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Headlines from Dec 5, 2007  to July 21, 2007

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posted: Dec 5:

Environment News IV

Page 135

UN IPCC Report

UN Human Devel. Report

Bali climate meet

2006 sets greenhouse gas record

China-India oil consumption quadrupling

Equatorial Heat affects Seasons

Worst global polluters


posted: Nov 30-Dec 4:

Page 134

Boxer Subsidizes Corporate AG

7 articles on Market Instability:

lenders tighten credit

Arabs bail out Citi Bank

Euro Pressure on Yuan

Huge drop in Home Prices

Huge drop in London Housing

Fed to loosen credit

Sub Prime failures in Europe


posted: Nov 24:

Page 133 California News

Bush's Aussie Tool Howard Ousted for Supportin Iraq, defeatin Koyto: Kicked Totally out of Govt


posted: Nov 23:

Page 132

Govt tracks citizens without probable cause

Bush Loyalist McClellan: Bush, Cheney, Rove and Crew lied through their teeth

Bush ok with our paki dictator suspending supreme court, arresting moderate opponents, and seizing the press

Our Paki Dictator's fake supreme court oks his dictatorship

American Dictator in Egypt ready to pass dictatorship to son with American Approval


posted: Nov 15:

Page 131

Pelosi works hard to defeat cheney impeachment

Dem congress grants King George more illegal powers: general searches

Clinton does fake press just like Bush

Putin to become "National Leader," and claims "moral right" to continue rule


posted: Nov 12

Page 130

Mukasey: cannot call waterboarding torture

Dems confirm unitary president, torture, and and all of Bush's crimes through Mukasey Confirmation

Harmon: Police State Law Outlaws our Revolutionary forefathers

Fiendstien works to defend telecom spying crimes


posted: Nov 4

Page 129

Paki Dictator Restates His Dictatorial Power by arresting Democratic opponents

Paki Dictator Releases Islamic extremists while arresting lawyers

The Situation: US Dictator blocks Paki Path to Democracy

Musharraf: Blood before Democracy

The BBC Says:

No elections

Musharraf Vs. The Law

Paki Links


Fiendstien is Lieberman

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October 31

Rice to Turkey: We Will Do Nothing

US Spent 43.5 Billion to Spy on Us Last Year

Iraq Threatens Turkey: We Will Collapse if you Invade

State Department to Employees: YOU WILL go to IRAQ or we Will Fire You

US Effort to Unilateraly Scanction Iran going down Shithole

Just What is china Buying in Africa?

China Loosening Yuan as Dollar Plunges

Pirates Take n. Korean Ship, Crew Takes it Back

Egypt and Bulgaria latest countries to Think Nuclear

Democrat's "Term-Limits" Initiatiave is a Personal Power Grab: Vote NO!

Bart Police State

Us Moves Forward with funding for Mexican Police State

EU Corporate Fascists Sneaking "impenetrable" Constitution on Euro Nations

China tell Israel to Screw Itself: China has no Domestic Jew Lobby, Israel has No Resources

Jap Support of US Wars may Topple Government

No More Licence to Kill for Blackwater in Iraq?


October 30

Russia-Venesuela deepen Relations

Germs and Fr ask Russia to Stay in CFe despite Bush's Defiance of ABM Treaty & Missles on Russia's Underbelly


September 18

College Kids set up, Knocked Down by Government Terror Laws

Food Lobby Buys defeat of Popcorn Safety Bill

Drivers Beware: Migden Back on the Road


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Clinton Health program a plan to repay Bribes

Doolittle Finally Popped?

Abramoff-Doolittle Links

Brent Wilkes

Wilkes and Duke and Earmarks

From Duke to Wilkes to the firing of US Attorney Lam

Message to The Us Attornys: Fuck with us and Die

Full Circle: Wilkes Bribes Everyone


Schumer suggests, Bush Picks, an AG who will Protect Bush's Crimes

Bush-Mukasey, Buddies

“Judge Mukasey is a fine public servant who knows from experience the challenge that terrorism presents to our country,” Mr. Cheney said. Mr. Mukasey, he said, would “ensure that the rights and freedoms of the American people are protected, and that includes the freedom from fear of terrorist attacks.”

Dick Cheney

Will Dems Hold or Fold on Bush's Crimes?

The Dems will Fold as Predicted

Waxman accuses State Department Inspector General of Crimes


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Ready for StagFlation?

Fed cuts rates by 1/2%



Freak Weather Driving Crop yeilds down, Pain up

Be very worried

Australia 30% Down

Serbia 30% Down

Germany Harvests "Dust"

USDA Global Report

EU Report

Giews World Report

Expect Northern Hemisphere Crop failures this year

Weather Story Links



September 17:

Bush Lines up a New AG

New AG to Cover Bush Crimes


Special Forces in Iran?


Greenspan Talking Shit about Bush: Too Late


Tornado in Florida

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September 15:

Greenspan condemns Bushonmics


September 14:

Criminal Briber welcomed by criminal politicians, Whoops!

Massive drought is coming:

Seasonal faliure

Monkey Army forces science to retreat

US Denies Indigenous Rights


September 13:

Indonesia quakes of Bibilical magnitudes: 8.4 & 7.9

Zep Returns


September 12:

Home Sales Plunge in S. California

Congo Ebola outbreak

china Economy overheating

Global Extinction Continues

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September 11:

Polls: Iraq and US polls reveal war failure

Patriot Act a crime against our rights and liberties

US Funds China Police State


September 10:

feds bail out big speculators


Sharif Back in Pakistan: Black Hooded Squad Took him off the Jet, 12:10 Am PST

bbc Soft sells pAKI DICTATOR, Sharif Crisis

Blood Bath in PAKISTAN?

BBC radio reports no phone lines open to pakistan, 9-10-07, 12:29am pst

beatings, mass arrests, shootings, and Sharif "deported" 12:32 AM PST

Nazis in Israel: no surprise there


Election of blood


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September 9:

fbi spying on You

Bush using Satellites to Spy on Americans

Secret files on Americans


Racism in SF Schools

Blacks Fucked Again

Crimigrants Cheaper, more obidient, than Blacks


Rummy coming to Stanford


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September 7 late Posts:

Patriot Act Unconstitutional

GOP without foreign slaves?


September 7:

mortgage woes push foreclosures to a record high

Syria Says It Fired on Israeli Aircraft


September 6:

WMDs out of control

too many people for the water in California

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September 5:

Saudi Tyrants support Musharraf

LA heat kills 16

brit dna dog tags for all

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September 3:

China arms Taliban

Heat waves continue:

Los Angeles






Aug 31:

Justice expands Gonzales Investigation


Billery selling herself to Foreign Powers?


Dems splitting over American Liberties?


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Important Stories

Embattled Gonzales Resigns , WP, 8-28-07


Who Will Defend the President's Crimes Now?

Gonzales Links


New Law Allows Bush to Search

Anyone, Anywhere

NYT, 7-19-07

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A White House Warning on

Contempt Charges

NYT, 7-20-07

Bush pulls out of Constitutional Government


Court Tells U.S. to Reveal Data on Detainees at Guantánamo

July 21, 2007

Who You Got?

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posted: Dec 11:

Putin designates Puppet:

Dmitry Medvedev

10 Econ instability links

Billery the Porker: Earmark Queen

4 international articles:

Paki analysis

Fujimori on trial

Paki Judge's plea

Bird Flu Scare


posted: Dec 10:

Two Major Corruption Stories working:

#1> CIA Destroys evidence of Torture

essay: emergence of the corporate fascist presidency

#2> NEI Report: Iran w/o nuke weapon program since 2003

other stories

UBS takes Big Hit bbc 12-10

Immigrant contributions to American Facism: Gonzales, Hus, now Reyes nyt 12-10

Battle at Bali bbc 12-10

US blocks Bali agreement guardian 12-10

Bali Background

Fujimori back in Peru for Death Squad trial bbc 12-07

CIA-Clinton-Fujimori history nyt 11-2000

will Kosovo blow? guardian 12-10

russian view?IHT 12-10

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