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Daily News

Jan 7, 2008 - Dec 10, 2007

Who Pays for Iraq?

posted:JAN 7:

US Econ Tottering

Fed Going wrong way, FT, (uk) 1-6-08

Fed Confused at brink of crisis, Times, (uk) 1-7-08

Credit Crisis: Brit Buyouts decline 80%, Times (uk) 1-7-08

US Jobs grind to halt, ft, (uk) 1-4-08

Recession? ft (uk) 1-2-08

era of easy money over, financial times, 1-2-08


Bush Only Popular in Israel

Bush has little respect in Mid-East, ft, 1-9-08 (Newly Posted)

Bush Who? goes to Israel, independent (UK) 1-7-08

Israel escalates violence as tribute to bush policies, bbc, 1-7-08

Bush predicts Victory in Middle-east, ft, (uk) 1-6-08

Israel tribunals (bush courts) assure convictions, ap, 1-6-08

Kill Bush: American Taliban, daily times, (pk) 1-7-08


Bush pours Gasoline on the Fire:

US considers Pakistani adventure, nyt 1-6-08

Pakistan blames Musharraf, independent, uk, 12-29-07

Daughter of the West, london review of books, 12-13-07

previous articles:

Bhutto killed

Who Killed her? daily times (pk) and Kuwait times, 12-29-07

Bhutto aftermath.

More Links. All paki news links


3 articles:

City-Country in Chaos, nyt, 1-6-08

Kibaki offers unity govt, telegraph, uk, 1-5-08

Kenyan ethnic cleansing, lat, 1-6-08

Previous articles

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posted:JAN 3:

Kenya election fraud rejected, economist, 1-2-03

Kenyan election chair announced result before finishing count, guardian, 1-3-08

Kenya's Attn General calls for independent count, guardian, 1-4-08

Bhutto Patriarch rejects husband-son, mcclatchy, 1-1-08

More Bhutto stories. (also see below)


Justice opens criminal investigation of torture tapes, lat, 1-2-08

New Year EconomiC Outlook: Grim

era of easy money over, financial times, 1-2-08

City-State Services to suffer, lat, 12-31-07

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posted: JAN 1:

Trouble in Bhutto-Land? McClatchy, 1-1-08


posted: Dec 31:

Billery Supports Musharraf Dictatorship, Dawn, 12-31-07

Bhutto Crisis Updates:


Daily Times

Video of Bhutto's last Moments, Explosion, guardian, 12-28-07

As Pakistan Burns, the Arabs are restless:

Nakba is now, Al-Ahram, 12-27-07

US Targets Hammas, Al-Ahram, 12-27-07

What would Egyptian Democracy Say? Dar Al-Hayat, 12-29-07

Arab inflation Soars with Dollar Drop, Kuwait Times, 12-31-07

Anti-US imam charged in Saudi Arabia, Arab News, 12-31-07

Israel bad for US? Arab News, 12-31-07

Other News

Violence Grips Kenya, Sky, 12-31-07

Video: How to win in Kenya: Fraud and Violence, Guardian, 12-31-07


China Police State:

new arrests, nyt, 12-30-07

US provides tech help, nyt, 12-28-07

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posted: Dec 30:

Husband to Lead Bhutto Party, Dawn, 12-30-07

Husband to Lead Bhutto Party, bbc, 12-30-07

Bhutto Crisis Updates:


Daily Times

Other News

Kenyan Election Fraud covered by US, xinhuanet.com

Kenyan Election Condemned, telegraph, 12-31-07


posted: Dec 28:

Bhutto Killed

Press Review:

Daily Telegraph, India

The Nation, Pakistan

Daily Times, Pakistan:

Who Killed Bhutto?

Who will replace Bhutto?

Daily Times:


Kuwait Times: everybody hated Bhutto

The Western View:


Daily Mail





Abstracts of Articles Above

Paki News Links List:

Jan '07 to Death of Bhutto


Brief Comment on the Situation

Musharraf: Enemy of Democracy, Just like US

Bhutto-Musharraf deal: A deal between American-backed devils

Bhutto-Musharraf deal doomed from the start

Wise view of Pakistan situation from Pakistan, Daily times, PK

Other Stories

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posted: Dec 26:

Bush Signs $555 Billion Spending Bill, LAT, 12-26-07

Iran and Russia meet to discuss defense cooperation, 12-24-07

Wagons circled at CIA over tapes' demise, lAT, 12-23-07

Los Angeles Combating Gangs Gone International, LAT, 12-26-07


posted: Dec 19:

AG Mukasey Defies Congress, lat, 12-14-07

What did they expect? Mukasey's confirmation testimony supported:

the Unitary President


Cheney institutes torture in '02, wp, 6-25-07

How the Torture program was designed, Vanity Fair, 6-17-07

Judge Orders CIA to Explain Torture Tape destruction, ap, 12-19-07

White House involved in Torture Tape Destruction, nyt, 12-19-07


Paki Kidnap-torture Program same as US, nyt, 12-19-07

Argentine Dirty War Convictions: What about Kissinger crimes? bbc, 12-19-07

Korean-US War Crimes revealed, nyt, 12-3-07


Zuma wins in SA, bbc, 12-19-07

Zuma Facts

Zuma Rape


FCC increases Corporate media monopoly nyt, 12-7-07

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posted: Dec 14:

Russia to stop pricing oil in dollars? pravda, 12-14-07


posted: Dec 13:

Arnie predicts 14 bil shortfall, bee, 12-12

Budget Cuts for Education on the way bee 12-10

Ca Schools in Death Spiral, bee 3-16-07


CIA Destroys evidence of Torture, Guardian 12-7-07

Egypt Torture Cover up, bbc 12-11-07

Egypt secret trials ok with Bush, bbc, 4-26-07


Musharraf's Farce Continues, LAT 12-13-07

Israeli Racism Rises, bbc 12-12-07


Nunez living in luxury in webs of corruption, LAT 12-12-07

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posted: Dec 12:

Medvedev Invites Putin to Lead Russia people's daily 12-12

Russia suspends Arms Treaty bbc 12-12


US-China Trade Talks irish times 12-11

US banks: worse to come nyt 12-12

Econ instability links


Senate Probes CIA Torture Tape Destruction LAT 12-12

ABC Defends Torture nightline 12-10


Fujimori guilty of abuse of power bbc 12-12

Fujimori goes nuts at death squad trial csm 12-12


Bali Update bbc 12-12

Bush Censored US climate science CSM 12-12


secret court refuses to disclose NSA rulings nyt 12-12

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posted: Dec 11:

Putin designates Puppet:

Dmitry Medvedev


10 Econ instability links


Billery the Porker: Earmark Queen


4 international articles:

Paki analysis

Fujimori on trial

Paki Judge's plea

Bird Flu Scare

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posted: Dec 10:

Two Major Corruption Stories working:

#1> CIA Destroys evidence of Torture, guardian, 12-7-07

essay: emergence of the corporate fascist presidency

#2> NEI Report: Iran w/o nuke weapon program since 2003

other stories

Battle at Bali bbc 12-10

US blocks Bali agreement guardian 12-10

Bali Background


Fujimori back in Peru for Death Squad trial bbc 12-07

CIA-Clinton-Fujimori history nyt 11-2000


will Kosovo blow? guardian 12-10

russian view?IHT 12-10


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