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posted: thursday, June 6, 2008 4:50 pm, pst

Bush Farewell


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Jan 16 "quick update"

Ouick Note on Bush's "Mea Culpa" Speech this evening

1> Bush claimed his "actions," apparently his crimes of kidnaping, illegal domestic spying, and torture, were protected by his powers as the "Unitary Executive" when he was committing them. Now, in his "farewell speech" he claims he broke the law to protect the law.

The Unitary Executive does not legally exist under our Constitution.

Logically, if Bush's claim to be respecting and protecting the law, while breaking domestic, international torture, and war crimes laws were true, he would have to accept trial and conviction under the rule of our laws to assure that our Constitutional rule of Law had really survived.


2>Bush's Crimes were not limited to unconstitutional and illegal acts of torture. The way Bush manipulated our country into two illegal wars was paralelled by the way Bush manipulated every executive agency.

Where Bush did not commit serious crimes against our Constitutional Rights, he was busy committing serious crimes to enrich his corporate sponsors and individual supporters.

Serious crimes were comitted in the justice, interior, and virtually every executive branch agency in pursuit of criminal political power or to tap our treasury.

The Bottom Line

Although Bush's manipulations and use of Presidential Power were more open and audacious than his predecessors, his only real difference from his predecessors was his open use of what they kept secret.

Previous to Bush, our political leaders put a fig leaf over their crimes. Now none of them, of either party, can pretend to have democratic legitimacy after Bush openly exposed to the world how American Politics and Power really works.

Our duty as citizens is to repudiate those who have disgraced our most fundamental values and have neutralized the fundamental operation of our democratic republic.

To restore the honor and ethic of our country we must hold these criminals responsible for their crimes, and dismantle the system of corruption that made their crimes possible.

No Small Job. Welcome to the Committee for Democracy.


A little background

Gonzales and Card: Ballcarriers for End Run around the Constitution, alex, 8-18-07

continued deception by administration and congress on troop levels, war goals, Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., January 30, 2008

America's Empire Tottering in Middle-East, Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., oct 30, 2007


essay: US has Trained Torturers

US Code 2441: War Crimes

Links: dems assist


Links: The Unconstit President

Links: illegal searches

Links: illegal trials

gonzales lie list

us attorney scandal

us attorney politicized

essay: Bush-Gonzales Perverting Course of “American Justice” with Crooked US Attorneys

essay: White House Abuses of Power


Dems still voting for war (8-02)

Bribery wins elections, runs politics


Note: All of these illegal powers remain on the table until those that put them there are tried and convicted for their crimes.


This is only a partial list: Explore the system of corruption the made Bush's Crimes possible: Link Clusters is a Kind of Index of American Political Crimes.


(Note: I only measure Crimes against OUR OWN LAWS and CONSTITUTION)



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