We Can Beat Corporate Politics

You Are the Key

Political power is obtained and maintained in this country by collecting money and returning favors. The more money contributed, the better the chance of getting elected, and our politicians sink deeper into the pockets of Political Corruption.

The best way we can break the corrupting influence of bribery on our politicians is to stop it cold. This is easier said than done.

It really depends on you.


The easiest and fastest way to help for most people involves promotion.

Are you in the Elks Club? Are you in Long Haul? Are you a pro-gay marriage lesbian or a Baptist preacher? In either case your people need to be informed and educated about the destruction of our democratic process and elimination of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties. Everyone needs to know about our revolutionary work to redemocratize the United States.

Become the messenger of our democratic future to your community. Bring the message of our democratic revolution to everyone you come in contact with.

The classic methods of promotion are welcome! Write your local paper, call your local radio station, and bug every media outlet you can find.

Discuss our Crisis and Solution with everyone you meet.

The modern methods of promotion are welcome! Post the message of democracy on every blog, news group, and site you visit.

Contribute to the website



Start your area's chapter of the Commitee to Reform Democracy in California.

The relationship between wealth and political power is cemented by the bribes of the corporations and special interests. The power of these bribes have surpassed and replaced the importance of local voters in selecting and electing candidates.

Today, virtually every politician in California does not represent their local voters, but represents the power of the biggest contributors to their election campaigns, who are rarely local, and rarely qualified to vote in the elections they contributed to.

That is not democracy.

The Special Interest/Corporate contributions arms race has reduced the voice of the voter to insignificance. The contributions of the Local Voter pale in comparison to the concentrated wealth of the corporations and special interests who are financing their elections.

The result is that our politicians are more beholden to, and dependent on, outside special interests and corporate contributions than they are dependent on their own voters to get elected.

Our democracy has been replaced by a system where money, vast sums of money, are changing hands, and huge favors are granted in return. Our politicians have put aside the will and welfare of California's citizens to serve their Corporate Contributors, and maintain the cycle of bribes and favors that keeps them in office.

This system of bribery has excluded those who will not prostitute themselves to wealth and power, excluding honest and ethical people from participating in our democracy.

It is past time to stop our politicians from auctioning off our democracy to win office. It is time to replaced this system of bribery with democracy.

Our goal is to limit political contributions to voters qualified to vote in the elections they contribute to, and restrict political party contributions to no more than 30% of the locally collected contributions.

Our goal is to make the politician dependent on, and a representative of, the local voters. Our goal is Democracy.

To do this we will not ask for your money. Restoring our democracy requires something much more valuable than your money.

Democracy demands Your participation, Your time, Your creativity, Your connections, and Your leadership skills. You can spend your money to facilitate forming a local Committee for Democracy in your community, and promoting our initiative to your friends and neighbors.

This initiative, like our democracy, will only succeed if our democracy-our principals-are more powerful than our greed, our fund raising skills, or the slickest advertising Madison Avenue can come up with.

We believe it is.

The only thing our initiative, and our democracy, requires is your direct participation in the fight to restore our democracy.

This is our generation's greatest obligation: to confront and drive the bribers and corrupted politicians out of our democracy.

What can an I do?


We need to get the word out. People know something is very wrong with politics, but they can't get traction on the problem, or on the solution.

You can spread the truth about how our democracy has been corrupted by bribery, and you can show your friends, your local voters, and your local media how our initiative will end the open bribery corrupting our government, and restore the voter as the basis of our democracy.

You can spread the word to your friends, family, acquaintances, and work associates.

You can follow your local and regional news for articles and reports on corruption, and you can write letters to the Editor advocating real democracy by promoting our initiative. Every time you see any corruption, anywhere, write the suckers a letter expressing your outrage, and introduce our initiative as the best weapon against bribery and corruption.

You can contact local clubs and associations, and ask if them to introduce our initiative to their membership through a notice in their newsletter. We are happy to send a representative to help present the initiative to their membership if we can get invited to one of their meetings.

You can write, call, or email your favorite organizations, and urge them to get on board with restoring our democracy.

Then you can do it all again! We are in an uphill battle against powerful forces deeply entrenched in our government, in the media, and the business community.

We believe the real support will come from average citizens of all political perspectives who are tired of the special interests running our government.

The politicians, the corporations, the special interests and the press have little incentive to change. Our freedoms are being stripped away in this degraded state of democracy, and it is time to confront, and clean up the corruptions in our system.

Success will rely on the participation of the voters, not the entrenched special interests.




We need local leaders!

Carry a notebook where ever you go. When you met people, introduce and discuss the initiative. If they respond positively, suggest forming, or joining, a Local Committee for Democracy. If they are skeptical, educate them about the difference between democracy and bribery. If you can't get their support initially, at least you can get them thinking about it.

Compile a list of interested voters. Collect contact information from every sympathetic person you talk to, Exchange emails, or phone numbers, and point them towards our website for more information.

The goal is to form a local Committee in your town or county to plan for printing petitions by January 2008, and organize to begin collecting signatures in May of 2008.

Use our website as a resource. Point people to our website to read the initiative, follow our progress, and keep up with the latest political corruption news.

If we can get each person we contact to contact just two of their friends, we will be able to Eliminate Bribery as the engine that runs California politics.

To reach this lofty goal, we are going to need to find and organize almost every honest citizen in our state. This starts with you and me. You, in your home town, talking to, and organizing your friends and neighbors, and us, here, providing support for your local efforts.

When you get involved, and spread the word about our quest for Democracy, it will inspire others to get involved, and motivate them to help spread the word that we can and will end open political corruption in California.



When you Compile even a small list of friends of democracy and the initiative, it is time to form your local Committee to Reform Democracy in California, and hold your first meeting.

Contact me, Alex, here at the State Committee, and I will offer all the support, advice, and help that I possibly can. I, or another associate, will come to your first meeting to help organize your local committee.

Local committees can contact and Inform the local press and media about the inception of your local Committee, why we formed, what our goals are, and invite participation from the public.

That's if your group wants to go wild, and make as big a splash as you can. But you also can meet quietly, form a core group, and make plans for a public, or a quieter person to person drive to gather the support needed for success. The approach you take depends on the character of your group, and what you are comfortable doing.

Finding the local supporters of democracy, and organizing them to self-fund, print, and locally distribute the initiative petitions will be the basis of our success. The press will be useful to get the word out, and draw new members to your group. The real work will be done by dedicated individuals who form and lead local groups of real people who organize themselves to collect the thousands of signatures required to pass the initiative, and end the open bribery that has corrupted, and captured our politicians and elections.

The goal of the State Committee is to create core groups, local Committees for Democracy in California, in every county in California. The Local Committees job is to find, and bring together the people in every California county who are sick of political corruption and will work to end it.

Plan a press campaign. Figure out who in your group writes the best letters. We have letter templates we can send you. Identify your local media sources, and figure out how to hit the local papers, radio, and press, as well as local organizations and political activist groups with information and arguments supporting our initiative.

Divide the different parts of the job among yourselves. Discuss the best way to spread the word in your area. Hit the internet. Does your group contain a “geek?” If so, you are lucky, your group may have the skills to find local supporters on the Web.

We have around 8 months to gather and organize enough supporters to have a good shot at collecting enough signatures to qualify the Initiative for the November '08 General Election.

This is time enough to plan, organize, promote, and qualify the initiative for the ballot. If you help.


The initiative will be submitted to the California Attorney General's office by December 2, 2007. The Attorney General should return the Initiative sometime around January, 2008, beginning the drive for signatures to qualify the initiative for the Nov. '08 general election. The signature collection period will end around June 29, 2008.

If we are successful, the Initiative will be qualified for the November '08 general election by collecting the required signatures between January 1, and June 29, 2008.

Presently, we have made no firm decisions on how to print and distribute the petitions. So far, there are two plans for printing and distributing signature petitions.

The first is to create perfect templates of the petition, and digitally transmit them to local, or regional printers. Local groups could then print as many batches of petitions as their finances allow, and local demand requires.

The second plan is to print the petitions centrally, and distribute them as necessary. The first plan is more suitable for our type of local, grass-roots organization.

The State Committee is working on registering as a non-profit, and working to build a network of citizens to contribute to a central petition printing fund. In any case, The State Committee Members will pool our resources to print as many petitions as possible, and distribute them to Local Committees to compliment and support the local efforts of the self-funded Local Committees.

Our planning reflects the fact that we are middle-class individuals of modest means. This fact requires that we join together with other like minded individuals to create and focus our democratic power to overcome the combined wealth of the various special interests.

Our belief in democracy, and our lack of big money, requires that our initiative be passed democratically, through a grass-roots citizens organization that has no sugar daddy or special interest backing. But we have the determination that can only come from our faith in our cause.

So, local Committees will have to figure out how to self-finance the printing of the petitions. The Local Committees will have to figure our how, when and where to circulate the petitions. The Local Committees will have to determine how to achieve the two things we require for success; public awareness of the initiative, and an organized group of supporters who will create and use this awareness to collect as many signatures as possible.

Success will be the product of dedication, excellent planning, and teamwork, rather than what we have now: Big-money special interest campaigns of slick advertising and dirty politics.

We believe democracy was, and is now again, a Revolutionary Idea. We believe that democracy will once again be an unstoppable force, ripping through the overgrown corruptions in our government in like a wildfire. It is up to us to light the match to start the wildfire of political reform that our corrupt government demands of us.


Initiatives are qualified at the county level. Signatures for qualification are collected and turned into the County Clerk of each county. Our success depends on forming County Committees. Our plan is for the State Committee to create a template of the petition that County Committees can download and have printed. As the petition drive gets closer, we will work to provide petitions to groups unable to self-fund the effort.

The State Committee will distribute an electronic handbook on the rules for initiative signature collection. But the heavy lifting for this initiative will come from you, local Committees and individual voters. The State Committee will provide all the support possible, but the qualification of this initiative will be a local thing. Just like democracy was meant to be.


While the local chapters look to expand themselves, they must also plan to locally finance and print the petitions among themselves. Local chapters have to figure out the best places to distribute the petitions, collect the signatures, and turn in the petitions to their County Clerk to qualify the initiative for the ballot.

The State Committee will provide all the Support Possible.

Our printing, distribution, and signature collecting must be timed with the beginning of the signature collection period, which we are planning for January, 2008. The signature collection period will end around June 29, 2008, to qualify for the November '08 general election.







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