our Dictators will Kill you.

Our system only likes elections when they are fixed, and our dictator is assured victory.

The existing governments of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt are American supported dictatorships who have no democratic or Islamic legitimacy. Their Kingdoms are propped up by American military and economic support.

Our support for these tyrannies is now as much of a threat to their continuation as our power is necessary for their continuation.

These governments will instantly crumble in open elections, or if our military and economic support is withdrawn.

The dictators of all three have only one viable solution to this contradiction: They are radicalizing their positions to reflect the hatred of their people for America.

They must do this to maintain what little authority they still have over their people, and delay the day when they either pay for their disloyalty with their heads, or flee to the protection of the United States.

Bush has accelerated the fall, and inflamed Arabic rage against the American supported Tyrants who have throttled their voices, crushed their rights, killed their people and stolen their lands.

The inevitable fall of the Saudi, Jordanian, and Egyptian dictatorships will end the Arab peoples' forced recognition of Israel.

Israel's legitimacy cannot be honestly recognized in the Middle-East until the Arab peoples have rid themselves of American supported dictatorships, and form legitimate governments that represent their beliefs, positions, and interests.

Only then will there be legitimate negotiating partners that represents the Arab's true perspective on Israel.

That has happened in Iran, and Syria. And it should come as no surprise that they hate Israel and the US, as we imposed dictators and foreign policies on them that represented foreign interests, rather than their own interests and beliefs.

We can strengthen and expand this hatred, by crushing the Arabs as they revolt against American dictatorships. This will fail, and when the Arabs emerge out from under American-sponsored dictatorships, there will be hell to pay.

Or we can diminish the hatred. We have a choice with the parts of the Middle East we still control, Let's tell our Arab dictators that our reign of terror is over, and we are going to force elections or take away the military and political protections that shield our dictators.

Rather than justice, it is obvious that our choice is to strengthen tyranny and increase violence. This will fail.

When failure occurs, the survivors, the rich Saudi Princes, and the minions of the Egyptian dictator, will move here, their true “homeland,” with billions of stolen dollars.

Just like the Shah's buddies did in 1979. And when this happens, the people of these countries will hate us for the abuses we visited on their people and countries through the dictatorships we forced on them.

Look for oil prices to skyrocket, and American control of the world oil market to end.

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Also See:

Corruption Updates , th article on the page,


Egypt Links

Search the Corruption Database under

Egypt (29 Abstracts)



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