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This page: headlines, Jan 18 to Jan 9, 2008

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Jan 18, 2008, 2:41am pacific time
Kenya Bleeds

World bank claims kabiki victory valid, independent, 1-18-08

Kenya: us ignores election fraud, nation, 1-18-08

Kenyan Election Fraud hidden by US, xinhuanet.com

Video: police violence in kenya, guardian, 1-17-08

Kenyan ethnic cleansing, lat, 1-6-08

City-Country in Chaos, nyt, 1-6-08

Kenyan election chair announced result before finishing count, guardian, 1-3-08

Kenya election fraud rejected, economist, 1-2-03


Iraqi quagmire

We're never leaving iraq, mcclatchy, 1-17-08

US Planning to Stay until 2018, nyt, 1-15-08

Iran dismisses israeli threats, meo, 1-18-08


Israel Starves Gaza Civilians, meo, 1-18-08

Rice backs Israeli naming Gaza “Hostile Entity:”a War Crime, bbc, 9-20-07

UN: cutting off gaza is an international crime, haaretz,9-20-07

Big Oil owns the govenment

bush scams polar bears for big oil, mcclatchy, 1-17-08

big oil links

Torture Tapes

judge scolds govt for destroying torture tapes, nyt, 1-18-08

(Note how the nyt calls torture "harsh" interrogation methods)

canada lists us as country that tortures, meo, 1-18-08

White House involved in Torture Tape Destruction, nyt, 12-19-07


Cheney's web

SS agents reveal web of lies behind cheney assault arrest, nyt, 1-18-08

SS arrests man for criticizing cheney, progressive, 10-04-06

Cheney institutes torture in '02, wp, 6-25-07


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Jan 17, 2008, 3:00pm pacific time
The Middle-East

rogue nuke nation Israel fires ballistic missile, aljazeera, 1-17-08

US: Israel's Bitch, aljazerra, 1-17-08

Bush visits his Egyptian dictator, lat, 1-17-08



Wazri forces capture paki fort, daily times, 1-17-08

Paki troops flee in fear, aljazerra, 1-17-08

Bhutto party rejects Musharraf deal, daily times, 1-17-08

Sharif party rejects Musharraf, dawn, 1-17-08

US fully informed of Musharraf crimes, the nation, 1-18-08

The World

Bush legasy: Global retreat of freedom, ft, 1-17-08

Yangtze river level dangerously low, guardian, 1-17-08

Russia warns us-eu on kosovo, china times, 1-17-08


Bad Levies stop growth, bee, 1-17-08

Eminent domain limits on ballot, bee, 1-17-08


National econ crisis deepens

Merril takes largest loss in its history, reuters, 1-17-08

Housing starts at 16 year low, nyt, 1-17-08

Employers put cheap labor before country, ft, 1-17-08

American banking giants losing control, times, 1-17-08


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Jan 16, 2008, 1:16pm pacific time


Iraqi quagmire

US Planning to Stay until 2018, nyt, 1-15-08

Gulf Arms Race: bush arms everyone, isn, 12-15-07

Environmental meltdown

Environment News Page, 22 abstracts, 1-14-08

California quagmire

Arnie Flips:

arnie flips on dem power grab: supports extending terms, upi, 1-14-08

Arnie Flops:

Arnie rejects Nunez's Fake Term Limit measure, Bee, September 17, 2007


The latest news

corruption updates pages:

149: Term Limits

148: Environment

147: middle-east

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Jan 14, 2008, 11:29pm pacific time


Iran conflict looms

Bush rallies allies for Iran conflict, delivers arms to Saudi Arabia, ap, 1-14-08


Israel ready to attack Iran, ap, 1-14-08

Kenyan election fraud

Kibaki rejects democracy, keeps power, bbc, 1-14-08

Kenyan police have killed dozens, ap, 1-13-08

Two Chinas

China and India agree closer ties, bbc, 1-14-08

Taiwan's nationalists win, ft, 1-12-08


California quagmire

Leg analyst: Arnie's idiot budget, lat, 1-14-08

seasonal change: no water for growth, lat, 1-14-08

National econ crisis deepens

Consumer Spending Drops like a rock, nyt, 1-14-08

Citi to announce massive losses, reuters, 1-14-08

florida sinking, upi, 1-14-08

era of easy money over, financial times, 1-2-08

Jan 12, 2008, 4:19am pacific time
Iran conflict looms

Iran-USN incident a fake, democracy now, 1-11-07

Iran and Russia cooperating on mutual defense, BBC, Nov 13, 07

Polacks to pull out of bush missile program, guardian, 1-10-08

Chavez: us cut off, and Oil to 200 a barrel if us attacks iran, Pravda, 11-15-07

Pakistan very restless

F Bhutto joins Butto clan in denouncing zadari and son, times (uk) 1-12-08

Musharraf: us incursion will be regarded as invasion, billery sucks, Daily Times, pk, 1-12-08

Ca Budget crisis deepens

Education, social services, parks severely cut, sf chron, 1-11-08

Gov plans massive prison release, bee, 1-11-08

Ca: Political Rats flee from justice

Scumbag doolittle out of congress: subpoenas all around, bee, 1-11-08

Scumbag jew off board of supes, sf chron, 1-11-08

Scumbag lantos to die: There IS a god, sf chron, 1-2-08

National econ crisis deepens

Dec retail tanks, nyt, 1-11-08

Merrill takes another huge write down, nyt, 1-11-08

Trade deficit widens despite weak dollar, nyt, 1-12-08

ECB takes rational econ stand: US shocked, nyt, 1-11-08

posted Jan 10, 2008, 11:27am pacific time
crimes of our country


Fed Judge backs off Torture Tape Case, wp, 1-10-08

Ashcroft paid off, upi, 1-10-08


china-World food Shortage

South Asia Food Shortage, bbc, 1-9-08

China rising food shortages, bbc, 1-5-08

China price controls imposed, nyt, 1-10-08


Three recession predictions: Goldman, VOA, and UN, jan 9-10-08

Countrywide going down, reuters, 1-9-08

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posted Jan 9, 2008, 2:04am pacific time
Health costs spiral out of Control

Public health ripped off for corporate profits, nyt, 1-8-08

Elite union pension costs due, nyt, 12-19-07

Dems are Bought

Clinton Donor Sentenced in California, nyt, 1-5-08

Dems Serve Big Oil, nyt, 12-14-08

California quagmire

CA Elite union health costs 118 bil., bee, 1-8-08

Ca creating health care monster, bee, 1-7-08

Term-limit ads attack nunez-Perata Corruption, bee, 1-8-08

New rules to Curb Nunez-Perata luxury, bee, 12-4-07

Supreme Court

Scalia puts speedy death before constitutional duty, wp, 1-8-08

Iran Flips Bush Off

Iran speed-boats provoke bush warning, chinaview, 1-8-08

bbc names US ships, 1-7-08

bbc video clip, 1-8-08

Iran calls US losers, ettelatt, 1-8-08

Iran ejects germ diplomat, china post, 1-7-08

CA Indian Gaming

Opponents Argument, bee, 1-4-08

Proponents Argument, bee, 1-4-08

Economic Woes

fed minutes: fed confused, nyt, 1-9-08

econ slowing, market tanking, nyt, 1-9-08

Gold Soars, iht, 1-8-08

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